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EARLY ONE MORNING IN THE KITCHENI slipped silently into the kitchen where Mom is standing at the sink. Fot a brief momemnt I pause to admire her legs which are short and strong and support her wonderfully solid ass. Without the slightest stimulation I could feel an erection beginning to stir in my pajama pants. There was no stopping it pogression now.She was still unaware of my presence when I moved my hand under the hem of her short nighgown and began to massage her cunt through her panties. Her reaction was similar to that of being touched by an electrical wire. Her body stiffened for a moment and then softened again as her hips sway in an counter rythm to my caresses.”What are you doing to me?” she asked glancing over her shoulder at me. “You’re turning me into a regular sex addict. Do you realize that?”I just smile at her comment and kiss her on the back of her long slender neck, breathing closer so to tickle the tiny hairs that sprout on the nape of her neck, grazing the flesh with the tip of my tongue.Dad was upstairs showering and in the middle of his daily routine preparing for work and would be down fo breakfast shortly so our time was limited. I leaned closer and allowed her to feel the full erection I proudly brandish for her. She eaches back and squeezed it through ataşehir escort the thin fabric of he pajama pants.”We’re crazy,” she whispers, but does not stop rubbing my cock.”Yes, insane…hopelessly insane,” I respond.”And in love,” she remarks an instant later.Outside we can we Miss Truly walking her mastif named Angel. She is our landlady, in her early sixties, long flowing white hair, and a massive pair of tits which she proud displays in very revealing shirts. Miss Truly is a lesbian and has flirted with Mom on occasion and even asked he out on dates but Mom has not yet opened herself to that side of her sexuality just yet. Yet.When Miss Truly spots us she waves but is unaware what goes on beyond the frame of the window. I can tell just by the look in her eyes that…”She really wants to fuck you,” I whisper into Mom’s ear as my fingers have now worked underneath her panties and gingerly probing her damp cunt.”I don’t doubt it. I wish that I could overome my fear about it but….””You will…you will,” I say and slip down her panties and my pajamas just enough so that I could stick my cock into her.The initial thrust causes her to rise up onto her tiptoes and I am still only an inch or two in. She reachs round and pats my ass as it gradually begins to pump pendik escort quicker and quicker. She supporting herself against the sink. My balls are bouncing off the back of her leg now, but still amidst our passion we kept a vigilant ear open for Dad. He was feeling a bit passionate himself last night and rolled over onto of her. She silently complied, opening her legs to him, and guided his cock into her but it was a quick and adroit fuck that satisfied him more than it did her. When he came he just rolled over and fell fast asleep and left her laying there legs still open, mastuebating herself to a sad orgasm.It was these litle moments that she told me that inspired me to bring a sponantaity and level of emotion that did not exist in her marriage. I was more than up to the challenge each time we had our secret rendevous. Sometimes the time limitations and the dangerous locations added to this intensity. I prefered long leisure fucks but quickies were like energy pills that refreshed one for the day ahead.I was occasionally looking out at Miss Truly standing out on the back lawn and at her massive tits and sadly thinking that I will never be allowed to stick my cock between them. I desperately wanted Mom to overcome her phobia and accept Miss Truly’s advances and then kadıköy escort pump her for the most minute detail of fucking her. Then I imagine her getting fucked by Angel, that massive b**st huddled over her pounding away. It was all enough to make me come. I exploded my load deep inside Mom and was quick to grab a wad of paper towels and clean her up.We could hear Dad coming in the kitchen and quickly composed ourselves the best we could. She quickly threw open the window to allow some fresh air in and disapate the ordor of sweat and pussy. I quickly sat down so that the table would hide my erection which would not diminish for another few minutes. It ached and throbbed and felt somewhat cheated to stop fucking so abruptly. I could see Mom still blushing and trying to suppress her little smile. We played footsy under the table. I just tried to terminate any and all thoughts of Mom and Miss Truly in bed together in an attempt to rid myself of my undying erection, but the images tormented me.But time was not on our side this morning. I had to get ready for work myself. Since I left a little after Dad left we had just a few fleeting moments together. We couldn’t fuck because I’d have the tell tale scent of pussy on me when I went to work but we had an all too brief but deeply passionate make out. Just as I was about to exit the front door Mom lifts her her nightgown to flash me he pussy. I just lost my head and rush over and gave that lovely opening a long loving kiss before finally taking my leave.

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