Elaine’s Indiscretion Pt. 03


She was left alone, sated by the unknown woman. Elaine waited a bit to allow her composure to return and the redness of her face to dissipate. As she smoothed down her dress, Elaine came down slowly from the high of a new experience; slowly her breathing returned to normal.

Elaine’s mind was swimming as she half walked and half stumbled back to the dance floor. How long had she been away? Had anyone missed her? She glanced around the room; there were fewer people there now. David was talking to friends and she walked towards him. David gave Elaine a loving smile and whispered “Time for bed I think.”

As they made their excuses and left the room David couldn’t help patting Elaine’s bottom.

Their first night was to be in the same hotel as the reception. As they reached the bedroom, David picked up Elaine and carried her over the threshold. Setting her down on her feet, he turned her towards him and kissed her gently on the lips. His hands slowly stroked her hair; “you look tired my love” he said.

David turned Elaine around and slowly unzipped the back of her wedding dress and let it slip to the floor. Elaine’s nipples were still hard and puffy and a little sore; she hoped that David wouldn’t be too rough with her breasts. David just cupped Elaine’s breasts gently and let his hands slip slowly over Elaine’s tummy. Hooking his thumbs into her panties, he slowly pushed them down.

Elaine was soaking, not only from what had happened earlier in the afternoon but in anticipation of the wedding night. As her panties joined her dress and bra on the floor, David was on his knees slowly pushing her stockings down her legs to join Elaine’s clothes on the floor.

She was naked now and David slowly led her to the bed, where he turned down the sheets and lay her on the bed. Elaine was tired and wanted to sleep but it was her wedding night and she wanted to consummate her wedding.

David wanted Elaine and leant over her as she lay on her back; he kissed her gently.

Elaine opened her legs and bent her knees; opening herself up to David’s gaze.

David looked at Elaine’s wet and stretched open cunt lips. He manoeuvred himself between Elaine’s legs and slowly pushed his dick inside her. Elaine lifted her bottom to meet his thrusts.

David’s mouth sucked at her nipple. Soon they were in unison. Elaine climaxed at the same time as David emptied his balls into Elaine’s womb.

Elaine was so tired and fell asleep with David’s dick in her pussy.

The next morning, David woke and started to kiss Elaine’s neck. His hands reaching around to cup her breasts, feeling her soft pink nipples. Elaine turned onto her back and smiled. David looked at her beautiful soft round mounds, wanting to caress them, wanting to play with them, to suck them, to bite them.

David kissed her lips; a deep tongue searching kiss that lasted for several minutes. David watched as Elaine’s nipples began to harden and his hands instinctively went to Elaine’s mound.

Elaine was wet and wanting — she had woken that way. Elaine smiled contentedly as David played with her pussy; pushing his fingers deep inside of her, making her wetter and wetter. She had started to play with herself, to heighten the feelings growing inside of her, but quickly stopped as David’s fingers were never far away from Elaine’s beautiful cunt.

Elaine wanted more. She gave a contented sigh as David slipped a nine inch dildo inside her and started to push it in and out of her. Elaine began to thrash around on the bed as she neared another climax. The dildo was doing its job, rubbing against Elaine’s G spot.

Elaine arched her back as she climaxed all over the dildo, her juices leaking over her legs and into her bottom. Elaine moaned loudly as David pulled the dildo from her, allowing more of her juices to trickle down her bottom. David sucked on the dildo tasting Elaine’s juices.

For Elaine, once was never enough and soon David found his head being pushed down between Elaine’s thighs. His tongue started to work on Elaine’s clit. As he licked from side to side and up and down, Elaine was soon building up to another climax. David opened his mouth, taking in Elaine’s cunt lips and letting his tongue tickle the entrance of Elaine’s delicious cunt.

Elaine exploded, filling David’s mouth with her cum which he devoured with relish. So much cum it dribbled from the corner of his mouth.

After casino siteleri breakfast they returned to the room and started to pack. The taxi would soon be there to take them to the airport. David carried the suitcases down stairs and helped Elaine into the back of the taxi. The cases were put into the boot and David got into the taxi beside Elaine. Not much was said during the journey to the airport, it was if the taxi driver was an interloper. David held Elaine’s hand often, letting it rest on her leg; each touch was electric.

At the airport, check in was without problem. They boarded the aircraft together, still hand in hand.

The journey itself was uneventful. David held Elaine’s hand; talking about the wedding, the reception and the forthcoming holiday. Elaine didn’t tell David all about the reception or what had happened to her. Several times David’s hand caressed Elaine’s thigh through her dress, feeling the lace of her stay-ups through the silky material. Each time Elaine shuddered, and involuntary opened her legs a little, as she began to get wet between her pussy lips.

After they had landed, David took Elaine by the arm and steered her to the baggage claim, through customs, into a waiting taxi and off to the hotel.

As they entered their room, David took Elaine in his arms and kissed her gently on the lips for several moments. Then it was butterfly kisses on her lips, her eyes, her cheeks, her neck, her ears and then start again. The kisses on Elaine’s lips were lasting longer, becoming more passionate. David’s hands were caressing Elaine’s breasts through the fabric of her dress, outlining her hardening nipples with his fingers. David slowly put one hand inside of Elaine’s dress feeling for her nipple. She closed her eyes as his hand exposed her full round breast. David stood back and admired the nipple peeping out over Elaine’s dress. He took a step forward and took the nipple into his mouth, sucking gently then biting the erect nub.

Elaine murmured as David took her hair into his hand and kept the pressure on her lips. His tongue snaked forwards between her lips, spreading them apart and starting to explore her mouth.

David eased the dress from Elaine’s shoulders, revealing her red bra and both of her nipples. Elaine had her eyes closed. She was in another world as David gorged on her breasts; squeezing, sucking, biting and licking them. Elaine’s intoxicating smile drove him on.

David replaced Elaine’s dress onto her shoulders and gently sat her down on the settee. He pushed Elaine’s dress up over her thighs, bottom and tummy, revealing Elaine’s matching panties. David kissed Elaine’s tummy, knowing what he wanted above all else.

David pulled off Elaine’s panties slowly, noticing that her eyes were still closed in a dream world. The contrast between the darkness of Elaine’s pubic hair and Elaine’s pale skin made her pussy lips the centre of attention. David dropped to his knees and started to crawl between her open legs, his tongue wet in readiness. David bent forward, his tongue stabbing at Elaine’s clit. Elaine lifted her bottom in order to meet the thrusts of David’s tongue; she was getting wetter and wetter.

Elaine felt that she was building to a climax as David gently pulled her to the edge of the settee and took his dick, hardened by desire and the pills he had taken, placing it between Elaine’s pussy lips. David pushed a little and could see Elaine’s pussy lips open. Pushing more he entered Elaine’s love tunnel and kept pushing until he could feel that he was fully inside her, her tightness gripping him.

Slowly he rocked backwards and forwards, pushing in and out. Elaine responded to his every movement. When David pushed up inside her, Elaine pushed down. When David pulled out, Elaine lifted her bottom. Elaine’s climax was building. David’s climax was building.

Suddenly David erupted inside of Elaine, sending his seed inside of Elaine’s fertile womb. As David withdrew his softening dick, wads of thick white cum dripped from Elaine’s pussy lips. David bent forward and kissed Elaine’s breasts, then her neck and then her lips in a tender, deep kiss.

Their lips stayed locked together for some minutes before David stood up and looked at Elaine. Elaine hooked her arms in the sleeves of her dress and stood so that her dress that had been pushed up around her waist fell neatly into place. Elaine, güvenilir casino with David’s protestations ringing in her ears, pulled on her panties and they went hand in hand to dinner.

It was late when David and Elaine returned to their room after a nice meal with two bottles of excellent wine. Both were tired after the wine and the day’s journey.

Elaine went to the bathroom and emerged sometime later in a red nightdress. The material clung to her body, showing Elaine’s tempting body and enhancing the shape of her beautiful round ripe breasts.

David walked over to her and kissed her neck, shoulders, ears and her lips, lips, lips. “Elaine, my love, you won’t need this tonight.” David said and slowly removed Elaine’s nightdress. David led Elaine to the bed and lifted her onto it.

Elaine looked so lovely, with her voluptuous breasts and pert nipples that he couldn’t help but kiss them. Dragging his teeth over each nipple in turn, hard but not hard enough to hurt. Elaine squirmed as he increased the pressure on her erect nipples, feeling a wetness building up inside of her.

David opened her legs and slid between them, his dick searching for Elaine’s slippery wet entrance. David pushed between Elaine’s lips until he was deep inside her. He set up a steady rhythm; sliding up and down, in and out. Kissing her lips on his upstroke and her nipples on his down stroke. Elaine opened her legs as wide as she could, wanting deeper and deeper penetration.

Once again the pressure inside David’s balls was building as Elaine’s tight cunt gripped him, until he could stand no more and he shot his sperm inside of her. Elaine’s reaction was almost immediate as she climaxed almost in unison. Both sated they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

David woke in the morning and found Elaine curled up in his lap, pressing her bottom against his groin. David in turn had his arm over Elaine’s, his hand resting on her nipple. David’s fingers began to play with Elaine’s nipple, tenderly floating over it with the lightest of touches. His fingers then began to tweak her nipples while he kissed her neck. Elaine’s nipples began to harden as David kissed her shoulder. Elaine squirmed against David’s body and his dick began to harden.

Elaine moved her right leg upwards and David could feel her wet cunt lips move against his dick. David wondered if Elaine had been dreaming.

David pushed upwards, deep inside Elaine, whose position gave him clear access to her pretty, tight cunt. Elaine pushed back, trying to get every millimetre inside her. David pushed. Elaine pushed back. David started to piston in and out of Elaine, his balls slapping against her bottom. It was David who climaxed first, shooting his sperm inside Elaine’s unprotected womb. Elaine followed soon after.

They lay there for some time, David twitching inside of Elaine as she exercised her cunt muscles to squeeze every last bit of sperm from David’s dick.

After some time spent gently kissing, touching and fondling each other it was time to get up and shower. Elaine went first. Standing under the shower feeling the water cascade over her body, Elaine’s hands went to her breasts and were soon caressing her firm breasts and firmer nipples. Her hands filled with soap rubbed her tummy, soaping every millimetre. Her hands moved around her waist and she soaped her bottom, making sure to wash every crevice, every entrance. She soaped her thighs, then upwards as her fingers began to wash her pussy lips, where cum was still dripping. As she inserted a finger to wash deep inside, Elaine started to feel hotter and hotter. Her breathing became ragged — her fingers were working magic on her clit and her hips bucked as she fingered herself to a climax. Her knees went weak and she had to lean against the shower to stop falling. After a few more moments she emerged wrapped in a yellow towel, ready to get ready for breakfast.

David entered the shower, the warm water cascading over his head as he applied shampoo and rubbed until a thick foam covered his head. Soaping down his chest, his hands were soon cupping his balls. He had just emptied them inside Elaine but he had been watching her when she had taken a shower and seen as she had inserted her fingers inside herself until she had cum. The thought excited David and he started to play with his dick. Pushing the foreskin backwards and forwards — the canlı casino pleasure was intense — soon he felt himself cumming and shot a stream of spunk against the shower wall. Recovering he rinsed the wall and, making sure he washed his balls and dick, finished his shower.

Elaine had been getting ready, one eye on the mirror and one eye on the bathroom. She had seen David play with himself and seen him cum. “What a waste” she thought.

David towelled quickly and dressed. Elaine had already dressed and looked so lovely in her summer dress. They went to breakfast holding hands. After breakfast they went a walk, with David often stopping to kiss Elaine on her lips and her neck; his arms encircling her waist his hands resting on her bottom. The day passed so quickly.

As evening approached they returned to the hotel room to dress for dinner.

After they had both showered, they started to dress. Before Elaine could put on her stockings, David gently pushed her onto the bed. His hands were all over her — kissing her breasts and nipples with delicate butterfly kisses then kissing her all over. He was soon spreading her legs and letting his tongue go to work. Elaine watched as David’s bobbing head went up and down between her thighs. Her climax came quickly and was sensational, her juices covering David’s face with thick sweet juices. David licked his lips.

They dressed and went to dinner.

After dinner David and Elaine returned to their room and sat on the bed. Soon they were kissing passionately, David’s arms around Elaine’s neck, tongues intertwined. David’s hand moved to Elaine’s breasts, caressing them gently through the material of her dress; feeling her nipple harden even through her bra.

Passionately holding each other, kissing more fervently, David pushed Elaine back on the bed. His legs were astride Elaine as he continued to kiss her. Elaine’s breasts heaved as she struggled for breath. David’s eyes lit up as he saw the rise and fall of her breasts — he wanted to rip open her dress and feast his eyes on her nipples. The feelings he had for Elaine were so intense, he wanted her time and time again. Slowly the purple mist of lust gave way to the gentle pinks of love.

David slowly slid Elaine’s dress from her sweet, lovely body. He noticed a damp patch in the crotch of her panties. He pulled Elaine’s panties from her waist and down her legs, his tongue finding her wet place and starting to lick — slow tender licks, his tongue flat so he could cover more of Elaine’s sensitive cunt lips.

Elaine moaned and spread her legs wider. David responded by pressing his tongue a little harder on Elaine’s clit. Elaine’s bottom was bucking up and down as he continued to fuck her with his tongue, her juices streaming from her body. David started to suck on Elaine’s pussy lips, sucking them into his mouth and lashing them with his tongue. David’s tongue was moving from Elaine’s clit to her rosebud, each stroke bringing more sweet juices from Elaine’s well of cum. With Elaine’s legs open as wide as possible, David slid between her legs; his dick searching for Elaine’s juicy wet slit. Then he was at the entrance, then inside and then thrusting deep inside of Elaine. A moan came from her as David continued to make love to Elaine, his dick inside her; his hands caressing her breasts and nipples.

Both erupted at the same time, David shooting his sperm deep inside of Elaine A she released her eggs in an extra creamy, sticky, juice. David stayed inside Elaine until nature took over and his dick shrunk and plopped out; covered in his own spunk and Elaine’s juices. Elaine lifted her knees to keep as much of the combined love cum inside of her, though some had, inevitably, trickled from between her pussy lips and down to tickle her rosebud.

David began to rub Elaine’s leaking cum all around her rosebud. Once she was sufficiently wet, and his fingers covered in her cum, Davis slowly slid a finger tentatively into Elaine’s bottom. Elaine writhed and her hips lifted off the bed. David didn’t know whether Elaine’s bottom was too tight – it certainly felt tight – or whether Elaine was enjoying what was happening to her.

David continued to push his finger inside of Elaine’s bottom. Elaine was trying to impale herself deeper and deeper onto his finger, moaning as one finger became two until her pussy lips erupted cum; not a dribble but a forceful jet that landed in David’s hand.

David looked for a moment and then spread it all over Elaine’s breasts and nipples — His tongue started licking. Elaine fell asleep as David licked her bountiful breasts and planted butterfly kisses on her nipples.

To be continued

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