Email Friends Get Together


I have been writing hot letters to and receiving replies from another Lit erotica reader and have turned them into a story.


We live so far apart and getting together might be hard to accomplish but I do have a time share near you. It is very nice, a self contained unit. Kitchen, living room, big bed room and king size bed. There is even a spa in the tub.

We make plans to meet at the time share and this is how things unfold.

I get there before you and take a shower so I will be nice and fresh for our time together. I especially concentrate on my cock, balls and ass.

It is really hard for me not to get myself off as I haven’t cum in days but wait for you.

I get into bed naked and still hard. I fall asleep and as you also have a key card you slip into the room without waking me.

I wake up slowly to a near dark room by the feeling of someone caressing my cock and it excites me like I haven’t been for a long time. I am soft and know from our emails this is how you like to start. You continue caressing my now hardening cock and balls. From my inner thighs to my ass and back to my cock.

Before I am completely hard you take me into your mouth and make love to my cock. It doesn’t take much of this before I am completely hard and I try to turn around into a 69 with you.

You tell me to just relax; you want my first time with another man sucking me to be memorable and to just enjoy, as we have all week end.

I do just that and lay back to enjoy your fine cock sucking. As you suck mersin escort and lick my cock you are also stroking it with one hand and caressing my balls with the other. Sometimes you have just the tip of my cock in your mouth and are running your hot tongue around the head while stroking the shaft. I am not sure who is loving this more me or you.

You are taking your time enjoying this. Some women made me feel they were going so fast because they wanted to just get it over with. You remind me of a lover who could almost get off by just giving me head.

I am so relaxed that I pull my legs back so that my knees are at my chest and I put my hands between my legs spreading myself open completely to you. When a woman did this in the past it was so hot for me that I felt that I was in heaven. I fell that way now exposing myself completely to you any way you want me.

“Oh my God, you are the best cock sucker I have ever had.” is all I can say between moans of ecstasy.

You take two fingers and make small circles in that sweet spot between my balls and anus. I know you are uncomfortable with my ass so understand when you don’t venture farther. When it is my turn to pleasure you I will show you how great it can feel when done slowly at the right time.

But now your great cock sucking has brought me to orgasm.

I cry out “Oh God Bob, I am cumming!”

You keep fucking my cock with your mouth until I start shooting into it. Your mouth, tongue and lips are the ultimate caress, better than anywhere my cock has escort mersin been in the past.

Once I stop cumming you hold me in your mouth until I am soft and I am so sensitive as you let my cock slide slowly from your mouth.

As I am collecting myself you sit back on your heels with a satisfied smile on your face. It is then that I see you are naked too and very erect and throbbing. I can see your pulse in your cock and say “It is now your turn to sit back and enjoy, let me do everything to return the pleasure you just gave me.”

Part 2

As I lay there with my legs still spread you sit back on your knees. You spread your legs some opening them so I can see your hardness and hanging balls. You are shaved which I really like.

I turn around and crawl between your legs spreading them some more. I put my hands on your knees and run them up the inside of your thighs. My hands meet at your hard cock which is pointing right at me, pulsating.

This is the moment I have fantasized of for so long. As I lean forward I reach under you to hold your balls with one hand and support myself with my other.

As I lean forward I kiss the crown of your cock with wet lips. Moving forward I slide about half of your cock into my wet sucking mouth. It is wonderful, I hold you there sucking slowly as I caress your ball sack. As I suck your cock I am running my tongue around it. I put pressure on the underside and caress you pushing your cock to the roof of my mouth. This is as awesome as I had fantasized.

As I mersin escort bayan hold your sack in the palm of my of my hand I caress your taint with my finger tips, just to the edge of your anus.

As I take more of your cock into my mouth I intensify my sucking.

I feel you getting harder and can feel your pulse through my mouth and tongue. As I now have all of your cock comfortably in my mouth I start a fucking motion. I am fucking your cock with my mouth. Sucking, licking, letting my spit run down and around your shaft so that your balls are getting wet.

With the hand on your balls, I extend my two middle fingers and explore around your anus, not directly touching it but putting slight pressure on the area, you react to this. You didn’t think this would be hot for you but you can not deny that it is. There is no feeling of me rushing the moment, just my way of showing you what I enjoy.

You must have gotten close to cumming just by your sucking of my cock as you are beginning to moan deep in your throat. I speed up my sucking and caressing your sack and ass. Sometimes running just the pad of my index finger over but not in your anus.

This pushes you over the edge and you start shooting you’re cum into my mouth. I pull back slightly so that I can hold and taste you in my mouth and on my tongue. You shoot three hot quick loads into my mouth, then two more smaller ones.

I go back to sucking your cock slowly as I roll your cum around in my mouth.

I let your fine cock slide out of my mouth and open it to let you watch me roll your cum around with my tongue before swallowing it.

This has been my first time with another man and it was everything I could have asked for.

We have all weekend and this is only Friday night.

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