Educating Bryony


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


A triple taster

I first met Leona three years ago. Over that time we’ve had various adventures, using different names in our stories, and a few of those tales have already been published. This tale mixes themes of domination, experimentation and sexual fluidity.

We were still travelling in our RV through Europe. On one the rare occasions we’d headed back to the UK we found ourselves in a bar, relaxing and discussing our recent adventures. We had shared lovers in the past and also enjoyed recounting our meetings with others whilst apart. It had been a little while since we’d caught up – I had business to attend to and Leona had spent the time exploring her dominant side; a part of her that was coming more to the fore, particularly where women were concerned.

“So tell me love,” Leona murmured, “how was Emma?”

I smiled wryly, Emma was a lady I had met whilst apart from Leona. I’d told her briefly about our hook-up as we never keep secrets.

“Emma was great,” I replied. “I’ll describe her shall I? She’s about 40 years old, 5′ 4″, athletic build, short dark hair in a pageboy style, small breasts and a really hairy pussy.”

“I didn’t think you were into hairy pussies?” she retorted with a grin.

I smiled, “I don’t mind a bit of bush to navigate through occasionally.”

She continued,”so tell me the juicy bits, what did you get up to?”

“Well, you know she’s a Facebook friend of Helene – our mutual friend from Malaga. She’d messaged me saying that if I was ever in the vicinity, to give her a call. We agreed to meet up in a pub not far from her flat. The only clue to what was to unfold was that she had a proposal and thought I might be up for some fun.

So we met – I’d seen some interesting photos she’s sent to me – I’ll show you shall I?” With that I clicked a few times on my smartphone and passed it over to Leona. She smirked as she clicked through the pictures, nodding with approval.

“Hmm, I see why you agreed to meet,” she murmured, “I wouldn’t mind getting to know her a bit better.” I chuckled to myself as I knew what Leona had in mind.

I continued, “well it seems that she’s going through a self-discovery phase and I took the liberty of showing her a few pictures of you; it’s fair to say that there’s clearly a mutual attraction – perhaps you can add her to your coterie?” Leona laughed, nodding her head.

“But I digress, as I said she’s into a bit of experimentation – when we met for drinks she introduced me to her partner, Greg. Apparently they’ve been dating for a while and the subject of a threesome, with her as the centre of attention, came up. Naturally, no doubt due to Helene’s recommendation, she thought I’d be a safe and discreet partner in this.”

Leona’s eyes sparkled at the mention of this; we’d shared a few different scenarios but I’d never had an MFM encounter outside of our relationship.

So anyway, we had a couple of drinks and talked through their expectations, concerns and so on. As we know love, you have to have complete trust when introducing others into the intimacy of a relationship – we have a sexual agreement in place, but few others do. We all satisfied ourselves that we were happy to proceed – Greg looked a bit sheepish as if he was realising the importance of the step he was taking. I studied him a bit more, he was friendly enough, not too chatty. In appearance he was a little under six foot tall, I’d guess at mid forties with sandy hair, cut short in a sombre style. He had brown eyes and a pleasant face – no bad boy this one, just a regular guy indulging in something most regular guys only fantasize about.

We went back to her flat and whilst Greg went off and made us gin and tonics, Emma slipped off her dress to reveal matching lingerie and black stockings. The bra, in mocha satin and lace, hid her small breasts, but her nipples were taut against the material, showing her excitement. She nervously played with her tits, caught between a bit of prudish reluctance and sexual arousal.

As Greg brought the drinks in, I sought to reassure her.

“Remember Emma,” I intoned, “this is all about you having fun. Greg and I are here to pleasure you, you are his primary partner, as he is yours, so lets have a drink and you sit down here, relax and let us do all of the hard work!” That comment seemed to break the ice, both of them looking less nervous and seeming to relax a bit. I glanced at Greg and smiling I nodded at him.

“Why don’t you kiss her?” I muttered, and as he sat next to her, on her left, she glanced at me, fingering the outside of her panties.

They kissed, slowly at first then with more passion. I got on my knees and parted Emma’s legs, kissing her stomach, smelling her sex, tasting the light film of sweat on her belly. Greg had started massaging her right breast and eased his hand under the material to tease her nipple. She pushed the bra upwards to reveal the pert boobs with dark areolae and stiff dark chocolate coloured buds. Her nipples were rigid and long; istanbul escort what she lacked in breast measurement was more than made up for in those bullet-like projections, her pleasure senses adding extra rigidity to those dark delights.

Emma started undressing Greg, removing his shirt as he helped by removing his trousers, socks and boxers. I reached around and deftly undid her bra. We made eye contact and both glanced at Greg’s stiff member, clearly indicating any reticence on his part had abated.

“Kneel here beside me,” Emma murmured to Greg, patting the sofa next to her. He did as requested and she leant forward and grasped his cock. It seemed to fit well in her grasp, and she moved her mouth to encircle his manhood. As she did this I eased her knickers off, revealing her dark copious bush. I gently pushed her legs apart again, and kissed the top of her thighs, nibbling and licking her warm flesh. As she groaned, I buried my face in her cunt, pushing my tongue into her moist tangy clitoris. I explored every part of her sex, using all of my experience to seek out her pleasure zones.

Her moaning intensified but it was muffled by Greg’s cock, her head bobbing as she sucked passionately.

I too had dis-robed, still giving oral ministration, so by now the three of us were naked, Emma being licked out and sucking Greg’s dick. As my tongue worked away, lapping and sucking, Emma gasped and forgot momentarily about Greg as she came noisily, her cunt tasting juicier as the orgasm coursed through her, firing synaptic pleasure and erogenous explosions.

“Oh wow,” she exclaimed, “that was fantastic. I want more!”

Now getting into the swing of it, she leant forward and kissed me; I could taste Greg’s manliness on her mouth. She was flushed and started to call the shots.

“I want to be doubly fucked,” she giggled. We had discussed what was and wasn’t on the table, so to speak. She had said she likes anal sometimes – I made it clear whilst it wasn’t my thing, I’d help in her fantasy any way I could.

She bade me lie down on the sofa, and, after briefly massaging and sucking my cock, straddled me and eased her pussy over my shaft. I played with her lovely hard nipples as she looked me in the eye. I glanced over her shoulder as Greg had by now produced a condom and was easing it over his stiff penis. He then grabbed a bottle of lube and started to massage Emma’s bum, slipping a finger into her ass. She winced briefly and leant fully over to kiss me, our tongues entwining. Hardly moving I let Emma dictate the action.

By now Greg had positioned himself behind her and was easing his tool into her her well lubed sphincter. As his cock slipped passed her muscle she groaned loudly, the pain and pleasure combining to make her kissing even more passionately. As both Greg and I held our position, Emma moved her pelvis up and down, savouring the two cocks within her. Her cunt was dripping, covering my balls with love juice, her pleasure paramount. She moved quicker, finding a rhythm that gave her the most sensation, the most pleasure. Within a couple of minutes she squealed, “I’m coming, fuck yeah, this is so good. I love having my pussy fucked, my ass fucked. I’m a dirty, slutty bitch.”

Her dirty talk was having the desired effect, I was mesmerised by the transformation – gone was any hesitation or shyness, Emma was in her element. I tweaked her nipples a bit harder as she bucked and screamed, the orgasm rippling through her. She pressed forward, gripping my knob and Greg’s cock with cunt and ass. As her vocal ministrations peaked, she came in a torrent of juice, squirting over me.

Greg eased away as Emma flopped on top of me, her hair mussed, her face florid.

“Oh that was fucking amazing, why did I wait so long?” she exclaimed.

As Greg slipped off the condom, Emma knelt up on the sofa and indicated we should stand in front of her, one either side. She grasped both cocks and started licking, sucking and nibbling first one, then the other. She would risk sly glances at us, knowing she was in complete control, her enjoyment in having two men to please her. She would occasionally rub them against each other, as if testing how far she could take this.

“I have a request Marshall,” she announced, “I know we haven’t discussed it, but here goes. Greg has told me he has fantasised about another man sucking his cock, and I’m horny as hell, so how about it?”

I didn’t say anything – I’d never had any attraction towards another man, but the idea of oral with another fellah has intrigued me. I care little for sexual labels – if you enjoy it and it does no harm, then why not?

“OK Emma, just for you,” I answered, and with that she sat down. I sat next to her and a clearly flushed Greg approached. I grasped his penis and leant forward, taking his cock into my mouth. It was slightly salty and I proceeded, based only on imagining what I’d like, to administer his first (and mine!) blow job from a guy.

Emma was staring wide eyed, her fingers teasing and flicking her cunt. She was getting off on this in a big way. She glanced şirinevler escort at Greg who seemed more than happy with this scenario, so I continued. The sensation was a bit odd, but not unpleasant. I masturbated him, sucking and focusing on giving pleasure. By now Emma had grasped my penis and was wanking me in time to my ministrations. Greg was moaning now, his breath short and fast. He muttered, “I’m coming,” and with that he shot his load. At the same time I came, giving me the most unusual orgasm for a long while. I swallowed his spunk, the taste strange but not as bad as some guys would think.

Emma pulled my face to hers and proceeded to share the taste with me. Not quite satiated, she licked the residue from Greg’s now flaccid knob, bringing herself to another orgasm as her fingers rubbed eagerly over her engorged clitoris.

“So you are a dirty little boy,” Leona interjected, “sounds like we could have a foursome in the near future. Hmm, cocksucker and pussylicker – I knew my lifestyle would rub off on you!”

I smiled, enjoying the storytelling as much as the story itself.

“So much for me,” I decried, “what are we doing later and more importantly, what have you been up to, Leona the huntress?”

Leona goes on the prowl

“Well,” she began, “before I give too much away, just make sure you phone is on – expect a message sometime this evening.”

I’d gotten used to Leona’s games, so I knew not to delve too deeply. I nodded assent and with a gesture of my hand encouraged her to continue. She did.

“You know I’ve been doing a bit of freelance photography? I had a message from a lady looking for someone to take photos for a dating site. She’d heard that you get a better chance of meeting the right person if the pictures are good quality. We’ve all seen some dodgy pics haven’t we?”

I laughed at this as we’d actual met via a dating site and had discussed the quality, or lack of, of pictures with some of the dubious descriptions that accompanied them.

“What’s her name?” I enquired.

“Caitlin,” Leona replied, “I went to her place recently – it’s not far from here. We got chatting about what she wanted from her profile. I told her I didn’t think she’d have much trouble finding someone as she was clearly attractive. She’s got green eyes, dark short hair, a full mouth and a lovely smile. Very kissable lips!

She’s about fifty, average build but carries it with a self-assurance so she looks good. Her response was that the profile she had wasn’t attracting the right sort of response. Too many ‘dick pics’ it would seem.”

This brought a shake of the head and raised eyebrows from me. For the life of me I never understood why guys think that’s a cool thing to do. Acknowledging my response, she continued.

“So I laughed and then shot a retort,” Leona intoned, “I wasn’t sure of you were looking for a guy or a girl Caitlin, perhaps you swimming in the wrong pool!”

Caitlin’s cheeks reddened. “Can I tell you something Leona?”

“Of course you can – we’re both grown up mature ladies, what is it?”

Caitlin continued, “To tell you the truth I’m not sure if I’m looking for a man or not. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy their company and still want sex, but more and more I’m finding myself attracted to other women. Part of this whole dating profile thing is I was thinking of dating women – you know, just to satisfy my curiosity. I hope I haven’t embarrassed you Leona.”

Leona quickly responded, “Of course not. If you must know I’m bisexual. I love to explore my sexuality and you should too. Is there anyone in particular you fancy?”

Caitlin’s looked a bit sheepish, as if she was about to reveal something she’d be judged on. Leona, aware of the moment, took her hand and looked her in the eye.

“You can tell me, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Well,” Caitlin replied, looking relieved to share this burden, “I remarried a few years ago. It didn’t work out but I still keep in contact with my step-daughter Bryony. She’s starting college soon and has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. I found myself fantasising about her more and more recently.”

Leona gripped her hand tighter, “does it make you wet thinking about her? Describe her.”

A look of almost shame crossed Caitlin’s face, but somehow the proximity and tenderness of Leona was giving her licence to share her burden.

“Yes it makes me wet,” Caitlin said in relief, “I lie in bed sometimes and play with myself just imagining kissing her. She is slender with a gamine figure. Small boobs. A pretty face with long blond hair. I’m old enough to be her mum. I am her mum – or was for a while. She still calls me mum. Oh I should be ashamed.”

Leona reached over and hugged her, breathing in the scent of perfume and light perspiration. She whispered, “you’ve nothing to be ashamed of. We can’t control who we’re attracted to. I find you attractive.” With that Leona kissed Catlin’s neck. Caitlin moved her head to let Leona explore her further. More kisses extended to Caitlin’s ear, along her taksim escort cheek until, inevitably, their lips met.

They kissed tenderly, sharing the sweetness of such intimacy. This went on for a while until Caitlin gently pulled away.

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting that. I don’t know what came over me. I just feel I can relate to you Leona. I’m just not sure now. What do I do?”

All of Caitlin’s confusion and confession was laid bare for Leona to see. She responded firmly.

“I’m going to take charge for now.” With that she stood up and took Caitlin’s hand. “Take me to the bedroom, I’m going to teach you and you’re going to be my willing pupil. If you accept me as your mistress I’ll take you to places you’ll only dreamed of. You will come to me willingly, but you’ll learn to relish my command.”

Now fully accepting her role, Caitlin obeyed and led her new mistress to her boudoir.

“Now Caitlin,” Leona continued, “strip for me. Seduce me as you’d seduce Bryony.”

Catlin started to take off her cream blouse, fumbling with the buttons. As she undid the last one she revealed her bra, all lacy and holding firm ample breasts. As her mistress nodded in approval she undid her skirt, pulling the zip down at the side. She was wearing stockings and suspenders which brought a wicked grin for Leona.

“Leave the stockings on, but take off the bra & knickers.”

Dutifully Caitlin complied, looking for further guidance once this was completed. As she stood there, Leona studied her like a prize filly, walking around her supplicant, appraising her body. Leona stood behind Caitlin and adjusted her stance so that Caitlin was facing a full length wardrobe mirror. As Leona slid her hands around to encapsulate those full breasts, she whispered “now imagine I’m Bryony, touch yourself and think of the things you and Bryony will do to each other.”

Needing no further encouragement, Caitlin’s right hand slid to her pussy, easing her lips apart. As Leona fondled and kissed her slave, the sensations of the here and know, coupled with the thoughts of Bryony were having a profound affect on Caitlin. She moaned as the combination of the physical feelings and the her imagination ran riot. Within moments she was gasping, her fingers a blur over her cunt, her nipples engorged through the skilled ministrations of her new lover.

“I’m coming, oh I’m coming Bryony,” blurted Caitlin, her words betraying her wishes.

As she came, she glanced into the mirror, seeing right into Leona’s eyes. Those eyes that commanded attention, yet were filled with love and compassion. The realisation of what had taken place should have been a shock to her, but somehow this felt right. She took comfort in the thought that this woman, her first lesbian lover, could so easily control her and guide her.

Leona grasped her shoulders and turned Caitlin to face her.

“One day you’ll thank me for this, releasing your inner polyamorous self. One day you’ll thank me for persuading you that Bryony’s pussy will be yours to savour and enjoy. One day, you’ll beg me to eat my pussy. So as a reward, you will now undress me and please me.”

The directness and certainty of Leona’s statements were spellbinding to Caitlin. As if it were the most natural thing in the world she started to do as she was told. As she slipped Leona’s top off, she kissed her flesh, tasting the unique flavour and scent of this beguiling woman. The clothes were removed slowly and with purpose. As the last item was discarded, Leona lay upon the bed.

“When you address me from now on, you’ll call me mistress. I shall call you slave, or if it pleases me, other names to confirm that you are my slut to do with as I please. Understand!”

Now totally entranced, Caitlin nodded, her capitulation complete and unabashed. Leona knew, from her experiences that this submission wasn’t detrimental to her new charge. There was a bond here, forged through lust, but one that would brook no harm. Now the roles were set, the passion, the love, the energy could be focused so that both parties garnered the maximum pleasure from their encounters.

As she lay down, Leona smiled and Caitlin grew into her role of submissive. “Tell me Mistress, what shall I do?”

“As this is your first experience, I’ll allow you to experiment – if I’m enjoying it I shall allow you to continue. If you make me cum I shall reward you.”

Caitlin started with what she could relate to. She was desperate to kiss those lips again, so she straddled her mistress and leant in and kissed with a passion she couldn’t have imagined a short while ago. Was it so recent that she shed so many pretences to now be kissing this goddess? This angel who’d allowed her to, aided her, to cum so explosively whilst thinking of her step-daughter.

The kisses continued for an age, then slowly Caitlin slid down the bed so she could bury her face in Leona’s breasts. The smell was intoxicating, the taste was warm, tangy and so pleasurable; like indulging in a luxurious cocktail. The slave now kissed and sucked eagerly on her mistresses nipples, engorging them and teasing. Although Caitlin was new to this, she instinctively knew what to do – she too had enjoyed the attention of another mouth on her tits. A moan of pure pleasure came from Leona which gave Caitlin a frisson of excitement to know she was pleasing this seducer.

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