Ella and the Magnificent 7

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Ella and the Magnificent 7The Magnificent 7Flashing, Up skirt, Voyeur, Role Play, Older/Younger, Cream Pie Eating, Group Sex Big James helped Ella climb on the small box to hang the “M7 Ranch” sign over the door. Behind her stood, Adam, Carl, Evan, Butch, Joe, Sam and Ed the “7”. As she lifted the sign the wind gust blew her skirt hem upward flashing her well shaped legs to mid thigh. As the sign hit the wall, a stronger gust lifted it to her waist flashing her bare ass and thigh top stockings to all. Whistles, hand claps and hollers filled the air as they officially had a new home. Big James helped her down and kissed her passionately.James and Ella were the most unlikely union. They had met as workmates in Texas. He a manager/cook, she a Teacher/Medic at a small orphanage, they were platonic friends. Years of sharing and raising the young boys into men, they had few secrets. James was ex-Mormon, Ella “left” her Nun ship under mysterious circumstances. Although she was always “prim and proper’, reserved and conservative in style of dress, she was actually pretty and well shaped. He had also noticed that she had a touch of deliberately shy flirt and often accidentally “on purpose” flashed her secrets to the young men. James called her out about it and she replied that she was just having a little fun. She questioned him why he hadn’t made a pass at her. He told her that his early medical discharge from the service gave him a Purple Heart for lost of ability, sexually. Balls and bullets don’t mix well. He told her that she was a pretty woman who deserved a man. She gave him a hug saying that he was an honest man, a worker who cares, that made him a man in her thoughts. She said “I’m just appearance”, I was “well used” by men, fell into the church to be well used by so called “Holy Men”. He hugged her as she continued to tell him that she couldn’t give it away these days and when she did, her past usually caught up with her and ended that. They talked for hours, spilling truths. He told her to have fun but be careful, the boys were maturing. That her peeps could catch up with her. She laughed saying, “and you don’t get caught either, like you’re doing now”. She walked away as he said, “nice bush in those pink panties, Ella”. She giggled “Thanks James”.For years Ella enticed all of them with flashes, flirts, down her blouse views, under her clothes views. They all had seen every piece of her underwear she owned. She had seduced them almost to having her and escaped each time. She played dangerously close and loved it. She didn’t know judgment day would come in the form of a tornado.It was a dark Texas day, billowing ugly clouds and gusting winds. Ella stood outside in her khaki skirt and matching sleeveless, pocketed vest. The wind played havoc with her skirt, as she fought to hold it down. It flashed her pain white cotton, full sized panties and bare legs down to her tennis shoes. James walked up to her saying, “Grannies today”. She laughed replying, “dust catchers” or my hair will be full”. He took her inside, called the boys telling all that they had been placed on Alert and they were all assigned to “bunker” chores as a tornado threat had been issued. They knew what to do and scampered. James warned Ella that if they had to actually bunker down she wouldn’t get out without someone trying to get in her panties. She smiled saying that at least they couldn’t knock her up because her plumbing was long gone! “It’s just a playground and pie catcher”. He laughed replying “Well save some pie, Lady”. She grinned telling him if he wanted pie, she would certainly let him know.It was mid afternoon, but the wind howled in mid night darkness, as thunder boomed and lightening cracked. They all sat in the main bldg as tornado sirens blared. James stood and pointed, Ella stood up throwing her thighs wide and “accidentally” giving all the boys a full crotch view before they rose up. She and James left first with his helping her through the wind gust. Her skirt was blown up, flapping against her shoulders, as the boys trailed behind them. The bunker was well prepared with everything they needed. Being 20ft by 30ft with water and sewer, a half bathroom, and gas stove, it was just big enough. Battery lanterns for lighting and enough mattresses to lay on, they settled down in the darkness. The noise prevented hearing only a few feet and a small glass in the door flashed a glow from the outdoor security lighting that still remained powered. James sat a lantern to one side on it’s lowest light range. It was still too dark to detect movement across the room, but he knew for sure that in the darkness it would light Ella’s panties as if they glowed. She sat beside him and he told her that her panties would light up like a high beam light. She giggled at him saying, “then someone should be smiling because I’m not very lady like right now.In less than 10 minutes she told James that someone touched her leg. The she gave him an instant report, “he’s real curious, going slow, sliding between my legs, close, close…Ahhhh, he touched my panties”. She heard James groan, “pressing a finger and I just closed my legs trapping his hand…. Holding him like I don’t want him to touch me and he’s struggling… I released it”. She felt for and found James hand,…. he’s trying to get around my gusset and… he just did…. Pushing a finger in me and I’m wet as hell”, she squeezed James hand…. “Three in me, three fingers pumping in and out”, Ella said. James felt her leg brush his side “Oh my god, he’s between my legs breathing on my thighs….. Licking, …Licking his way up my inner thigh and…..he’s sucking my panties”! Ella was clamping his hand “he’s lapping at my gusset, licking it to the side…….and…..his tongue is tasting canlı bahis me”. James reached over and started caressing her tit, “he’s eating me, James”. In less than a few minutes she said, “I’m cumming, I’m feeding him”. James felt her shake then push someone away. She groaned to him “don’t know who it was but I’m sure they all saw it”. “One, James said, Six more to go”! Three more came to eat her, she came for all of them, then she stood up to stop them, for a while. She and James stood talking. He told her that she knew he liked her but now he really admired her. “I’m feeding boys pussy and you admire me? James, I really like you too but you’re a sick fuck”, she kissed him on the cheek. They sat back down but this time, she laid on her back, knees raised.Ella’s hand gripped James legs saying “Damn, they’re back!…Ohhhhhh shit James, he’s eating me like a hungry dog…and…there! I’m cumming again”! She gripped his leg harder saying “Mercy! There is two of them and my panties are ripping”! James moaned loudly! “they are sharing my cum, one laps then the other”. James heard a rustle, “someone’s rolling me over..pulling me to my knees” she said. “James, he’s fucking me!…Fast, real fast, bumping me hard……and…He’s cumming”! James growled, “shit his cum is hot James! His cock is so hard, like a stick poking me! He’s out and another just took me”, She loudly said! “He’s banging me fast too,…scum is dripping, running down my legs and….I’m fucking cumming like a bitch in heat James”! He heard her groaning, then using his leg to pull herself forward she stood up. Stepping across him, she lowered her cunt toward his face as his mouth opened. James sucked her, lapped her, swiped her clitoris clean, then locked his mouth over her cunt and applied as much suction as he could. When she stepped away, she was clean! He stood and this time Ella kissed him like a lover. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks as she swirled her tongue in his mouth. “Damn it James, I’m beginning to like you too damned much”, Ella said. They stood for several minutes again knowing if she sat, she was fucked. Ella removed her panties and gave them to James, they had one rip at a leg opening but he would keep them as a souvenir. “I think their calmed down for the minute but would you like some more “pie” Dear”, she asked? “Your pies are my weakness, I’ll take all you can make”, he replied. Ella sat down feeling hands dragging her flat. Seconds later someone was on her. In another minute she felt him cumming then being rapidly replaced. Over and over for the next hour, they came in her and rotated out. When she caught a pause, she quickly got up, fed James and remained standing. She told him to fully light the room so she could go pee. The light came on and everyone sat as she looked in each face asking if they were all alright? They answered “yes”. She smiled at them saying, “Good! That is whats important to me. You guys are “My Boys” and we are going to get through this”!While she was in the bathroom Joe said, “James we, I mean all of us kind of”, James stopped him saying, “I know boys”. Adam said, “and I want some more”! They all said the same. Ed asked if he thought they were hurting her saying that 7 of them and one of her, might be more than she could stand. James grinned telling them that he was sure that she wouldn’t allow that to happen but they all need to simply “cum and go” because if they actually spent time time trying to fuck her, there would be no time and they might make her sore. Sam asked, “what about you, James”? He smiled saying, “I’m good guys. Me and Ella have something special. I’m actually thinking I’ll ask her to marry me”? Ella heard all the shouts, and clapping as she came out asking, “Did I miss something”? James laughed saying, “no”. Ella walked to the light saying, “OK boys, one more time then we all get some sleep. We need to check for damages at first light tomorrow”. They all said, “yes Ma’am”. Ella Bent over and turned off the light. They all came to her, came in her and each thanked her. She crawled to James who softly hugged her, kissed her, caressed her saying, “now I get to make love to you”. James kissed her neck, tongued his way to her vest and removed it. She was totally nude as his lips caught a nipple. He swirled it, sucked it massaged it and felt a slime trickle on his tongue. His hand massage increased into a “milking” action and before long she was lactating, until he drained her tit dry. She grasp his head saying, “I should have told you that with this much sexual activity. It’s possible that I would make milk. I’m sorry”. He told her not to be and she explained that jealous over her milk between the Priest and Nuns got her kicked out of the Church. He latched on her other nipple and emptied her. He slid down her torso lapping her until he reached her hairy pubes. Clumps of dried cum felt like soft rice as he munched them away. He could barely see her well used cunt. It was pulsing cum which spread to cover her labia completely. They had really filled her and the pungent scent of sperm nearly was barely breathable as he lapped it. Her inner labia was paper thin, stretched and glowing red, he sucked it into his mouth, pulling it to stretch more. Dragging his tongue between her stretched flaps, he found her clitoris. He took his time loving it, swirling it, sucking it gently until Ella started to moan. He worked her until she was moaning loud enough that everyone heard. James trapped it between his tongue and teeth and nibbled it until Ella screamed his name and came! James drove his face into her open cunt hole and lapped her squirting walls before her dipped to suck the remaining sperm out of her. As he crawled beside her the room sounded of clapping hands and shots again. Ella bahis siteleri faced him saying, “I’m embarrassed. Was I that loud”? Jame grinned happily. Dawn broke and James woke to see 7 smiling faces looking his way. Ella was beside him, one arm throw above her head, flat on her back with a slight spread of her legs, totally nude. Joe offered him a blanket which he covered her with, then Joe pulled James up. They went out side.There was much wind damage, trees down, emergency sirens but their inspection determined they still had power. Police stopped by making a “well being” check but advised them to limit outside activity and remain in cover for the night. Ella came out was greeted with hugs, made her way to James saying, Good Morning Sir! My tits are full, I think you all have started me again”. He laughed replying, “good! Growing boys need milk”! She hugged him “ Are you calling me a cow, Sir”? He grinned replying, “no, just going to make you one”! He led everyone inside telling them he would make breakfast while they showered and cleaned up. He sat a chair down, had Ella sit and remove her vest. He called Evan and Butch forward and presented them a breast to suck saying, “share with the others”. Evan latched on her nipple and screamed, “Milk”! They fell in line and each shared sips of Ella until she told them that she was dry. Later as they ate, she noticed all of them constantly watching her. She said, “guys, I’m the same woman I was yesterday”. Ed who seldom said much spoke, “No, don’t think so! You’re much more woman that you were. You’re Mother Hubbard to me”! The room sounded with everyone saying “Me too”! He hand found James squeezing it saying, “I’m a mom”! “You know they’re bastards without a dad. Marry me”? Ella nearly choked as the boys chanted “say yes”! She looked at them saying, “You all knew”? Ed laughed, “last night”! She stood, walked to the end of the table thinking. The boys rushed her, snatched her robe off, laid her on it and they all touched, caressed, licked, lapped her until she trembled on the edge of orgasm and stepped back. Ed called James who slid his head between her legs and ate her through a screaming orgasm! Weakly she lifted her head saying, “yes, I’ll marry you James”. They helped her up, redressed her and treated her so lovingly Ella cried. As the boys gathered a few things she spoke to James telling him that she was half slut, a whole whore, with milk filled sagging tits, a well worn cunt, being fucked to pieces by 7 young cum slingers. Why would he want to Marry her? James smiled at her saying, “you’re pretty”. The boys walked in as they were kissing, Joe said “they’re doing it again”! She winked at James saying, “boys. Privacy”! They ran as she laughed.Three hours later James went out after preparing supper for later, to send Ed back in. It was known by everyone that as the “runt” among them, they took care of him. Ella had always favored him with his pixie looks and big brown eyes. Showers had passed until a solid rain started and she wanted Ed out of it. He came in and she lit up smiling. As he sat beside her, she pulled him to lay his head in her lap saying, “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to cuddle you”. He smiled widely, she told him that she imagined if she had a boy, he would be like him. Brown hair like hers and big eyes! She slid her robe off one shoulder, eased a tit toward his mouth and beamed her smile. With an arm cradling his head, she brushed his hair saying, “all this milk is for you. I’m not going to let you grow up little boy”. He sucked gently, taking his time until her breast went dry. Ella switched him to the other asking, “Did you enjoy me last night”? Ed nodded “yes”. “Thank you, I wanted you and hoped you did, even if the others didn’t”, she added. Ed finished her other tit and sit up. They smiled at each other as she said, “now you’re going to make me cum because I want to “give” it to YOU! Anyone can “make” me cum but I want to give you my cum and there is a difference”. Ed listened seriously, “They will make me cum, you’ll hear it. I’ll enjoy it, but with you, I’ll love it”!Ella laid back rolling her robe up and spreading her thighs. Ed’s eyes locked on her meaty cunt. “Using her fingers, “these are outer labia, they are just covering like doors. Stretching her inner labia and splaying it wide, These are inner guide labia. They release oils to coat you on entry and act like a inner seal when closed”. Ed was breathing deeply as she spread them upward saying, “my Urethra and Clitoris. It’s my Love button”, she swirled a finger on it until it stood. Ella took a breath, slid her fingers downward spreading her lower labia saying, “my pussy hole and you know what happens here”. Ella dug her fingers deep into her cunt hole, stretched it wide saying “this is really special. You can’t tell the others ever! I’m saving this for you and you only, understand”? Ed spoke “Yes”! He saw her strain and push as her womb eased forward, she said “my womb and I can move it”. It eased forward to push through and blossom outside her cunt hole. He saw her smiling face, dripping with sweat from the strain as she said, “I’m going to push it to you so you can fuck it”. He watched it slowly retract back into her. She rested a minute then opened her arms to him. He laid over her and his cock fell into her wet cunt. Ella said, “stroke slow, relax and just ride me. Don’t try to cum, just enjoy me. Feel me”! He rode her for a minute as she smiled saying, “now you’re going to make me cum and you hold back! I want to take your cum in my womb”. He felt her lifting him and sliding lower under him, until his cock sank into her on top of her clitoris. “Stroke slow and I will cum for you very quickly”, she whispered. He stroked slow feeling her clitoris bahis şirketleri stiffen to a hard ball as she said, “my boy, you’re making me cum so sweetly. I’m giving you my soul….Right now”! Ed didn’t feel her thrash or shake, she simply melted around him as she held her breath. For a few seconds he felt waves of heat pass through him and then she relaxed. Ed felt her legs, then her knees came to his shoulders as she slid him down into her sloppy cunt hole. Ella said “I’m coming to get it and try to hold your cum”. Ed felt her womb come up to press against his cock head, “hold it, Ed” as he felt his cock head enter a new tightness. He heard her huffing breaths as more of his cock slid deeper into her womb. Ella gave a moaning push as he felt a bump against him, she said, “got it all. Now try to stroke”. His hips moved but his cock remained lodged tight. It only stretched an inch as he felt her womb flutter as she milked his cock. He laid on her as she literally pulled his cock until his balls gave up his cum. “Yes my boy. You’re inside my womb, my special place! Fill me with your cum”! Ed’s cock was spraying cum like he never experienced. His body jerked with each shot. His buttocks flexed as the muscles in his legs froze, while he heard his self growling. He threw spurts of cum into her until his balls pained then collapsed on her. Ella wrapped her arms around him as she slid her womb off his shrinking cock. They laid 15 minutes then sat side by side. Ella repeated, “tell no one” as she won’t do that for anyone but him. That in time he would be able to fuck her in the womb. That she had given him a part of her and took part of him. Ed said, “yes Mother”. James came in saying the weather was getting bad and everyone would be in soon to eat before they took cover again. He looked at Ed saying, “is she still spoiling you”? Ella said to him, “come here James” and kissed him saying “yes I am”!The group ate, sat around while James drank coffee chatting. After several cups, he poured another noticing he had ran out of creamer. He pulled Ella close, reached into her robe took out a tit and squeezed her milk into his cup, they laughed. She looked at him saying, “you have no table manners, James”. Joe asked, “ any dessert”? James quickly said, “she’s sitting on it”! They erupted again as she said, “and he’s got jokes too! Boys let your food digest until later”. The thunder roared and leaving 45 minutes later, Joe scooped Ella up carrying her. She told him that she could walk. He replied that he wasn’t letting dessert get wet! Secure in the bunker with the light on high, Ella sat between James and Ed chatting. Several minutes later they noticed everyone but them were too quiet, she viewed them asking “what”? James laughed as he rolled her robe back and lifted her knee, she said “oops, no entertainment”. They started talking again. It wasn’t long before James noticed her robe was being soaked in milk. He got up turned the light down saying, “feeding time”. In the glow the boys watched her lean Ed into her chest stuffing a breast into his mouth. Her free hand went down into her crotch and separated her outer labia before cradling it under Ed. It took a minute as they saw her cunt glisten, then she turned her face to James. As they shared loving kisses, a head came into her weeping cunt, lapping her tenderly. Ella gave a soft moan as extra milk squirted into Eds mouth and the head eating her, eased away. Another replaced it and soon she dumped a small bit of her sweet cum into that mouth. Over and over, she fed them all and emptied her breast milk into Ed. Sitting up she asked James if he could still cum and was told “yes” but very seldom. Ella reached into his pants, felt his soft cock saying, “please try for me”? His cock thickened slightly as she played with it, then got on her knees, planted her face in his lap as she said, “Boys, take me”. Someone got behind her and started stroking into her wet cunt. As she sucked James, her free hand stroked and jerked little Ed. Ella was being pummeled by boy after boy as she switched back and forth sucking James and Ed. Ed soon shot cum into Ella’s mouth, she held it as she lifted her face to James. He leaned forward, caught her face in his hands and kissed her as she pushed the cum inside his mouth. The boys fucked her several more times, dumping their cum repeatedly into her, she continued sucking James. He moaned as his still soft cock issued a little slime into her mouth. Ella thought quickly and rammed a finger into his ass massaging his prostate, and his cum flowed. James dumped more cum until he was spent. She swallowed it all as the boy in her shot another load into her cunt, she fell away as his last spurt flew into the air. Ella crawled beside him saying, “now I know how to have you too”! She stood and crouched over his mouth letting their cum drain inside. As she moved saying, “gotta pee, Dear”, James held her in place. She looked at him asking if he was certain? He suctioned against her nodding “yes”. Slowly she trickled, then gave short bursts until her bladder emptied. Stepping off his face. She sat beside him whispering, “James, oh my god! You really do love me”! She leaned into his shoulder sobbing loudly. Someone asked if she was OK? Ella said through her tears, “I’m OK, honestly. It just hit me very hard that all of you actually do love me”. James turned the light up then gathered Ella into his lap and let her cry. One by one they spoke praises of her and she sobbed on. Ed crawled close saying, “Mother are you alright”? She started wiping her tears and was soon giggling loudly with a smile. Butch spoke up “Ms Ella are you sure that you didn’t have Ed”? She laughed out loud pulling her robe up and looking at her stomach saying, “ No stretch marks”! They all laughed until they cried. James said, “that’s my gal”! The next morning they woke to total devastation. Their orphanage destroyed which led them to the “M7 Ranch” as a new family.Part 2…… M7 Life on the Ranch

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