Subject: Mad For The Mouse: Dylan Walt Disney World 2015 – Part 2 This story is 100% fiction and none of the characters are real or even composites of anyone alive or dead. I am a new author and have never written erotica before I started my Mad for the Mouse series, for that matter, fiction of any kind. If you are under 18, you know that you should not be reading this. Absolutely nothing in this story should be considered as anything other than pure entertainment. I have no actual basis of knowledge or experience for any of the adult-youth sexual interactions except from reading other stories here and recalling the fun I had a young lad with my pals. This is the second chapter OF THE SECOND STORY in what I hope will be a series of stories in the same universe focused on the central character Walter Furman. I have no idea if this is any good at all and I welcome your feedback and/or suggestions. If you can tolerate my amateur story telling, then check out Mad for the Mouse and The Ursula Major. As IO write this, none of my stories is complete yet and I hop around and work on each as I am inspired. Yes, I love Disney but I do not condone any of the actions of my characters in this story – this is pure fantasy fiction! Thanks for the incredible feedback I received on Mad for the Mouse Parts 1 he was clearly in distress, and we needed to get out of there. “No thanks Francois, we have to leave,” I said. I got out of my seat went to Dylan and kneeled and bend over to hug him. As he sobbed in my arms, I whispered in his ear, “Let’s get out of here, we can go have some fun in the park and talk this through.” Dylan broke the embrace, looked at me and simply said, “I’m sorry, Walt.” Then he gently kissed me on my cheek. I stood up and took him by the hand, and we walked towards the elevator. I apologized to the concierge on the way out. In the elevator, Dylan was quiet and stared down at his feet. “I know you wanted to have dinner there; I am sorry for ruining it. I can just go back to the park and wait for my mom, so you can go back if you want to” he said. He said this, but by his body language and tone, he did not mean it. There was no way I was going to leave him at this point. This kid was seriously in distress, and he needs a friend right now. “No way, I don’t get to hang out with really cool 12-year-old Disney geniuses very often, I am sticking with you”, I said as I ruffled his hair. The elevator door opened, we walked out into the lobby, went down the escalator to the main floor and out the front doors for the short walk to the Magic Kingdom. Dylan didn’t say anything until we were outside. He had composed himself, and he was starting to lighten up. “What are we going to do Walt”. “Anything you want to do buddy”. “How much time do we have?” “It’s a little after 7:00 now, your mom is picking you up at 10:15, so we have three hours. Let’s grab something to eat, how about Casey’s for a hot dog and then the Plaza Ice Cream Shop for dessert.” “Woo hoo!! Yes!” Dylan exclaimed, and he did a little hand pump in the air. Dylan was returning to his normal self again, but we need to talk this out before we depart tonight. I want to know that he is going to be safe and I might have to have a private talk with his mother since he was not going to do it himself to stand up for himself. We walked into Casey’s, I ordered the Chili-Cheese Foot Long Hot Dog, and Dylan had the Macaroni my stomach was in knots as I tried to reconcile both my apprehension for the meet up konyaaltı üniversiteli escort with mom and my unexpected sexual indiscretion back at the hotel. “Aren’t you going to eat Walt”? Dylan asked. “Yup, I was just thinking about what we should do for the next three hours”, I said and then started to eat. We finished up and agreed we would have our ice cream just before he had to leave on the way out of the park. As we got up to leave, the PA system announced that the fireworks were about to begin. I told Dylan I was going to show him my secret viewing location and we made our way there over near Crystal Palace. We found a great seat that we could watch from and still have a good view when the area filled up with other guests. Dylan asked if he could sit on my lap, which I allowed and helped him up. Just then the lights went down as the narration started. “Look, there is Tinkerbell on the zip line”, I pointed out to Dylan. “Wow, that is so cool and scary”, Dylan said. He used that as an opportunity to tell me the history of the Tinkerbell flight, where it starts, how fast she goes and so on. This kid really knows his Disney trivia. Just then the first explosion burst above our heads and Dylan grabbed my arms and wrapped them around his body. Both hands were situated over his tummy, and I started to gently rub over his shirt. He sighed contentedly and snuggled more comfortably into my body. “That feels nice, keep doing it”, he said between explosions of sound and light. After about ten minutes, he grabbed my hand and slowly moved it under his shirt. I resisted, and he said, “please, keeping do that on my skin”. Reluctantly I started rubbing his bare tummy while I used my other hand to try and hide what we were doing from onlookers. Dylan was enjoying this intimate contact as he sighed and cooed and wiggled in my lap and put his head back on my shoulders and closed his eyes. He was enjoying the combination of the touch, the music and the fireworks. All of this was affecting me; my penis was inflating as much as I was willing it to stay down. Within a minute or two, I was rock hard, and Dylan must have felt is against his bum as he was sitting right on it. If he did, he was not letting on. Dylan reached down and pulled his oversized t-shirt down to cover his crotch and lower body. I had assumed that this was to cover his arousal but then he did something I did not expect. He reached down again and discreetly undid his belt and opened his fly. I was starting to panic, as he grabbed my hand and placed it over his underwear covered boy package. The little bugger was rock hard. He whispered, “Please keep rubbing”. I said, “I can’t do this Dylan,” but left my hand in place without movement. “It’s ok, I want you to do it, and I know you want to too,” he said. Just then the finale of the fireworks started, and I pulled my hand out and told him to zip up. He complied, and we watched the final moments of the show in silence. We got up and, like nothing had just happened, I said let’s head to Tomorrow Land. He grabbed my hand, and we manoeuvred our way through the fireworks crowd. “About what just happened Dyl…”, I stated to say. “Can we not talk about it now, let’s just have fun”, and I dropped the topic. “Hey, I want to do the Astro Orbiters.” “Let’s do it,” I said, as we joined the small line in front of the elevator to the ride that was a couple of floors above us. In only a few minutes, we kurtköy escort were jammed into the elevator with a dozen, or so, other guests. Dylan never let go on my hand like he was afraid I was going to bolt and run. Perhaps after that incident at the fireworks, I should have. Not only was that dangerous, but it was also about a hundred times worse that I was essentially fondling a 12-year-old boy in a public place. If somebody had seen, I would have been lucky to have been arrested before I was beaten to a pulp by bystanders that would have been repulsed at my paedophile actions in their midst. At Walt Disney World! The doors opened, and we were in the loading area and waited as the orbiters slowed and the previous guests got out. We were told to choose our ship, and Dylan led and picked one, I said: “OK, I will take the one right behind.” “No, come with me.” Sure, parents ride with their kids all the time, but it is a tight squeeze even with a five year old, it is even more so with a 12-year-old boy. “OK, let me get in first, and then you get in front.” I took the seat and climbed in after. To set the stage, there is only one seat and the second passenger has to lie back into the person in the actual seat. There is a “stick” for the front passenger to control up and down of the spaceship. I belted us in and Dylan wiggled into me to get even closer. It took several minutes to load, but we were patient as the Cast member helped a disabled child from his wheelchair into the ship. Dylan took the time to lounge back and snuggled into my body and kept scooting his bum further and further into my crotch. “Dylan, I know what you are doing, and you have to stop. We cannot play these games. You are going to get me in big trouble”, I said. Dylan ignored me grabbed my hands and placed them over his crotch again. I froze not wanting to be obvious to people around us, so I just stayed that way and planned on moving them when the ride started to move. Dylan was hard, and I felt him flexing his penis in his shorts. I have to admit, part of me was enjoying this, but I was also terrified would happen if caught. We both saw the Cast member approach to check our belt, and I quickly jerked my hands away. I saw the teenaged cutie reach in a test the bet, she smiles looked at Dylan and said, “aww, is that for me cutie”, winked and him and moved on. “What was that all about”, I said. She poked my boner as she checked the belt, he said through a giggle. We were off. Dylan still had his butt firmly pressed into my crotch, but he leaned forward to control the ship with the stick. We stayed aloft, and we both enjoyed the ride � the warm air, the music, the beautiful lighting all around. It was simply magical. As the ride started to slow, Dylan released the stick and leaned back into me, grabbed my hand to return it to his crotch, but before I made contact I jerked its way and said NO very sternly. Dylan relented and leaned forward breaking contact. The ride came to a stop, and he started to get out and fell back due to the belt still being around us. I removed the belt, he jumped out and headed to the elevators, I jogged to keep up. We headed down with the dozen or so people we arrived with and exited just by Stitches Great Escape. He quickly walked out of the elevator and I had to make an effort to keep up with him. He finally stopped at a bench, sat down, crossed his arms and said, “please go now, I can stay here on my own ankara kurtuluş escort until my mother arrives.” I sat down beside him, tried to put my arm around him and was thwarted by him sliding across to the other side of the bench. “I told you to leave”, he said and shot me a look that could kill. I know he was upset that I rejected his advances, but this is ridiculous. ” “Look, Dylan, I told you I am not leaving, but I know why you are mad at me. It’s because I will not rub your penis.” I said in a whisper. He said nothing. “You know that I can be arrested for doing that, don’t you”. Still, he sat in silence with his arms crossed as he stared straight ahead. “You are an asshole. You got to get off, but I can’t? That is not fair. You don’t like me, you just wanted to see me naked and cum all over me in my sleep, and now you are worried about going to jail because I want a little rub? You are a jerkwad, and you should leave now”, he said. Oh my good lord, he must have been awake back in the room when I ejaculated on him. And the language on this kid, he started so cute and innocent, now I was shocked… he is a little horn-dog. I need to fix this and now or I could lose everything if he says anything. “Don’t try to deny it, do you think I don’t know that your cum is still in my crack?” He was scaring me, and I was waiting for the threat. It was my time to be speechless. “Just leave, I am not going to report you to my mom or the police, I don’t care that you did it, I just expected that you would do something nice for me too,” he said. Finally, I got the courage to respond, “I am sorry Dylan, I should never have done that, I also should never have brought you to my room as that was bound to happen. I have no excuses; I just need to say I am sorry and say thank you for keeping this our secret. And you are right; I should just leave.” I said as I stood to go. “Good-bye Dylan, I had a lot of fun. You are a great kid, and I hope that you work things out with Alexi.” I was going to give him my business card, but I thought the less he knows about me, the better just in case he changes his mind or his mother notices dried semen in his underwear on the wrong side. I started to walk away. “Stop Walt, wait!” Dylan called to me. As I turned around, I saw the water-works start up again. He was crying and sobbing and looking miserable. I hesitated for a few seconds and then went back to sit beside him. He turned and hugged me and squeezed me tightly. “I am sorry Walt. I am so so so sorry. I don’t know why I am being like this with you. I am ruining your trip, and I feel terrible.” “Dylan buddy, I am sorry too. I like you, and I think you are getting so upset because you are worried that Alexi is trying to take your place with your mom. I did not like him when I met him, and I really don’t like his based on what you told me about this morning. I will talk to your mother for you if you want, but I can’t do sexual things with you to make you feel better.” “I know, nobody ever really touches me or pays attention to me. My mom is great, but she works all the time and I hardly ever see her. I liked what you did back in the hotel room; I wanted you to do it. I wasn’t really sleeping and then when you started to rub my tummy, the feeling was no nice down there, I just wanted to feel good for a while.” Dylan explained and as he told me, tears were running down my cheeks as I was both very sad for this boy, but also falling in love with him. Not a sexual love, but a paternal one. I wanted to protect him; I wanted to make everything alright for him like he was one of my kids. Wiping tears from my eyes, I said: “Buddy, I understand, and I want to be there to help you, but I hope you understand that I can’t help you down there.” “Yeah, I understand.” He said dejectedly. “Can you talk to my mom please?” “I will.” To be continued…

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