Ella’s Story-3-Bisexual Stirrings

Ella’s Story-3-Bisexual StirringsElla’s Story-3-Bisexual StirringsBy billy69boyI awoke to the sound of water filling the bathtub. I was startled at first, wondering how I had managed to leave the water running, but as my head cleared, I smiled to myself, realizing I wasn’t alone. I began to review all that had happened recently, and the thought of finally having Ella to myself for the weekend seeped into my every fiber.I got up and stepped gently towards the open bathroom door and I watched as Ella gingerly lowered herself into the water, an obvious grimace on her face. When she saw me, she quickly managed a smile, as she sank deeper into the bathtub. “Good morning my sweet…er…my slutty…Ella,” I said as we both laughed at the silliness that came out of my mouth.”Good morning Nick, she grinned and then shook her head, “you don’t have to try to keep talking dirty to me. That was yesterday’s fun. Today we’ll have other adventures.” “Oh good,” I replied, “I do have such a hard time trying to keep up the Dom role.””Yeah, I noticed,” she giggled. “I thought a nice soak in the tub might soothe my tender bottom,” she explained, “it’s still a little sore from that savage ass beating you gave me last night.””Ella, honey, I am so sorry about that. I really didn’t think it would end up going that far,” I muttered apologetically.”Oh, Nick, no need to be sorry. I asked for every lick of your belt. I wanted to show you I could take whatever you gave me and more,” she replied, “I’ll be fine.””Okay then, sweetheart, how about if I run out and get us some breakfast and coffee while you’re soaking?” I offered.”Sounds great, I’m starved!”As I waited in line at the drive-thru, I checked my cell phone for messages. I was surprised to see that it was close to 11:00 AM already, and I could still order breakfast food. I called my friend Nora to see when she wanted us to come by. She figured we’d meet at her house around 4:00PM and have a drink or two before we headed over to her supper club around 5:00PM. That worked perfectly, because it gave me time to take Ella dress shopping for our dinner date with Nora. She seemed quite excited about meeting my sweet companion, and I wanted Ella to be dressed her best for her. When I got back to the motel room, I opened the door and heard Ella’s voice in the bedroom. She was on her cell phone.”We’re just hanging around today daddy. We might go over to the mall later, but nothing special really.”No, I haven’t heard from the twins. How are they making out over at grand mom’s? Good! I’m sure they know how to entertain themselves.”How’s mom today? Hung over? Ha Ha! I figured as much. Well, you two have fun and tell me all about it tomorrow. Right, I will. I love you daddy! Say hi to mom for me when she wakes up. Bye!”She hung up the phone, and looked up at me smiling, as I laid our breakfast out on the desk. She was still wearing her bath towel, which she pulled off and laid it on the desk chair. Sitting down, she was grinning from ear to ear.”Oh, Nick, this is so cool. My parents have no idea what’s really going on. Wouldn’t they be surprised?”I could hardly answer, nor did I really hear what she was saying, as my eyes focused on her lithe young body with the adult curves already quite apparent. I had to shake my head a few times to make myself believe that this was all real.”Well, you certainly sound enthusiastic about it,” I finally replied, “I’m glad you are having a good time.””Are you serious? Last night was the best time I ever had in my life! It was even better than going to Disney World!” she exclaimed. Well, I was definitely impressed with her analogy.We ate our fast food breakfast and I was aware that I couldn’t keep my eyes off her naked young body, gently emerging as it was from innocence to elegance.”I talked with Nora. She’d like us to get to her place around four, and then head over for dinner at five. That gives us a couple of hours in between, and I’d like to take you out and buy you a new dress for our dinner with Nora,” I said.”Oooooh! That sounds like fun! I might need some shoes and a matching bag to go with it…” her voice trailed off.”Of course, sweetheart, whatever you want,” I replied, as I cleaned up the empty food cartons and threw the trash away.She looked at the clock and jumped up, scurrying around the room with no rhyme or reason to her actions. Apparently, she was already at the dress shop in her mind, and so it was going to take her a few minutes to catch up with reality.”Sorry, Nick. I guess I get a little carried away when it comes to clothes shopping,” she confessed, giggling.”It’s okay, babe, I understand, sort of, so let’s get going,” I suggested. I sat and watched as my lovely Ella jumped into her black spandex shorts and white sports top with the built in bra. I didn’t have to remind her that she needed to don her softball uniform and carry her bag of baseball gear out to my van while I carried the cooler of drinks.Off we went, and we talked about which stores were her favorites as she removed her uniform and settled into her seat, wearing only her tiny tight shorts and skin-tight white top along with her sneakers. I wanted to stop right there and have my way with her, but it would have to wait: we were on a mission. And then, I realized once again, that I was not the one who was calling the shots around here. As we motored down the freeway, I felt Ella’s delicate hand rubbing my leg ever so gently. It didn’t matter how gentle she was, my cock still sprang into firm action in seconds.”Whoa, young lady, I’m trying to drive here,” I admonished, as I looked down at the tent in my shorts. Ella pulled her hand away immediately.”Fine, then, I won’t touch you…at least not with my hand,” she shot back mischievously, as she eased my stiff member out from under the hem of my shorts. Exposed as I was now, she showed me her hands dramatically, and put them behind her back, as she knelt down on the van floor between the front seats. She fumbled around for a bit before she engulfed my steaming shaft with her hot, moist lips.”Oh! OH, My God, Ella! OH NO! OH YES!! OH DEAR HEAVEN ABOVE, GIRL. That feels so fucking good!” I blurted out, as her head bobbed up and down, faster and faster. “OH, YES YES YES! Keep going just like that!” I urged her on, even as I became aware of a tractor-trailer driving next to us on the interstate. I caught a glimpse of the driver giving me the thumbs up sign, but I couldn’t acknowledge him because I was too busy pumping Ella’s willing mouth full of cum. That and trying to remember to stay on the road.When things began to slow down, and my cock became semi-limp, Ella kept sucking it and licking it, making sure there was nothing left to stain my shorts. She finally looked up at me, smiling.”That was amazing sweetie, wow, you are very talented!” I assured her.”Thanks!” she replied with a grin, as she resumed her position in her van seat. She ran her fingers through her long hair and then pointed at a sign advertising strip stores at the next exit. I nodded, and made my way off the highway.As we entered the first store, we decided she would be my daughter, and I would be her uninterested dad who got the chore of taking her dress shopping. In reality, I relished this opportunity to dress her up in something sexy, yet innocent enough.She came to me with several dress choices, looking for my approval. Of course, I made her try on each dress. I was of no help, because I loved seeing her in all of them. In the end, she managed to select an adorable white chiffon dress. The material was so fine and feminine that you could see right through it, if given the proper lighting. When she twirled around for me, I knew this was the dress for her. My cock started twitching just looking at her prancing around proudly. The naughty twinkle in her eye told me that she knew full well the effect she was having on me. As I shifted around uncomfortably in my seat, she ran off, and soon came back with a tan clutch bag and matching tan gladiator sandals. “Can I wear the dress right now?” she asked, as she wrapped the sandal straps around her ankles and up her calves. “Of course, my darling, that’s what we’re here for. You look ravishing, and I’m sure Nora will agree. She too adores beautiful young ladies, as I have already mentioned,” I reminded her.”Mmmm, yes, I remember. I am looking forward to meeting her,” she said, as a coy but knowing smile crossed her face.We paid for our purchases and settled in for the drive to Nora’s. I couldn’t take my eyes off my young charge and her sexy white dress. She looked so innocent and angelic, I thought. She noticed me ogling her, and must have read my mind: with a grin, she slowly pulled her dress up to her waist, and ran her hands up and down her bare legs.”Oh no, honey,” I protested, “you can’t do that, I am trying to concentrate on driving!””No, you’re not, you have been checking me out since we left the store,” she shot back, “so I might as well give you something to look at.”With that, she spread her legs and began to slowly touch her pussy through her thong, watching me for my reaction. She knew the power she had over me, and she wasn’t afraid to use it. I suddenly realized I had developed two lumps at once: one in my throat and one in my shorts. Damn, she was good, I thought.I said nothing else, as I tried valiantly to keep my eyes on the road. I figured that if I ignored her, she would get bored and stop teasing me. I was wrong. As I glanced over as furtively as possible, I could see that she had pulled her thong to one side, and had buried two fingers from her other hand deep inside her hairless pussy. I had to reach down between my own legs and squeeze my erection a few times; such was the height of my arousal. Finally, ortahisar escort in a last ditch effort to keep things under control, I conjured up my most authoritative tone of voice:”Ella!” I exclaimed, but my best effort fell on deaf ears. By now, she was in a world of her own: her eyes were closed and her chin rested on her chest like she was in a trance. Her fingers worked her tender womanhood like pistons firing in a race car engine. In just minutes, her legs started twitching in that tell-tale manner, and soon after, they shot straight out and shuddered like she was getting zapped with electric. Her breathing was rapid and labored, and she yelled out incoherently as the throes of orgasm washed over her.I was beside myself with a mixture of lust and pride: she sure knew how to turn me on, and she wasn’t too shy to pleasure herself in my presence. She seemed very comfortable around me, and I had to smile to myself at my good fortune.”Whew, that was intense,” she finally uttered, as she sat back up, situated her thong, and pulled her dress back down. She quickly transformed herself into a proper young lady, although her face was still flushed red. I couldn’t wait for her to meet Nora. I was certain that the two of them would hit it off.We arrived a bit late, but not too late. We turned off the main road, and crept along the one lane dirt road that meandered through the woods. Nora owned an old lakeside house that was quite a distance from her neighbors’ homes. It was a charming place with a wrap-around porch and a breathtaking view of the lake.”Hello! Hello! Do come right in!” Nora greeted us excitedly. She was a sweet old girl, single, and recently retired from a lifetime career as a nurse. She hugged me enthusiastically, and kissed me on each cheek. She turned towards Ella, and took both of her hands in hers and gave them a little squeeze.”So, this is Ella, is it? I’ve heard so much about you. You are quite lovelier than dear Nick has described you. And your dress is simply divine! Shall we go inside, then?” Nora turned and led the way, walking hand-in-hand with Ella while I followed. As we entered the living room, Nora suggested we sit out on the porch as it was hot and stuffy in the house.”You two make yourselves comfortable, and I’ll go fix some tea and brandy,” Nora announced, as she noticed Ella lowering herself gingerly onto the wicker chair. “A few scones won’t hurt our appetite now will they?” she yelled over her shoulder.As we sipped our fortified tea (just plain tea for Ella) and munched on cookies, we exchanged pleasantries and made the obligatory small talk. Ella seemed to be charmed with Nora and her British accent that was still apparent, even after working in the States for most of her life. “I love your huge porch and the way the railing goes all the way around so you can’t fall off into the water,” Ella observed, giggling.”Why yes, it is my favourite place to spend my time during the summer months, and the railing does come in handy, yes!” Nora replied, without further explanation. Just then, she looked at her watch:”Oh dear, we only have a short time before we leave for dinner. We have reservations, don’t you know?” Nora reminded us, and turned towards me. “But, before we go, do you mind if Ella comes with me for a minute, as I have something for her.” I nodded my approval, and off they went into the house. I could hear their muffled exchange, as they entered the front bedroom. The window was open, and so I could hear them as well as see them.”Ella, my dear, I noticed you had a bit of a time settling into the chair on the porch. Perhaps I can help alleviate some of your tenderness. I am a nurse, you know?”I could see Ella’s face blush, but I couldn’t make out her response. It must have been positive, because the next thing I saw was Ella lying across Nora’s lap, with her dress pulled up to her waist.”Good girl, now let’s see what we have here…oh dear! That is one red bum you’ve got there, young lady. I can only imagine what…oh, of course! Well, let’s get rid of the knickers for now, then,” Nora instructed, as she helped to slide Ella’s thong down her legs and past the elaborate straps of her sandals.”Very good then, I have some wonderful ointment that will help ease your discomfort,” she explained, as she unscrewed the lid from a jar of thick balm, and dipped her fingers in. I’m not sure which one of them gasped, but watching Nora slowly and gently rub Ella’s exposed ass with the concoction was enough to excite me to no end. Nora let out a deep sigh, as Ella moaned dreamily, and I clutched my hard cock and slowly began stroking it. I watched as Nora methodically massaged the heavy cream lovingly onto Ella’s tender soreness, and it didn’t take long for me to finish myself off and regain my composure. Finally, Ella stood up, smoothed out her dress and thanked Nora, as she looked around for her thong. Nora had already picked it up, folded it, and placed it on top of her dresser.”You won’t need your knickers for now, dearie. You don’t want to spoil them with the ointment. You can pick them up when we return from dinner,” she explained, as she led Ella out of the room. She leaned towards the open window in my direction:”Shall we be off then, Nick?” she asked, knowing full well that I watched the entire show.The restaurant wasn’t far off, once we navigated back onto the main road. As we entered, it seemed as though everyone knew my friend Nora. I was aware that she was part owner, but I didn’t know she was so well thought of. We were shown a table towards the back of the restaurant that opened out to a quaint view of a bubbling brook that ran through the deep woods. Soft music played in the background as we made small talk. We ordered drinks and a Shirley temple for Ella. As we looked over the menu, the room slowly began to fill up with diners. Our table was situated in such a way that Ella faced the other tables, while Nora and I sat on either side of her. We ordered our food and sat back sipping our drinks.”So, Ella my dear, how is your bum feeling now?” Nora asked quietly.Nodding her approval, Ella answered: “Oh, it’s feeling much better now, Miss Nora, thank you so much!””Well, dearie, I can assure you that I can make all your tender parts feel much better as well,” Nora replied without a hint of shyness. Ella squirmed around in her seat, turned red, but said nothing.”You see, love, your friend Nick here isn’t the only one around who adores beautiful young ladies such as yourself,” Nora went on to explain, as she discreetly placed her hand on Ella’s knee and gave it a little squeeze. Ella smiled weakly, but she didn’t pull away. She did happen to look around the room, as she felt like someone may have noticed, despite the rather long table cloth. No eyes were upon her, it appeared, but she noticed something rather peculiar: all the tables in the room contained female patrons. Even the wait staff was female. It seemed that, other than Nick, men only could be found in the main dining room or at the bar.Ella didn’t have time to think about it, because she could feel Nora’s hand drift further up her leg and disappear under the hem of her dress. I couldn’t see what was happening, but I could tell from the expressions on their faces that Nora was already making bold advances on Ella. I thought I detected a faint murmur in the room and I briefly caught several sets of eyes quickly glancing over, and then looking away. It was then that I also became aware of what Ella had already noticed: the room was filled with women. Most sat two to a table, and pretended not to notice us. “You like being touched there, don’t you my dear?” Nora declared at a volume just above a whisper, as she used her hand to push Ella’s legs open. I could see Ella’s body shudder slightly as she complied and allowed Nora’s fingers full access to her now moist, panty-less sex.”Y-yes ma’am,” Ella answered meekly. With that, Nora boldly slipped two fingers into the girl’s hot pussy, and deliberately pushed them in as far as they would go, causing Ella to jump slightly, and drop her fork loudly onto the tile floor. Several patrons looked over intently, following the clattering of the fork on the floor.”That’s okay, sweetie, they will bring you a new one,” Nora assured her, as she maintained her connection with Ella’s quivering cunt. Ella just nodded her head silently, as she gripped the edge of the table with both hands.”From now on, you will do anything I tell you to do, now won’t you my dear?” Nora commanded, as she hastened her tempo and finger fucked our young playmate quite noticeably. Ella just shook her head up and down as she braced herself for perhaps the most intense climax of her young life. I was completely enraptured, as was the entire room. I looked out and saw several ladies with their jaws dropped, as their own hands feverishly but discreetly attacked themselves underneath their tables. I don’t think Ella noticed, because her eyes were closed, and her head was thrown back, as she jerked and jolted under the spell of my good friend Nora.The timing was perfect, as the waitress arrived with our food shortly after Ella’s convulsions calmed down. A clean fork accompanied Ella’s plate. As we commenced to eat, I noticed that Nora had subtly slipped her two fingers into her mouth and eagerly sucked them clean. “You are so sweet, my darling Ella, and I mean that in more ways than one,” Nora declared. “I am having an intimate gathering of close friends over this evening, and I want you to be my honoured guest, love. Oh, and of course Nick is invited as well.” Ella smiled, and I wondered if she had any idea what lie ahead. Perhaps I should have been karaköprü escort clearer when I told her that Nora also liked young girls. As we lingered over dessert and another round of drinks, most of the other diners had gone, and we had the room to ourselves.”Tonight will change your life, dearie, and you will have me to thank for it. You are going to learn how to become a ‘Women’s Woman’, and I will be your teacher. Would you like that, then?” Nora looked at her intently in the eyes. Again, Ella just smiled and nodded her approval. So, off we went, happily fed and feted, back to Nora’s house.As we arrived, Nora declared excitedly, “Oh look! Our guests have already arrived!” She walked arm-in-arm with Ella. “Just stick close to me, darling, and I will introduce you to my friends. This will be so much fun!” Nora turned to me briefly: “Nick, will you be a dear and tend the bar for us this evening?”I couldn’t help but smile, knowing what was to come, or at least having a fairly good idea of Nora’s plans. “Of course, it will be my pleasure, Nora,” I answered graciously. As we entered the living room, several people milled about, waiting for Nora’s arrival. Something was strange, I thought: not only were the guests all women, but they were the same women that shared our dining room at the restaurant! I wondered if Ella noticed, but she was busy being ushered into Nora’s bedroom. I walked past the group and stood out on the porch within earshot of the bedroom window.”Now, Ella, my dear, let us be clear: you have agreed to do as I command, am I correct? If you want to change your mind, now is your last chance to do so. Do you understand?””Yes, Miss Nora.”So, what say you then?””I will do as you wish.””That’s wonderful my precious girl! You won’t regret it, I swear. Now these are all my closest friends out there, and they will love you as much as I do. You need not fear. No one will hurt you. And Nick will look after you, I’m sure of it! Shall we go then?” Nora explained enthusiastically. Before they went back out to the living room, I noticed that Nora had procured Ella’s damp thong and concealed it in her closed hand.As Nora began showing off her “guest of honour”, I assumed my role as bartender. The bar was situated at the back of the living room, and I had a perfect view. There was a palpable air of excitement throughout the room, as Nora introduced Ella to the group, one by one. I noticed that Nora offered Ella’s thong to each friend, and without exception, each of them held the musky material to their noses and breathed in with their eyes closed. I also noticed that each woman brazenly reached under Ella’s dress, pushed their fingers between her labia, put them to their lips and then sucked on them, smiling as they did so. I was concerned that perhaps Ella would get overwhelmed with all the female attention she was getting, but she seemed to be handling it well, at least so far. All of the women were middle-aged or older, and they were decked out in their finest outfits. The longer I observed the scene, the more I realized that Nora had planned this well ahead of our arrival. No wonder she had asked me so many detailed questions about my new friend. I could tell the wheels must have begun spinning in her mind from the moment I asked her if we could come to visit. Of course, it was just coincidence that Ella glowed in her sheer white dress that fell modestly just above her knees, while everyone else wore dark dresses or skirts and suits.A quick count of the guests told me there were ten women in attendance, besides Nora and Ella. Nora had several party games planned, so that no one felt left out. As I was busy making drinks, I couldn’t hear the instructions for the first game, but from the look of things, it involved each woman having a chance to “get to know” Ella, by choosing any one thing to do with her. Of course, everything was done right out in the open, so the onlookers got to watch the proceedings.Apparently, each woman had five minutes to do what she wanted. Anna was the first to play. She helped Ella up onto the dining room table. She lowered her down on her back, lifted Ella’s dress and pushed her legs back against her chest. She sat down in front of, and buried her face between the girl’s legs. Ella let out a loud moan that all could hear, and some cheering followed from the enthusiastic, and very horny, crowd of women. As Anna shamelessly licked and slurped away, her hand reached up under her own dress, and she worked her clit feverishly. By the time her five minutes were up, it was obvious that both of them had erupted in orgasm.Brenda, a shorter, rather petite woman, was the next player. She did the opposite: she helped Ella to get down from the table, and guided her to the chair. She took her place lying on the table, hiked up her skirt and removed her panties, revealing her dark pubic patch. Ella hesitated for just a few seconds, and she received a glaring look of disapproval from Nora. She shrugged, and bent over the woman’s eager pussy, stuck out her tongue, and licked her clit until the woman writhed and squirmed, finally pounding her fists on either side of the table as her body shuddered blissfully.After each person’s turn, the crowd got more and more frenzied, which was understandable. I was also caught up in the excitement, and I felt like stirring the ladies’ drinks with my throbbing hard-on. Vanessa, the next partier, got even bolder. She motioned for Ella to lie on the floor, as she tore off her own panties and squatted overtop of Ella’s face. More cheers erupted as the woman rode Ella’s mouth up and down her slit, and ultimately covered Ella’s face with her hot love juice. Wow, the intensity in the room was increasing by the minute. One of the women, Alexandra, was waiting impatiently for her turn couldn’t help herself, and she slipped behind the bar and stood next to me.”Men don’t really turn me on, Nick, nothing personal…but could I borrow your fingers?” She asked me, as she lifted up her dress and leaned over the bar. I was more than happy to accommodate her; such was the sexual energy exploding around the room. I stood behind her and teased her clit between my finger and thumb until she moaned in anticipation.”Would you stop torturing me like that, and just finger fuck me, Nick? And do it like you mean it,” she demanded. So, I took her at her word, and buried my fingers deep into her well-worn sex while we watched as Ella knelt on top of the table doggie style. Gabriele, the next contestant in line, stood behind her and leaned over, spread Ella’s still red ass cheeks, and sucked her brown pucker enthusiastically. The onlookers clapped their hands in delight. For her last minute, she stood up and plunged her index finger into Ella’s well-lubricated forbidden tunnel, and finger fucked her ass with an alacrity that bordered on vicious. Damn! These women liked to play for keeps, I thought, as my bar sidekick lurched and quivered under my own rough fingering of her pussy. I must have done something right; she was only able to remain standing because of the grip she had on the beer taps.The next woman in line, Belle, was somewhat older than the rest, and she wasn’t in the best of shape for attempting any fancy gymnastics. But she was definitely interested in having her turn with the lovely Ella. She directed Ella to kneel down on the floor and she hovered over her with her legs spread and her dress hiked up. She took a step forward, and her gray-haired pussy loomed inches away from young Ella’s face. The entire room was rather shocked to hear the older lady blurt out:”Go on, suck my cunt, sweetie! I’ve only got five minutes! Bite my clit! Pinch my ass!” Raucous laughter followed, and then a big cheer went up. Ella complied, and by the time the old lady’s five minutes were up her legs were so wobbly and weak, she had to be held up by two women as she drained her sexual fluids into Ella’s mouth.The next participant was already in position, lying on the table, her dress pulled up to her waist, and playing with her exposed tits. Nora directed Ella over to her, and instructed her to stand between the woman’s legs. “Missy here likes to be fingered DP style. Do you know what that means?” Ella shook her head. “She wants you to finger her pussy and her bum at the same time. But first, lean over and get her wet.”Ella obeyed Nora’s command, and the woman groaned out loud at the touch of Ella’s warm tongue on her most intimate parts. “That’s right, lick me honey, but not for too long. I want to feel your fingers fucking both my holes.” With that, Ella worked two fingers into the woman’s slippery love canal, and then slid one finger into her steaming hot ass. With her last minute, the women encouraged her to try two fingers in each hole, and she did an admirable job of bringing Missy to orgasm in the midst of the onlookers’ approval.After everyone had their five minutes with Ella, it was time to take a break. Nora encouraged her guests to freshen up and have me refill their drinks. She took Ella by the hand, and walked her out to the porch, threatening the women if they so much as take a peek outside. The murmuring and excitement rose with Nora’s announcement, as I struggled to meet all the drink requests. I knew that Nora and Ella went outside, but I had no clue what was to come next. To be honest, I was distracted by the guests who took to playing their own games while they waited. I’m sure I had never been in such a roomful of female sex maniacs who thought nothing of fingering each other in front of everyone, as well as baring their breasts proudly. After quite a long intermission, Nora reentered the living room. A hush fell siverek escort over the crowd. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife:”Ladies, I hope you are grateful to our Special Guest for her willingness to bring us any pleasure we desired. Now, I hope you will be willing to join me out on the porch where we will all have the opportunity to return the favour.”With that, Nora turned and marched out the door, as the others eagerly followed. Immediately I heard loud gasps of surprise, and gleeful cackling. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but my curiosity got the best of me. I slipped out from behind the bar and quietly stepped into the front bedroom. As I looked out the window, there was Ella, completely naked except for her fancy gladiator sandals, bent over the railing. Her arms were stretched out to either side, and they were lashed tightly to the railing. Her legs were spread wide, and her ankles were secured to the spindles of the railing. Her chest rested along the top of the railing, just above her firm tits. She was completely helpless, and at the mercy of this group of hungry, veteran lesbians. I had to concede that she had a beautiful view of the lights across the lake. Nora raised her hand up in a plea for silence:”Now, ladies, there are plenty of toys and playthings here on the table that we can use to entertain our young guest. As you can see, she is in a fine position, and she’s in quite a ‘receptive’ mood, so let’s show her a good time, shall we? Oh, and as a gesture of understanding and good will, please refrain from any ideas of spanking or whipping, as our guest had a rough night of it last night. So, her bum is still quite sore, sorry to say. But just to be clear, arse fucking is highly encouraged. Shall we begin then?”The women rushed to the table to pick through the multitude of toys that they could use in order to ‘entertain’ their young guest. One of the women was so anxious; she already had her strap-on in place and stood behind Ella as she adjusted the straps. The women gathered around and the mob mentality took effect immediately: this time there was no ‘five minute’ rule. It was every woman for herself. While the woman with the strap-on prepared to penetrate Ella’s quivering love entrance, others stood on each side of their young guest and manipulated her breasts that hung down below the railing. They teased and pinched her nipples, which were already hard from the cool night air. Ella twisted and turned as much as her restraints allowed, and groaned in reaction to the intense tit play she received from her eager audience.It was Dawn who was the first to make use of her strap-on. She was a tall strong woman, who put me in mind of Super Girl and she wasted no time in giving Ella a powerful fucking. She held the girl by her hips, and pounded her into submission. Missy stepped up with a finger full of ointment, spread Ella’s still pink ass cheeks, and gently worked her index finger into her dark passage. After several deep penetrations, Missy managed to find room for a second finger in Ella’s tender ass. “That’s it, Missy dear, get her bum ready for some nice anal fun,” Nora encouraged her excitedly. With that she tugged at Dawn, and motioned for Anna to step up. Anna wore a strap-on as well, but aimed to go a different route: she had a footstool in her hand, and placed it down behind Ella. The extra rise gave Anna the perfect angle for a more downward thrust. She slid the toy back and forth between Ella’s smooth ass cheeks, coating the surface of it with the leftover ointment. Several women stepped in closer, and Ella felt her cheeks being stretched wide. She heard several comments simultaneously: “Oh my!” “Look at that!” “Mmmmmm!” “Give it to her, Anna!”Anna was eager to please her friends, so she lined the cockhead up and leaned forward. Many sets of eyes widened as they witnessed the shaft slowly disappear past the young girl’s sphincter and deep into her rectum. Ella winced at the sharp pain she felt at first, but she recovered quickly, thanks to Missy’s earlier finger play. Anna’s strap-on was considerably thicker, and obviously longer than Missy’s fingers, so Ella felt uncomfortably “full” for a minute or two. As Anna fell into a consistent rhythm, Ella felt more relaxed, and she began to enjoy the sensation. As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed observing the festivities. I felt privileged to be the only male at the party, and even though no one paid me any mind except for when they wanted their drinks refreshed. I loved the group’s enthusiasm and grateful attitudes towards Ella. I just loved sharing my young friend with such an appreciative audience, and I was pretty sure that Ella was having a good time.The crowd got more animated as they marveled at Ella’s perseverance and determination to take what she was getting: the two women who held her cheeks open also contributed their other hands to fingering her pussy and teasing her clit. “Cum for us, little lady, cum all over our fingers,” one of them shouted out, as the crowd roared its approval. Anna stepped up her pace, and she made sure that Ella received the entire length of the shaft with each stroke. Other encouragements followed:”You go girl!” “Yeah baby, take it, baby!” “Squeeze that ass!” “Damn, look at her go!”Ella must have been inspired by all the cheers, as I watched her familiar leg-shaking and butt-shuddering lead up to her whole-body convulsing in a tremendous orgasm. More cheers went up, as Nora stepped forward and waved her hand towards the living room.”Intermission ladies! Time out! Go in and get another drink while our Ella here takes a well-deserved break, and a new position. Please ladies!” she implored, as her “partiers in crime” groaned their disappointment rather loudly while stepping back into the living room and heading slowly to the bar. I had just enough time to resume my position, and I was steadily busy pouring drinks for the next half hour. The women acted like I wasn’t even there, from the sound of their conversations:”Did you see her pushing back on that dildo, like she couldn’t get enough of it?” “Yeah, I really think she wanted more, that shameless little hussy, lol!””She is so sweet, and what a pretty young ass!””I don’t know how sweet she is, but I’m dying to taste her myself!””Ooh, I want to suck her tight teen ass!”Wow, I thought to myself, these are some sex-hungry women here. I was immediately grateful that my friend Nora was in charge. Without her iron hand and strong will, there was no telling what these ladies would end up doing, left to their own devices.”Okay, ladies, we are ready for our grand finale,” announced Nora, as she made her way back to the bar. I had her drink at the ready, and she winked at me and turned toward the group, whose murmuring rose as she did so.”Our special friend Ella has taken some refreshments and I helped her get cleaned up. She’s all sparkly and shiny again, and ready to express her thanks to all of you for showing her such a good time,” Nora explained quietly. “She has asked me if we could calm things down some now, so she can take her time and get to know each one of us more…ah…intimately, shall we say.” More grumblings and disappointing groans filled the air, causing Nora to put her hand up and ask for silence.”Ladies, you don’t understand. Our young guest is presently in a new position that I do believe will be to your liking. She is ready to accommodate you orally, whether as a giver or a receiver, your choice. All the toys have been put away, and the use of hands is prohibited,” she announced, “Now, please follow me.” As she turned towards the outside porch, her friends followed close by. The Oohs and Aahs that followed caused me to hasten to my spy window in the bedroom. I couldn’t actually see Ella’s new position, as she occupied the love seat against the wall. But I could hear the approving comments from the women: “Mmmm, nicely exposed pussy and ass.””Oh yes, I love how her legs are tied back like that.””And with a nice thick pillow on the deck right under her ass!””Wow, look at how her head is tied back so she is looking at the ceiling.””Humph, she’s going to be looking at something besides the ceiling in a second!”Giggles ensued, as someone mentioned how sexy it was that Ella’s arms were tied behind her back.”Well then ladies, gather round, that’s it. Now, for the remainder of the evening, our delightful friend Ella has agreed to remain in the position you see her in, for our pleasure. You may choose to lick or be licked, or both. You may come and go as you please, and revisit her as you wish. But remember, mouths and genitals only. No hands and no objects. And please be considerate and remove your knickers first, if you haven’t already done so. “Allow me to demonstrate,” she said matter-of-factly, as she knelt down on the pillow, hands behind her back, and leaned forward, tongue protruding. Ella squirmed at the initial contact, but the more Nora twirled her tongue and pushed between Ella’s labia, the more she calmed down and fell into a smooth rhythm. The observers were getting impatient, and Nora came up for air.”Very well then,” she said as she rose to her feet with the help of her friends. “I have one more thing to show you, ladies,” as the groans of annoyance returned. “Hush!” she ordered as she climbed up on the love seat, turned around, and sat down on the back of the seat, her pussy just inches from Ella’s bound head. She slumped down until she felt Ella’s tongue on her sex. Nora slid down a little more, spread her formidable ass cheeks and covered Ella’s face. Cheers from the partiers erupted simultaneously, as Nora rode Ella’s mouth with serious vigor, sliding back and forth from pussy to ass and back again. Finally, she could hold back no longer, and drenched the young girl’s face in her warm juices. Drained and spent, Nora gingerly stepped down to genuine applause from her admirers.”Now, do carry on ladies. Mind your manners, and don’t forget to say thank you when you’ve finished. So, who would like to be next? Oh and only two of you at one time please!”

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