Encounter in Motorway services.

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Encounter in Motorway services.Jesus , this fucking weather. Business meeting in Scotland, no problem, with the flight up, but by the time I had finished the fucking weather had closed the airports and it looked like armageddon People on the phones, no fucking hotel rooms available. Luckily for me I hadn’t handed over the hire car, I then spent the next 30 minutes extending the hire period and telling a fuckwit behind the counter I was going to drop it off in London tomorrow. two options exist from Edinburgh, coast road through Newcastle or the A74, opted for the coast road, loaded up with snacks and water, bought a take away of the worst tasting coffee in the wold and set off. Phone wife, not really interested, said stay, said nowhere available, be careful, yep see you tomorrow. Started off went the wrong way out of the airport, corrected myself and hit the road. Snow and high winds making the going slow, had a full tank so no real problem. Lots of vehicles, trucks mainly stuck on the side of the road, slow going. Got to Newcastle about 4 hours later. decided to stop at next services and refuel. Made it, lots of people stopped. I decided to go canlı bahis on after refuelling and getting more snacks. Weather not worst but still needing full concentration, damn I needed a piss, next services 20 miles, took nearly an hour to get there, busting I rushed into loo and almost wet myself, pulled knob out and breathed a sigh of relief as the hot stream of piss hit the urinal. Washed hands, looked at the clock, fuck 01:00 already only done just over 150 miles.Walked back out, every where shut except MC’s, brought big MAC and sat and considered options, loads of truck drivers sleeping on benches, even families curled up together, Big MAC hit the stomach hard, coffee not working I lean back and close my eyes for a second, woke up cold, still lights on, still people walking around. looked at watch fuck it was an hour later.Needed another piss, walked into mens room, couple of the stalls busy, stood over the urinal pulled my cock out and pulled it a couple of times and the stream of piss started.From nowhere, I slightly feminine voice said “Need help with that?”, trying not to piss on my shoes I looked over to see a young man in tight jeans bahis siteleri and shirt standing beside the sinks. I did notice a large cock outline in his pants, as I zipped up and walked to the sinks. “What’s your question” I said, “Do you need help with that cock?,” he said “lifting his eyebrows and looking at my crutch”. “What’s sort of help?” I said. “Stress relief” the boy said, “Massage” I said “Of sorts” the boy said. “Where” I said, eyebrows up with the shoulders this time, “over there” he said, pointing to the disabled stall. “OK” I said and he took my hand and led to the stall, quickly before anybody else came in. Closing and locking the door he sat on the toilet and pulled me to him unzipping my fly he uncoiled my cock and pulled at it reaching in he released by balls and there hung low under my growing cock. Pulling the foreskin back he kissed the end and then sucked the growing purple mushroom bell end. Felt good as he held my cock and run his tongue along the shaft and back to the bell end licking the slit. Moaning my cock sucking friend worked the knob head with his mouth and wanked my shaft. Pulling my ball sack he played with bahis şirketleri my plums.Looking up he smiled and wanked my cock harder and squeezed my balls. My long thick cock making him work hard, suddenly felt very hard and he noticed and let go. My cock twitched and cum spat over his face, 3 ropes before he squeezed the last dibble from the bell end. He cleaned up with toilet paper and wiped himself down.What about me he asked, what about you I said, I need to cum he said, Only joking I said as I sat where he had just got up from. Pulling at his jeans releasing a nice looking fat cut cock, knob end glistening from the pre-cum, tasted nice as I sucked him hard. I always like the feeling of a soft cock growing in my mouth, its a challenge then to get the whole wonderful shaft in my mouth as I had with the flaccid cock a few minutes before. Didn’t take long for his young cock to grow full length and thick. I sucked that knob end hard and sucked the young cum out of that cock, it tasted fresh. He almost fell backwards as his cock erupted with hot stickily fluid. the trouser around his ankles did not help. My knob had recovered a little as we put out members away in our pants.”You staying”, he asked “depends on the weather” I said “you I asked?”, “nah school bus driver says we are here for the night”. “Bummer” I said as we opened the door and went out separate ways

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