Emilia Begins Her Fantasy


Emilia was just laying her head down on the table for a while. Her head was spinning from her Economic notes she was cramming for that night, All alone in the dorm, it was about 3pm. She was wondering when her friends, Farazeela and Sharifah were gonna get there. They had planned to study together throughout the night and then that was when she heard the knock.

“Hellooo! We’re here! And we got drinks!” It was Fara, as she knocked on the door. As Emilia opened the door smiling, she was greeted with the sight of Fara and beaming back. Fara was wearing her purple tee and denim skirt, Sharifah wearing her baju kurung.

“Wah, so formal today?” Emilia asked

“I dunnolah, I just felt liked wearing baju kurung today for fun’, replied Sharifah.

Both Fara and Sharifah were about the same height, aroung 1.6 metres tall, had slender bodies, especially Fara, who like to play tennis and was on the tennis team in secondary school. All three friends had known each other from secondary school. They were in a minority of malay pupils in that popular school and remained within their circle of friends throughout and now in university.

Fara and Sharifah came into the dorm room, and put their bags on the floor beside the dresser. Emilia hugged and gave them each a kiss on the cheeks. “So glad you’re all here, I was beginning to blow my brains out”. Emilia said Fara and Emilia went back to the table and started rearranging their books for the session tonight. “You mind if I change first? It’s kind hot in here in my baju kurung.” istanbul escort Sharifah asked.

“Of course not! My dorm in your dorm” Emilia replied.

The Temasek Hall dorm in NUS was small, it was a single. There was only room for a single bed, table and built in wardrobe, but there was room for three people to be studying together. As Sharifah started to pull up her baju kurung beside the wardrobe, Emilia caught a glimpse of Sharifah and couldn’t help but to stare, Sharifah didn’t have big boobs like her but Sharifah was certainly slender and it showed that she had been working out recently. Unlike Sharifah, Emilia was voluptuous, her measurements 36-27-34, 1.62 metres tall and weighing a rideable 52kg. She had shoulder length, black hair and her facial features were strong and defined, although she had her lovely baby fat intact in her tender cheeks. Sharifah was wearing a black bra and it looked awesome against her whitish pink skin. As she began to get out from her skirt, Emilia only now realized how long Sharifah’s legs were and somehow Emilia felt something she had never felt before physically. Sharifah was in pink lace g-string and she quickly put on a white t-shirt and got out of her g-string too. After putting on her pair of blue shorts, Sharifah packed her baju kurung and pink g-string and stuffed it into her bag.

All three began to start on their work shortly after, Exams were around the corner and this being their freshman year, they didn’t want to disappoint. After an hour or so, Fara started to feel the rumble esenyurt escort in the tummy. “Hey, I just realized we didn’t have lunch yet, Sharifah and I! Wanna grab a bit first? No wonder I can’t concentrate”

So Sharifah and Fara decided to take away some nasi lemak from the nearby coffee stall. When they left, Emilia’s mind immediately wandered to the image of Sharifah undressing. She had dreams of Sharifah since they were in secondary school. Intimate dreams of Sharifah and her. She decided to let her mind wander to see where it would take her. Anyway, it would be a great break from the books.

After a while, Emilia couldn’t take it anymore and thought of something she’s never done before. She brought Sharifah’s overnight bag to her bed and slowly unzipped it, taking care to remember which side of the bag the zip started on. Gingerly, she unfolded Sharifah’s baju kurung and took out the pink g-string that she wore earlier on. Emilia brought the g-string to her face and breathed in deeply. Inhaling the scent on Sharifah’s pussy. She loved it, it immediately turned her on. Emilia slowly pulled her tank top up to remove it and brought her body down to the bed. She was wearing nothing underneath. Her full breasts bounced as she hit her head on the pillow. She gazed upwards towards Sharifah’s pink colored g-string. They smelled so good even when she had been wearing them the whole day. Holding it with one hand, she slowly slithered her right hand down to the white skirt and began rubbing her already etiler escort wet pussy hidden underneath.

Then, Emilia put Sharifah’s g-string around her head, and positioned the g-string’s crotch area to run directly down her forehead to her mouth so that when she stuck out her tongue, she could taste the wet area of the Sharifah’s pink g-string. All this while, Emilia was imagining Sharifah sitting on top of her face, Emilia then began sticking out her tongue and licking the g-string at the same time breathing in deeply to smell the sweet taste of Sharifah’s lace g-string.

Emilia’s right hand now traveled underneath her skirt and began rubbing over her own white panties, imagining Sharifah’s tongue licking over them. Emilia then put her fingers down to her pussy, spreading her pussy lips with two fingers and rubbing her clit with one. Emilia began to breath heavily, gyrating her hips to the rhythm constant of her being carpet munched. Emilia was not shaved, but she trimmed her pubic hair fortnightly, it helps her in the unbearable Singapore heat. “Ooohh.. Sharifahhhhhh..” Emilia’s began in her mind. “Ooooohhh…Sharifahhh..!” she hadn’t realized it but she was beginning to moan Sharifah’s name aloud while fingering her own pussy, wet with her cunt juices.

Emilia removed Sharifah’s g-string around her head and brought it down to her pussy, rubbing the g-string violently on her cunt, making Sharifah’s g-string wet with her own juices. Emilia then brought it back up to her head and inhaled the smell of Sharifah and her own pussy, at the same time still stimulating her clit to bring her to a masturbation session to a climactic end. Emilia immediately felt a tinge of guilt after she came, followed by a thought she never thought possible, “Mmmmmm.. Sharifah.. when will I have you for real?”

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