Ella , Evan – Xmas Coupons Pt. 03

Alexia Gold

Chapter 9

Ella checked on some things upstairs, by which I mean she snooped in the bathroom and through mom’s big travel handbag of toiletries to confirm a few things. No simply tossing a handful of coupons at mom the second we got back from Whistler, we had way too much class for that. We waited until after supper on Saturday to spring the next coupon on her.

We cleaned up the kitchen after supper quickly and efficiently as mom relaxed in the living room by watching TV. As soon as we were done, we oh so casually wandered into the room until mom had no choice but to look up at us and wryly ask, “Ok, what is it?”

This time, Ella handed her the purple slip of paper and said, “We would like to redeem this coupon. A ‘nice’ easy one for you, but I assume it will involve some prep so we wanted to give you some time to get ready if you need it.

“A full body massage huh,” mom read aloud, shaking her head as she chuckled a bit. Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into a simply ponytail and her green eyes flashed with barely concealed amusement as she continued, “and you both want one I take it?”

“Of course,” I replied with a smile.

Mom shrugged and said, “Very well, this isn’t nearly as… overt as I was worried you guys would try tonight. Ella, you presented the coupon so I take it you want your turn first?” Mom blushed at the thought of massaging her daughter, as we had learned when using the kissing coupon mom had basically no physical experience with girls and was clearly uncertain about it.

“Oh no mother,” Ella said with a wide grin, “you know how cranky twins get when things aren’t exactly equal. You can massage us both at the same time. I noticed there is some massage oil in the upstairs bathroom cabinet so I took the liberty of putting it in the master bedroom. That king-sized bed should be plenty of space for Evan and I to lay down on some towels while you show us your masseuse skills.”

Eyes widening, mom looked between us and said, “Oh for the love of… ok fine. I guess I can’t expect a little nudity to slow you two down now huh?”

I decided to push things a little more, so I nodded and said, “Well yeah, after your sexy lap dance Ella and I had to use our hands to get other off. So don’t worry about us, I’d say we are quite comfortable with each other now!”

“Oh dear lord,” mom muttered as she blushed and hid her eyes.

“Come on mom, you basically told us to do it,” Ella teased, “but don’t worry, we did help each other out very well like you suggested.”

Throwing up her hands in surrender, mom said, “Fine! Fine! A massage for both of you. I’ll need a few minutes to get the bedroom ready. You brats get your housecoats on, and I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

So we did, I stripped down and wrapped a towel around my waist as I don’t actually have a housecoat and I wasn’t going to ask to use dads. When mom called downstairs 10 minutes later I raced up and almost bumped into Ella hurriedly leaving her room, wrapped in her large terry cloth robe. We practically raced down the hall into the large master bedroom.

Mom had placed a bunch of large towels on the bed but near the end so my feet would be right at the edge and she gestured to them, saying “In a perfect world I’d have two massage benches with a space between them like in couples massages so I could stand between you guys but we’ll have to make due.” Mom was dressed in a white tshirt which must have been an undershirt. Clearly she did not have a bra on under it as her nipples were not only prominent bumps under the fabric but you could see the dark colours through the material. She also wore a pair of white capri pants that I think she used to exercise in, and I realized she was dressed in all white to look more like a masseuse.

“Now, if mister and miss would mind laying on the towels here, we’ll get started.”

I giggled at mom’s playacting but Ella just went with it, nodding regally and moving to undo the belt of her robe. Mom quickly stepped forward and between us with a large towel, which disappointed me as I realized she was doing it deliberately so I couldn’t see Ella. Mom winked at my look of dismay as she quickly got Ella wrapped up in the towel around her breasts.

Carefully holding the towel around my waist, I got onto the bed on the towels closer to the middle. I lay on my back so I could look at Ella she moved to lay down with the towel barely hanging on for dear life. Mom looked at me and said, “On your stomach, please,” so I grudgingly turned over while Ella lay on her stomach beside me.

We were only a foot or so apart at the shoulders, so I instinctively reached out and took Ella’s hand in mine. She smiled at me as mom moved around, getting some of the massage oil in her hands and then gently placing them on Ella’s bare shoulders.

“So, what brings you guys to Whistler?” mom asked as she slowly began to massage Ella’s shoulders from the side of the bed.

“Ahhhh that feels good. We’re just here for a weeklong holiday from school.”

I giggled again silivri escort at Ella going along with whatever the hell mom was doing, but Ella just gave my hand a small smack with her hand.

Rubbing Ella’s shoulder more firmly now, mom said, “You have lovely skin young lady. Your shoulders are so smooth, I’m jealous!”

Ella smiled and blushed, “Thank you. My boyfriend here should take notes on how to compliment a woman!” They both laughed, and I felt weirdly dumb at not knowing how to play along.

Finally, mom moved around and got up on the bed so she could reach me. Crawling on her knees to the middle of the bed, she placed her hands on my shoulders and rubbed firmly, saying, “Ok Evan, I’ll stop. You’re no fun!”

“I’m super fun!” I protested as mom pressed her thumbs into my shoulder muscles, “I just had no idea what was going on. And I’m terrible at improv, so I couldn’t think of a way to participate.”

Ella laughed and took my hand again, saying, “Aww I know. We’ll find some sort of role-playing coupon to give you some practice. If we play we’re like elves or something and you’re a guy with a sword would you be able to pretend with us?”

I gave a low whistle as mom laughed and ran her hands down my bare back, “Damn, if you had told me that kind of role playing was on offer, I would sign up in a heartbeat!”

Laughing again, Ella said, “Why do I get the feeling your version of role playing would end with me on my knees?”

“Ella!” mom admonished, but she was clearly amused too.

I shrugged as best I could while mom massaged my back and said, “Well she ain’t wrong!” and mom slapped me lightly on the back as Ella giggled.

Mom was now running her hands further and further down, until they reached the top of the towel around my waist. When she sat up get more oil on her hands, I simply reached down and tugged the towel down further so my ass was exposed.

“Hah. Subtle Evan, very subtle,” mom snickered, but she slowly ran her hands over my buttocks as she said it. Ella was half on her side facing me so she could watch as mom slowly massaged my lower back and ass.

“He has a really cute butt doesn’t he mom?” Ella said softly.

I could hear mom sigh and she almost whispered back, “Yes he does.” After a minute mom abruptly stopped and got off my side of the bed before walking back around to Ella.

As she approached, Ella looked me in the eye and winked before pulling her towel, which she had loosened already, off. She let the towel bunch up at her side, but her back was naked.

Mom hesitated, staring down at Ella. My sister was still turned to me, so her head was facing away from mom, and I could see a look of nervous worry on her face as she waited to see what mom would do. I could tell mom was conflicted, and unsure.

I softly said, “Isn’t she lovely mom? Just massage her back a little, like you did to me.”

Looking at me in surprise, mom quickly nodded and stepped forward to place her hands on Ella’s back. As she began to run up slowly, Ella smiled at me in thanks.

After a few minutes of actual massage, mom paused at Ella’s lower back before finally simply continuing down to rub her hands across Ella’s butt. “You have a very cute bum too, just like your brother,” mom said, and Ella let out a long moan of delight.

Taking her time, mom massaged down the backs of Ella’s legs, rubbing the muscles slowly and firmly as Ella sighed and let out the occasional groan of satisfaction. Then, mom stopped, giving a light pat on the butt to signal she was done for now as she walked back to my side of the bed.

I took the time to fully remove my towel too, and mom eagerly massaged my legs as well, taking the time to sensually rub my buttocks more than a professional masseuse probably would. She then ran her hands up the backs of my arms, squeezing my muscles in a way that was more groping than massaging, but I wasn’t complaining.

I could hear mom swallow audibly, and in a husky voice she said, “Ok the backs are all done. Turn over.”

I turned onto my back by rolling to left so I was facing Ella. She also slowly moved in such a way so that she could face me at the same time. I had never really seen my sisters breasts in a long time, other than a few small inadvertent glimpses. Now I could see her large breasts shaking as she turned over, her small dark nipples hard. Her eyes were fixed on my groin, although she had not only seen it but touched it and put it in her mouth for a few glorious seconds the night before, she still licked her lips as she looked at my hard cock hungrily.

It reminded me to look down so see Ella’s pussy again. Last night, she had been hairier than I was used to seeing but clearly she had done some grooming when she showered in the morning. She had shaved it all off, which I liked as a personal preference but to be fair I’m a huge fan of vaginas in general and take them any way I can get them.

Seeing where I was looking, Ella blushed and said, “I wasn’t şirinevler escort expecting anyone to see my vag, so I hadn’t shaved in a while.”

I smiled and said, “I love it either way, or any way in between.”

She rolled her eyes and blushed deeper, but just said, “You dork,” with a smile.

We finally got on our backs beside each other, and I turned my head to look at mom. She’s was on her knees to my right side, staring at my cock then at Ella’s bare pussy.

Breathing hard, mom didn’t say anything but, with a shaking hand, reached out to my cock and took it. Wrapping her fingers around my shaft, she slowly gave it a small squeeze before letting it go to run her fingertips along my length. At the head, she used her thumb and forefinger to grasp it and feel around the ridge of the glans.

“He’s got a wonderful cock, doesn’t he mom?” Ella asked. “When I touched it yesterday I admitted to him that I saw him get out of the shower in our apartment once and I checked him out. And I’ve seen him sleeping, with his big cock tenting his boxers, and I really really wanted to see it up close when it was hard. I’m glad I did.”

Her mouth open, mom didn’t react except to reach out and run her other hand down my stomach, she clearly enjoyed my abs, because she continued to caress my stomach with one hand while the other touched and prodded my dick.

I was loving it, but I didn’t want to come just from my mom touching my cock with two fingers, so I reached out with my left hand and touched Ella’s right thigh and said, “Mom, you should feel Ella too. She’s so damn smooth and soft.” And in saying so, I ran my hand up Ella’s thigh and across her stomach, awkwardly flipping my hand around so I could finally take her tit in my hand.

Mom was staring at Ella now while still holding my penis in her hand. She looked at me roughly squeezing Ella’s breast and she nodded as if to herself. Quickly scooting to the foot of the bed, mom walked back around to Ella and simply leaned down to kiss her on the mouth.

Surprised and delighted, Ella gave a moan and returned the kiss eagerly. Mom reached out and took Ella’s breast in her hand, pinching her nipple and twisting it lightly. Finally breaking the kiss, mom leaned down to take the hard nipple in her mouth and Ella gave a shocked yelp as mom bit down.

“That’s payback,” mom grinned as she let go of Ella’s breast. Mom instantly reached down and ran her hands over both breasts and then across her stomach, before finally reaching her shaved pussy.

Pausing for just a moment, mom ran a finger down Ella’s slit as Ella gave a loud moan. Then mom cupped her mons and gave it a soft squeeze, causing Ella to start to writhe on the bed.

I sat up enough to o be able to see what was happening, so I was treated to the sight of mom finally extending her middle finger and slowly pushing it into Ella’s wet folds.

“Oh my god, yes!” My sister cried out as she spread her legs further apart. Mom looked at her finger inside her daughter, then looked at me again.

“Evan, move over a bit,” she demanded, and I hastened to comply. Mom removed her hand from Ella, but only long enough to crawl up between us in the space I had just made for her. Mom was on her knees, looking up at us on our backs as she knelt.

With her left hand she grabbed my cock firmly, and with her right she simply inserted one or two fingers into Ella. Her handjob was awkward and uncoordinated, presumably because it was her left hand and she was at a strange angle. And she was only able to basically hold her fingers inside my sister while she clumsily thumbed her clit.

None of that mattered at all of course. Within a few minutes the sheer thrill of what was happening had me thrusting my hips up, crying out that I was going to cum. I shoot a rope of cum straight up several feet as mom gasped at the sight of me grunting and sending further shots out to land on my stomach and chest, covering mom’s hand. Mere moments later Ella gave a final loud moan and mom turned to see her baby girl thrashing around on the bed, coming so hard she soaked the bed.

As I tried to catch my breath mom stared at us both. Then she leaned over to take my still hard cock in her mouth and give it a quick suck, running her tongue over my sensitive head as she tasted me for the first time.

Without missing a beat, she turned to her daughter and lowered her head. I couldn’t see her lick up Ella’s juices but I could hear Ella’s shocked breath and see my sister’s wide eyes as mom tasted her too.

Finally, mom sat back down on the foot of the bed, Dazed, she smiled at us both and shook her head. “In hindsight, I’m not sure why I thought a full body massage would be one of the ‘nice’ ones.”

I was almost too shocked at her joke to laugh, but after a moment all three of us were giggling and laughing like maniacs. I reached up to grab mom and pull her down so she was laying between us. She was still dressed, but Ella and I quickly started groping şişli escort her through her clothes.

Leaning to kiss mom on the lips, I asked for both of us, “What do you want El and I to do for you now?”

“Yeah,” Ella said as she roughly pawed at mom’s tit through her shirt, “to put it mildly, we owe you one. What do you want? And don’t you dare say you don’t need to cum too. We’re not letting you off this bed until you do.”

Mom laughed weakly. She was now squirming under out hands, eyes closed and breathing ragged. “Oh don’t worry, I need an orgasm pretty badly right now!” Mom said with a gasp. Biting her lip, I could see her trying to decide how she wanted us to return the favour.

Chapter 10

Ella nibbled on mom’s left ear and whispered, “So how do you want us to help you out here? I bet Evan would only need a minute or two if you want to just get fucked hard. Right Ev? Mom made you cum like a volcano a few minutes ago but I bet you’d have no problem getting it up again…”

Once again, I was amazed and thrilled by Ella’s penchant for dirty talk. But I guess I have a perverted mind too, because as mom moaned loudly I kissed her on her right cheek and said, “I’d love nothing more than to screw mom silly all night long, and when I cum Ella you can clean her up with your tongue while I rest for the next round.”

“Oh Christ!” mom gasped. I tugged her tight white tshirt up her torso as she squirmed around, just enough so I could slip my hand up and grab her right tit and give the nipple a twist.

Ella was laying on her side, pressed up against mom so she used her left hand to massage mom through the crotch of her pants. “So mom, how about it? I guess I can admit now that in October Ev brought some random Tinder hookup back to our place and fucked her all night long. I could hear her yelling about his big cock for hours, I was getting pretty mad by the end. Why does this hussy get to be deep dicked by my hot twin while I’m there all alone in my bed wearing out the batteries in my vibrator?”

Opening her eyes mom gave a loud noise that was half laugh, half moan and said, “Fucking hell of course I want that, I’m only human! But not… right… now I don’t think. I need to think about that first.” She turned her head to face me, saying “Oh my sweet boy I really do want it, it felt so good in my hand, but for now maybe you could use your fingers instead? Please?”

I smiled and kissed her deeply before pulling back to say, “Of course mom, whatever you want. We can use our fingers, or maybe you’d prefer some oral? I really enjoy it, and I know for a fact Ella wants to taste you too.”

Her eyes widening, mom turned to her left as Ella gave a saucy grin and nodded. Very softly, mom said, “I haven’t had… that done to me before. I’m not sure…”

“Well, you gave me a nice lick a few minutes ago, so trust me you’ll love it,” Ella laughed.

Mom groaned and closed her eyes, nodding. I quickly sat up and undid the drawstring of her white pants as Ella grabbed mom’s shirt and pulled it off her, pausing only to take a nipple in her mouth and give it a quick, playful bite. By this time I had mom’s pants loose enough to tug them down, revealing her lack of panties and light brown landing strip. She was so wet I could see how it was soaking through her pants as I finished taking them off and tossed them to the ground.

Spreading her legs wide, mom grabbed Ella’s head and held her tight to her breast. Ella kept ravishing her left breast with her mouth and the right with her free hand, and for a split second I almost got distracted by how insanely sexy the sight was.

But quickly my focus returned to the gorgeous, mature pussy in front of me. Being so well groomed meant I could see her thick labia, noticeably a few shades darker than the rest of her skin. Her juices were visibly running down to her asshole, and as I pushed her knees up and out to spread her even further I got a glimpse of that hole as well and remembered that the very last naughty coupon in the book she had created just said “Anal”. Considering mom just said she had never been eaten out, I had to wonder how sexually adventurous dad was (or wasn’t, most likely), but I quickly put that thought out of my mind as I didn’t want to examine my guilty feelings regarding my father at that moment.

She was clearly ready to pop, so I eagerly dove in, nuzzling my nose against the top of her opening before sticking my tongue in as far as it would go and shaking my head from side to side. Mom yelled and bucked against me, and I followed it up by lapping away at her clit for a few seconds before tracing lines up and down her folds with my tongue.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Mom must have let go of Ella’s head because she grabbed at the back of mine, pulling on my hair slightly as she pulled at me. Smiling to myself, I used my lips to bite down on her lower lips and pull on them, before doing the same with her clit. I gently bit on her folds with my teeth but I had to stop that as she was thrashing around so much now I was worried I’d accidentally bite too hard.

For several minutes I enjoyed myself – few things in sex are as purely fun to me as eating out a woman and reveling in making them jump and moan. Mom was gasping and trembling now, so I reluctantly pulled back and just began to gently rub her inner thighs with my hands.

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