Emeralds and Ravens


Anthers Note – This story started with a simple idea, but became much bigger than I anticipated. I hope you enjoy and please note that I welcome all feedback.

All characters are over the age of 18.

P.S – I am aware my spelling leaves much to be desired. I apologize if my mistakes ruin your immersion.

Emeralds and Ravens


I was lost in it. The image of her.

I had just woken up after a night of (too much) celebration and slogged my way downstairs to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water when I saw her sitting back in her chair at the kitchen table. A cup of coffee in one hand, staring out the kitchen window seemingly lost in her own thoughts. I don’t know what it was about this still pose that trapped my attention, but not for the first I felt a deep attraction to her.

She wasn’t just my mother. She was a woman; beautiful in every way I can think to describe her.

I always knew mom was a beauty, with a sexual charm that entranced even me. Standing there, I observed her in the golden glow of evening light flooding in from the window.

Long Raven Black hair grew down to her waist, lightly covering her angelic face that always seemed to glow. Looking down you were met with her Big Emerald Green eyes above a cute button nose, before landing on those full rose lips. Further down a tight shirt showed off a pair of big, firm round breasts and further down, past her slim waistline, a set of smooth toned legs sat crossed in the chair.

In that moment she was the most beautiful women I had ever known, but she was my mother and with a tinge of sadness I thought that all she could ever be to me.

Maybe it was because I had turned 18 the night before or maybe I was still a little drunk, but I felt my emotions for her stir much stronger than ever before. For the first time in my life I felt a true overwhelming attraction to her.

My Mother, Amber, I realized was stunning and I was lost in the vision of her.

Chapter 1


“What’cha staring at Danny?” Mom asked, startling me out of my trance. She was looking at me with a tired smile. Her messy raven black hair covering half her face.

“I, uhh, don’t know.” I said sheepishly looking away. “Think I’m a little hungover from last night.”

She giggled at that.

“You’re the one who said he can handle himself. Remember?” She was smiling now. “I’m a man now mom.” She said in a mocking voice obviously imitating my bravado the night before. “I can handle myself.”, She continued, “You don’t have to take care of me anymore. Soon enough I’ll be the one taking care of you mom.” She laughed at. Mom seemed to be in good spirits considering she kept up with me and my friends drink for drink the night before.

“Oh god. Did I really say that?” I asked with a tinge of shame

“Oh boy. You don’t remember?” she asked with a curious look, an emerald green eye staring out her messy hair at me.

“Hardly,” I said, “Guess we got carried away with the alcohol last night”

“Don’t even say that word young man.” She said before taking a long sip of her coffee. “Makes me sick just hearing it.”

“So no coffee for the birthday boy then?”

She gave me playful grin. “I thought you would be out for the rest of the day.” She looked at the kitchen clock. It was already 6pm. “Besides,” She continued, “My birthday boy is now a birthday man right? I’m sure you can manage it.”

I don’t know what it was about her, but the way she was talking to me seemed different from before. Mom had always been more or less relaxed, seemingly always in a good mood, but there was always a barrier. A distance between mother and son that meant she couldn’t be completely open and be free with me. A limit. Now I felt like maybe that part of our relationship was over. She wouldn’t have to treat me like a child anymore because…well. I wasn’t.

I had invited some of my friends over the night before to celebrate my 18th birthday. To our surprise my mom had bought us some alcohol. I was that last of my friends to turn 18, so mom made me take it easy despite my reassurances that I could handle it. Honestly, I didn’t know if I could or not. I just didn’t want my friends to get trashed before I did. Then, after she had a few drinks in her and became rather tipsy, mom brought me a drink that she had made herself. It was so strong it may as well have been pure vodka. Mom and my friends made a toast and awkwardly sang happy birthday before insisting I down my drink. Not wanting to look bad after insisting so much that I could handle it, I downed my drink and then…what? A feeling began to creep into my mind. A feeling that I had done something stupid or embarrassing to her. Something I couldn’t remember.

Stirring my coffee, I took a seat at the table across from mom. I could feel her eyes on me the entire time. Taking a deep breath, I asked “Mom, did I uhh..do something last night?”

She raised my eyebrow at that. “You really don’t remember?” She asked.

“Guess so.” I said.

She smiled türbanlı escort leaning forward cupping both hands on her coffee cup. My eyes moved down as her elbows pressed big breasts together right above the table. I also noticed that she was wearing one of my old Metallica T-shirts with the faintest hints of her nipples poking though and her favorite pair of black silk shorts. Blood began to flow and without noticing, I began to get erect.

“Weeeell,” She started, “Where do I even begin? Hmm.” Her smile turned playful as she thought on the night before. I already knew I was for an embarrassing story.

“First off,” She continued, “You get kinda bossy when you’re drunk. Kept telling me to make you and your friends drinks and order you guys some more food.”

I blushed at that. I wasn’t the kind of guy to treat my mom that way.

“Sorry about that,” I Said.

“Don’t be,” She said. “I kinda liked it…Taking care of you.” She finished with a wink.

“Theeen…” mom continued, you started talking about being a real man now. Said it was finally time to lose your…” She put tapped a finger on her full lips as if trying to recall, “your V-card was it?”

“Jesus” I said rubbing my eyes. “Around the guys?”

“Aha.” She was enjoying this.

“They must have been laughing there asses off at me.”

“Actually no.” she said.

I took a sip of my coffee and looked back at her. Her emerald eyes peering back at me. They were piercing at times. Like she could see right into me.

“They immediately started with suggestions,” she continued. “Mentioned some girls you went to school with. Can’t really remember the names.” She took another sip of her coffee. “Something about a red head with long hair that you used to like? Oh and..” She put up her hands to make quotations, “The girl with the huge tits and tight ass.”

I turned beet red at that but mom just laughed and punched my shoulder lightly.

“Don’t be so embarrassed,” She said, “but if I knew my son was such a tits man I would have dressed a bit more modestly around the house.” She said and looked down at her breasts which were barely contained in my old shirt.

When we were alone at home mom always dressed in casual shirts and shorts, almost never wearing a bra. So, when she pranced around the house there was always a jiggle to observe as well as ample cleavage when she was bending over.

“You don’t need to dress differently for me, mom.” I said shifting in my seat to reposition my growing erection.

“Oh, I’m sure you be happy if I took away your little peep shows.”

Mom had never talked about anything sexual before. She had never even mentioned any boyfriends or any men in her life. Now here we were casually talking about me being a tits man and she even admitted knowing that I stole glances of her body when I thought she wasn’t looking? Things really were defiantly different now.

“Well,” She continued looking back at me. “Axton, said that you would prefer a MILF as your first.”

‘Fucking Axton!’ I thought to myself. I had told him in secret that I was into older women after he told me he about a cougar he had picked up at a bar a few weeks before.

“Axe is a retard,” I said annoyed. “He only said that because he’s into MILFS.”

“Hey!” Mom punched my shoulder again. “Don’t say that about your friends. It’s rude.”

looking at her bemused smile I knew she was joking.

“Besides,” she continued, “What’s wrong with MILFS huh? I would be quite happy to know that a young stud was into an old lady like me.”

“Mom, you know what you aren’t old. Don’t be silly.”

“Ah, if only that were true. I’m might only be 36, but I don’t have any cute boys chatting me up.” Mom said. “Maybe I’m just not that attractive I guess.”

“Not to make this awkward mom,” I interjected, “but you’re a sexy bombshell and you know it.”

I was calling her bluff. Often when we went out, men couldn’t keep their eyes off of mom.

“Except when I have a house full of drunk men and none of them even try to flirt with me.” Mom said with a playful tone.

“That’s because I’d kick the shit out of them.” I said

“Oh?” Mom seemed to ponder. “Have you defended my honor before then?”

“Let’s just say that no one in my school will ever try to hit on you, mom.”

Mom put her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand. Her eyes locked on mine. For a moment I detected a hint of lust in her stare. Inside me, I felt my own lust growing.

The two of us sitting across from one another starting into each other’s eyes, while I was sporting and semi erection under the table, so close to her.

I don’t know how long we stared before mom broke the silence.

“Actually come to think of it Danny,” mom looked down at herself, my eyes followed. “Seems like I fit more than a few areas of your criteria.”

“Mom!” I said, now embarrassed.

“Oh relax.” She said with a giggle. “Besides, the way you’re looking at them, I don’t think you can tüyap escort deny it. Is that why you’re so protective of your mom? You want me all to yourself?”


I looked back up and caught it again. That look of lust.

“No…I was…just wondering. Uh. About your shirt. Is that one of mine?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” mom ran her hands slowly over her breasts and down her waist before pulling the shirt down tightly, exposing her nipple outlines even more.

‘What was that about?’ I thought.

“Do you mind? You got a bit sick last night and kinda ruined mine.”

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Yeah. After I set up an Uber to take everyone home, I found you in the bathroom. I thought you were done when I picked you up, but I guess you had a little left in you.”

“I am SO sorry mom.”

“It’s okay.” She said, moving to take a hold of my hand “I was expecting it really. After that I cleaned you up a little, helped you change your clothes and put you into bed.”

‘wait’, I thought. ‘I was in jeans and shirt last night.’

Looking down I saw that I was only wearing my pajama pants now.

‘with no boxers’

“Don’t worry,” mom said seeing the realization on my face. “It was nothing I didn’t mind seeing.” She said with another wink.

That was it. I was fully erect now. My mother, the sexiest woman I know, had seen me naked and was…flirting with me about it?

“After fighting to get your clothes off and put a pair of pants back on, I was too tired and drunk to sort myself out.” Mom said, a faint smile in the corner of her mouth.

“So I just got undressed, popped on one of your shirts and jumped in next to you.”

“You slept with me?” I asked surprised.

“NEXT to you.” She said with a laugh.

“I know mom,” I said smiling myself.

If only I hadn’t been so wasted…

“I just mean that my bed is kinda small.” I said, thinking about it.

Mom raised her hand and said, “First of all,” Raising a finger to me. “It’s not a small bed. It’s just cozy. Secondly,” She raised another finger, “You were cuddling up to me all night. So, don’t act like it’s the end of the world. I do look like your dream girl after all right?” Now she laughed out loud.

“Come on, mom. You know I didn’t mean it like that.” I said lowering my hands to try and re-adjust my now raging hard on. The way mom was acting and talking was turning me big time and I had a feeling she knew it. At times she could be a bit naive, sure, but she had never acted like this before.

“Oh relax,” she said quickly shifting her eyes down to my hands hidden under the table, then back at me. “I’m just teasing you.” She said. “You’re not my…little boy anymore.” Her stare became intense now. “You are the man of the house now, baby.” She paused, her big eyes shining green, looking right into me.

“So you don’t get complain when a beautiful woman crawls into bed with you.” She said.

With that mom downed the last of her coffee and stood up. Mom was shorter than me, and walking over to where I was, she hardly had to bend over to put her face in front of mine. I just stared at her, hoping she wouldn’t look down and see the painful erection I was hiding.

She stayed like that for a moment before putting her small hand on the back of my head and leaning in to kiss me gently on my lips. Something we hadn’t done in years.

She held it longer that I expected before standing straight and turned to leave.

My heart was racing.

Mom walked past me to leave the kitchen before turning her head back, her long black hair swaying behind her.

“Hey.” She said.

I looked back at her, “Yeah?”

“This was nice. Talking to you like this. You don’t need to be shy around me okay babe? Anything you want. Anything you need.” She smiled sweetly. “All you have to do is ask.”

She turned again to leave, my eyes dropping to watch her ass as she left.

I took some time to finish my own coffee, drinking slowly while waiting for my erection to go down.

Everything mom said and did since I sat down ran through my mind. I went over it again and again. There was no way to deny it. Things had changed. The dynamic between us shifted.

The only real question was…

What happens now?

Chapter 2

Easy Riding

I finished my coffee around 7pm and went upstairs to the bathroom that me and my mother shared to take a shower. As I flipped on the lights my eyes stung and I could feel the full force of my hangover creeping in. I took a quick cold shower before heading back to my room which was right across from moms. Moving on to my own room, I closed the door and turned on my lamp instead of the room light. Looking around everything seemed normal. My cloths from the night before were still on the floor, but no sign of moms. I went to my bed which was up against the wall. My duvet cover was kicked to the end of the bed and giving the bed a once over, everything seemed normal.

My phone, sitting on the bedside tuzla escort table lit up before a message came through. It was from mom.

Come downstairs and watch a movie with me?

I couldn’t hide my smile and felt the beginning of an erection.

Be right down, I sent back and put my phone away. I got changed into a fresh pair of pajama pants but was feeling too hot for a shirt. On my way out, I decided to take a light blanket with me in case I got another erection I would need to hide. I left my room and went downstairs to the lounge where our TV and couch was. I found mom already sitting on the couch, her legs covered in a beige blanket of her own. She was still wearing my shirt which barely reached her belly button. Mom saw me and smiled.

“That was quick.” She said. “Come sit with me.”

“Sure mom. But can I turn off the lights? My head kinda hurts.”

“Hangover?” She asked with a tinge of concern.

“Yeah. Looks like it.” I said turning off the lights, bathing us in the glow of the TV screen.

“There’s only one thing for it then,” mom pushed her blanket aside and stood up.

My heart stopped. As she stood, her hair cascaded down freely behind her and I saw that mom was wearing only my Metallica shirt which tightly hugged her juicy breasts and a neon pink lace thong which barley covered anything.

“You need hair of the dog,” She said walking past me. “You’ll feel much better. Make yourself comfortable so long babe.”

I sat on the couch and put my blanket over my legs, happy I thought to bring it. Mom soon returned with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a bottle of orange juice with two glasses in the other. She put in on the table in front of us before mixing two drinks. I couldn’t help but notice that she had put allot more vodka into mine than hers.

Handing me a glass she took hers and we clinked our glasses in cheers. “Happy Birthday baby.” She lifted her soft hand and put it over my cheek. It was warm.

“You know I love you right? More than you know.” She said.

“I know mom. I love you too.” I said putting my hand over hers.

“You have to. I’m your mom.”

“No mom. I love you because your awesome.”

She feigned a sigh. “Only until you find a pretty girl with bigger boobies to love even more right?”

I laughed at that, but wondered if she really meant it as a joke.

“You’re the only girl for me mom. No girls are going to come between us.” I said.

“Only until you leave me alone to start your life somewhere else.”

“A life that my beautiful mother will always be a part of.”

“Beautiful now? Here I thought I was a ‘sexy bombshell'”

“You know you are mom. You don’t need me to tell you.”

“A woman still likes to hear it,” Mom said. “But this your day, Danny. I should be flattering you. So…To my big hansom man. May he love me forever.”

Mom raised her glass and I raised mine. We each took a swig of our drinks and almost immediately I felt better.

“So,” Mom started. “What do you want to watch?”

“I don’t know, what do you want to watch?”

“Hey,” She said, “Where’s Mr. Big Man from last night who was telling ME what to do?”

Even in the darkness with only the TV for light, her green eyes where still shining.

“I uhh..I don’t really know mom.” I said sheepishly and took another sip.

Mom looked down at my blanket and then slowly back up at me.”

“Cold enough for a blanket but too hot for a shirt? You trying to hide something from me hmm?”

Mom took my blanket and threw it across the room.

“If your cold you’ll use mine” she said. “Now, pick a movie.”

I laughed taking the control and started flipping through the movies on offer, but couldn’t really concentrate with my sexy busty mom sitting right next to me in nothing but my shirt and pink thong. I didn’t think even she cared what movie I would choose and honestly, I didn’t care either. It seemed to me that she just wanted time with me and I wouldn’t be able to focus knowing that mom was dressed like that right next to me. I stopped scrolling on some Rom-Com and asked her if it was okay. She didn’t even look. Her eyes where fixed on me. She leaned in slowly and kissed my cheek then whispered in my ear, “You can do whatever you want, Danny.”

‘Oh fuck’ I thought. I could fell a full-on erection starting.

I hit play and tuned to mom. “Can I uhh, share that blanket?” I asked.

“Getting cold?” she asked and bit her bottom lip. “I think it’s getting kinda hot in here. But if you want to share, then we have to snuggle.”

With that mom pulled the blanket over both of us, her hand brushing over my semi erect penis as she did. Without hesitation she moved up to me and rested her head on my chest, wrapping one arm around mine and pressing a beautiful boob against my arm.

“Why is your heart beating so fast?” Mom asked.

“I umm. I don’t know mom.” I said sheepishly

“Is it because you have a beautiful woman on your arm?” Mom said pressing her boob harder into my arm.

“I uhh..” I wanted to apologize. Tell her no. That I would never think of her like that, but things since I woke up had gone beyond some simple teasing. There was no way she didn’t know what she was doing to me. The question wasn’t for her. It was for me. She was giving me an opening. One I knew I couldn’t give up.

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