End of Campaign Celebration – D,D


It’s weird how you wind up spending time with the most assorted group of people playing Dungeons and Dragons. This group was no different, Pat was a successful online career DM for a multitude of tabletop role playing games. Brian had a full time job as a mechanical designer. Heather was a bartender at some dive bar downtown while Steven was a fitness instructor at an overpriced gym uptown.. Cynthia rarely spoke of what she did until months after they had been playing consistently, turns out Cynthia was a fairly successful webcam and solo adult content creator.

After two years our Curse of Strahd campaign finally is coming to a close. Strahd has been cornered in his castle, they have the Sun Sword and almost all of their hit points and spell slots left. They sat around in the dark room of Pat’s studio apartment hanging on to his every word, while he tried to kill off our characters with every action.

“You swing for Strahds’ head and only disturb the gray mist he quickly shifts to while moving out of your space. Strahd’s laugh echoes in the vast hall as he reappears fifteen feet away. Heather you up next, what do you do?” Pat says will mimicking the movement Brians’ paladin would have made on his attack of opportunity.

“Okay, can I maintain focus on faerie fires and, fuck I don’t know.” Heather says with an aggravated voice.

“Hey I am up next and I have the Sun Sword!” Steven reminds Heather.

“Oh yea! Um I’ll bonus action bardic inspiration on Tim.” Heather says.

“Ok and how are you going to inspire him.” Pat says

A devious look comes across Heather’s face, as she pulls down the front of her shirt and loudly proclaims. “My tits for house Tim!” Everyone stares and laughs at Heather’s gorgeous tits. Granted its still shocking sight, that isn’t the first time Heather has wiped a tit out for dramatic impact.

“Okay, Tim Tankard, you may take your D twelve die for inspiration. As once again Loucinda tears down her blouse, revealing her perfect tits and inspires a deep fight and strength inside of you. Pat says mimicking Heathers moves with our showing any skin.

“Damn, it looks like wood stock in here.” Cynthia says with a giggle. As all the guys look down simultaneously Heather and Cynthia almost fall out of their chairs giggling.

Hours of intense combat pass before Pat finally says “As the Sun Sword finds purchase in Strahd’s chest, light streams from his orifices as his skin crumbles into a pile of ash etimesgut dansöz escortlar on the ground in front of you. Strahd is dead.”

Simultaneously all of the players are out of their seats cheering. Heather grabs Cynthia by the neck and kisses her deeply. Quickly, Cynthia relaxes into Heather’s kiss and begins vigorously making out with her, seemingly unaware of the guys watching in shock.

This was a first for them. Granted Cynthia and Heather have been close during the past two years and have little to no qualms with being brash and bold when it comes to anything remotely sexual, This is the first time any of the guys have seen them full on make out with each other.

The guys’ jaws dropped as they watched Heather quickly strip Cynthis naked of her clothes and throw them on to the dungeon map. “Come on men, it’s been a long two year campaign and we won! I think we should celebrate!” Heather exclaimed rather loudly while moving over to Pat behind the DM screen.

“Besides, we came into this together, why come together as well.” The sound of Pat zipper descending accenting her point. As if on cue the rest of the group jumped into action. Brian pulled Cynthia into a deep long kiss, while his hands pulled her ass cheeks wide revealing her tight asshole. She laughed as he lifted her onto the table and almost ripped off his shirt.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this.” Brian confessed to Cynthia.

“Fuck me until I get a hint then.” Cynthia said with a smile pushing Brian’s head low. He starts licking her pussy slow and deep, the feel of her squeezing thighs on his ears urging him to continue.

Pat let out a low “Fuck.” of pleasure as Heather slide his cock deep in her mouth, her tongue lick down towards his balls. Slowly pulling him out of her throat, she gave a small gasp for air before licking the full length of his cock and sliding it back down her throat. Pat watched in amazement and felt his balls with overstimulation.

“Fuck, slow down. I might cum.” Pat pleaded with Heather. Giving a wicked grin she stroked his cock slowly while looking up at him.

“Isn’t that the point.” She said devilishly before putting his cock back in her mouth.

Steven, cock in hand, slowly jerked off as he watched as Brian ate out Cynthia and Heather gave Pat a blowjob he only thought you’d get from paid pornstars. He locked eyes with Cynthia.

“Get over here big boy, that cock elvankent saatlik veren escortlar looks too good to waste.” She moaned to Steven. Without hesitation Steven was next to her as she lent to the side and took the head of his cock in her mouth. She stroked his shaft as she worked the head of his cock over and over. His eyes rolled back from pleasure as he quickly felt his orgasm building. Suddenly, he doesn’t feel her warm hand or mouth on his cock anymore. Looking over he sees Brian picking her off the table again.

“Sorry man, but if I don’t fuck her now, I dont know how much lover I will last.” he apologies to Steven. Cynthia gives another laugh as she is tossed onto her stomach. Her laugh was quickly replaced with an “Oh FUCK! YES!” as Brian’s cock stretched her wet pussy.

Sliding a hand up her soft back, Brian grabs a handful of her hair and tugs roughly, forcing her head up to watch Heather give Pat a rough blowjob.

“Fuck me harder! Show me how much a barbain can give!” She screamed, encouraging him to fuck her harder. Brian obliged eagerly, using her hair as leverage. Pulling her hair back, he slammed his cock into deep and fast. The table creaked as he rammed Cynthia’s tight pussy over and over.

Pat and Heather watched as pain and pleasure mixed on Cynthia’s face. Heather idly stroked Pats cock overhead while simply transfixed on Cynthia being fucked like she has alway wished to be.

“I have to watch this.” Heather said absentmindedly as she crawled around the table. She marveled at Brian’s stamina, the way he kept a quick pace without slowing. Placing her head next to Cynthia’s thigh, she reached between her legs and rubbed Cynthia’s clit quickly and vigorously.

Cynthia, lost in the fog of rough sex, screamed when her clit was suddenly played with. In seconds her legs locked as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy pulsated and tightened as she came over Brian’s cock, he felt him slow as she came but Heather did not. Suddenly, Brina started to pulsate inside her, as she felt his hot cum fill her.

Brian growled as he filled Cynthia with load after load of cum. Her pussy squeezing every dropout of him. Pulling out slowly, the last pulse of cum landed on the outside of her now quivering pussy. He looked down and smiled as he saw Heather with a wide mouth smirk plastered across her face.

“Fuck! That was hot!” Heather belted giving Cynthia’s ass a smack. “Who ankara azeri escortlar next? Pat, it looks like you’re almost ready to explode.” Pat didn’t say a word, just took position behind Cynthia and slid his cock in with ease. Cynthia moaned, feeling her already spent and ruined pussy be filled yet again.

“Fuck. Your dick feels as good as your stories.” Cynthia praised Pat. He took it slower inside of her than Brian did. His slow thrusts meant her sensitive pussy felt every inch of his cock slide deep inside her and almost all the way out. Her next orgasm built quickly and steadily reaching the climax as soon as she felt his first shot of cum shoot deep inside her.

Pat grunted as he pulled Cynthia’s hips into his body. His cock jumped inside her with every shot of cum, suddenly he heard her let out a long moan as her legs shook and pussy tightened around his cock.

“Fuck!” He yelled in pleasure before slowly pulling out of her.

Cynthia laid motionless over the gaming table trying to catch her breath as Pat and Brian’s cum dripped out of her ruined pussy into the carpet. Kneeling beside her, Heather slid a finger down Cynthia’s slit gathering some cum and licking it off her finger. “Mmm two down, but I think you have room for one more.” She snickers as she spreads Cynthia’s lips part, watching a large creamy drop fall out.

Steven positioned himself behind Cynthia, sliding his cock slowly up and down her pussy. Heather watched closely, seeing cum gather at the head of Stevens cock “You know, she might need a break.” Steven says, turning towards Heather’s face, his cum covered cock in hand. “You always play support, how about you help her out.” Steven grabs Heather by the back of her head, sliding his cum covered cock into Heather’s mouth.

Slightly shocked at first, Heather let’s out a cut off “Hey!” before closing her eyes and taking his cock in greedily. Her gags give way as she tries to force his substantial length down her throat. She tries to come back up air but only gets a small breath before Stevens cock is sliding back down her throat. She feels her pussy moisten as Steven uses her throat. Her gags deepin as his breath quickens and she knows he is close. Quickly she pulls him free of her throat and strokes his cock.

When Steven felt her hand cerese his ball sack, his orgasm ripped through his cock. He grunts in time with every shot of cum shooting onto Heather’s smiling face. She continued to stroke his now sensitive cock until she was sure every last drop of cum was out of it.

Face plastered in cum and smiling, Heather took a glazed look at her friends.

“That is how you celebrate the end of a campaign.” She stated excitedly before giving Cynthia’s ass a cum cover kiss and smack. The whole group laughed at her ridiculousness.

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