Emotionless Pt. 07

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Lauren woke up and stepped out of bed. She stretched out and for the first time since the attack, it didn’t cause her to feel like curling over in pain. She went to the bathroom to check her stomach. The wounds finally healed enough to where they wouldn’t keep bleeding. Lauren almost felt like herself. She turned on the shower, undressing as the water began to steam. She stepped in and let the water run down her long, slim body. Lauren didn’t realize how not doing much, made her body ache. The hot water felt good on her sore muscles. She bathed and got out. She didn’t want to put more bandages on, but she decided to do it for one last day. Lauren wrapped the towel around her waist as she brushed her teeth. When she was done, Lauren headed back to her room. She saw Jessie laying on the bed, looking at her as she walked in, towel still around her waist.

“Sorry” Lauren said walking to the closet and grabbing a shirt to put on, “I thought you’d still be asleep.”

Jessie grinned. “Sleep? Still at this hour? And knowing you are up and naked?”

Lauren looked for boxers and pants, trying to hide her smile. “Yeah right. You can shower if you want.”

“Are you saying I smell?” Jessie said standing up and stretching.

“I mean I wasn’t going to say anything.” Lauren joked as she pulled her boxers on under the towel and throwing the towel over the door.

Jessie shook her head smiling. “I better go home anyways, have to get a playlist ready for tonight. Will you be at work?”

“I think so. I’m tired of watching T.V. all day.”

Jessie nodded and put on her clothes. She walked over to Lauren, who was trying to put on a pair of jeans. Lauren looked up to meet Jessie’s gaze. Jessie leaned in and kissed Lauren hard and deep. Lauren felt Jessie’s hands reach at her pants, pushing Lauren’s hands away. Lauren kissed her back intensely. Jessie buttoned and zipped Lauren’s jeans, pulling away. “See you tonight then.” And headed out of the apartment.

Lauren was stunned and couldn’t move until she heard the door shut. What was wrong with her? She thought. Lauren had never felt this way. Was Jessie just playing her to get what she wanted or did she feel some type of way too? Lauren’s head spun with thoughts, having no answer to any of them. She ran her fingers through her hair. Then somebody else came to her mind. Harper. Lauren remembered everything that Harper did for her. But Lauren didn’t feel the same way about her as she did Jessie. Why though? Harper treated her better than anyone she ever knew and Lauren blew her off. But Lauren and Jessie just had some kind of connection. Lauren shook her head trying to clear her mind.

Lauren finished getting ready and grabbed her jacket and helmet. She decided she was ready to ride her motorcycle again. She left her apartment and took off with headphones in her ears, music on her phone blaring, ignoring all of the messages. She needed to get a way. Riding felt good, she felt free, like herself again. She got on the highway and kept going. She went until she was almost out of gas and pulled over in some small town with one gas station and one diner. She filled up and decided she was hungry. She sat at the bar in the diner and ate breakfast. She knew she was about two hours from home and she needed to reach out to her sister, so she paid and got back out on her bike. Lauren took off back to the city. It was almost 3pm by the time she pulled up to Jessica’s house. She walked in to find her sister sitting on the couch.

“Where the hell have you been? Why haven’t you responded to the texts I’ve sent?” Jessica questioned her twin.

“I needed some time to think.” Lauren stated.

“I haven’t heard from or seen you in days, almost a week. Jenn said you haven’t even really been at work.”

Lauren sat next to her.”Oh Jenn is an idiot.” Lauren remembering the night she left work and hadn’t been back.

“Well she’s worried too. She said you just left work.”Jessica scolded her. “You aren’t back on drugs?”

Lauren istanbul escort quickly looked at her sister “I told you I wasn’t doing that shit anymore. I had a lot going on. I’ll be at work tonight. Stop nagging me. How has your job been?”

“It’s been great. They started giving me more hours and I should be able to get a car soon.”

“Good. If you need anything let me know?”

“You know I won’t.”

“I know.” Lauren gave her sister a hug. “Let’s do dinner tomorrow at my place?”

“Are you cooking?”

Lauren stood up, fixing her jeans. “Yep.”

“Okay. I’ll be there. Are you not working tomorrow?”

“No, I’ll take tomorrow off.” Lauren put her helmet back on and walked out to head home.

When Lauren got back to her apartment she pulled out her phone and sent Harper a text “I’m sorry for being a dick lately. I just needed some time to myself to get back to normal. Are you free for lunch tomorrow?” Lauren went through her closet looking for clothes to wear to work. She decided to wear a pair of dark washed tight jeans and a black button down. She was tying a grey tie loosely around her neck when she heard her phone ring from a text. She looked. It was Harper.

“No worries. I work tomorrow. But I can meet you somewhere near the hospital around 11am for lunch.”

“There is a restaurant right out front isn’t there? I’ll meet you there.” Lauren went to brush her teeth again and spray on some cologne.

She ran her fingers through her hair. She needed to find her bookbag so she searched through her closet. Finding it hidden under some dirty clothes, she packed it with fresh bandages just in case and an extra shirt. She put on her jacket and grabbed her helmet. She knew she would get to work early, but she was sure Matt was going to be pissed. She headed off to the club.

When Lauren got there, she saw Matt directing the guy delivering their beer. She pulled up and took off her helmet. “Matt.”

Matt looked over towards the parking lot and spotted her. He shouted her way “What the fuck Tripp? Where have you been?”

Lauren walked over to him “I know. I had an accident and got messed up pretty bad. I’m just now getting better.” She pointed to her almost bruise free face.

“Jenn said you looked pretty rough the night you left. Well we are glad to have you back. Hopefully with no more disappearances.”

Lauren nodded. “I’m going to go ahead and set up our bar.” She headed for the front door.

She walked in and went straight to the back so she could put her bookbag and helmet up. She started setting up the bottles and getting out cups. She always liked the club. Especially when it was empty. She had been to her fair share of bars and clubs, this one was always pretty clean and never had that alcohol smell. Lauren thought about how there were still a few things Matt could change to make it better, but she knew he wouldn’t listen to her. He only listened to her when it came to the bar. She wondered how she would do at owning and running a bar. Maybe that should be her next investment she thought. She ran her fingers through her hair. That’d never work she thought.

After she finished setup, Lauren poured herself a Rum and Coke and took a seat at the bar. She figured a small drink wouldn’t hurt. All of the her thoughts from earlier were coming back to her mind. She ran her fingers through her hair. She didn’t know why she couldn’t shake her thoughts. Lauren was in deep thought when she felt a strong grip land on her shoulder “Hiya Cherry.” Lauren was brought back to reality at the sound of Jessie’s voice.

“Oh, hey.” Lauren watched as Jessie sat next to her.

“What’s wrong?”

Lauren shook her head. “Nothing, just was in a daze. Want a drink?”

“Sounds good. I’ll have what you’re drinking.”

Lauren stood up and went behind the bar to make Jessie’s drink. “How is your playlist?”

“Pretty damn good I think. I slid something in there for you.”Jessie gave a devilish grin.

Lauren halkalı escort handed her the cup. “Oh is that so?”

Jessie nodded and she took a drink from her glass. She stood up and headed to her DJ stand.

Lauren tried to fight it, but she couldn’t help but watch Jessie as she walked off.

“Well well.” Lauren turned to find Jennifer walking up to the bar.

Lauren stood up and made her way behind the bar, hoping Jennifer wouldn’t say anything.

“What happened to you? Your sister has been worried sick about you.” Jennifer questioned as she put her purse under the bar.

“I already went to see her. Sounds like you were pretty worried about me too.” Lauren gave a crooked smirk.

“Well yeah, thought I was going to have to keep working alone. I’m good but I like to be lazy.” She jokingly bumped into Lauren’s side.

Lauren winced in pain as Jennifer bumped a still tender spot. “Yeah right.”

“Are you okay?” Jennifer noticed Lauren’s face. “You look like you got roughed up.”

“It was an accident. That’s why I’ve been missing work. But I’m pretty much back to normal.” Lauren hoped Jennifer wouldn’t pry too much into it.

“I told you the motorcycle was a bad idea. Are you getting rid of it?”

Lauren shook her head no and got ready for people who were slowly making their way in the club for evening drinks. Jennifer rolled her eyes and gave a dissatisfied sigh. Lauren knew that Jennifer wanted the best for her but Lauren did like her motorcycle. It made her forget for a little while.

Lauren was glad when the evening drinkers started coming in to keep them busy. It meant Jennifer didn’t have time to ask anymore questions. Lauren was worried her next line of questions would be about Jessie. She was Jennifer saw the two of them talking before she came in.

Lauren was a little slow when customers first started rolling in but she was determined to seem back to normal. She didn’t want to have to leave early again. She focused on the orders and began to get back in the groove. As more and more people came in, she found herself as smooth as she used to be. Her and Jennifer were tossing bottles back and forth, helping each other out. The customers loved the scene and Jennifer couldn’t stop smiling. It was just like before and the tips were even better. The bar was surrounded and the club was packed. She could hear the music going in the background. Jessie was playing a great set of songs to get the club going. Lauren gave a quick glance at Jessie smiling and into her music. Lauren wondered what song Jessie added for her. Lauren found herself enjoying the music and smiling. She quickly went back to the next customer’s order.

Lauren wasn’t sure what time it was or how long she had been working. The club was too busy for any breaks. But Lauren felt herself getting tired. She knew she needed a break and soon. Then she heard the music change. An upbeat tempo going in and out started.

“Wouldn’t it…”

“Wouldn’t it…”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we were together.”

Lauren started to recognize the song as it played. Jessie had remixed The Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t it be nice” and added a dubstep type twist. Lauren looked up from what she was doing to look at Jessie, who was looking right back at Lauren with her devilish grin. Lauren smirked and shook her head. All of a sudden Lauren caught a second wind and poured a round of ten shots that the big party in front of her just ordered. She set them on fire after lining them across the bar. Everyone in the party quickly took pictures as the flame set across each glass. They threw them back and started dancing. Lauren took her tip and moved on to the next group of people as everyone enjoyed her song.

Jennifer shouted from the other side of the bar “You know, Matt did good with this DJ. This club is at a whole new level. This is a pretty bad ass remix.”

Lauren agreed with her as she tossed her the bottle of Rumplemintz she mecidiyeköy escort needed. “This DJ is amazing.” Lauren thought to herself.

By the end of the night, Lauren was exhausted. Her and Jennifer did a quick clean up and left the rest for later. They both pulled in almost $2,000 in tips. They couldn’t believe how well they did and it was only Friday night. They knew if they were on top of it tomorrow, they could easily double it.

Jennifer hugged Lauren before she left “I’ve missed you. I’m glad you’re back.”

Lauren nodded and grabbed her helmet and bookbag. When Lauren was putting her helmet on she heard someone coming up behind her. She quickly turned around.

“I saw you enjoyed your song.” Jessie grinned.

“I have to admit, you are very talented.” Lauren adjusted her jacket.

“Well thank you. How are you feeling? You seemed to be pretty well.”

“I am drained but no real pain.”

“Good. So see you tomorrow then?”

Lauren nodded and got on her bike. “Goodnight” She said to Jessie before driving off.

Lauren was glad to finally be home. She undressed as soon as she got in her apartment, taking off her bandages. She flopped on her bed and fell fast asleep.

She woke up to the sound of her alarm and sprung to her feet. She took a quick shower and got dressed. She didn’t want to be late to lunch with Harper.

When Lauren got to the restaurant she went in and got a table for the two of them. She sent Harper a text letting her know she was there. Lauren sat and waited. She ordered a beer. While Lauren was waiting she remembered she told Jessica they could do dinner. But Lauren really needed to work. Lauren sent her a text “Hey I really need to work tonight. Instead of dinner tonight, how about you come to the club and I’ll make you drinks?”

Lauren hoped Jessica wouldn’t be mad. As Lauren finished her beer she wondered where Harper was. She checked her phone, no messages. Lauren ordered another beer, surely Harper would be there soon. Lauren felt her phone vibrate so she looked, thinking it was Harper.

“That is fine. I’ll invite some new work friends. They don’t believe I have a twin.” Jessica replied.

Lauren sighed in relief that Jessica wasn’t mad. But she was worried about Harper. She sent her another text and ordered a third beer. By the time she finished that one she got the idea that she had been stood up. She knew she deserved it. Lauren paid for her drinks and headed home. She wanted to rest a little more before going in for another long night at work.

Lauren got home and sat back on her couch. She slouched back trying to block any thoughts that might come to her mind. She didn’t want any noise, just quiet. She stared at the blank T.V. Lauren was thankful that she didn’t have to keep herself bandaged anymore, it was starting to get itchy. Lauren closed her eyes for a few minutes, but she must have fallen asleep because when she opened her eyes it was time for her to leave for work. She jumped up to go change and headed for the door.

When she got to work Jennifer had everything cleaned from last night and set up for tonight. Lauren walked behind the bar and put up her helmet and bookbag. “Anything I can help with?” She asked Jennifer.

Jennifer shook her head. “No I took care of everything.”

“Well thank you. You ready for tonight?” Lauren took out two glasses and poured their traditional prework shots.

Jennifer took her glass and tapped it on the bar before gulping it down. “Yeah hopefully we make double what we did last night.”

Lauren nodded she set her empty glass back on the bar. “You okay?”

“Yeah just not feeling so well.”

“Your liver must finally be giving out.” Lauren said with a smile.

“Ha ha. Asshole.” Jennifer tried to sound like she was joking.

“If you need to go home and rest, I’ll take care of everything tonight.” Lauren said concerned.

“And let you take home the good money? No way.” Jennifer smiled, but Lauren could see the pain in her eyes.

“Don’t say I didn’t offer. Jess is coming tonight. She’ll make you go to the hospital if she sees you sick.”

“I know. Luckily, I’m not sick.” Jennifer gave Lauren a scolding look.

“I won’t say anything.” Lauren promised.

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