Earning It


Earning ItI walked in the guys locker room at 4:30 knowing this was my only chance to win. I had just celebrated my 18th birthday three days before. My name is Cheryl and at 5’11” and 142 pounds, I am the queen of the volleyball court. District player of the year, All-State and recruited by dozens of colleges. But that’s not why people came to see me play. My body is perfect and those tight and tiny uniforms show it off perfectly. That’s why they come to see me. When I crouch to prepare for a serve, dads hold there breath. I wear my shorts one size too small and when I bend down, the spandex crawls deep up my crack. My top hugs my size 34DD breasts tightly. It doesn’t take much friction before my nipples try to poke their way through the material. My nipples are large and active. Warm, cold, wet or dry, they are always on. They are my shining glory. I am no skinny bitch. I am strong, thick and muscular. Every curve a woman wants is evident when I pull on that uniform. Most of our matches are 90 minutes of foreplay for the older men in the gym as they cheer loudly for my skills and assets. No wonder the male coaches voted me every honor possible in our league.But until I opened that door I had been just a tease. No cock had ever penetrated any portion of my body. Now that was going to change for ever. There were 33 football players just coming in from practice. The smell of jock straps and grass-stained tape burned my nose. My eyes started to water slightly. As they walked in, they began to notice me. I hadn’t wanted there to be any doubt why I was there, so I dressed the part. A soft blue spaghetti strapped tank top barely covered my nipple, much less my breasts, but I let the straps fall down my shoulders just to enhance the look. The tiny white skirt I had chosen was loose fitting and easily bounced up and down when I walked. That way it would reveal the bottom most portion of the baby blue panties I was wearing. I came without stockings on my long legs. But my 4-inch heals made them look unbelievable.As the boys began to take off there shoulder pads, I walked through the locker room gently brushing my fingers across their chests and open mouths. They were speechless. They were also motionless. Cocks were starting to harden, but no one was moving.As I reached the shower doorway, I turned toward the guys, reached for the top of my panties and slowly removed them by bending at the waist, not bending my legs, as my hands and the panties hit the floor. Looking up from that position I simply said, ‘Fuck Me’ and they finally understood.They began walking mariobet güvenilirmi toward me and I backed into the shower area further. Uniforms and pads began flying in every direction as the noise level increased. ‘The Amazon wants to be fucked’, ‘Cheryl’s finally giving it up’ and ‘Pound the bitch’ where some of the things I was able to make out as they reached me. I really hadn’t known what to expect. I knew it would be strenuous but could not have imagined what was starting to happen. Two hands grabbed my arms and stretched them wide open. Two more grabbed my legs and did the same. The lifted me off the ground and began to pass me around the room laying on their hands and shoulders. I would not fight anything they did, I needed them on my side, today was my chance to earn it. The hands began to probe my body. Fingers started to enter my pussy and ass, even in my mouth. My breasts were being squeezed and stretched like beach balls. I knew no one in the room had ever experienced a body like mine, nor would they ever again.Finally, they laid me down on the ground and the first cock began to push against the outer lips of my womanhood. It didn’t wait to warm me up, it pushed in fast and deep. I gasped out loud in a guttural scream. This brought cheers from the rest of the football team. It was the last time I would be able to talk freely for a long while. Another cock was forced into my face and then my mouth. It was sweaty and stinky and tasted like crap. But I sucked it until it spewed warm cum into my mouth and face. As soon as he wiped himself off on my hair and moved away, another dick was entering my throat. The same was happening to my pussy. Some would cum inside me, others would shoot themselves on my stomach and chest. I worked to please each of them. Arching my back, moaning when I could, licking and sucking dick like I had been doing all my life, asking for more,please don’t stop, fuck me, please, you fuck so good!’. I hadn’t stopped to think how immature the boys could be, or how they could lose self-control so easily in a moment like this. It was a feeding frenzy.Things got out of control quickly. Most of these guys were getting fucked for the first time and being high school boys, they usually came in less than 5 minutes. But that wasn’t fast enough for those who where waiting. Some would put their knees across my arms so I couldn’t move. Then their friends would masturbate over my face and see who would cum first. Soon my face was dripping with the juices of dozens of boys. I used my tongue to lick up what I could mariobet yeni giriş reach. Boys like it when you do that. They were taking turns choking me until I spit up. They began throwing garbage at me and laughing. Some used markers to write ‘slut’, ‘whore’ and ‘All-State Fucking Champion’ on my tan body. The pussy pounding never stopped. As the games continued around my face and breasts, dick after dick pleasured itself to the splendor of my well used glory hole.By now I was no longer a person to this mob. I was their fuck toy and they did not want to stop. I lost track of how many times some of them returned for another ride. And they started getting rougher. The face slapping started, but I refused to fight. I needed them tomorrow. They played rock, paper, scissors while they waited for my pussy, the winner getting to slap me next. My hair was in a constant state of being pulled, so much my forehead ached. When the cum and mascara was so thick they could hardly recognize me, someone used a jockstrap to wipe it all toward my mouth for me to devour. I always had a penis in each hand, stroking til my biceps and forearms burned. My weight training was being put to good use. If it weren’t for my size and strength I would have been broken. Even now, my body was being pushed beyond human limits.After what seemed like forever, they picked me up again and took me into the toilets. Laying my breasts inside the bowl and putting my face and head inside the uplifted seat, they used shoe strings from their uniforms to tie my hands together. Then they attached my ankles to the stall frames. Next would come the most pain I had ever experienced. An unknown dick cracked open my beautiful ass for the first time ever. My scream echoed off of the porcelain and brought more cheers and laughter from the guys. For the first time all night I begged someone to stop. But it was much too late for restraint. I cried, ‘please, no more’. Which made them laugh again. They began to chant as they took turns ass fucking me, ‘Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl’, soon turned into ‘fuck toy, fuck toy, fuck toy’. The water in the toilet began splashing from all the motion and soaked my body, running down my vagina and legs. Occasionally someone would flush the toilet with my massive breasts inside the bowl. I knew they were right. I would be forever known as the football teams fuck toy. As they continued I tried to figure how many times I had been fucked so far, but could only guess. I stopped counting somewhere in the 70s.Slowly they began to leave, until I was the only one mariobet giriş in the room. My anal cavity was so sore I would need a pillow for the next few days and cum was still dripping out of it as I tried to gather myself. Sliding to the right side of the toilet, arms still tied around the tank, I was almost unrecognizable. My hair was matted and hard from dried cum. My mascara had been smeared long ago and as it mingled with the fresh cum left there, it left a glossy sheen. My muscular tan body was reduced to soft lifeless limbs, unable to support the weight of my body. I struggled to free my hands and crawled out of the toilet stall on my hands and knees into the main locker room. My clothes were gone, souvenirs for a few lucky boys to remember the best night of their lives. I found one small used towel, wiped my face with it and wrapped it around my waist. I had nothing to cover my breasts and those nipples were still standing at full attention, my one body part that could not be sapped of strength. I gathered myself to stand. My legs quivered and I had to keep one hand on the lockers. I was glad to be finished with this and hoped it would bring the desired results. I slowly opened the inside door and there, standing over me, was Coach MacKenzie. The football coach took my small towel and gently began to wipe the wetness off of my body. He escorted me to his office and quietly whispered, ‘thank you for taking care of my boys’. I smiled at him and blinked my green eyes as if to say, ‘you’re welcome’. Then he grabbed my ankles to spread me apart and began to take his long awaited turn at me. His man sized cock was frightening. If I had not already been stretched out all night, I’m not sure I could have taken it in without bleeding. But he knew what he was doing and for the first time all evening, my moans were out of pleasure, not pain or fear. I was completely worn out, but still tried to push with my hips as hard as I could to return his wonderful favor. I had been fucked so many times I had nearly passed out, but Coach gave me my first orgasm. Then he asked me come back to his office the next day. There was a tape of the evenings activities that he wanted to share with me. I gasped in horror, but in the age of cell phone cameras, what should I have expected?I put the small towel back on. He asked me to leave. In this mostly naked condition I peaked out the door into the night sky and slowly made my way to the car. I turned on the ignition and the clock began to glow. It was 10:40, over 6 hours of being ridden and roped and enjoyed. Over 6 hours of earning it.At 3:00 the next day the intercom came on. Principal Weitrich began to announce the results. When the time came, he called my name. I had won, in the biggest landslide ever recorded at Southridge High School. I was finally Student Body President. I had earned it.

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