Earning a little extra – Part 2


Earning a little extra – Part 2
I stayed laying on the sofa while Steve went to make the tea. I reached behind me to touch my asshole, and felt some of Steve’s spunk leaking out. I ran my middle finger around my cum filled hole for a few moments, then brought it to my tongue and licked it. “Mmm” I moaned. The combination of his cum and my ass tasted so tantalising. The kettle clicked in the kitchen, Steve was only going to be a few more minutes. It probably wasn’t the right time for him to see me scooping his cum from my ass and eating it (he’d just made love to me after all, not fucked me senseless), so I decided I’d sneak in one more quick go and leave it at that. This time I slid my whole finger in and sucked it clean. Damn!

A few moments later Steve appeared carrying two cups. “How would you feel about going out for dinner?” He asked as he passed me a cup of tea.

“Great!” I said. Sex always makes me hungry. “Where?”

“There’s a pub about a ten minute walk from here” he replied. “I figured we could walk down, perhaps have a few drinks?”

“Sounds like fun” I said. “I’ll probably need to be wearing a little more than this though”

“We haven’t long finished lunch, so… umm…, no need to rush to get dressed just yet” he said with a grin.

We didn’t have sex again that afternoon. Just passed the day chatting, getting to know each and watching television, with me naked the whole time and him in his boxers. Honestly, as an outside observer you’d have thought we were an honest to goodness gay couple! When the time came, I cleaned myself up, took a shower, re-lubricated my behind, and then got dressed in just a plain blue shirt and jeans (no underwear). Steve was already waiting in the lounge when I got there. As we left the house I focused on remembering the role I was meant to be playing, and took his hand. Man, that felt weird. I know that probably sounds odd given what we were doing earlier, but it really did. I’d never held hands with a bloke in my life, and here I was walking down the street doing it – this was way different to anything I’d ever done before.

The pub was a beautiful little place. Quiet. Log fire in the corner of the bar, exposed timbers on the ceiling, casked ales, a “proper” country pub. The barmaid knew Steve by name, and actually seemed to know him pretty well. “Great to see you back with us” she said “What can I get you?” We ordered a few drinks, chose a table in the corner near the fire, and sat down to peruse the menu. As with most traditional country pubs, the choice was easy. The same barmaid who’d served the drinks came over to take our order (she seemed to be the only person out front). We both ordered steak, although Steve wanted his rare and I wanted mine cooked to a crisp. I wondered if that said anything about the dynamic of the situation. The food was excellent. We had another drink each with food, and then I went to ask for some more with dessert. That’s when things got interesting.

“No more for me thanks” Steve said. As I said earlier, Steve was a tall, well-built guy, this seemed pretty early to call time on the drinking.

“What?” I asked jokingly. “Come on Steve, if you’re hoping to take advantage of me you’re going to need to get me tipsier than this”

“Then I guess we’d best keep you drinking, but no more for me thanks” He replied.

“Steve, come o…”

“NO!” he interjected sharply with a seriously annoyed look on his face. Okay, I’d hit a nerve, and a pretty sensitive one at that.

The barmaid looked a little embarrassed “Don’t worry” she said “I’ll come back later”

There was an awkward silence at the table for what felt like an age. I didn’t know what to say. After a while Steve spoke first. “I’m sorry I snapped” he said. “It’s just…” He fell silent.

“Just what?” I asked.

“… Never mind. I’m just sorry. Let’s forget about it okay?”

I could have just left it at that. Maybe I should have, I don’t know. But if I were out on a date with a woman and I’d reacted the way he just did, she’d want to know what the hell was going on.

“Steve” I said. He looked at me. “Talk to me. What is it?” His face was contorted, but not with anger. What was it? Guilt, maybe? Shame? He seemed to want to talk, but couldn’t find the words. “It’s okay” I said. “Just start at the beginning” There was another long silence.

“You know I was in a long term relationship?” He asked eventually. I just nodded. “Well, drink ended that relationship. I was with him for five years. I loved him. I probably still love him, and drink brought all of that to an end. When I drink, I… change”

Oh crap. “Are you an alcoholic?” I asked in a panic, concerned that he was doing his best to get over his condition and had cracked because of me.

“No. Oh God no.” He replied “It’s nothing like that. If I have too much to drink I get… I…” He clammed up and looked down into his hands. I scooted my chair around the table and put his hand in mine.

“It’s okay, you can tell me” I said gently. I was getting the hang of this boyfriend role.

“I get… mean. Aggressive” I have to admit I didn’t see that coming.

“You mean like violent? Abusive?” I asked carefully. He nodded. Then shook his head.

“Not exactly” He seemed confused. He seemed to be struggling for words again. I decided to give him time to think and just gave his hand a light squeeze. After some time, he looked at me.

“Aarrgghh. You know?” he asked frustrated. “Like… that?”

He seemed to be explaining more and more, and yet I was understanding less and less. I rattled my brain trying to work out what he was going on about, then the penny dropped. “You mean sexually?” I asked “You get sexually aggressive when you’ve been drinking?” He nodded and bowed his head again. He looked so Ankara escort embarrassed.

“Did you ever hurt him?” I pushed “Badly?”

“No” he replied. “I would just get, you know, rough. And Stu didn’t like seeing me that way, and he really didn’t like being treated like it. Understandably. I ruined the best relationship of my life because I couldn’t keep myself in check”

Steve honestly seemed like a genuinely kind, sincere guy. He didn’t seem like he’d ever really want to hurt a fly. But then, I seem like a perfectly regular Joe to talk to. You’d never guess I was a twisted sexual deviant unless I told you. I was curious. “Do you have a picture of Stu?” I asked.

“Yes. Of course” Steve said, and he opened his wallet to show me a picture of the two of them. They were arm in arm on a balcony at sunset, presumably on holiday somewhere, and they both looked genuinely happy. But, the most noticeable thing in the photo was that Steve was immense compared to Stu. Stu was very slight and based on the picture was only around five-two. That was a big size difference to overcome. Perhaps a little too big given what Steve had just confessed. I thought I knew what was going on.

“No you didn’t” I said “I know we’ve only just met, and I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but I don’t think that’s what happened at all.” He looked at me quizzically “Is it possible that you both ruined your relationship because you weren’t honest about what you wanted?” He seemed annoyed.

“You’ve known me five minutes. You’ve never even met Stu. And hell, you’re not even really gay! What the hell would you know about our relationship?” I had upset him. That wasn’t the plan, but the damage was done. So, in for a penny and all that…

“I know a genuinely nice guy when I see one. And I know a physical imbalance when I see one of those too” I said “Drink can make us happy, sad, violent, passive, friendly, solitary, and all sorts of other things. But do you know the single most dangerous thing it does?”

“What?” He snapped.

“It lowers our inhibitions. Reveals our innermost secrets. Desires we wouldn’t otherwise share with the world. Tell me the truth Steve. Tell yourself the truth. Did the drink make you want to behave the way you did, or did it just allow you to behave the way you did? Can you honestly tell me you never fantasized about rough sex when you were sober?”

“…I…” he stammered.

“You wanted that kind of sex with Stu anyway, but you could never bring yourself to tell him because you were ashamed of it, just like you are now. How am I doing?” I may have been pushing a little too hard at this point. This was risky, but I’ve always been a fairly forward guy, it’s how I’d behave, and he had said to be myself.

“Why the hell shouldn’t I be?” he asked “it’s sick isn’t it?”

I couldn’t stop myself. It really wasn’t very kind. I laughed at that question. Loudly. My limit for what constituted sick was clearly way further along the scale than Steve’s.

“No Steve. No it’s not. Not at all. It’s not sick to want to experiment with sex, to want to try different things, different fantasies. There are women who fantasise about rape. Who get their other halves to help them act out rape fantasies. Those women wouldn’t want to be raped for real, they just like the feeling of losing all control and being used. The same is true for men. Equally there are men and women who fantasise about the idea of having complete and utter control of someone else. It doesn’t mean they’re going to go out at night and rape somebody”

He looked at me in what I can only describe as amazement. “But” I continued, “if the only time your partner ever sees that side of you is when you’ve been drinking, and you’ve never been able to bring yourself to share your fantasies, and especially if you’re so much bigger than them that you could overpower them easily and there’s nothing they could do about it. Well, that’d just be scary, wouldn’t it?”

He was looking at me dumbfounded. He wasn’t saying anything. But, he wasn’t denying it either. He looked like someone who was cramming for a test. Like he was trying to absorb a whole bunch of information extremely quickly.

“You really think that’s what drove him away?” he asked sheepishly.

“I certainly think it’s possible. But given the size difference between you it’s pretty likely that, even if you had told the truth, it would have caused issues in your relationship anyway. That, or your relationship would have been fine but you’d spend your entire life repressing sexual desires that you really want to explore. If you want me to, I can help you do that Steve”

“NO!” he said forcefully. “I don’t want to!”

“Steve. I’m a big boy. Trust me, I can take it. And if you go too far I can fight you off, I promise. But, I quite like things a little rough and I really think you need to explore this. Let me help you, please? If after tonight you don’t want to take it further, I’ll never bring it up again. Just have one more drink with dessert, and let’s go from there okay?” He just nodded. That was enough for me, so I ordered us a drink each with pudding. I still don’t know truthfully what was motivating me more at that point. He clearly needed to accept his desires and I really did want to help him, but at that moment the idea of having this man force himself on me was arousing as hell.

I am a great many things, but above all else I am a pervert. I spent the rest of our time at the pub either with a semi- or with a full blown erection, trying not to let the pictures in my mind of Steve molesting me ruin the conversation. By the time we left the pub it was dark, and the route from the pub was only blessed with the occasional building and street light. Rather than walking hand in hand as we had on the way there, this time Ankara escort bayan Steve’s hand was permanently on my butt. It might have felt weird if I hadn’t been drinking, but the booze was definitely helping with the role play.

“You enjoying the …er… walk?” I asked cheekily as we approached one of the few street lights on the way home, squeezing the hand that was on my ass. He looked at me and grinned.

“Definitely!” he said.

I knew what I wanted at this point, I just wasn’t sure how to get it to happen. I really wanted him to instigate it, but I had to agitate the situation somehow without upsetting him. I’d been drinking so I probably didn’t come up with the best plan – I decided on a fairly direct approach. I stopped under a street lamp next to some sort of abandoned townhouse and turned him to face me.

“I bet you want to do a lot more than just grope my ass, don’t you Steve?” Without any subtlety, I grabbed his crotch. He was already sporting a semi. Good, the odds were in my favour. I started rubbing it through his trousers. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?” I looked deep into his eyes. They seemed to be glazing over slightly, he didn’t answer. “You want to bury your big hard cock deep inside my cum hungry ass, don’t you Steve? Tell me the truth”

“No. I…” He was hanging on, but only by a thread.

“Don’t lie to me Steve. You want to fuck me like the dirty little whore that I am, don’t you?”

“Please, I…” I really hoped I wasn’t making a terrible mistake and cause him to bolt or clam up.

“That is what I am Steve. I’m your dirty little whore! I want it Steve” I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his now fully erect cock, right there in the middle of the street. “This is what I want Steve. I want you to fuck me with it Steve. Use me. Take what you need from me Steve. Fuck m…” At that moment he snapped.

He grabbed the front of my shirt with both hands and slammed me up against the wall. He was staring straight at me, breathing heavily. His chest was heaving. He put his left forearm across my chest, pinning me in place whilst freeing up his other hand, and began quickly working on unbuckling my belt. I think he made a new world record on getting trousers open.

“We’ll see if it’s what you really want by the time I’m done with you, you fucking dirty tease” he said. That was first time he’d sworn since I met him. “You want to see me lose control? Huh?” He was shouting now, but he wasn’t really asking me. He released his grip on me momentarily, but only long enough to grab me by my upper arms and spin me around, at which point he forced me back against the wall, face first this time. He put his left hand onto the back of my neck, holding me in place, and with his right hand pulled my trousers down just far enough to expose what he needed. I knew what was coming. I reached down with both hands and spread my ass cheeks apart.

The head of his incredible cock found my hole in an instant, and he was like a completely different man from earlier. There was no consideration this time, no care, no pause. He drove his full length into me in one quick, hard, thrust; causing the most intense mix of pleasure and pain to erupt in my ass, and emptying my lungs at the same time. “Uugghh” I moaned out. My head was turned sideways and pressed up against the wall, and his mouth was right up against my ear as he let out an almost primal, animalistic grunt. I could see his face from the corner of my eye. His face was contorted. He was lost. I wasn’t Mick to him at this point. I was just an object, there to be fucked. Without any delay, he began slamming that mammoth prick in and out of my ass in fast, deep, full length strokes. It felt like he was tearing me in two. Holy shit it felt good. He was pounding away at me for all he was worth.

“That’s what you want isn’t it, you dirty little slut?! That’s what you fucking want! Answer me!”

“YES! Oh fuck, yes Steve! YES! Use me! Oh shit! Steve! Use me. Take what you need. Oh FUCK! FUCK!!!” I was in heaven. I’m not sure where he was, but he was clearing enjoying it.

“Yes. That’s what you’re for isn’t it? You’re mine! From now on, I get to do this to you whenever I want. Do you understand! Arrggghhh!” He was quickening his pace, he wasn’t going to last much longer. This wasn’t months of frustration I could feel from him – it was years. Years of pent up desire being expelled in one explosive act of violent sex.

“Yes Steve. Whenever you want! I’m yours to use Steve. Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Fuck! FUCK! FFUUCCKK!! YES!!!” I screamed out.

From out of nowhere, or so it seemed to me, his orgasm hit him. He let out a long, guttural moan, and kept thrusting all of the way through his ejaculation. I could feel what seemed like oceans of thick, sticky goo filling my wanton hole. It never ceases to amaze me exactly how much I like being filled with cum.

“Yes! Steve! Fill me! Give it to me!” Suddenly he stopped and slumped against me without saying anything, his breath filling my ears. Between the complete pounding my ass had just taken, and his weight on me, I could hardly breathe. “Wow Steve” I said “That was inc…”

He cut me off, pulled me off the wall and spun me back around. Searing pain shot through my entire body as the cool night air filled the void left by Steve’s beautiful cock. In contrast with that, because my ass was agape, I could feel the warmth of his cum running out of me and down towards my balls. “You think I’m fucking done with you, slut?” He asked. “We’ve barely gotten started” He put his hand around the back of my neck and forced me down to my knees. Again, he looked into my eyes “SUCK IT!” he ordered.

Looking up at him the whole time, without a moment’s hesitation I slid my mouth all of the way down his shaft until my nose was Escort Ankara buried in his public hair and the head of his still rock hard member was in my throat. I sucked down hard, and slowly withdrew his dick from my mouth without releasing the pressure, getting every bit of flavour that I could – my ass, the lube, his cum all over his shaft, the last of his load leaving the end of his cock and landing on my tongue, I loved every moment. The tight grip my mouth had on his cock meant that I could feel every vein, every subtle crease in his foreskin, the fine detail where the shaft met the head. It was incredible. I began bobbing my head up and down on his cock, hoping that he was going to use my mouth this time. All I could think about at that moment was how good his cum would feel sliding down my throat, but it didn’t last long – seconds later he pulled me back to my feet.

He turned me back around and forced me up against the wall again, but this time his left arm was coming around my Torso and up to my throat, which he was gripping firmly. The feeling of power he had over me right then was tying knots in my stomach. I was so turned on it was unbelievable. He grabbed his cock with his right hand, drove it back into my ass, and once again started pummelling my cock hungry hole without abandon. He wrapped his right arm around my waist for extra leverage – as if he wasn’t fucking me hard enough already! He was concentrating so hard he wasn’t saying anything, but he didn’t need to. We both knew who was in charge at that moment.

I love being fucked up the ass, and I love that feeling when a guy (or a woman come to that) loses all control of themselves and is literally just using you to get want they want, but even so I couldn’t believe exactly how worked up I was right now. My balls were literally aching. I had to touch my cock. As Steve continued his relentless drilling of my behind, I pushed my trousers down a little further to expose my own rock hard cock and started wanking it violently.

I don’t know what it was – the drink, the situation, the fact that Steve was actually slightly bigger than me (which is pretty rare I can tell you), but I wanted more. No, I needed more. Without letting up on my cock, I moved my left hand up to where Steve’s was around my neck and began squeezing his hand around my throat. He either wasn’t picking up on the hint, or didn’t want to do it.

“Please. Please Steve. I want it. Please” I squeezed his hand tighter. “Please!” I begged.

“Whore!” he said into my year, and he tightened his grip around my throat all the while not letting up on my asshole. Oh fuck! I could hardly breath. I certainly couldn’t say anything. Within moments I was seeing stars. I increased the pace on my cock, beating it for all I was worth. I wanted to say “Yes! That’s what I want Steve. Show me exactly how worthless I am”, but I couldn’t speak. My balls were tightening. I was close to orgasm, and darkness was starting to creep into the sides of my vision. Holy crap it felt amazing.

Ordinarily at this point I would just let the orgasm come and pass out. Believe me, but for goodness sake only ever do it with someone you trust and be safe (and never, ever do it by yourself!), if you’ve never had an orgasm while being asphyxiated try it just once. It is the most incredible feeling, especially if you’re an extreme submissive like me. The feeling of being completely owned, of complete powerlessness, of really feeling like you are nothing but an object for the sexual pleasure of the person choking you with no actual value as a human being, is out of this world. And that’s before you factor in that somehow the lack of oxygen just makes everything much more intense. But, this was the first time Steve was doing this with someone who had told him it was okay, and I was pretty certain he was going further that he ever had before – if I passed out it would probably scare him shitless and he’d never open up again.

So I did everything I could to cling on, but I wasn’t going to last long (both in terms of my orgasm and my consciousness). I needed him to cum. So, I did something I don’t do very often. I applied pressure to his shaft with my ass. He let out an immediate groan and picked up the pace “Uuggh, you’re so fucking tight. Dirty little cum slut” he said. “Oh fuck, Yes! Tight little bitch!” He picked up the pace some more. He was getting close, I could feel it, and my hand was now a blur on my own cock.

“Oh FUCK! YESSSS! Ugh! Ugh! FUCK! YES!!” He screamed as for the second time in about ten minutes I felt wads of spunk being shot deep into my ass. The feeling of his cum filling me again sent me right over the edge. As my extremely intense, semi-unconscious orgasm washed over me I began shooting my load over the townhouse I was pressed up against. My body was literally shaking with the intensity of it. I screamed in pleasure, but my scream was blocked by Steve’s hand around my throat. On the final thrust of his orgasm he pushed his cock all of the way into my ass and held it there, depositing the last of his load as deep inside me as he could. My orgasm started to ebb away, the twitching in my body (and my cock) began to slow, and I slumped to the ground, once again causing the night air to rush into my ass as Steve’s cock left me but also releasing his grip on my neck and allowing me to take a few deep breaths.

“Oh shit! Oh crap! Mick! Are you okay?” He exclaimed, looking at me with a mix of fear and concern on his face. I looked up at him and smiled.

“Oh hell yes” I said. “That was amazing” And to show him that I meant it I leaned across to him and immediately began licking his cock clean. But I deliberately didn’t suck it this time. For the next few minutes he watched as I licked our juices from every inch of his beautiful member. When I was done I stood and did up my trousers, and he did the same. “Let’s go home” I said, and as we began walking he placed his hand back on my ass. Even after all that, my cock twitched.

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