Ems Wins a Client

Ball Squeezing

I’ve been working as an escort since my university days. I’ll explain how I got started in another story but basically it was to help pay my way through my studies.

I got started as a financial consultant off the back of my accountancy degree and studies as well as at the advice of one of my ‘escort’ clients.

I’d been struggling to work out what to do as a career since graduating and so had become a full-time escort while I decided what to do.

Over the course of a few months, one of my regular clients, Ted, had been helping me work out what I could do and suggested that I started up my own financial consultancy.

He was a very successful businessman and offered to help me secure some of my first clients. Although I’d be new to the industry he felt confident that I’d be more than capable – he thought the best way would be to employ some great advisors from the start, even if they were initially funded by my escorting until the consultancy could pay for them.

That way I’d not have to worry about funding the salaries of my team to start with. Sounded like a great plan.

Finally I took the plunge and started up my consultancy.

I hired 2 experienced accountants to start with who took care of a few clients for me while I went and tried to win new business.

Most of my business came through either Ted who was helping set up the business – through referrals – or via my other escorting clients who would pass on their business contacts. Most of the escorting clients were businessmen of some sort so usually had lots of contacts I could make use of.

During the first six months of trading we’d won about 10 clients in total all paying us a monthly fee to manage their accounts and give advice on their businesses.

I’d also within this period recruited two more accountants and also a secretary for myself.

The business was definitely growing and becoming a very profitable outfit. But, I was still having to escort alongside it to help finance the new recruits before I could win enough work for them.

This was working out just fine though as I absolutely loved escorting and it was proving to be the ideal way to make new connections and sales leads for my ‘other’ business.

I was working full-time during the day for the consultancy and then meeting ‘clients’ for dinner after work and then following up the leads the next few days. All working as a slick sales machine!

One day Ted passed me the details of a potential client. They were a very large company and if we won them as a customer they’d easily be the largest client we’d have.

The next day I called Ted’s contact and arranged a meeting with him within a few days. His name was Andy and he’d been waiting for my call as Ted had told him what a great consultancy we had and how we’d probably save him a lot of time and money.

As I often did, I arranged to meet Andy for lunch as I found it so much easier to discuss work and potentially secure a client whilst enjoying a great meal out.

First impressions are so important in meeting prospects so I made sure I’d gone to the salon in the morning to have my hair and nails professionally done. More important I find if the client takes a woman along to the meeting. Most men don’t notice those kinds of details but us women definitely do! Never trust a woman with chipped nails at a business meeting.

After leaving the salon I called in at the office to change into my outfit.

Some of you reading don’t care for the details but some do so excuse me while I indulge some of you who do want to know…

Having had Ted tell me a bit about Andy I knew he’d really appreciate my chosen outfit. I’d picked out out one of my favourite cocktail dresses. Not over the top for a lunch time dinner but classy enough to catch the imagination and still look professional.

It was a tight fitting black satin dress with lacy details around the neck like and small short lacy sleeves. The dress came to about mid thigh so was short enough to entice but not too short to be unprofessional.

What I also loved about the dress was that it was designed to be very tight under by chest and with a low plunging neck line I didn’t really need a bra – the dress had enough support and was lined.

So on this day I decided to go without a bra and just wear a thong – being a tight fitting dress any underwear was easily visible and really I liked teasing men and seeing if they could spot any undies. Obviously they liked guessing too!

I also slipped on a pair of sheer lace top holdups and a pair of black knee high leather boots. Boots don’t usually go with cocktail dresses but, I wanted to make sure the image Andy had of me was a knock out and really boots always deliver. It was also a fairly cold spring day and so the extra warmth from the boots was very welcome.

Not usually one for jewellery I’d found a lovely matching pair of ear rings and necklace which complimented the dress really well. The necklace especially did well at house of the dragon izle drawing the eye to my rather fetching cleavage. Always a good thing for ‘work’ meetings as the men often feel so embarrassed that they got sucked into looking at your cleavage, they’ll agree to anything!

Andy was a gorgeous man, it has to be said. Ted had told me that I’d fancy him but I just thought he was jesting. However, Andy was a very fit looking man in his 50s. In a lovely well fitting suit he looked good enough to eat.

Dinner went really well and we seemed to be getting on very well indeed. Work discussions flowed easily and without any real complications. He seemed to already be sold on hiring my company and so a lot of the discussion was around each other and our own personal lives really.

As we finished out meal and usual coffees Andy insisted on paying the bill. Upon helping me on with my jacket he took my arm in his and we walked through the restaurant to the reception area. I thought this was a little ‘close’ for our first encounter but what he said next really took me by surprise.

“So, Ted tells me you sometimes like to socialise with a client before making a deal?” Andy said as turned to look straight at me, holding me around my waist.

Wow…what a question to pose and in such a way with incredibly close bodily contact. How do I respond to that??

If I assume he means more ‘intimate’ contact but he doesn’t I stand to lose the whole deal but, if he wants sex and I don’t go with it, do I lose the deal that way as well?

I really had no idea how to respond properly so I just smiled and said “oh he does, does he?”

I thought a quick question back would buy me some time.

“Yes, well, you certainly don’t disappoint so far” he said eyeing me up and down. “but, how about you come to my hotel room and help secure our deal?”

I couldn’t believe it. Here was a legitimate business client suggesting I offer my ‘other’ services to him to secure his signature and business. All other clients, even if referred from ‘escort’ clients, weren’t aware of how I knew their contacts.

The business deal would be worth a fortune per annum and would quadruple the size of my business immediately.

I didn’t really need any encouragement once I’d added up the consequences “of course, it would be a pleasure Andy” was my simple reply. Most women would obviously freak at such an approach but, believe me when you enjoy sex as much as I do and, with such a gorgeous and well presented man as Andy propositioning you…I must confess to having a weakness!

As we walked the short distance to Andy’s hotel his hand moved from around my arm to my waist and gently drifted down to the top of my bottom where he began to slowly stroke me through the satin of my dress.

I was feeling the buzz of the wine at this stage and was beginning to mentally prepare myself for what might lie ahead. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t beginning to get turned on by the thought of sex with this handsome man.

As we glided through the hotel reception Andy’s hand slipped from around me as we approached the lift for him to press the call button. His hand coming back to find mine as we waited hand in hand.

This kind of physical intimacy before getting behind closed doors is really rare and began to really turn me on more as its not often I get a chance at physical and emotional build up before the sex.

I turned to look at Andy as he turned and winked at me. Not the typical sleazy type of old man wink but a sexy kinky lingering one. I only felt it appropriate to lick my lips which as I did so ended up with me biting my lower lip as I turned myself on even more by looking at his lips…wow I couldn’t wait.

As we entered the lift we turned around as the doors closed. Pulling me close our lips met and we immediately began exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. Gosh, he tasted amazing and I melted into it his embrace as we kissed passionately ascending towards his room.

Suddenly the lift stopped as it all too often does and we proceeded down the corridor towards Andy’s room.

On entering the room Andy asked me to make myself comfortable as he went to the bathroom.

I didn’t want to get naked or anything as I wanted to strip and tease Andy. So I simply took a drink from the minibar and touched up my makeup while I waited.

As Andy came out of the bathroom he was only wearing a white hotel robe. He looked even more fetching and I could see a the beginnings of a tent down below.

Mmmmmm I approached him and instantly began passionately kissing him, deeper and deeper our tongues fought as I untied his robe and let it open for me….finding his cock with my hands I broke the kiss and knelt before him.

His cock by this stage was really quite hard already but, I couldn’t resist it any longer and slowly licked up and down it before slowly engulfing it with my mouth.

Mmmmm how i caught my killer izle his cock wasn’t the largest I’ve ever seen but it was definitely a lovely size to stretch my mouth and it tasted perfect.

As I sucked him I looked up as best I could and saw that his eyes were closed as he moaned with my tongue licking around the head of his cock.

Next I thought I’d raise the temperature a little more and so moved from kneeling to squatting. This brief pause caused Andy to look down at me and with a grin I went back to sucking him. With one hand steadying me on the floor the other moved to between my legs and slid my thong aside.

While slowly sucking and licking the gorgeous cock in my mouth I began to slowly dip a finger into my moist pussy. I knew how turned on I was because my finger didn’t need to really open myself at all as it entered – my pussy was already open and waiting for it. Using my juices from my finger I began to stroke around my labia as well giving it a well earned amount of lubrication.

Looking up I was pleased to see Andy watching me play with myself as well as giving him some pleasure. Although my dress was bunched up around my waist as I played, it was obvious I had my hand somewhere and, by my moans, the hand was doing something good.

“Fuck, you’re sexy” is all Andy could grunt as I engulfed his cock deeper into my throat.

As I bobbed my head up and down faster I could feel my breasts rubbing against his thighs and the satin and lace dress began to feel really good against my nipples and breasts. I knew he was having a good time looking down and seeing my cleavage pressed tightly against my deep plunging dress and seeing my boobs bob as I enjoyed sucking his length.

I lost time to be perfectly honest but after a while I felt the usual tension begin to build in Andy and was shortly treated to Andy holding my face hard against his body with his cock firmly held down my throat. It’d been a while since I’d deep throated such a lovely sized cock so was struggling but, I didn’t need to wait for too long.

Soon he was shooting his thick cum down my throat. Feeling the cum pulse up through his cock over my tongue and into my throat. Always surprised by how much I love making a man cum.

Mmmmm his cum tasted familiar and warm. I swallowed it all and, removing my hand from under my dress I first licked it clean and then used a finger to scoop up some that escaped around my mouth and then sucked it clean.

Standing up our lips met again and we kissed passionately as our hands began to roam over each other’s bodies. Andy found the zip on my dress and began to undo it.

Feeling my dress become looser I pulled away and unzipped it all the way – it was one of those awkward concealed side zips that foxes most men. Once it was unzipped I pulled the shoulders down and let the dress fall to the floor.

Stood there in a thong, holdups and my heels I suddenly felt the cool air of the hotel room around my body and just grinned at Andy. It was the kind of silent moment where time stands still and I’m looking to him for approval…approval of my now literally naked body. The first time he’s seen me naked and all my insecurities rise within me.

He smiles back at me but no words are spoken so I begin to nervously slip my fingers into either side of my thong and start to pull it down my thighs. Still eyes transfixed on each other.

Inside i’m getting worried now. I’m not like most escorts or ‘modern’ girls as I stopped shaving/waxing my pussy a few years earlier. I’d been on a swingers meet along with my boyfriend at the time. The couple were a lot older than us – in their 50s and we were in our mid 20s. Steve, my boyfriend, wasn’t interested in the lady but wanted to see me have fun with a much older couples. At that time I was freshly waxed as I had been regularly since turning 16. But, Anne had a completely natural pussy. Since it was winter she’d also not shaved her legs or trimmed for her bikini line.

Now, I’d been with several older ladies and knew this wasn’t uncommon and really it turned me on that she was so secure to just let it go – I often wished I could but pressure told me that I needed to have silky smooth legs and pussy all the time. What a chore?!

What really surprised me though was how turned on Steve became when he saw how hairy Anne’s pussy was. For me it also made her far more sexy.

From then on I decided I’d try and let my hair grow and see what it was like. For the first month or two it wasn’t great as it itched a bit and looked really quite patchy. I wasn’t sure. But, Steve kept encouraging me to stick with it.

Taking Anne’s lead I’d let it grow with no trimming until about 4 months in and it had filled out really well. One day while in the shower washing I suddenly became aware of how full the coverage had become and was really excited to find that it felt fantastic too. Rubbing a hand through it really how we roll izle turned me on and before long I was masturbating and loving playing with the hair at the same time.

Now, years later, here I was lowering my thong for the first time in front of a man I hardly knew. Would he accept my hairy pussy or not? I was worried…I’d had so many men appreciate it but they almost all said they’d never expected it with such a young woman.

What would Andy make of it?

As my thong slid down my legs I nervously stood back awaiting his response…

“Wow, you keep getting sexier and sexier Emma” Andy said as he stood back and looked me up and down.

I started to roll down my holdups but he stopped me saying he thought they looked too good to take off. Approaching me he lent in and we kissed again.

I loved the feel of his shirt against my nakedness but I wanted more so my fingers slowly undid his shirt buttons slowly revealing a toned but sexily hairy chest. Next I fumbled with his belt and trousers. Snogging and undressing a man is always a tricky business I find, even after years of practice!

Soon though his trousers fell to the floor and it was my turn to stand back and admire him. Wearing his shirt wide open Andy stood there in just that and his black tight fitting boxers. And yes, they were sexy to me but of course his cock was no longer in them after my earlier exploits.

Moving to the bed I sat on the edge as I watched Andy finish undressing. Without realising it my hand travelled to my pussy and began teasing it for the fun I knew was ahead.

Andy laughed and said I must be impatient. I blushed as I honestly hadn’t realised that I’d started fondling myself!

As Andy approached he knelt in front of me and pushed me back to lay on the bed. He didn’t waste any time and soon his tongue was lapping softly at my pussy. Laying there I could help but pinch my nipples and massage my breasts. I’m not totally sure why but I do like to do this while enjoying some oral foreplay. Almost as if I can’t just lay back and enjoy it – I have to do something to stop me going insane with the sensations my pussy is relaying to my brain?!

After a few minutes I feel a couple of fingers begin to explore my pussy and I moan involuntarily at the sensation. My pussy spontaneously also seemed to lubricate then and also I could feel myself open up to the exploring fingers. Feeling this all happen so naturally was a real turn on for me.

My legs were now wide open and hanging off the side of the bed as Andy demonstrated just how good he was at giving a woman amazing oral sex. I was now moaning a lot and could feel my body surrendering to his every touch. Feeling his tongue around my pussy and every now and then entering it and sucking my juices into his eager mouth.

As I started to rapidly fall towards an orgasm Andy suddenly stopped and came up to kiss me fully on my lips. I could taste the familiar juice of my pussy on his lips and tongue. I supposed I’m a rare woman in that I actually really like the taste of my own pussy?

As we kissed I then felt the familiar hardness of a cock at my pussy and before I knew it he’d slid right in. I moaned loudly as I felt myself rapidly stretched and engulfing his gorgeous cock.

Just laying there for a moment felt amazing. I felt so fully filled and moist. Getting used to his size and the intimacy.

Pulling him back for another kiss I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him deeper inside me still while our tongues explored each other’s mouths even more fully.

As we kissed Andy began to pump in and out of me slowly…deeper and deeper he went with every thrust. After a while I could feel his cock gently hitting my cervix. Softly moaning as he continued to thrust long deep thrusts into my pussy. Gosh it felt so good.

Lifting his head Andy lowered towards my breasts and began to suckle on my left nipple while massaging my right breast. He then swapped. I love having my breasts touched and my nipples sucked. He seemed to be a natural at this too and soon both nipples were on fire and very hard.

I’ve never lactated but I loved having my nipples suckled as it’s like I can feel my breasts tighten up in some way and feel firmer. Feels quite odd but in a very good way.

Moving away from my breasts and lifting his upper body away from me, Andy began to thrust more quickly. Lifting further off the bed he really began to fuck me harder and faster. Now he really was hitting my cervix and I could feel it absorb his thrusts.

As his cock head stroked the inside of pussy and g-spot I felt my orgasm come alive again. Eyes shut feeling the rush coming my legs dropped from around Andy and were now hanging off the side of the bed. Laying in a state of wanton abandon as Andy pounded me deeply and quickly.

Soon I could feel Andy begin to stretch me again and he was moaning…he was going to cum soon.

I relaxed completely hoping that my orgasm would hit at the same time and definitely not after his!

I didn’t need to wait long as my orgasm ripped through my body. I couldn’t help but writhe around on the bed as it was one of the most powerful and deep orgasms I’d had for a very long time. As my pussy reacted it caused Andy to cum as well and so as I was still shuddering with the pulses of my orgasm but pussy was sucking his cum deep inside me.

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