Electric Toothbrush


All people mentioned are over 18.


I mentioned before that I stay with my cousin a lot. She is older and a bit more wild than me, so there are probably many stories that would be fun to tell. Here is just one of them.

I was staying the weekend, again, at my cousin’s house. Our parents were out of town together for the weekend, so we thought it would be fun to hang out. We spent most of the day at the beach, however, when night came, she asked if she could go out with some friends to bars. I am younger, and not 21, so I totally understood. I was just planning to hang out and watch some shows.

After a few hours of watching nothing on TV, my mind started to wander. I still hadn’t showered since coming home from the beach, so I thought I’d take a bath instead, and maybe have some fun. I loved bath-time orgasms when nobody was home.

Just thinking of pleasuring myself and all the things I wanted to do before climaxing was making me even extra horny. I started looking for “things” around the house that I could use as part of my party. First stop, refrigerator. None of the standards were there – no cucumbers, squash or even hot dogs. There were baby carrots, but that wasn’t going to work. However, thinking of these things and what might work, got my mind racing (and juices flowing). Then I realized that my cousin had to have “toys” in her room. So with that thought, I literally ran up the stairs, two at a time, excited to try out a real toy for the first time.

Once in her room, I went straight for her panty drawer. Nope, but that’s ok, was probably too obvious of a place to keep anything. Then I checked her nightstand. Same thing. Then every other drawer in her room. Nothing. Wait a minute, I knew she had something, but where. Under the bed? Nope. Behind books on the book shelf? Again, nope. Damn, I was already wet from the excitement of what I was going to soon be doing, but I couldn’t seem to find anything. Then I tried the bathroom.

She has a bathroom connected to her isveçbahis room, so it is basically a private bathroom. Maybe she hides it in there. After pulling almost everything out of the cupboard and drawers, I sat down on the edge of the tub, bummed. I knew that taking a bath was going to be “fun” anyway, but sort of got too excited and worked up thinking that I was going to have my first real toy session.

I was about to get up and go grab other bath stuff (salts, soap, shampoo, etc.) when I saw her toothbrush on top of the counter next to her hairbrush. The hairbrush was one of those with a gel round handle. I had one pretty similar at home that stole my virginity years before, but it was the toothbrush that caught my attention. It was no ordinary toothbrush. It was some sort of Sonic toothbrush or something like that. It was in a charger and had a blinking green light as if calling me. I had heard about electric toothbrush fun before, but for some reason hadn’t really focused on it. Nobody in my house even had an electric one.

I picked up the toothbrush and pushed the big, grey button. Wham! The thing started vibrating so fast and hard that I almost dropped it. I even let out a little shriek in surprise. I tried feverishly to turn it off, but couldn’t seem to do it right away which caused me to panic a bit. Finally I got it off, and looked at myself in the mirror holding my new friend. =) I smiled back at myself, and could immediately feel the juices flowing again between my legs.

I took the toothbrush along with the hairbrush to the guest room which is where I sleep when I stay the night. I closed the door, even though I knew I would be the only one home for hours. Within twenty seconds, I had everything off but my panties. I was a little shy about touching my cousin’s toothbrush directly to my soggy privates, even though I knew I would give it a good wash afterward. I then pulled down the covers as I didn’t want to leave a “love puddle” under my butt on the comforter – have made that mistake before.

I isveçbahis giriş lied down on the bed, lifted my knees up and pressed Go. The toothbrush came to life and started humming and shaking in my hand. I cautiously lowered it down to myself and pressed it against my panties just to the side of my clit. I moved it all around, massaging my lips, purposefully avoiding my clit. Boy, was it heaven. It was causing me to tingle all over.

I could feel myself begin to leak something serious and couldn’t resist the urge to spread that slippery sauce all around. So with the hand holding the toothbrush, I pulled my panties aside and pressed my middle finger inside, causing my hole to just drool. I spread it all over all the way up to my clit which almost exploded. Damn. Taking this slow was going to be a challenge.

I circled my clit a few times and then dove my finger back down inside, but deeper. Mmmmm. I continued to finger myself for a little bit and then, all of a sudden, the toothbrush stopped. I guess it was on a timer. So I pressed the big grey button once again, and it sprang to life. This time I decided to put the toothbrush head on my nipples as my fingers continued to do their work below. The nipple thing, as it turned out, was a pretty good feeling all on its own. I loved the sensual feeling that was taking over me and before I could stop myself, my panties were off and tossed on the floor with the toothbrush on my bare and dripping pussy.

I slid the plastic head all over myself from my clit all the way down to area below my hole and then back up. I tried to keep myself from doing it but couldn’t resist as I let the vibrating head penetrate me and vibrate from inside me. I slid it in and out a few times, and then brought it back up to my clit which was on fire and begging for it. I realized then that I could probably cum within seconds if I wanted to, but I liked the feeling of something inside me, too. Without even a pause, I reached over next to my pillow where the gel-handle brush isveçbahis yeni giriş was sitting, waiting for its turn. I stuck it in my mouth like I was starving to death and then jammed it inside of me. I didn’t need to spit on it as I was already so lubed up below, but it was so erotic (and trashy) that I couldn’t resist. Three thrusts and the full handle was buried inside of me.

I held the toothbrush against the side of my clit and slammed the hairbrush in and out of me, losing myself in a whirlwind of ecstasy complimented by the soundtrack of the humming of the toothbrush, the sloshing sounds of my wetness, and my sporadic panting. I thrusted harder and harder. I was literally fucking myself with the brush. I wanted to scream “fuck me, fuck me” but I couldn’t get myself to be that nasty. I wanted to, though. And the thought made my slutty self start to cum. “Yes!” I managed to scream out loud. “Yes, yes!” I drilled myself while the vibrations of the toothbrush forced me into an orgasm that immediately became the beginnings of a second. OMG, I was having a double orgasm in the form of one long, glorious one. I pulled the hairbrush out of myself and replaced it with two fingers. I liked to feel my slippery folds and hole while I came. I bucked my butt off the bed and pushed myself against my hand and fingers while the second orgasm ripped through me until I collapsed dead on the bed.

The toothbrush was still humming and it took me a good number of tries and button pushes to figure out how to finally make it stop. I set it down on the bed next to me and drifted into a post-orgasmic dream.

It was probably only a few minutes, but it felt amazing. I finally got up, took my toys back to the bathroom and rinsed them off. Part of me played with the idea of leaving my juices on the toothbrush but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I cleaned up, filled the tub with hot, soapy water, and took a nice, long bath. My pussy was still tingling almost the entire time, but it was too sensitive for any bathtime fun.

As I drifted in and out of sleep, I kept thinking how I couldn’t wait to buy my own electric toothbrush so I could do this anytime I wanted.

If you haven’t tried this at home, go get one now. You’ll thank me for sure.

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