Dudley’s submission


Dudley’s submissionMy Goddess and I are in a female dominate relationship. My Goddesses name is Belinda and my name is Dudley. A little about Belinda and myself, I am from a wealthy.family and I became wealthier when my entire family was killed in a tragic accident. I was a mess when I met Belinda as I was suppose to be on the plane that crashed and killed my family. I had begged off from going with a lame excuse, I was living with a ton of guilt. I was going to therapy to help get my head back on my shoulders. Belinda was my ther****t and we had used hypnotherapy to help me work through my feelings little did I know that she planted suggestion in my sub conscience mind. We got to know each otherr quite well. It got to the point where I felt like my head was on my shoulders and we decided that I no longer needed help. Belinda said I never have done this before but I would like to invite you over to my place to celebrate your recovery, I had always fouand Belinda as a very arractive lady. She invited me to her place that Friday for a nice home cooked dinner I he said oh just a nice bottle of red wine. She gave me her address and said see you Friday. I went to several stores to find just the right bottle of wine and finally found it cost me 50 bucks but for it was worth it after all Belinda had done for me. I drove to her house and parked my car and then knocked at canlı bahis her door. Belinda let me in she was wearing a shear blouse and some very tight fitting pants I could see that she was not wearing a bra which made my cock stiffen a bit her pants clung to her hips. I noticed she had candles bring that gave off an unusual odor but smelled good. I noticed that I was getting horny her tits were pointing out against her blouse. We shared the wine and dinner it seemed she was always making sure my wine glass was full. Belinda then led me to the living room and we sat down. She then excused herself and said i will be right back. I noticed several nude paintings in the room. There was a painting of a nude man and woman the man had his hands tied behind his back and the woman was stroking his cock. As I was looking at the picture Belinda dressed in leathers came back in the room and said what do you think of the picture Dudley do you like it? I replied yes I do like it find it rather sexy. She smiled not me not the picture. I blushed and said I find both rather sexy. She reached out grabbed my cock thru my pants and said looks like you really it. She then crawled in my lap and started French kissing me. I responded by French kissing her back. She then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It was quite hard I started to unzip her pants but she slapped my hand. bahis siteleri Belinda then said stand and strip which I did with out hesitation. She reached out and cupped my balls and gently tugged on them. Melinda said ok Dudley or from now own Slave when you saw the picture of the cuffed man and saw me which turned you on more? Now be honest with me. I said Belinda and she stopped me and said you will address me as Mistress understand I nodded and said Mistress I was turned on by the picture. Mistress then asked then you don’t want to see me naked? I replied oh yes Mistress I would like that. She said if I strip you must agree to do anything that I say. I said oh yes Mistress I will do any thing you ask. She then said but first I have to handcuff you as I don’t trust you totally. She produced a pair of handcuffs and told me to put my hands behind my back which I did. She then stepped in front of me and exposed her breasts to me. She then said to suck them. I did as I was told she then said stop I don’t think you deserve to see my pussy quite yet but it needs attention too. So I am going to blindfold you and let please me. She again she stepped behind me and put a blindfold on me. She then led me and sat and spread her legs. She made me kneel and pushed my head into her crotch and again said lick me slave. I did as she asked and licked her to several orgasms. bahis şirketleri She then said slave you can stop. She then said ok slave I will now let you fuck me or should I say I am going to fuck you. She said roll over on your back which I did. I felt her straddle me and put my cock in her. She rode me to another orgasm and with that I shot my cum into her pussy. She then rolled off me and straddled my face and said now slave clean up your mess. I cleaned up our mutual cum. She again rolled off me and said you did good slave. I said thank you Mistress.Mistress then got up and put some clothes on. She then took off the blindfold and it was then I saw there was another lady in the room with us who apparently took pictures of our actions. Mistress said slave Dudley this is slave Mary. I was then told to standup and was led to a rack my hands were unruffled and was then told to raise my hands and was attached to the rack. Goddess said Soave Mary strip it is not fair you can see him naked but he can’t see use you. So Mary stripped too. I noticed that she had no body hair and my cock started to get hard. It was then I looked closer to slave Mary and this is when I saw Mary was a shemale. Mistress said it looks like Dudley is getting hard do you want to take care of it for me. Mary said yes mistress I would love to take care of it for you. Mary got between my legs and started sucking my cock which grew in his mouth. In a short time I felt the cum churning in my nuts then I shot my load. Mary then stood up and kissed me and pushed my cum into my mouth. Mistress said oh that was hot boys.

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