Emotionless Pt. 04

Big Dicks

Lauren pulled into Jessica’s driveway in the car the dealership gave her until a decision was made about her jeep. She unlocked the door of the house with her key, everything was turned off. “Jessica you here?” Nobody answered. Maybe she was at work. Lauren got out her phone and sent Jessica a text. She locked up and went to work. She would be very early but she knew she could just sit and think there.

When Lauren got to the club she saw Matt’s and a few other cars in the parking lot. She headed into the bar and poured herself a drink. She walked to the V.I.P. section and sat on the couch. She sipped her drink and stared into space. She hoped Jessica was okay. Lauren figured she had already started her new job and she’d reply when she got off. Lauren’s mind drifted to the thought of Harper standing in her apartment naked. Then another face came to her mind. A perfect face completed with a strong jawline, a pale skin tone, and comforting, brown eyes. She shook the thought from her head, taking another sip of her drink.

Lauren sent Harper a text letting her know she was working at the club tonight. She figured why not, she had to get her mind off other things. Then she heard a voice at the entrance of the room. “Well hey, what are you doing?”

Lauren looked up from her phone and there stood Jessie, smirking. “Just figured I’d show up to work early for once.” Lauren gave her crooked smirk.

Jessie sat down next to Lauren on the couch. “Ah, same here. So how long have you been here?”

Lauren put her phone in her pocket, “I started just before the club almost closed. Told Matt he had to make changes to keep it open. How long have you been a DJ?”

“Well I’ve always played around with music. But I had to start paying bills somehow.”

“Yeah, that’s why I started bartending. Needed to get off my sister’s couch.” Lauren was completely shocked that she just told Jessie. She was practically a stranger.

“Yeah? So did you get your own place then?” Jessie said without missing a beat and no judgement in her voice.

“Yes ma’am. An apartment complex not too far from here.” Lauren ran her fingers through her hair.

Jessie nodded her head. “So how’d you think I did last night? Like my mixes?”

Lauren smirked “Eh, they are alright.”

Jessie laughed “Just alright? Guess I’ll have to step up my game tonight then.” She nudged Lauren’s shoulder with her own.

Lauren felt her stomach drop at the sound of Jessie’s laughter and smile, it was like a warm hug. Lauren couldn’t believe how something so simple made her feel so good. Starting to get uneasy because of her feelings she stood up. “Want a drink?”

“Yeah sounds good.” Jessie replied.

“You like rum?”

Jessie nodded and followed Lauren to the bar. Lauren quickly mixed Spiced Rum with Dr. Pepper. She placed the glass in front of Jessie. Jessie took a sip and shook her head slowly, then smirked “It’s alright.”

Lauren couldn’t help but grin. “Guess I’ll just have to work harder then.”

Jessie looked at her watch. “Better get set up. Thanks for the drink. Maybe I’ll get another on my break.”

Lauren nodded and got to work cleaning up the bar, getting it ready for the night. Jessie headed to her stand. Lauren was almost done when she heard Jennifer’s loud voice come through the doors.

“Tripp! You are here early. Let me tell you about my night!” Jennifer shouted as she made her way behind the bar.

Lauren stood up and looked at Jennifer. She was all dolled up. She must have gotten laid.

“I had the best sex last night. Well second best, of course you are number one Tripp. My area’s all clean. Did you do that?” Jennifer looked around her side of the bar.

Lauren smiled “Yeah I got it ready for you.”

“Thanks. How did your night go? I saw you left with that older woman.”

“Her ex showed up. But I got a nice glass of scotch though.” Lauren looked over and saw Jessie in deep thought on her computer.

Lauren saw a group of people come in from the corner of her eye. They all came up to the bar and started ordering. Lauren started getting their drinks together. As she was handing the people their glasses, she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She looked over and saw Jennifer with their shot. They both gulped it back and got to work. Tonight would be pretty busy and they both knew it.

After an hour Matt came up to the bar. “How is everything going Tripp?”

“Alright, slow right now. Sure it’ll pick up in an hour or so.” Lauren replied.

Matt nodded “Yeah a lot of calls about V.I.P. tonight. We’ll all go home a little bit richer. How about you stay the whole night this time?”

Lauren looked at him coldly. “We’ll see.”

Matt shook his head and walked off. He may have hated Lauren, but he wouldn’t fire her and everyone knew that. She had no intention of leaving early tonight and she didn’t the other night. But things happen and he could just deal with it. Lauren glanced up at the DJ stand while running her fingers through hair. Jessie istanbul escort was very talented with the music. Lauren liked everything that was played and loved the mixes Jessie had created. Lauren wondered what sort of music Jessie listened to when she wasn’t working. Lauren figured Jessie understood that in a club you have to play certain music based on what the crowd seemed to like, but Lauren knew that every now and then Jessie slipped some of her personal taste in. Especially in her mixes and mashups.

“Tripp!! What the hell are you staring at? Wake up and get to work! We are getting slammed here.” Lauren shook her head, realizing she had slipped off into one of her usual dazes. Jennifer was staring at her impatiently. “Well did you hear me? Come on.” Jennifer handed her a mixer.

“Sorry.” Lauren started mixing drinks quickly. Within minutes, they were caught up and back in their usual flow.

The club was busy, as promised, and the tips were great. Lauren figured by the time the club closed, her and Jennifer would take home $1,000 each.

“I’m going to take a smoke break. You okay?” Jennifer tapped Lauren on the shoulder.

Lauren nodded. “Take your time.”

She knew Jennifer would be gone for at least an hour. Her smoke breaks always were. But Lauren planned on taking her break right after Jennifer got back. Lauren checked her phone, no messages. It was 10 already and Jessica still hadn’t responded to Lauren. Lauren texted her again “Hey everything okay?”

Lauren went back to work. The club was extremely busy now. Lauren was making six to seven drinks at a time. But she didn’t mind. Lauren enjoyed being challenged and pressured. Lauren found herself mixing and making drinks to the beat of the music. She recognized the song as Crown The Empire’s “Breaking Point” but Jessie was adding twists and drops to the background. Lauren was enjoying working to the music, she lost track of time. Jennifer’s hour smoke break flew by. As soon as she got back Lauren headed to the back door. She found her usual overturned crate and sat down. She looked at her phone but there was still no reply from Jessica. Lauren rubbed her forehead and ran her fingers through her hair. Leaning back against the wall, she stared up at the sky falling into deep thought. She thought about her childhood and how she would look up at the same sky, wondering when she would get out of the Smith’s house. Lauren remembered the times that she didn’t really remember, because she drank with almost every breath of the day. She knew she had been through alot and overcome even more, but she hated when people took pity on her. Lauren managed to take care of herself and Jessica growing up, they had a tough life, but all Lauren wanted to do was forget it. She didn’t want that to be who she was. Lauren took a deep breath and ran her fingers through her perfectly messy hair. She stood up and adjusted her jeans, then headed back into the bar.

“Welcome back Tripp.” Jennifer tossed Lauren a bottle of Jagermeister. “Need a Jagerrita, frozen. Wanna do the honors?”

Lauren hated Jagermeister, the taste of licorice made her sick. But one drunken night at work she was experimenting and made a Margarita with Jagermeister. Jennifer and all the workers at the club loved it. Matt made it a special, it even came in a fancy margarita glass. “Yes ma’am.”

Lauren had the drink ready and to the customer in a matter of seconds. Lauren loved making things up and actually seeing them succeed. No one ever believed her, but her ability to put things together made her excellent at cooking. When she lived Jessica, and even Jennifer, she cooked all the meals. There wasn’t ever much food, but Lauren could make something from nothing. Jessica always pushed Lauren to go to culinary school, but Lauren always had an excuse not too.

The next few hours flew by and it was finally time to close up. Jennifer and Lauren started cleaning up their sections of the bar. Jennifer started counting out the money to split up the tips while Lauren got the trash ready for the barback. Lauren leaned over the bar waiting for Jennifer to finish up splitting the cash. Jennifer put the club’s ten percent of the tips in the register and handed Lauren her portion. Lauren counted her handful of cash to double check. $1,500, Matt wasn’t kidding when they said they were all going to be a little bit richer. Lauren enjoyed being able to make enough for all of her bills in one night. Tomorrow would probably be close to the same. Lauren put the cash in her pocket and got ready to head out.

“Hey, I didn’t get a chance to get a drink on my break. Is it too late to ask for one now? I tip really well.” Lauren saw Jessie there giving her a smirk. Lauren looked back at Jennifer.

“We already cleaned up here. Maybe Tripp here will make you a drink from her personal bar.” Jennifer smiled and patted Lauren on the shoulder.

Lauren knew Jennifer was trying to play wingman. But she was horrible at it. Lauren shrugged “I actually think I am out of everything at halkalı escort home but I’ll make you a drink here real quick.”

Jessie laughed “I’ve got beer at home. Want one?”

Jennifer started towards the door “Go have fun Tripp.” She winked before turning around and leaving.

“Sure I’ll hang out for a bit.” Lauren agreed.

“Good. You can ride with me if you want.” Jessie slung her book bag over her shoulder.

“Just promise not to take me to a dark alley and kill me.” Lauren joked as they walked to the door.

“Maybe after tomorrow night. Matt said we are going to be busy again tomorrow. I’m sure Jennifer will need your help.” Jessie laughed as she held the door for Lauren.

Lauren shook her head with a smile on her face. “So which one is you?” She gestured to the few cars left.

“There” Jessie pointed to an older looking truck.

They got in the truck and Jessie took off to her apartment. As they talked, they discovered Jessie lived in the apartments a block from Lauren’s. Lauren wouldn’t admit it, but she was excited that they lived so close. They were listening to a playlist on Jessie’s phone the whole ride there. While Lauren wasn’t familiar with all of the songs, there wasn’t one she didn’t actually like. Almost to Jessie’s now, a more somber song came on. It immediately captured Lauren and took her somewhere she had never been.

“You ever heard this before?” Jessie asked pulling into a parking lot.

Lauren shook her head no. Jessie smiled lightly and turned the volume up. They sat there listening to the rest of the song. Lauren found herself unable to do anything other than listen. When it ended and Jessie turned off her truck, Lauren asked “What is the name of that song?”

Jessie opened the door, still sitting inside “In My Veins by Andrew Belle. Did you like it?”

They got out of the truck as Lauren answered “Yeah. You really do have great taste in music.”

Jessie smirked then led Lauren to her apartment. Inside, Jessie grabbed a beer for the both of them and sat on the couch. Lauren noticed Jessie’s apartment looked similar to her’s. The walls were bare, she only had basic furniture, and there was nothing personal left out to be seen.

“So are you from around?” Lauren sipped her beer.

“No. I moved here not too long.” Jessie said in her monotone voice.

“Why’d you move here?”

“Needed a change of scenery. I was tired of the memories at every nook and cranny of the city. You from around here?”

“Sort of. Me and my sister ended up here when we were 10.”

“Oh, a sister, eh? She hot?” Jessie grinned at Lauren.

“We are twins.”

“So yeah.” Jessie took a sip from her beer.

Lauren felt herself unable to control her smile, so she took a sip from her beer. Then Jessie asked “So military brats?”

Lauren shook her head “Foster kids.”

Jessie nodded and drank her beer “So, you like to read?”

“I like to but I never really have the time. You?”


“What do you normally read when you have the time?”

“Don’t judge me, but Harry Potter. It’s kind of a secret obsession.”

Lauren couldn’t help but laugh. Jessie shot her a cold look. “Sorry, no judgement. I really like Harry Potter too. That’s why I laughed.”

“Mmhhmm.” Jessie smiled.

They spent all night talking and drinking beer. They went back and forth on questions, getting to know each other. Lauren found out they had a lot in common. Finally, Lauren glanced at her phone to check the time. “Wow, it’s 5 o’clock. I’m sorry to keep you up so late. I’m sure you’re tired.”

Jessie shook her head “You know, not really. I really enjoyed talking to you. But if you want, I’ll give you a ride home. Or you can crash here.”

“Thanks, but I don’t live far. I’ll walk home.” Lauren stood up, running her fingers through her hair.

“Don’t say I didn’t offer.” Jessie joked, getting up and walking Lauren to the door.

“Never.” Lauren grinned and headed home.

The air was chilly but Lauren enjoyed it. The wind felt good against her warm face. She had enough beers at Jessie’s that she was feeling slightly buzzed. Lauren wasn’t sure why but she felt like she was walking on clouds. She couldn’t get the image of Jessie out of her mind even if she wanted to. The entire walk home all she could imagine was Jessie’s perfect, pale face. Lauren thought about her thin lips and crooked grin. Lauren had never felt this way about anyone, but she’d be lying if she said that she didn’t like it. There was something that made Lauren feel normal, like Lauren could tell Jessie anything and there would be nothing to worry about. She hoped that they could continue to get to know each other. Finally home, Lauren got ready for bed. Still imagining the beautiful, short-haired brunette, Lauren plopped down in bed. She closed her eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

Lauren stretched out in bed as she awoke. She reached for her phone, but it wasn’t on the nightstand where mecidiyeköy escort she put it. She looked on the floor and saw it was still plugged in even though she must have knocked it off the bed in her sleep. She picked it up and looked. Jessica finally replied back to her.

“Sorry. Phone battery died. Couldn’t get a new one till this morning. Job went well.”

Lauren texted her back “Glad you’re okay.”

Lauren got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to shower. After she was showered and her teeth were brushed, she put on a pair of dark washed khakis. She searched the closet for her grey button down shirt, then slung a darker grey tie around her neck. She thought about eating breakfast but she realized she had already brushed her teeth. She grabbed her phone and wallet off the nightstand then headed to check her mail. Lauren was surprised that the check from the insurance company had already came. She decided to head to the dealership to at least look at vehicles.

The dealer Lauren previously dealt with had the day off so she waited in the lobby for the next available worker. She sat there for what seemed like an hour. After looking around and seeing that everybody was still busy, she ran her fingers through her hair, aggravated. She stood up and decided to look around. Of course, she headed to the jeeps first but she didn’t see anything that caught her eye. They were all the newer style, four doors and she prefered the two doors, old style, soft tops. Lauren looked at suvs, cars, hatchbacks, nothing caught her attention the way the old jeep did. She rubbed her forehead in frustration. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw it, she turned her head a little more to the left to see. She headed to her future new vehicle. She smiled some as she got closer. Lauren stood there inspecting it for fifteen minutes before she heard someone approach her from behind.

“I see you have made a decision.” A sweet soft voice became closer.

Lauren turned to see a woman dressed business casual. “Yeah I think so.”

“Great decision. You’ll love it. This motorcycle is very stylish and very fast.” The young dealer winked at Lauren.

Lauren gave the woman a crooked grin. “Here’s the check from my previous vehicle. What else needs to be done?”

“Let’s go to my office and discuss why don’t we?” She headed towards the building.

Lauren took one last glance then followed the woman.

“My name is Zoey.” The dealer weaved through aisles of vehicles.


“Lauren Tripp?” Zoey stop to look at Lauren for a second before continuing into the office.

“Uh yeah.” Lauren had no idea how this woman knew her. Hopefully it wasn’t one of her drunken night conquers.

“I know your sister. Jessica. I thought you two were twins? You don’t really look that much alike.”

“Um yeah, we get that alot.” Lauren followed Zoey into her office and sat down.

“Hmm, well anyways, so this check will cover the motorcycle. You also will have an eight year maintenance contract. We will do your oil change, tire alignment, cleaning, and anything else you need in that time. All we need is a few signatures then it is all yours. You will have thirty days to get the tag and title switched to you. Your insurance can be switched today, just call them.” Zoey printed out some papers then handed them to Lauren.

“Sounds good.” Lauren started to sign the paperwork.

Zoey signed the papers after Lauren, then made copies of them. “Congratulations. You are the new owner of one sexy, sleek motorcycle.”

Lauren shook Zoey’s hand and they exchanged keys. Lauren went outside to see her new, blacked-out motorcycle sitting there waiting for her. First she headed to a shop to get a helmet, jacket, and book bag. She called the insurance company and switched her insurance to the motorcycle while in the shop. Just before leaving she checked the time. It was early enough, she could stop by Jessica’s before having to go into work.

Lauren pulled to a stop in Jessica’s driveway. She headed in to find Jessica there standing in the hall with her arms folded.

“What the fuck Lauren?” Jessica shouted.

“Whats wrong?” Lauren set her helmet on the small table.

“Why in the fuck would you buy a motorcycle?”

Lauren walked to the living room and sat down. “My jeep was totaled and I didn’t like anything else the dealership had.”

“So you wait for them to get new vehicles or ask whats in the back. Don’t buy the most dangerous thing you see!” Jessica followed her.

“Relax. I got a helmet. I’ll be okay. Promise.”

Jessica sat next to Lauren on the couch with a grunt. “Whatever, I’m not going to visit you in the hospital. You work tonight?”

“Yes ma’am. You going to come to the club? We have this new DJ, she’s pretty good.”

“Slept with her yet?” Jessica laughed.

“No. We are just friends. But I better get to work before I’m late.” Lauren stood up and stretched.

“If you are just friends why do you have the biggest grin I have ever seen on your face?”

Lauren didn’t realize she was smiling. “Okay I really like Jessie. I don’t know why.”

“Wow Lauren Tripp talking about a woman she likes that she hasn’t slept with. Hell has frozen over.” Jessica giggled. “I’ll stop by tonight.”

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