Eager Beaver Niece

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Lyla felt someone pinch her ass and spun around to see Zane. “Hey Lyla, how you doin’ sweetie?”

“Fine jerk, keep your hands to yourself!” She smoothed her skirt as their eyes met. Lyla knew him from college.

“Honey how about you and me go up to Sunset Ridge?” He winked, flicking his cigarette. Lyla’s heart raced. She longed to go out with Zane, but Sunset Ridge was notorious…notorious for cherry-popping.

“Well?” he grinned. “You wanna have some fun?” Lyla looked up into his dark eyes.

“No…I better not. My Uncle Bruce patrols that area.”

“Okay Lyla, just let me know if you need help getting them skin-tight shorts off.” He winked and glanced down. “Nice camel-toe, I’d love to play with it.”

Lyla blushed furiously and covered her crotch. But the guy made her pussy wet. Her aroused cunt lips rubbed together, tingling as she started to walk home. Soon a cop car swooped up to the curb.

“Evening niece, want a ride?”

“Sure.” Lyla slid into the seat and shut the door. Her Uncle Bruce was built like a boxer, and his cop car smelled like a gym.

The car passed Zane on the corner, lighting a cigarette. His eyes flicked up at Lyla, and she squirmed with hot pussy tingles.

“So niece, how you enjoying spring break?”

“I hate it. I’m bored stiff.”

He laughed. “Sometimes STIFF is fun. Since you’re bored you can join me on patrol tonight, going up to Hump Hill.” Bruce headed towards Sunset Ridge. Lyla bit her lip, hoping she wouldn’t see anyone she knew.

“I don’t care about college kids messing around. But if I didn’t roust them, the daddy of every twat in town would be on my ass.

Opening the glove box Lyla looked for a tissue. “Uncle, I can’t believe you have a box of rubbers in your glove box?”

“Why?” Bruce laughed. “You want one for your boyfriend?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend!” They drove to the top of the Ridge. Uncle Bruce flashed his headlights across the parked cars… frantic heads bobbed like scared chickens.

“There’s two going at it in that convertible. Look at those jugs jiggle.” Her uncle laughed while rubbing his crotch. “Hey, she’s that new big-titted librarian, that babe can ride my face anytime.”

Lyla blushed and gripped the seat as Bruce flashed his spotlight at other cars with steamed-up windows. Lyla’s pussy felt jealous. Then she recalled Zane’s naughty offer to pull off her shorts…and play with her camel-toe.

“Uncle I need some air.” Lyla stumbled outside and hurried past the bouncing cars. She walked up a moonlit path. Close to the top of the hill she heard moaning.

Lyla stepped closer, holding her breath. A girl’s groans came through the bushes.

“Uhh honey… that feels good!” Peering across the thicket, Lyla saw a guy on top of a college girl. It was Wes, her older brother! And spread underneath him was their Cousin Bree!

“Oh, Bree you’re pussy’s so tight,” Wes whispered. Lyla saw Bree’s knees bend up, making a fuck saddle for her brother. Bree’s furry red twat squirmed as her ass slid back and forth in the grass.

Lyla felt her nipples harden when Wes sucked her cousin’s jiggling boobs. Wesley pumped Bree’s twat with nasty slurping sounds. Cousin Bree humped back, clawing at his back.

“Oh Wes… you’re so stiff… Fuck Me!” Bree tossed her red hair as Wes rear back and screwed harder. Lyla saw her brother’s glossy boner pop out—and slam in deep!

Lyla jumped, feeling Wes’s thick boner slamming into her own pussy, making her love juices gush. As Wes’s cock pumped, the pink lips of Bree’s cunt pulled in and out, tugging at his shaft.

Bree groaned. “Ohh wow… Screw me Wesley!”

His balls slapped against Bree’s crack, and her butt bounced in the mashed grass. Bree’s big jugs shook as she was skewered by Wes’s cock. The nasty sounds of screwing made Lyla rub herself.

“Ohh… oh Wesley… ungh… it’s so deep… I can feel you all the way inside me.”

Bree curled her fingernails into Wes’s back. Wesley pushed forward on his knees, holding her twat up as he slammed it again and again. Lyla saw droplets of cunt juice dripping from his balls.

Lyla never dreamed fucking was so ferocious. Her brother and cousin humped like animals. Bree bit Wes’s neck, and he shoved his cock so hard it made Lyla’s pussy tremble…

At that moment, Lyla imagined Wesley spearing her own juicy cunt…spearing deep into her aching hole. Lyla pressed her thighs tight as her naked relatives humped faster. “Uhh… ohhh… Wesley!”

“Yeah baby… ohh… here it comes. Here… it…”

“Yes…ugh…ugh…” Bree’s mouth panted in sharp gasps as her face twisted up in orgasm. Wes yanked on Bree’s boobs…and Lyla’s own titties yearned to be tugged.

“Make it spurt Wesley, cum inside me!”

‘Oh yes Wes… do it!’ Thrusting her hand into her panties, Lyla dug into her slit until her finger found her clitty. A girl’s finger is her best friend. She rubbed her nubbin, watching her brother’s cock slip out of her Bree’s cunt.

It spurted across Bree’s curly pubes. “No Wes, put it inside canlı bahis şirketleri me! Fill me up!”

Wes’s spurting prick lunged in and out of Bree’s sloppy hole. The smacking, slurpy sounds made Lyla whimper. The couple tongue kissed as their sweaty bodies twisted together.

Cum foam covered Bree’s red cunt hair, with more cum leaking down her crack. Lyla whispered, ‘wow…fucking is fucking messy.’

Down the hill Bruce blasted the car horn. Lyla took a last look at the tangled fuck-flesh, and noticed her brother’s prick harden for another go. ‘…oh wow.’

Uncle Bruce yelled through his bullhorn. “Lyla—get your naughty ass down here!” Lyla pulled her finger out of her twat and ran down the path, with pussy juice leaking down her legs.

“My brother screwing my cousin…gosh that’s incest!”

* * * * *

Twenty minutes Lyla jumped into the cop car with her twat on fire.

Her uncle grunted. “Girl you see any bang-bang action out there?” Lyla shook her head, and Bruce handed her a flask. “You want a nip?”

“Sure.” She sipped the bottle, and the booze burned down. She swallowed more.

“Hey! Take it easy girl!” Bruce grabbed the bottle away, but it was too late. Lyla felt all warm and giddy…and horny as sin.

“Niece you’re not used to booze. If I take you home drunk, your mom’ll shoot me.” He patted her arm, and Lyla turned so his hand patted her tit.

Watching the fuck-show made Lyla’s young pussy ache so bad she let out a tear.

“Hey, are you okay honey? Here, have another swig that will make you feel better.” Bruce kissed her cheek. Lyla felt his warm hand on her quivering thigh… she moved it under her skirt, to her panties.

She humped her moist pussy against his hand. Bruce stammered. “Oh…oh niece we better stop… I…I better get you home.”

“No, kiss me more Uncle!”

“Now niece you don’t mean that. You’re just drunk.” His hand was still on her panties. Lyla pushed it under her panties next to her fuzzy blonde pussy…

But Bruce jerked it back, started the cop car, and drove off.

Lyla giggled. “Is my Big Bad Uncle afraid of a girl?” She winked, rubbing his crotch. He pushed her hand away. Feeling buzzed, Lyla yanked up her blouse and bra, letting her plump naked tits flop out the window.

Bruce wheeled the car around, slamming the brakes. “Girl are you bat-shit crazy?”

“No, I’m cunt crazy.” Lyla hugged her uncle, rubbing her aroused nipples against his uniform. “Uncle I know what people do at Sunset Ridge….”

“Sir, don’t you wanna do that to me? Ain’t I pretty enough to fuck?”

“Yes…I mean NO!” He pulled her blouse down. “Niece you’re trying to get me in trouble. Now keep those titties in their holsters.”

“But I’m all itchy down there.” She took a swig. “Booze makes my pussy burn.” Lyla wriggled out of her skirt and panties. “Hey uncle, let’s get NAKID!”

Bruce froze, licking his lips slowly. She felt his dark eyes probing her curly blonde twat. “Do you really want this, niece?” He jerked out his hefty cock and stroked it.

Lyla’s eyes widened as she watched the thing grow and stick out…pointing at her pussy-hole. Lyla covered herself. “It’s… It’s like a spear…a pussy spear!”

“Niece, you really want my cock ripping through your cherry? I bet you’re still a damn virgin?” She nodded meekly. “You don’t know what a hard prick feels like.”

Grabbing Lyla’s wrist, he made her grasp the rigid shaft. “Oh, it’s like a bone.”

“You mean Boner.” Her uncle laughed. “Niece could you take that boner up your tiny fuck-hole? ALL THE WAY?” Lyla shook her head. “That’s what you begged for… a good hard pussy-ripping.”

He made her move his foreskin up and down over the bulging knob. His scary prick throbbed in her tiny hand. “Oh-oh!” Lyla’s eager pussy suddenly cringed. She covered it with her hand.

“Um, Uncle Bruce… take me home… please take me home!”

“Okay scaredy-cat we’ll leave, but I’m holding these.” Bruce grabbed Lyla’s skirt and panties… and sniffed her panties before shoving them in his pocket.

Lyla had to sit bottomless during the trip, with her wet pussy clinging to the vinyl upholstery. It was embarring. Lyla hoped she wouldn’t leave a girl slick on the seat.

* * * * *

Bruce parked outside her driveway. “Thanks uncle, now give me back my clothes.”

“I will, you little twat, but you gave me blue-balls. I have to unload some cum.” Lyla gulped when Bruce pulled her face down to his boner.

“Now suck it niece, suck it good and swallow down my jism. You know you want to. A horny girl has to learn how to give head.” Lyla looked cross-eyed at his prick and knew uncle was right.

Blushing neon red, she got down on her knees. “That’s it niece. First lick my balls.” Lyla’s little tongue lapped at his gross balls—until she gagged—and spit out a hair!

Uncle Bruce laughed. “Now open those pretty-pink lips, and suck it deep.” His prick pressed against Lyla’s lips until she opened her mouth. Uncle’s fat knob shoved in.

Lyla opened wide as she canlı kaçak iddaa could. His prick pushed deeper, and she choked but forced her mouth down on his thick shaft. Sucking her uncle felt sinful and naughty… so naughty she had to rub herself.

“Girl, I’m gonna dump a load of dirty jism down your throat. You’ll frickin’ love it.”

Lyla frantically bobbed her head up and down, sucking and slurping his nasty cock, with lines of spit running down the shaft. Uncle Bruce held her head and pumped her mouth, giving Lyla her first face-fucking.

After a few minutes she felt his fat cock swelling in her throat. “Niece pull on my balls. Get ready to swallow a quart of cum!”

“A QUART?” Lyla braced herself for the cum-burst and bobbed faster, tugging on his hairy balls. She felt a throb— Uncle’s pick jolted! Her mouth filled with gobs of sticky sperm.

Gagging and coughing, Lyla swallowed his spurts as more incestuous cum shot down her throat and dripped from her lips.

Lyla kept sucking until she’d gobbled down his last spurt. It wasn’t a quart, but it was plenty of cum. Pulling away and panting, she wiped her cummy mouth on his uniform.

“Yuck Uncle, your sperm stuff tastes salty.” She spit out another pubic hair and looked up. “There I sucked off your nasty prick. Give me back my skirt and panties or I’m telling mom!”

The big man looked like he’d been bitten by a snake. Lyla grabbed her clothes, wiped the girl slick off his seat. Then she ran bottomless up to her bedroom, to finger her hot burning twat.


The next day mom cornered Lyla. “I’m putting you on the pill. I don’t like the way you stare at your brother’s crotch. Just remember young lady, there’s plenty of other fuck-sticks in the ocean.”

“Fuck-stick’s in the ocean?? Mom, you’re so damn weird.”

So when Zane asked her out Lyla was forced to say yes. But she wasn’t sure about going out with him. The guy had a bad reputation…but sometimes bad is good.

All the girls said Zane was good at fingering. Yep, fingering was fun, but fucking is fun-er. Not that any date had tried to fuck Lyla. No one even asked. Dammit, a girl wants to be asked!

Lyla shaved her pussy until it was baby smooth and shiny. Slipping on a hot pink dress she squeezed her plump boobs into a push-up bra and wore her favorite, cherry red panties.

Zane drove up looking devilishly handsome. He’d shaved too. Zane headed for a movie theater. Lyla rubbed his thigh. “Hey Zane, let’s go to Sunset Ridge instead.”

“EXCELLENT!” Flipping a U-turn Zane raced toward the Ridge. He parked in a spot overlooking the city lights. “Lyla the view is great here.” They kissed, and Lyla felt her heart beating when he touched her cushy tits.

“Ohh! Zane…” her mouth opened against Zane’s. He sucked on her tongue and Lyla squirmed when flipped out her naked tits. “Stop that Zane! Someone might see.”

“Honey you’re so damn pretty. Gawd, I’ve wanting to take you out for so long….”

She didn’t stop Zane when he kissed her tits and sucked her aroused nipples between his teeth, flicking them with his tongue.

Zane slipped his hand in her panties… and her hot little hole welcomed his nasty finger. They tongue-kissed as he pushed her labia open. Lyla wiggled her pussy against his finger as the windows steamed up.

“Ohh…yes… yes.”

Zane when he lifted her dress and pulled down her panties. He stared at her naked tits and curly blonde curly pussy. “Lyla I told you the view was great.”

The guy pulled out a terrific hard-on!

Lyla touch it just as a floodlight lit up the windows! “Shit, It’s Uncle Bruce! Let’s get out of here before he catches us!” She and Zane snuck out the car door.

“Dude follow me, I know a place where he won’t find us.”

Half-dressed Lyla wiggled up the trail while clutching her clothes. Zane followed with his boner hanging out, and bobbing. Lyla thought it looked funny.

She guided Zane to the place behind the bushes, where she saw Wes and Bree screwing. Zane smiled. “Gee Lyla this is perfect. Fucking perfect.” They lay together, kissing in the cool grass.

Lyla felt his hot pulsing shaft rub against her thigh.

He whispered, “Honey, let’s fuck!” Lyla nodded, delighted at finally being asked. She let the horny stud take off her bra and panties and hang them in a tree.

The horny guy brought his cock up to her face.

“Lyla suck my prick and lube it up real good or it’ll rip your virgin twat apart.”

“WHAT? But I-I don’t want to be ripped apart!”

Lyla’s mouth flew open. She sucked his prick desperately, trying to save her pussy. Licking Zane’s pee slit, Lyla lapped up down his shaft and even his balls, slathering them in thick saliva.

Then Zane grabbed her ankles and spread her legs like she was doing the splits. “Ouch, no girl wants to be spread like that!”

He kissed her ear. “Sweetie open your pussy lips, I wanna see your pink.” Blushing red, Lyla opened herself with two fingers. Zane peered into her hole.

“Honey, you feel so soft and canlı kaçak bahis silky. I love sweet ass on the grass.” His boner nudged up and down her velvet tunnel, slowly. Lyla didn’t want slow—she was horny!

“Hurry! Put it in me! Put it in me or I’ll die!”

Zane moved his cock up. Lyla felt his knob stretching her pussy lips and did the virgin squirm as it pushed inside. “Ohh yes.” Her pink tissue slipped out around his shaft. Zane pushed further…and his prick hit her hymen.

“Ouch Zane… what’s happening?”

“Cherry popping.” Lyla groaned as his cock tore through her tissue and a surge of juice dripped down her ass-crack. Zane kept pumping, splitting open her juicy tunnel. The smacking sounds made Lyla giggle.

Lifting her feet, Zane hammered deep, fucking her like a real woman. Lyla’s entire body tingled, even her toes. Her hips lifted up, screwing her pussy onto his shaft.

“Oh Zane…” Lyla trembled, feeling every inch of his meat-pole. She felt his hips pumping, and more juices leaked out. “Zane, It’s so deep… I can’t stop squirming!”

“Take my cock slut!” Zane pumped her twat so hard her ass bounced off the grass. They thrust into each other like fuck-beasts. Lyla felt his cock twitch.

“Are you cumming?” He answered by slamming his prick in and spewing. Lyla arched her back, kicking her heels as he plowed his spurting cock into her hot hole.

“Zane, I’m cumming, too!” Lyla writhed under his muscular rod…and gasped as her cunt spasmed—her wild pussy convulsing around Zane’s shaft!

Then Lyla felt something push into her asshole. Zane’s naughty finger! “Ohh, that’s nasty.” Lyla pumped her hips back and forth between Zane’s finger and fuck-stick… and bucked up in a second orgasm.

Her hungry pussy clasped at Zane’s pulsing prick, milking out his sticky hot sperm. “Ughh…Ughh!” Lyla groaned until—

—a flashlight lit up the bushes! Uncle Bruce yelled, “Who’s fucking out there?”

Zane hissed, “Shit! Your uncle has a nose for nookie!”

“He sure does.” Zane zipped up his pants, Lyla grabbed her dress, and they ran down the back of the Ridge. Back at his car Lyla noticed red stuff on her thighs.

“Gosh Zane, you made me bleed.”

He grinned proud. “Girl, you’re one hot twat!” They kissed, and Lyla blushed when he wiped off the pink cum off her pink pussy. Then Lyla realized she’d left her bra and panties in the tree. “Oops.”

They drove off. Lyla sat naked next to Zane so he could feel her up while he drove. When he parked the car, Lyla decided to pleasure Zane like she did her uncle.

Getting down on her knees, Lyla sucking Zane’s prick and balls, bobbing her head like a good cock-sucker. After gagging down a giant load of goo, she wiped her cummy lips and looked up.

“I had fun Zane. And I gave you my cherry pie.” She winked. “So call me later for some nasty phone sex. I’ll suck your balls off over the phone.”

“Sure sweet-cheeks.”

She waited and waited, but Zane never called. Lyla felt fully fucked and dumped. Oh well, at least she got rid of her stupid cherry.


That night with Zane left Lyla with a permanently horny hole.

Naked in the shower, Lyla’s finger couldn’t resist moving her down to her sore slit. She pressed the funny little hood that hid her clit… rubbin’ her nubbin felt good.

Lyla’s tiny pink bulb swelled up, ready to climax… Then her rude brother pounded on the door. “Dammit sis, hurry up I gotta piss!”

“I’m busy!” she yelled, fingering herself faster.

“Let me in or I’m knocking down the door!”

“Okay Dammit.” Stepping out of the shower Lyla wrapped a towel around her naked tits and twat and unlocked the door.

Wesley limped over to the toilet, unzipped, and started to pee. Lyla stared at his prick. She’d seen it before when they went skinny dipping and never thought of him sexually… until she saw him banging Cousin Bree.

And now he stood at the toilet, holding his magnificent manhood. It was wider than Bruce’s and Zane’s. Lyla imagined it pounding her throat, and saw the tube swelling underneath his shaft.

The same tube that spurted out sperm from guys’ balls. Lyla’s heart raced so hard she had to look away.

“Sis I sprained a back muscle. Could you rub it, like you used to…please? “

“First you interrupt my shower—Now you want a frikin’ backrub?” Lyla glared into his pained eyes. “Okay dammit, lay down on the floormat.” He did, and Lyla rubbed his back while trying to keep the towel on her tits.

“Sis straddle me so you can rub harder.” Lyla straddled his thighs and sat her sore cunt down on his bare butt. It felt naughty. Lyla wished she’d put on panties.

“Deeper sis, use all your weight.”

Lyla pushed harder, slamming his back as her naked pussy bounced on his butt. Her pussy lips moistened and made his ass wet. “There Wes, I better stop now.”

“Thanks Sis, now it’s time for YOUR massage.”

Wesley flipped her belly down on the floor mat. Lyla tried to hold on to the towel, but he stripped it away. “I can’t rub your back through the damn towel.”

He straddled her naked bottom, massaging her back with his strong hands… It felt heavenly! But then she felt her brother’s cock on her butt. As he rocked forward and back, it rubbed between her asscheeks.

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