Elevator Tease


We step into the elevator and you push the button for the first floor. It’s nice having a room on the 30th floor because the views Seattle are spectacular, but since there is a big business convention going on in the hotel, there are tons of people and the elevators are always crammed. The elevators have been moving so slow that we were on our way to a restaurant reservation for an hour later and the bistro is only 3 blocks away! This hotel was definitely not equipped to handle the crowd.

You stand in a corner of the elevator and I’m leaning against you. We’re both anticipating the dinner crowd. And just as we expected, the elevator stopped at the 29th floor and a group of businessmen with their cell phones and briefcases crowded into the little square. Not only was the elevator trip going to be long, but we were traveling with a bunch of loud obnoxious salesmen.

I get in front of you and you wrap your arms around my waist, holding me close to you. I lean back and sometimes when we touch izle rest my head on your chest. I roll my eyes at you when the elevator stops at the 26th floor and more people try and get in. You gently kiss my forehead and squeeze me tight, trying to keep my mind away from the crowd.

I press my butt up against you to try and accommodate more people and I feel your hands squeeze my sides. Apparently, I was hitting a sensitive spot. Your hands begin to rub my stomach and sides gently, your hands barely moving. I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of your hands, rubbing my ass even harder against you. I can feel you getting hard, your cock poking me. You adjust a bit so you are sliding right between my buns.

Then you stop.

One of your hands slides over my ass and you grin to yourself. You whisper softly to me so no one hears you, “Hey, where are your panties?”

I look back and smile.

You special forces worlds toughest test izle kiss my cheek and face me forward again. Your hips are now moving harder, circling my ass and pushing against me. Good thing people tend to face the door when in an elevator.

As we reach the 20th floor, some people get off the elevator, but even more people get in, I’m on my tippy-toes as people squeeze themselves in. This causes your cock to lift my skirt a little bit. You take advantage of this opportunity and slide a hand up my skirt from the back. Your warm hand grabs my ass and you begin to knead my buns. Trying not to moan, I close my eyes instead and enjoy the way you are groping me.

You then lean down close to my ear and whisper how much you want to fuck me right there in the elevator and how much of a naughty little kitten I am. I open my eyes wide, surprised what is hoffman family gold izle coming out of your mouth and I look around to make sure no one can hear what you’re saying. But the people in the elevator are talking so loud, it was as if they didn’t know we were there.

We’re almost at the 10th floor when you decide to push my buttons even more. Your hand slides under my ass and one of your fingers slowly slides between my lips. You can feel how wet I am and it makes your cock pulse under me. I push back to make your fingers slide all the way into me. I nervously look around again to make sure no one sees us. The other elevator riders seem to be busy among themselves so I continue to bounce on your fingers. You see that I’m enjoying the ride so you decide to plunge a second finger into me, making me let out a quiet squeak.

You slide your fingers in and out only a few more times and stop, pulling your hand out from under my skirt and wrapping your arms back around me, squeezing hard. I look back at you and you give me a big kiss on the cheek. I slowly step away from you to let your cock cool down before we reach the first floor.

The doors finally open to the ground floor and everyone starts filing out. I take your hand and squeeze gently as we step out of the elevator. We make eye contact and you wink at me, letting me know that the evening has only begun.

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