Educating Kyra Ch. 03


“Mmmmm… Oh, yeah…” Kyra moaned as her uncle Jon entered in her warm, wet pussy. Gripping the iron headboard of her big bed, she arched her back and spread her legs wider, doing everything she could to help her uncle to fuck her doggy style.

“You’re so wet, baby!” Jon grunted in her ear, lowering his head so his mouth could be at ear level with her. Grabbing a hold of her tits, he began to knead them, pinching and tugging at her red, hard nipples.

Kyra felt Jon’s ragged breath brushing her ear and that made her even more excited. She loved being fucked from behind, and she especially loved this position, in which her uncle –or her dad, she thought with a faint smile- could bury their cocks into her to the hilt.

“Mmmmm yes, uncle Jon…. Give it to me!” Kyra exclaimed and Jon thrust hard, his balls slapping against her clit making her niece squeal in pleasure. “YES!!!”

“My little slut…” Jon murmured in her ear, his cock sliding in and out of her dripping cunt. “You so love to be fucked, don’t you? You crave for a big cock buried in this soft, tight pussy of yours all the time, right? I’m gonna fuck you hard and fast, Kyra… So hard and so fast you won’t be able to sit for a whole day!”

Kyra groaned in ecstasy at his words, instinctively pushing her hips back to him to welcome his rough thrusts.

“I love a big cock, uncle Jon…” Kyra panted. “It makes me so hot to think of you and my daddy fucking me at the same time!”

Jon grunted and one of his hands left her breasts to move down her body, following the trail of her flat tummy toward the dark brown curls of her pussy. Gently, he spread her lips wide open and his fingers easily found her erect clit, teasing it merciless.

“Oh yes!” Kyra exclaimed, not caring who might hear her. “Fuck me, uncle Jon! Fuck me hard! Play with my clit…. My pussy needs you so much!”

Jon felt his balls tightening at her words. Stroking her love bud quickly and fucking her like a mad man, he made her come, her cunt squeezing him tight and his own cum spurting deep into her.

Both collapsed on the bed, Jon spooning Kyra from behind, his cock still inside of her.

“Good morning, sweetie.” He mumbled in her ear as he nuzzled her neck. Giving his cock one last squeeze with her vaginal muscles, Kyra answered with a smile.

“Morning to you too, uncle Jon.”

Surprising him, Kyra sat up on the bed and then placed herself on him, straddling his hips. Jon stared at her with an amazed look and he felt his groin starting to stir once again. She was one hell of a sight; her supple breasts jiggling with her movements, her knees on the thick mattress and her thighs spread wide above him, her pussy dripping her juices and some of his own semen onto his lower tummy.

“Did I tell you how much I love being at daddy’s house, uncle Jon?” Kyra asked mischievously and Jon pinched one her of her red nipples. Kyra giggled and that made her breasts bounce again; the sight watering Jon’s mouth at once. “I love being fucked every day… In every room.” She explained and Jon grinned. With a cute smile, Kyra leant forward until her face was right above Jon’s and murmured. “But above all, I love having two big, gorgeous dicks at my disposal all the time!”

Gripping her hips, Jon pushed her core tight against his body.

“And there’s nothing that I like the most than watching you while your daddy fucks you, Kyra” Jon grunted as her niece began to rock her hips back and forth, gently brushing her clit against his skin.

“Yes, uncle Jon… Tell me how you like it…” Kyra mumbled, her pace a bit faster now.

“The look in your face every time you have a cock inside that tight pussy of yours is amazing, Kyra” Jon said. “You’re such a slut, baby girl… You love being fucked hard and often… I wonder how I’d cope when we go back to school and you only have me to please you…”

Kyra moaned, her pussy dripping juices on his skin. She was so horny… Kyra always woke up feeling aroused and that was a huge problem when she was at school, but not here; here she had two men eager to fuck her senseless at any hour, in any place.

Feeling her uncle playing with her hard nipples, Kyra groaned as her hips bucked faster. She had arrived barely four days ago, but she had already been fucked in every single room of the house. Jon had forbid the mansion’s employees to enter in a room whenever he, his brother and his daughter were together… Not that they cared about someone seeing them… Once they got down to the business, anyone could come in and they would never noticed it!

Two days ago, her daddy had made a quick trip to the nearest city and had come back with dozens of bags, all filled with clothes for Kyra. A faint smile appeared in her lips as she carried on relieving herself against her uncle’s tummy. Every single outfit was made to tease; very short skirts, tiny tops and shorts, deep necklines, the most of them combined in just one outfit. Neither Andrew kartal escort or Jon liked her to wear panties, but her father couldn’t resist the urge of buying her a single, skimpy piece of underwear: a pair of little black panties with a tiny piece of black satin in the crotch and a g-string in the back. Once on her the satin barely covered her brown curls, the fabric swiftly sliding between her pussy lips and her pert ass cheeks. The first night she wad worn it, it had lead them to a glorious threesome in Kyra’s room.

Suddenly, Kyra snapped back to reality when Jon slipped two fingers into her wet cunt.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhh Yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!” She hissed in ecstasy, humping faster.

“Cum on me, you slut!” Jon ordered as his fingers dived hardly in and out of her. “I wanna feel your juices on me!”

Kyra moaned loudly and then an orgasm took over her body, making her quiver from head to toes.

“That’s it, Kyra… You’re a good slut!” Jon exclaimed and Kyra smiled as she softly rubbed her dripping cunt against his skin. Pulling her down to him, Jon gave her one last, long kiss and then got up, leaving Kyra alone. She just played lazy for a few seconds and the got up, ready to take a shower.


It was early in the afternoon when Kyra heard a knock at her room’s door. With a curious look in her eyes, she stood up from her bed and walked to the door, letting out a big smile when she saw Andrew standing there.

“Hi, daddy!” Kyra exclaimed throwing herself in his arms. “I thought you’d be away today?” She said questioningly and her father smiled as he slid his hands under her tiny white top to play with her nipples.

“I was supposed to, but I decided to ask that O’Reilly guy to come here instead. It’ll make negotiations less stressful.” He explained as his fingers tugged at her nipples, making her wriggle against him. With a sly grin, Andrew added. “Besides, I couldn’t stay away from my baby girl for too long.”

Kyra smiled lustfully at him and Andrew pulled her close for a deep, passionate kiss. After a while he pulled back, leaving Kyra grunting in disappointment.

“Easy, slut.” Andrew commanded and Kyra pouted at him, her eyes moody. “I promise to give you a good fuck tonight. Perhaps we can ask your uncle to join us… If you didn’t wear him out this morning, that’s it!” Andrew said and Kyra gasped.

“Did you hear us?” Kyra asked shyly and Andrew laughed. She was worried about him hearing them fuck when he had already seen them in action right before his eyes? He had to smile. Kyra might be the ideal fuck partner, but she was still innocent at heart!

“Everyone heard you begging Jon to fuck you harder, baby girl… You shouldn’t be that loud.” Andrew smiled and his fingers gave her nipples one swift pinch that made her moan. Then, as quickly as they had come, his hands left her breasts and he stepped backwards. “Now get ready. O’Reilly should be here by dinner time and I want you to be there with us.” Andrew stared at his daughter with a critical look and then added. “Why don’t you wear one of those dresses I brought you from the town? I would love to see you looking all sexy for this guy!”

“Daddy!” Kyra exclaimed with a giggle. She then moved closer to Andrew and asked in a low, sultry voice. “Should I wear panties?”

Andrew smiled at her behavior and after meditating his answer for a while, he muttered.

“I want you to wear your black g-string.”

With that, Andrew left Kyra’s room, leaving his daughter wondering what her father had in mind.


Tom O’Reilly entered in the Matheson mansion and followed James, the butler, down the corridor toward the dining room where Andrew Matheson and Jon Markman waited for him. Once there, both men greeted him warmly and offered him to have a drink until dinner was ready. The three men had a nice chat –avoiding everything related to business- until Andrew exclaimed.

“Here you are!”

Tom looked around the room and finally his dark brown eyes settled on a beautiful young woman walking slowly, but sensually, toward them. She stared at him with a smile before turning to Andrew and posing a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Hi, daddy!”

Andrew slid an arm around her waist and pulled her closer… as close as you’d do with a lover, Tom thought. Easing that thought off of his mind, he turned to Andrew as he made the introductions.

“Tom, this is my daughter Kyra. Kyra, this is Tom O’Reilly.” Andrew said and Kyra shook his hand politely as his eyes devoured her not too subtly.

Since when Andrew Matheson had a daughter? Tom had heard someone talking about a shy, silent girl sometime ago, but this… This was quite different! Kyra was a beautiful girl with long brown hair and round hazel eyes that gave her an innocent look, but that also held a spark of something that made his groin stir.

But what really made him kaynarca escort hard was the ripe beauty of her body, barely covered by a short black dress that hit her way above her mid thigh and that showed a generous portion of her cleavage at the top. Kyra had long, sexy legs and Tom found himself wishing to feel them on a tight grip around his waist. Her breasts were round and firm, and as far as he could see, she was wearing no bra, because her nipples poked at her dress and they jiggled in an unmistakable way.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. O’Reilly.” Kyra said lowly as she shook his hand, extremely conscious of his dark eyes fixed on her tits. Smiling, he gave the handsome man in front of her a good look. His tall, strong body seemed to fill the room and his dark hair and eyes, as well as his dark café-au-lait -like skin gave him an exotic look. As she studied him, Kyra felt a soft tingle between her legs. She had heard a story of a school friend once who had been fucked by a black man, how she had praised his enormous dick, rambling non-stop about how he had made her come several times in just one night. Now, as she studied his well-sized bulge between lowered eyelashes, Kyra felt the urge of experiencing that herself. If he was that big while calmed… How big could he be with a raging hard on?

Noticing the exchange of looks between Kyra and Tom, Andrew suggested to sit down; dinner was finally ready. Staring at his brother, Andrew and Jon shared a conspiring look as they saw Kyra leading Tom to the seat right beside hers.

“What do you think?” Andrew asked lowly and Jon smirked.

“I think she’s curious.” Jon answered. “What do you reckon we should do?”

Andrew rubbed his chin thoughtfully and then a sly smile played in his lips.

“I say we let her have some fun. Who knows… Maybe they’ll let us join later!” He murmured and both men smiled as they walked toward the table.


Andrew observed his daughter during the whole dinner, watching her putting her antics in practice. She would lean close to Tom to speak to him or to hear whatever he had to say to her and she had managed to let him feel her body as much as she could, gently brushing her breasts against his arm, or pressing her thigh against his. She kept staring at him with an intense look and every time he lay his eyes on her, she would either softly lick her lips or lean forward to show off a generous bit of her breasts.

Kyra was delighted with the way the night had developed. Tom only had eyes for her, she could see that whenever her dad spoke to him; Tom would do everything he could to ignore her for a few seconds, but his dark brown eyes would fly back to her anyway. His stare seemed to burn on her, sliding over her partially hidden body as if he could see through the fabric of her little dress and Kyra’s nipples were in a constant state of arousal, poking against the dress and causing him to lick his full lips. As for her pussy, her skimpy panties were soaking wet and the pressure the satin made against her clit was driving her insane. She knew she needed a cock soon or she’d go hysteric, but she was determined to have this man in her bed, no matter what she had to do!

A few minutes later, they all moved into Andrew’s study for a late drink before going to bed. Kyra smiled broadly when her father asked Tom to sit down in the armchair right in front of her; that way, Kyra knew Andrew was aware of what she was doing and that he also approved it. Grinning, Kyra took a seat on the chair her uncle Jon had used their arrival day and gave Tom an innocent smile.

A minute later, Kyra began with her teasing, knowing very well that Tom only had eyes for her, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. Sitting beside her daddy, Kyra spread her legs just an inch, lifting her short skirt up her thighs before parting her legs even more, giving Tom a full, unspoiled view of her back satin clad pussy.

Tom swallowed hard as he felt his cock painfully pushing against his slacks as her womanhood came into view. He had found Kyra really attractive back in the hall, but once she began to provoke him, pressing her ripe, firm breasts against him he had had to fight all his urges back. He really wanted to flip her little skirt over her hips and fuck her senseless, but what could he do with Andrew and Jon around? His cock ached with the need of burying itself in that pink pussy Kyra was so blatantly showing off and spurt his semen in her.

Tom had always had a soft spot for young, white pussies and Kyra’s was all he had dreamt of! His dark skin pushed most women away, no matter how rich he was, but he didn’t mind. There was nothing he liked the most than having a sweet, innocent young white girl spreading his legs for him to allow his big black cock to enter in their tight pussies. In other words, Kyra was driving him mad with need to fuck her right there and then, not caring about her father or her kozyatağı escort uncle. He wanted to know whether that cunt was as tight as it looked.

Kyra moved her right hand to her thigh and carelessly let it drop to the inside of her leg, her fingers softly stroking the skin near her womanhood. As her father talked to her uncle, Kyra fixed her eyes on Tom and the moved her hand to cup her pussy through her skimpy panties. Dipping a single finger between her wet folds and the satin, she began to rub her clit, a pleased expression in her face as her tongue sneaked out of her mouth to sensually lick her lips. Kyra then fixed her eyes on him and swiftly slid that same finger into her pussy, fingering herself for a short while before taking it out and bring it to her lips to lick her juices off of it.

Tom cursed silently. God, this girl really needed to be fucked and he would be damned if he ignored her pleas! She didn’t seem to reject him; in fact, it was quite the opposite, he thought with a sly grin. Thanking God he had accepted Andrew’s invitation to stay at his house for a few days, Tom glanced his wristwatch and wondered how long it would take them before going to bed. Once the house was silent, Tom would slip into Kyra’s room and make his fantasies come true between her pale, perfect legs.

Kyra shivered at the intense look in Tom’s eyes. Damn, her pussy was so hot! She needed to be fucked right now, but she couldn’t drag Tom into it right there and then. Kyra knew her father didn’t mind her fucking the big black guy; in fact, he seemed to encourage her, probably excited at the prospect of a black stud humping between his daughter’s legs. But no matter what, Kyra needed to find release and she wouldn’t find it in Tom, at least not now. Tugging at Andrew’s sleeve, she made him lean closer to her with a curious look in his eyes.

“What’s wrong, Kyra?” Andrew asked and Kyra licked her lips.

“I need you to fuck your little girl, daddy.” She murmured wantonly and Andrew felt his cock hardening even more. Quickly, Kyra stood up and walked toward the bar, followed closely by her father. If her uncle and their guest found that strange, they didn’t let it show in their faces.

Kyra walked behind the bar and taking advantage of a corner of it that was partially hidden behind a wall, she leant her forearms on the dark brown wood and then stuck her butt out, her legs spread wide, eagerly waiting for a big cock to fill her wanting pussy.

Andrew stared at his daughter and smiled. Yes, they had created one hell of a slut… Damn he was gonna miss her once she went back to school! But he didn’t want to think about that now; not when his hard on throbbed wildly between his legs. Andrew gave the other two men a quick glance and then studied Kyra’s and his position. Jon wouldn’t see them because his back was turned to the bar, but he knew Tom would see them perfectly; if not by the direct view he had almost blocked by the wall, he would perfectly see their reflection in the big window beside the bar. He would only be able to see their upper bodies because the bar hid the rest of them, but he would catch a good glimpse of them. That would be enough to let him know that Andrew was fucking his little girl right in front of his nose, knowing quite well how much Tom wanted to bang Kyra.

“Daddy…” Kyra mumbled lowly, her lust evident in her tone. Andrew turned to her and saw her bucking her hips, her big, innocent hazel eyes staring at him with a horny expression. “Fuck me, daddy… Fuck me hard…” She begged.

Andrew didn’t need further encouragement. Unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants, he let his clothes hit the floor as he positioned himself behind her, rolling Kyra’s short skirt over her hips and then he stared at her, aching with need to ram his dick deep into her.

“I knew you’d look amazing in these, you little slut!” He said lightly tugging at her g-string. The little piece was enticing, showing almost too much of her, but covering her in all the right places. Neither Andrew nor Jon liked her to wear panties, they both loved to have full access to her at any time, but he had to accept that the thought of Kyra wearing the small garment made him crazy with lust. Lowering his mouth to her ear at the same time he pressed his rampant cock against her butt cheeks, Andrew muttered in her ear.

“I’m gonna fuck you baby… Out here… Just like a real slut like deserves!”

Jerking her g-string, he lowered the garment just enough to give him easy access to her and then, taking his throbbing cock in his hand, he rammed it into her, almost making her scream with pleasure.

“Why don’t you scream, you little whore?” Andrew murmured in her ear. “I know how much you want that black guy’s cock in you… Are you gonna take all that black meat into you? Will you be able to take it all? I so wanna see you being banged by that guy, Kyra! I wanna see my little slut with a big, black dick pounding her pussy!”

Kyra moaned lowly as she bucked her hips, welcoming her daddy’s thrusts into her hot pussy. His talk was driving her insane and if he weren’t careful, she’d come long before him! Kyra was crazy with need for Tom’s cock in her and her father knew that.

Without stopping his thrusts, Andrew carried on with his dirty talk in her ear.

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