Ella , Evan – Xmas Coupons Pt. 02


Chapter 5

In the afternoon we were all hanging out in the big living room. I was finding it tough to not shoot guilty looks at my mom and I could see Ella was apprehensive as well. Luckily mom was her usual cheery self and chatted with dad like nothing was odd. You know, like her children hadn’t sucked on her tits until she came in her pants that very morning.

Finally, I got up and said, “I’m going to go for a walk down that path dad was talking about. Try out my new ski jacket.”

Ella had been curled up reading her phone and she jumped up much more quickly than was her usual and loudly said, “Yeah good idea I’ll go with.”

Mom nodded at us and dad looked up from his hardcover book (he’s old school about how he consumes his WWII non-fiction) and said, “You’ll have fun, good to get outside while the sun is still out. It’s a bit chilly but gorgeous out there.”

And so 10 minutes later Ella and I were trudging down a trail through the pine trees behind the cottage. It really was quite nice out, and my new jacket was great. I won’t pretend I’m out hiking in the snowy mountains often but at least when I’m wearing it on campus I can say I tested it out in a real winter environment.

Ella was dressed for the weather too, but probably wasn’t as interested in the thermal rating of my new jacket as I was. As soon as we were out of vision of the cabin she grabbed my arm and spun me around to say, “Ok what the hell was that? I mean, it was awesome, but the way mom is being so normal about it is making me freak out!”

“No shit! I almost lost it when dad came back and asked me how my morning was. I’m not sure I can handle this. Whatever the hell this is.”

Ella nodded, “I know, maybe you should get rid of those coupons and we’ll just pretend it never happened.’

A long pause as she looked at me with a dead serious expression. Then we both burst out laughing and I said, “God damn you almost had me there.”

“Haha your face was gold, like I just told you we gave you the wrong puppy and it has to go back to the shelter.”

“Yeah yeah. Uh, may as well just toss this out there but – what are your intentions here El?”

She frowned a bit, and a slight blush showed even beyond the rosy cheeks the cold had given her. “I don’t really know,” she replied slowly.

I didn’t know how to bring it up but Ella and I have always been open with each other, so I just shrugged and said, “Ok, semi-related follow-up question but… are you gay?”

Ella looked at me in shock, and I hastened to add, “Just asking! I know you know I don’t care, it wouldn’t mean anything to me, or mom and dad I bet, but based on what happened this morning I gotta ask. I mean, I’ve wondered before.”

Now my twin looked away and groaned, “Jesus I don’t know. I don’t think so? But I guess you can tell I’m into girls a bit, but I thought about this lately and I keep thinking I prefer guys in a romantic way. I’d like to sleep with girls, but I don’t want to really date them, probably? I guess maybe I might be, bi?” She said the last sentence very quietly, as if she hadn’t said it out loud before.

I nodded in what I hoped was a very cool and very accepting way, and she rolled her eyes and said, “Is this because of that Lan girl?”

I chuckled, “Yes, it is because you got drunk and hit on that girl I brought back to the apartment in an extremely weird ‘joking’ way to the point she asked me to not leave her alone with you. Thanks again for making sure she never returned my texts, by the way.”

“Oh for fucks sake, let’s never talk about that again. I said I was sorry, I smoked up at a party and maybe did more MDMA then I realized and when I got back to our place yeah I was drooling after this random hot chick. I did think I was being funny, I mean clearly I was out of line but it was mostly a joke.”

“Fair enough, you can continue being whatever you want to be and it’s none of my business. Well unless you creep on my dates. But I guess that it’s not the important thing going on with us here huh,” I said.

Ella nodded, very eager to change the subject, “Yeah let’s get back to what the hell we did with mom. Instead of asking me embarrassing questions, here’s one for you, you’re obviously going to give her another coupon because you’re a horny teenage boy-“


“-sure whatever, horny teenage 19-year-old man, but what are you going to try to do? Are you going to try to, uh, go all the way?”

I laughed, “Who the hell knows? Yeah, I’ll give her another coupon, after you left she made sure I grabbed the book, but she did it in a really vague way without looking at me. So she clearly wants me to have the coupon book, but she wasn’t like hey let’s fuck. As to what I try to do, well I’ll try something small and then see how she reacts.”

Nodding, Ella said, “Yeah that makes total sense. She was definitely into it, she may not want to say it out loud but it’s clear she loves it. God knows she’s pent up. Just, um, don’t leave me out of it. I know you got the book, but silivri escort I want in.”

I smiled and brought my sister in for a hug, “Of course, I want you there. It may make it easier, but regardless I’d never cut a horny teenage girl out of the sexy times action. Especially one who’s clearly as perverted as me.”

Ella laughed and gave me a shot to the ribs, which didn’t hurt as we were still hugging, “Whatever perv. I’m like, maybe half the sexual deviant you are. Probably less than half.”

“Ahh, so you just want to mess around? Gotcha, if it looks like I’ll get past third base I won’t bother inviting you.”

This time she pulled back far enough that I felt the punch to my shoulder.

We spent a half hour walking around, discussing our plan and trying to remember what coupons we had to work with. The main issue was timing, there was a good chance dad would want to go for some solo walks again but probably not the next day as we were all going to a nearby ski resort for the whole day. So Ella and I agreed to try one of the “nice” coupons, mainly because it was something we could probably accomplish in a small window of time when dad was around.

That night we had a good Christmas supper together. After our talk Ella and I were much more relaxed around mom and dad and less inclined to blurt out “I confess!” every time dad made eye contact with one of us so that helped.

After supper I was washing the pots and pans in the sink while Ella put away the leftovers and loaded the dishwasher. In the living room I heard my dad say, “I’m going to have a shower now I think,” to mom and walk to the staircase. The cabin only had 1 bathtub, a large jacuzzi style one with a handheld shower head on the second floor, so the four of us had to arrange shower times.

Instantly, El and I shared a look. Without a word, Ella went upstairs to her room and I went to mine to grab the coupon book. She was back in a few minutes, nodding, “Yeah he’s in there now. We have 10-15 probably, and you can totally hear the shower running downstairs, so we’ll have some warning if he ends early.”

I held up one of the coupons and said, “Got it, let’s go now and make sure we have as much time as we can. I want to be giving mom these every chance we get, without being reckless, so we can get the most out of this.”

Nodding at each other like robbers about to pull on clown masks and bust into a bank, we trooped out to the living room.

Mom gave us a polite smile as she sat in the comfy chair and looked out over the valley night, a glass of wine in her hand.

“Hi mom,” I said, trying to affect an air of casualness, “I wanted to redeem this coupon.”

She stiffened and placed her glass of wine down on the table beside the easy chair. Glancing at the hallway leading to the staircase, she was clearly unsure about her husband being in the house. But she didn’t say no, and when she saw the purple of the “Nice” coupon she relaxed even more.

“‘Shut up and kiss me’,” she read aloud. She bit her lower lip cutely and nervously brushed her long blond hair behind her ear with her free hand. God she was adorable.

Ella was standing next to me, and when mom looked at her with a questioning look Ella crossed her arms and said, “And for me too. It’s not fair if it’s just for Evan so we’ll be using the coupons together.”

Now mom looked surprised. Not unhappy, but like it hadn’t occurred to her that her daughter would want a cut of the action.

I smiled, “It is only fair, and El will appreciate it just as much as I do.”

Mom looked at the hallway again and clearly came to a decision. “Ok fine, but quickly, your dad might come down any minute now.”

I doubted that, but while the risk might be small the consequences of being wrong would be unthinkable.

Mom put the coupon down on the table next to her wine and stood up awkwardly rubbing her hands on the thighs of her pants. Looking between the two of us she mumbling, “Well, who’s first then? I don’t know about this, I’ve never kissed a girl before.”

I decided to live up to the spirit of the coupon and simply took a step toward her and brought my hands up to hold her head. Tilting to the side, I had a brief look at my mom’s eyes going very wide as my mouth found hers.

I pressed my lips against hers gently but held them there for several seconds. Then I licked her bottom lip until she opened her mouth with a small moan and let me in. Our tongues danced as she melted into me, her arms wrapping around me so she could run her hands up and down my back.

Pulling back for a moment, we looked at each other. Mom was flushed, clearly enjoying herself, and she pulled me close and kissed me hard. Her lips were on mine, then she kissed the side of my mouth and nibbled on my tongue with a small chuckle. My hands were running up and down her back, and I could feel her heavy tits pressing into my chest. Breathing hard now, mom ran her hands through my hair and sent şirinevler escort a trail of kisses down my neck and moaned as I got my hands up under her top to rub up and down her bare back. My cock was hard and I made sure to press it into her hip so she could feel it. Mom brought her right hand between us and pushed it up the front of my shirt, so she could run it over my stomach and up to my chest. Her low “mmmm” of approval at feeling my well-muscled torso was extremely flattering.

“Time! That’s five minutes!” Ella tapped me on the shoulder, which might not have been a bad idea as I was lost in the moment.

It hadn’t felt like five minutes but knowing Ella she had been running a timer. With extreme regret I disengaged from my mom’s passionate embrace, taking a step back.

Mom was panting, flushed and clearly as horny as I was. But she still looked unsure as her daughter approached her, and I thought she was about to protest. Ella, to her credit, paused for a moment, just holding mom’s shoulders in her hands and letting her make a decision. I really hoped mom wouldn’t deny her, I could only imagine being in Ella’s situation and feeling rejected if that happened.

But being the mother of twins, our mom knows all about fairness. After a moment she just gave a small, nervous smile and closed her eyes, tilting her head to the side in invitation. Ella very gently leaned in and kissed her, and I could tell from El’s wide open eyes that she was probably as skittish as mom was. For a few seconds they both stood like that, still and hesitant, until mom opened her mouth and started kissing in earnest. Any doubts El may have had were gone, and with a deep groan she embraced mom tightly and kissed her back just as passionately.

It was so cute and hot to see, mom being an inch or two taller than Ella made it so she was looking down slightly. I could tell they were mashing their tits against each other, their hands caressing each other’s arms. El kissed mom all over her face, licking her neck above the collarbone as mom smiled and crooned. Mom replied by moving her mouth to Ella’s ear and blowing in it before biting her earlobe. Ella groaned louder than ever and seemed to almost swoon.

At this point I realized I needed to be a better lookout. If dad walked in and mom was just kissing one of us on the lips, it would be weird but probably look innocent. But no one could look at the two of them going at it like that and confuse it for anything other than what it was.

I went to stand near the entrance to the hallway so I could hear the shower going upstairs. I kept looking back at the two of them, of course, it was hot as fuck. At one point I saw Ella reach up and roughly squeeze mom’s breasts through her shirt as Ella bit her lip.

I turned back to the hallway and froze. Shit, the water had stopped.

“Time! He’s done!” I hissed and Ella quickly pulled back. In the end, dad didn’t come straight downstairs of course, but went to his room for and only returned to the living room 10 minutes later. But it was for the best, mom and Ella needed the time to gather themselves.

Ella was sitting on the couch pretending to read her phone and I sat in one of the other chairs across from mom pretending the same. Mom, having fixed her hair and looking casual and relaxed again, gave me a wink as she picked up the coupon from the end table and folded it before putting it in her pants pocket.

Tomorrow was going to be a long, long day.

Chapter 6

Nothing happened on Boxing Day, because as a family we went to Whistler for the day to shop and see the sights. Mom gave me a funny look a couple of times, as if wondering if I was going to toss her a coupon for a blowjob in the restaurant, but needless to say neither sis nor I had the courage to try something with her in public. Well, not then anyway.

Ella and I had talked about how dad liked to take a nice long walk in the morning, but since he could be gone for an hour or else just 15 minutes if it was too cold out it was tough to be confident we could use one of the more advanced coupons. But I had been pretty sure we’d get a better chance that night and I was correct.

On Friday the 27th, we all went for a walk down some trails through the hills in the valley. It was very fun, and we all had a good time chatting and making jokes about who we would sacrifice and eat first if we got trapped in a blizzard (3 votes for my dad, and waiting maybe half a day before we resort to cannibalism).

When we got back to the cabin we all warmed up by the fire for a while and had a light lunch. That was when I noticed my dad reading his phone and typing out a series of replies to whoever he was talking to.

“Hey Evan, you want to hit up the pub with me and an old work buddy this afternoon?” Dad asked as his phone binged again.

I smiled, pleased to have been right. “Lemme guess, Leafs are playing today, right? And the game isn’t televised here, so you either have to watch şişli escort it on your phone or…”

Dad laughed and nodded, “Got it in one. My old buddy Jim is staying with family not far from Whistler, and he wants to go watch the game at the pub. He’s a Leafs fan too, always nice to find other likeminded fans.”

I know, I know. I’ve told you my dad is a pretty cool guy. Works too hard maybe, but great at his job and no one has a bad thing to say about him. But, yes, he is a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs despite having lived his whole life in BC. It brings great shame to our family, but he insists it’s because his dad was a Leafs fan. The corruption ends with me as I am a Canucks fan as God intended.

(For someone who isn’t from Canada, just imagine you grew up in California and so did your dad but he’s a huge Yankees fan. Or imagine you’re both from a suburb of London but your dad is a Manchester United super fan. Yeah, it’s like that. Shameful.)

Actually, I wouldn’t mind going to a pub with my dad. I’ve only been of drinking age for a few months and hanging out with my dad and his buddy and watching some hockey and eating nachos would be pretty fun. But… obviously I couldn’t pass up this chance considering he’d be gone for 2 or 3 hours.

“Sounds kinda fun, but no thanks dad. I wanted to hang out here.”

“Ahh, ok no worries.” He looked up at the others and said, “I don’t suppose either of you want to go to the pub in Whistler? Game’s at 5 this afternoon…”

“No thanks dear, just make sure you don’t drink too much.” mom smiled at him, but Ella just snorted. Neither of them were hockey fans, and it would have been shocking if they had wanted to go.

Dad shook his head, “Even better, Jim and his brother will come get me here. His brother doesn’t drink, so he’ll be the driver.”

And so, a few hours later my dad got his Leafs cap on and left with his buddy to go to Whistler for a few hours. As the car drove off towards the highway Ella turned to give me a smile, and we retreated to my room to look though our options. Mom pretended to not notice.

– – –

“So which one?” I asked Ella. We had narrowed it down to two likely options. “Naturally, I’m leaning ‘Naughty’, but either would be great. Maybe it would be better to go slow?”

Ella frowned as she considered the two coupons and said, “Clearly they are related, I think mom might just want to do a sexy dance so she put two in there. But I want to go Naughty for sure, she’s shown us her tits and French kissed us like a horny prom date, fuck going slow.”

“You are a pervert after my own heart sis,” I grinned.

“Hah, fuck you. But yeah let’s give it a try, if she balks then maybe we’ll negotiate down to Nice but I bet she’s eager. As long as we don’t rush to one that’s actual intercourse until we’re confident she’s down, I think we should be bold.”

And so we oh so casually walked back to the living room. Mom looked up and smiled, then said, “It’s going to be supper time soon, you guys have any requests for tonight? I was thinking I could make some of that pasta I brought.”

Then she went back to her book, smiling to herself, clearly enjoying making us initiate the conversation.

“Actually mom, we had another coupon for you,” I said, trying to be as confident and casual as possible. I handed her the red slip of paper.

“Ah, ‘Lap Dance’ huh?” she asked mildly.

Ella nodded, “Yes I know you love dancing and you probably don’t get to enough anymore. I’m dying to see what kind of moves you have.”

Mom fiddled with the paper, a blush rising on her cheeks, and she said, “Why this and not the strip tease one? They are basically the same, right?”

I shook my head, “We may use the strip tease one some other time, but for now we want the full show. I guess this coupon is basically the same as the strip tease, but with touching, correct?”

Now mom was blushing even more as she nervously chuckled, “Well I guess that’s what it means. But, uh, I’d need some time to get this ready? Is that ok? I can just do a dance for you guys right now if you prefer…”

She was hesitating, but I could tell it was just for show, and so could Ella as she replied, “No mother, we can wait. I have my wireless speaker upstairs, you can use my phone to play whatever music you want. How much time do you need? Would you prefer Evan and I wait upstairs or what?”

Mom bit her lip again and looked off to the side. She rubbed her hands on the thighs of her jeans and I could see she was getting excited. Finally, she stood and smiled bashfully.

“You guys just wait here, I’ll get ready upstairs. I need to think about it for a few minutes, but maybe get your speaker and hook my phone up to it.”

So, Ella got her speaker out and paired it with mom’s phone as I rearranged the furniture in the living room. The sun had set an hour before so it was full dark out, the occasional light twinkling in the distance. I turned off most of the lights except two lamps on opposite ends of the living room, and along with the fireplace the room was lit with a warm glow. I moved the coffee table away so Ella and I could sit on the couch.

I changed into my pajama pants, but without my boxers underneath, and left my tshirt on. Ella saw me and nodded, then rushed off to change into her typical sleepwear as well.

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