Educating Caesar Ch. 06


“Good evening, Senator,” Felicity greeted him in the rear yard.

Caesar bathed the lovely young slave with his most charming smile. “Bedchamber?”

Felicity raised her eyes to his face only long enough to be captivated by his good looks and friendly face. “Yes, Senator.”

He dashed around her and disappeared through the rear door almost before Felicity realized he had moved at all. She suppressed a giggle and followed him for form’s sake. She reached her mistress’ bedchamber just in time to hear the heavy door bolt slide into place. She listened at the door until she heard a delighted squeal from her mistress and then returned to her duties, smiling.

Roxanna lay on her side in bed, facing the door as she waited for him. A soft, lightweight sheet covered her from ankles to neck. She was taken aback when he rushed into the room and bolted the door. “What’s happened,” she asked, alarmed.

“Your girl has a graceful, dignified and quite slow walk- one that I lack the patience for this evening. Don’t be angry with her, it was my doing entirely.” He stood on one foot, leaning against the wall as he unfastened and removed his shoes. His belt joined them on the floor and he approached the bed clad only in his tunic. Roxanna admired his broad shoulders, muscular legs and graceful movements.

“Impatient? Whatever for?” Her tone was tantalizingly innocent, but her eyes were wickedly playful.

Caesar grabbed an edge of the sheet and quickly pulled it away. Roxanna was deliciously naked and perfectly posed. “It struck me this afternoon that I have no idea if you are ticklish,” he said as he sat beside her.

“Don’t be wicked,” she warned, her muscles tensing. She squealed as he tickled her mercilessly.

By the time Caesar relented, he was laying beside her. He fluffed a pillow and propped his head on it, his right arm bent between them. He wound a lock of her hair around one finger. He placed his left hand on her waist and she tensed, fearing more tickling. His playful smile changed by an almost imperceptible degree as his eyes met hers. “I hope your memories of me have been a great condolence.”

Roxanna was pleased that he remembered her teasing farewell. She plucked at a loose thread in his tunic and laughed. “My memories of you do more to TORMENT me, but, when the torment becomes unbearable, they do bring me solace.” She looked up at him through her lashes.

He spread his palm against her waist, stroking her stomach with his thumb. “How can such pleasant memories cause you torment?” He was teasing, but Roxanna played along.

“They chase me and the only way I can outrun them is by keeping my mind well occupied. They are always lurking, searching for any opportunity to lunge at me. I cannot rest for a moment without them invading my thoughts.”

Caesar knew Roxanna spoke the truth; there was no other explanation for her ability to perfectly express his own experience. He was hungry to hear more. “Why do you fight them? Do you not enjoy our time together?”

She raised one brow, “You know I enjoy our time together. Remembering it is not the same as experiencing it. It is like walking through the kitchen when my favorite food is being cooked; the delicious scent makes my mouth water and I am suddenly hungry, but the meal will not be ready for many hours.” Roxanna shook her head slightly and smiled, her eyes returning to the loose thread on his tunic, with which she fiddled again. “My belly cannot differentiate the smell of the food cooking from the smell of the completed dish. It knows only that it is hungry.”

“Thinking of me makes you hungry?” Caesar tried his best to look and sound confused. He wanted her to continue.

“Thinking of you makes me hungry for YOU. My belly is not the only part of me that is easily confused,” Roxanna laughed. “When I open myself up to those memories, my body… responds- and I want you, but you’re not here. It is frustrating when my desire is kindled but there is no one to feed the flame.”

“So that is when you think of other things?”

“No, that is what happens when I do NOT think of other things. It is almost impossible to set my mind on anything else once I’ve allowed my body to drift so deeply into such a memory,” Roxanna explained as she took stock of Caesar. The changes in him were so subtle; she doubted anyone else would have noticed them at all. His gaze now danced between her eyes and her lips. He had let go of her hair and was barely touching her with his fingertips, slowly feathering them up and down her neck. His other hand had fallen slightly toward the bed and his thumb was now grazing her navel. She moistened her lips with her tongue.

“How can a memory envelope one’s body,” he asked, willing her to give voice to what he most wanted to hear her say.

“It is surprisingly easy, when the memory is of a touch or of a kiss, or a…” Roxanna closed her eyes and sighed, “a look.” She smiled, her eyes still closed. “Those memories wrap around my body like a blanket, but they only snowpiercer izle give the promise of warmth, not the warmth itself. They make me dizzy when I let them. And they make me…” she sighed again, “Oh, they make me want you. I can almost feel your touch, taste your skin.”

Caesar wondered what memory was playing in her mind at that moment as he watched its effect upon her. Her lips appeared fuller, her nipples were swollen, her breathing shallow. She shifted her thighs and he felt her belly quiver beneath his thumb.

“The desire becomes unbearable sometimes,” she continued. “I whisper your name over and over,” her lips formed a perfect pout before she breathed, “but you are not here…”

“I am here now, Roxanna,” he whispered.

She opened her eyes and reached out, running her hand over the smooth skin of his face. Her smile was gentle as she looked at him. “Are you?”

Caesar raised his hand from her belly to the back of her neck and drew her head to his. The first kiss was gentle, tentative. Roxanna’s eyes were opened to be certain he truly was with her and Caesar’s eyes were opened to watch her reaction to that reality.

The touch and taste of his lips suddenly made him real and Roxanna’s body rejoiced. She explored his face with her fingers as he deepened the kiss, his tongue searching for and finding hers.

Caesar wanted nothing more than to submit to her every whim, for her to orchestrate his every move. “I am here and I am at your command,” he whispered against her ear.

“Ohhh, Caesar. Touch me, please. Run your hands all over me.” She pulled her head away and looked at him. When he ran his free hand down her arm, she watched his hand. He shifted his weight, freeing his right arm to touch her breast. She watched as his knuckles brushed her nipples. Now his left hand was on her other breast, holding it as she watched. She moaned.

He ran his hand down her side to the swell of her hip and she followed it with her eyes, her lips parted. He reached behind her and stroked the curve of one firm cheek and she turned her head to keep his hand in sight. Her breathing was heavy. He brought his hand back before her and placed it on her knee. Roxanna’s eyes fluttered closed for a moment as he worked his way up her thigh, but she refocused and watched it slide higher and higher. He stopped just short of the prize and she looked into his eyes.

“Please, touch me,” she whispered.

He lifted his hand and placed it low on her belly, running his fingers over the narrow strip of her pubic hair as he made his way down. He spread his fingers, not wishing to overexcite her with direct contact to that most sensitive of spots. He eased his fingers into the hollow at the top of her thighs, gently stroking her lips. His breath caught. He looked at her face and she lifted her eyes from his hand to his eyes.

“I, too, am haunted by your memory, Roxanna, and this evidence of your desire for me tortures me most of all.”

She smiled. “Then I shall tell you a secret,” she said and leaned forward to whisper directly into his ear. “Just thinking of you does that to me… and I think of you often.” When she pulled her head back, his eyes were closed.

Caesar smiled, shook his head, and finally managed to force his eyes open. “How sweet those words sound now, even though I know they will be the cause of many sleepless nights.” He flicked his middle finger upward and stroked her lightly between her swollen lips, groaning.

Roxanna gasped and grabbed his wrist, “Careful,” she whispered. “You have me too close already.”

He brought his hand back up to her waist. “How can that be? I barely touched you.”

She studied his face carefully for a while, her expression slightly troubled.

“Is something wrong, Roxanna?” Genuine concern resonated in his voice.

Roxanna reached for his right hand and held it in her own. “I fear the consequences of showing you how much power you have over me.”

“I do not understand. Surely, you have nothing to fear from me.” He stroked her face with his left hand.

She was satisfied by his response and pulled a pillow into place, touching the one cradling his head, and rested her cheek against it. They now faced each other on the same level with three or four inches separating their bodies. She laid the palms of her hands against his chest and looked into his eyes. “Would you like to know exactly how much I desire you, Caesar?”

He swallowed before whispering, “Yes.”

“Wrap your hands around my wrists,” she instructed. When he had complied, she continued. “You must hold my hands in this position, and your hands must remain exactly where they are.” She moved her head nearer to his, their foreheads barely touching. “This can be the ONLY contact between us. Do you understand?” He nodded and she graced him with her wicked smile. “Now, tell me all about these thoughts that torture you.”

Caesar was reticent, a mark of his nobility. The sexual act was so help me todd izle one thing, but admitting to one’s secret lusts was un-Roman. The legal advocate in him pled the case in his head. The point of this exercise was to prove the extent of his control over her; his small sacrifice would result in increased power. He smiled to himself and relaxed.

“All thoughts of you torture me, but none so completely as those of your desire for me.”

Roxanna knew this did not come naturally for him, so she led him. “How does my desire for you manifest? Is it always the same?”

Caesar considered these questions for a moment. “No,” he said. “It is never exactly the same, though it usually begins in your face. You look at me differently; your expression changes. You lower your head slightly, as if you are submitting yourself to me.”

“I did not realize that,” she said softly. “It makes perfect sense, though, for that is exactly what I am doing.”

He watched her lips as she spoke and then he continued his revelation. “Your eyes… ahhhh, your eyes- they beg me. Your lips tell me when you wish to be kissed; they ripen like fruit and part, ready for me to plunder them with my mouth. Your voice becomes husky and eventually falls to a whisper. You tell me what you like, even when you do not speak. You drive me mad with the little sounds you make as your arousal grows.

“Sometimes, when you particularly like the way I touch you, you press your palms against the backs of my hands, stroking me as I stroke you. And your kisses- it is not enough to experience them with my mouth alone; I love to watch you as I am kissing you. Your lips swell beneath mine and you open yourself to me completely. Sometimes I pull back just to catch a glimpse of your tongue.”

Caesar had unconsciously tipped his chin toward hers as he spoke of kissing, and his lips were dangerously close to hers. His eyes were locked on her mouth, which was, indeed, ripe for his mouth.

“Go on,” she whispered, pressing her hands more firmly against his chest.

“Your breathing becomes shallow and rapid,” he whispered, pausing when he realized her breath was shallow and rapid even as he spoke. He could feel it against his lips. “Your sweet little rosebud nipples harden. Even yesterday, when you were fully clothed, I could see how hard your nipples were.” He closed his eyes; “I love to rub the palms of my hands over them, to feel their hardness scratching against me.”

“Oh, yes,” she breathed, “I love it when you do that.”

Caesar opened his eyes as she spoke. He could not resist looking down at her breasts. Her nipples stood erect and he struggled to keep his hands on her wrists. Another memory of her breasts assaulted his mind. “Do you love my mouth on them?”

Roxanna whimpered and struggled to free her right hand. Caesar held it tightly in place, surprised at the surge of pleasure he received by doing so. It inspired him to ask again, his voice louder and more forceful, “Do you like it when I lick and suck your nipples, Roxanna?”

“Yesss,” she drew the word out into a long hiss. Her eyes were on his mouth, begging.

The memory slammed back into him and his next question was asked through barred teeth. “Did you like having my cock between them?”

Roxanna’s eyes were on his. She nodded before she managed to find her voice, “Oh, yes.”

Caesar gave her a savage smile. “Do you like touching my cock?”

“Ohhh…please,” she begged, tugging hard to pull free from his grasp. He held her easily.

“Do you like sucking it?”

She whimpered again and licked her lips. “I love sucking your cock,” she moaned.

“Do you like having it inside you?”

“Gods, gods, gods…” she whispered, her eyes closing.

“Answer me, Roxanna,” Caesar insisted. “Do you like it when I spread your legs and rub the head of my cock up and down your slit before I push it inside and fuck you?”

She shivered and her eyes widened. She clutched his tunic, bunching it between her fingers. “Caesar,” she said, her voice rising on the last syllable.

“Do you like it when I fuck you, Roxanna?”

“Caesar!” Her voice was louder and more insistent. Her face was flushed. Her eyes were locked on his.

She sounded as if she was in pain, he realized. He suddenly feared he had been too zealous in resisting her struggles, that he had inadvertently injured her.


“Yes… yes… I want you to… to…. see… what… you DO to me…” she managed. “Ask me again!”

Realization dawned on him and he tightened his grip on her wrists and looked directly into her eyes. “Do you like it when I slam my cock inside you and fuck you hard?”

“Ohhhhh… yes… yes… aahhh…” She arched her back and he pushed her wrists to prevent her rubbing against him. Her entire body shuddered violently. Her hands opened and closed. Her toes were pointed and her head thrown back. Her flat stomach rippled with the strength of the contractions sokağın çocukları izle deep inside her. She whispered his name over and over, making one long word of it, “CaesarCaesarCaesar…”

Roxanna slowly relaxed and the corners of her lips turned up in contentment. She opened her eyes and fixed them on his. “That is what your VOICE does to me,” she purred.

He was perfectly still, his hands closed around her wrists, his eyes never wavering from hers.

Still panting, Roxanna raised one perfectly arched brow at him.

Caesar released her wrists to cradle her face in his hands. His eyes were lit with wonder. “Roxanna,” he whispered. “My beautiful Roxanna.” His eyes searched her face. “Sweet, wondrous Roxanna.” He slid his body against hers and she welcomed him with her arms and legs. “I want you, Roxanna. Gods, how I want you!”

She whispered, “You already have me, Caesar. I am yours.”

He closed his eyes for a moment, the warmth of her body obliterating all else, and then he looked into her eyes. “Tell me what to do, Roxanna.”

She shook her head, “No; nothing will please me more than submitting to YOUR desires. Do with me as you will, my love.”

Caesar ran his left hand down her body and between them, between her legs. “Oh, Roxanna,” he groaned as he ran the tips of his fingers against her. “I must see you,” he managed in a gruff voice.

His movement was too quick for her thickened senses to follow. She simply found herself on her back. Caesar was on his knees between her legs. His hands rested on either side of her womanhood, holding her thighs wide as he looked at looked at that part of her as if he had never before seen it.

“You are closed, but so swollen and,” he swallowed, “ahhhh, so wet.” He did not move for a long time. “Hold your thighs like this.”

Roxanna supported her thighs with her hands beneath her knees. She closed her eyes when she felt his fingers parting her outer lips.

Caesar returned his hands to where they had rested before. “Like a flower,” he whispered, “opening for the sun.” He paused again before he spread her inner lips with two fingers of his right hand. “Ohhh, Roxanna. Nectar flows from your beautiful flower… coating the soft petals, now in full bloom.”

His hands left her and he knelt closer, his face inches above her flower. He inhaled deeply. “The bouquet of your desire makes roses weep with jealousy.”

Caesar moved again and, again, Roxanna found herself moved as well. He had pulled her to the edge of the bed; her feet would be on the floor if she had not been holding her thighs up and open for him. Caesar was on his knees on the floor. He looked into her eyes as he lowered his face between her legs. Roxanna heard some foreign sound rising from her vocal chords, but paid no attention to it.

“The pearl of your pleasure has emerged from her hiding place among the petals.” He flicked the tip of his tongue against it.

Roxanna moaned.

Caesar licked her pussy, sucked her lips into his mouth, teased her opening with his tongue and lapped up her juices before returning to her engorged clitoris, planting the lightest of kisses upon it. He flicked the tip of his tongue against it again and again and then pulled it into his mouth, sucking it ever so gently as Roxanna moved against him. Her little sounds became louder and her movements became more forceful. He looked up into her face and found her watching him. He found it unspeakably erotic, that she was watching him pleasure her with his mouth.

“Caesar,” she whispered, her head already beginning to move back and forth, as she struggled to keep her eyes on his eyes, his lips, his tongue.

“I know what you are going to say,” he growled, his lips moving against her as he spoke, “and I want it.” His tongue flicked quickly over her pearl. It fled away from him, retreating beneath its hood. He closed his lips on that flesh and sucked greedily. Roxanna dropped her thighs, her pointed toes supporting her legs, which were still spread wide for him. Her hands flew to the back of his head, as if she feared he would stop at this crucial moment. She cried out as her body shook. Caesar replaced his lips with his thumb and lowered his mouth to push his tongue inside her.

Roxanna’s thighs closed around his head. He rubbed his thumb back and forth against her clit and worked his tongue inside her, bringing her off two more times. He opened his mouth to receive her blessing and swallowed the flow of her pleasure. His cock throbbed, but he refused to touch it; no, his seed would not be spent inside his tunic or on the mosaic floor. Roxanna would have it as she desired and, even after three climaxes, she was far from satisfied. Even now, she cried out her need for him.

“Inside me, inside me, inside me… Oh, Caesar… I must have you now… please…” Her whispered pleading was almost incoherent. Her arms were flung straight back, behind her head. Her feet, still on the floor, were spread wide and she thrust her pelvis into the air.

Caesar stripped off his tunic. He stood between her legs and looked down just in time to see her pussy pulse in need, a drop of her delicious wetness running down to the coverlet. Lifting her thighs, he pushed her back onto the bed as he followed on his knees. He sat on his heels.

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