English for Sinners Ch. 02


All characters involved in this story are of at least 18 years of age. All characters involved in this story are original creations of the author. Any resemblance to any real person, place, or event is purely coincidental. Please do not post anywhere else without author permission. Thank you!

A/N: With the prologue out of the way, the real fun can begin!


It was their eyes, more than anything else, that captivated me. More than Vanessa’s breasts. More than Valentina’s ass. More than Vivika’s lips. More than anything, it was their eyes that sealed my fate. They were knowing, wise beyond their years, and seemed to convey a confidence of future events going their way. Blue, green, and a copper brown that bordered on red. Each set matching their preferred color to go with their outfit and style. Vanessa’s were wide and full of playfulness. Sparkling sapphires that dared you to look away only to be caught in her deep cleavage. Valentina’s were bemused and uninterested, but striking nonetheless. Enchanting emeralds that cut right to the bone and made accurate accusations of all the dirty thoughts you would have of her. Vivika’s were alluring and captivating, pulling you in and causing the rest of the world to push away as your focus narrowed more and more onto her and only her. Ravishing rubies behind half lidded, dark red shadowed, eyelids, framed by pitch black thick eyelashes. It was their eyes, more than anything else. Their eyes…

Through roll call I learned which name belonged to which girl. Vanessa, or Van/Vanny as she preferred, was the blonde bombshell owning bouncing breasts behind a near-bursting bodice. Her happy demeanor betrayed the gothic style of clothing she wore, but it did seem to be the theme among this trio of girls. She sat cross legged at her seat, as a girl in such a short skirt would be wise to do, but every time my eyes panned in her direction, I could see her legs, encased in thigh-high stockings, had just finish shifting one leg over the other, differing from before. Was she flashing me while I wasn’t looking?

Valentina, otherwise known as Val, as Vanessa revealed as Valentina was content with just giving me a grunt and a nod when I called her name, was the Latina athlete I had heard so much about. Although her clothes were more jock than Goth, the rest of her definitely conveyed a certain level of anti-conforminity that came with the scene. Tattoos could be seen poking out behind her clothes, what little there were, while others were fully in the open for all to see. I was especially captivated by the flower tattoos, not because of their content but rather their location along her inner thighs. She would slouch in her seat, thrusting her crotch forward and unashamedly keeping her knees apart. I could catch her smirking every now and then, when she thought I wasn’t looking. It seemed she was playing the same game Vanessa was.

Finally, Ms. Vivikia Briarheart. Still I had no idea what powerful parent she was connected to, but that was the furthest thing from my mind as she continued to stare me down, smirking those ruby kissed lips all the while. In an elegant tone she told me she goes by Vivi, or “Ms. Briarheart, if you prefer.” When she said that, out of context it sounded polite and fine, but with her tone and eyes it conveyed a sense of domination over me, as if she were to be my mistress in some dark sex dungeon somewhere. Vivi was dressed more elegantly and conservatively than her friends, her clothes a mixture of black and various red hues to match her hair, lips, and eyes. Yet somehow, even though she showed the least amount of flesh, her confidence and poise made it seem like she was the most scandalously-dressed girl in the room.

I reminded myself that these three girls were no different than any other student, or at least I had to remind myself of that fact. I couldn’t see them as anything more than young women – girls, legal though they may be – who were here to learn and I had to be ready to teach and nothing else. Clearing my throat seemed to help me up my confidence, like a lion letting out a low growl to establish dominance. Sure I was decent below, I stood from my desk and proceeded with the day.

After I introduced myself to the girls, and class (as if they had forgotten me over the winter break, along with everything I had taught them the semester prior), Van gave me a delighted wave with just her fingers, Val didn’t seem to care, and Viv didn’t budge and inch. I felt confident that although I found Val very attractive, she seemed so disinterested in everything and everyone in the room that I had only myself to worry about. Van, however, I gave a 50/50 chance she would flirt with me. She looked the type to flirt with anyone, as much as I hate to stereotype my students. Viv, still, I couldn’t peg down, but in my gut I knew she was interior design masters izle the one to look out for the most.

The class proceeded as normal. A few glances across the room and my eyes would be caught in the three new girls’ stare, catching a brief glimpse of movement in their laps but never anything concrete. I told myself I was worried over nothing. My plan to coast through the year had just put me into a funk, a state of mistrust for the students and the job and, by extension, myself. I hadn’t been at this job long but I knew I would never betray the trust between student and teacher, even if, with these girls, it seemed like it would be well worth the risk. God, what was happening to me? Whenever I got closer to forgetting about them and their undeniable sexuality, the further away from that goal I would end up and just start thinking about their nubile young bodies pressed up against me, writhing, bouncing, giggling and moaning. Needless to say, most of my lesson was given while I sat at my desk.

After the longest 90 minutes of my life, the bell rang signaling the end of classes and time for all students to move onto their next subject. I quickly turned from the board and sat in my seat to keep myself concealed, and let out a sigh that I hoped the students would just see as my usual exasperation that came from trying to teach them simple syntax. My reprieve was short lived, however, as each girl collected their things in the slowest speed possible, waiting for everyone else to leave the room before they approached my desk. It was just me and them, now.

There’s five minutes given to students to get from one class to another. Five minutes where my classroom was usually empty and now five minutes I had to survive talking to these three temptresses. Vanessa, unsurprisingly, was the first to speak. Her hands pressed on my desk and she leaned forward with youthful exuberance, almost convincing me she didn’t know she was flashing her considerable cleavage.

“Mr. Harper, that lesson was great!” she exclaimed. She was a terrible liar, but confident at least. It was the most basic lesson I could give, and didn’t contain any of my usual flair or spark. “I’m really looking forward to being in your class every day.”

“She’s right, Mr. Harper,” Vivika spoke up, hands behind her back, arched so her breasts stood a bit higher on her chest and pressed more against her blouse. Despite the sexuality that was exuding from her at record levels, she kept her proper poise going. “Isn’t she, Val?” Vivika asked of her aloof friend, nudging her in her bare side.

“S’alright, I guess,” she murmured, her accent thick enough that I could pick it up at even such a low volume. She kept her arms crossed over her modest chest, her hips canted to the side, accentuating her dangerous curves and visibly muscled stomach.

“He was more than alright, Val,” Viv corrected with a glare, returning to my gaze with a smile. “He was inspiring. We really made the right choice coming here, didn’t we Van?”

“Uh huh, Vivi baby,” she replied, dropping her usual naive school girl act and taking on a more sexually charged tone. “I’m really going to enjoy this semester,” she added, pressing her arms together to push her cleavage out all the more.

“I’m glad you girls enjoyed my class,” I finally spoke up, thankfully my voice didn’t crack like some nervous school boy. “But Vanessa, I’d like you to dress more appropriately from now on,” I made sure to add. I had to show I was all business, that I was here to obey and enforce the rules.

“Awww, you don’t like my outfit, Mr. Harper?” she cooed sadly, standing up straight and moving her hands down her body, taking extra time to curve over her breasts and hips. “I picked it out just for you.”

“I’m sure you know the dress code, Ms. Smithfield,” I said, using a more proper name with her to distance myself from any friendliness I could be conveying that could be misunderstood as something else.

“Van,” Vivika chimed in, her tone authoritative and strict, like a schoolmarm correcting a misbehaving child. “She goes by Van. Or Vanny, don’t you, dear?” she asked of her friend, brushing her fingers through those blonde and blue tresses.

It was like she was treating her like a pet. Viv was obviously the leader of this trio, but she was that much in charge where she could just dictate their behavior, reward and punish like you would a dog? I was getting ahead of myself, and I had to focus back on the situation at hand. “I think it’s time you girls ran along, now, to your next class. You don’t have much time,” I reminded them.

“What’s the rush? We still got four minutes to get to class,” Val managed to contribute with an annoyed huff. “I can do lots of stuff in that amount of time, especially get to class.” iyi adamin 10 günü izle

My god, had it only been on minute since they started talking to me? It felt like an eternity of torture, torture I was inflicting on myself by denying my most base of desires. In my peripheral I saw Van whisper something into Viv’s ear, her eyes cutting my way and causing her to giggle as she continued to share secrets.

“No, he’s right, Van,” Viv once again corrected the situation. “We should get going. We’ll have plenty of time to spend with Mr. Harper later.” And just like that the three girls left, putting an extra sway to their hips as they did, reminding me of what I could have if I just had the balls to take it.

We really made the right choice in coming here, echoed in my head. Viv had said that, and it didn’t strike me as odd until the blood was finally rushing back to my brain. Students didn’t choose to come to my class. It was almost a punishment for poor performance. Ideally it was to help students get back on track but even then you can’t sign up for this specific class. What the hell was she talking about? Everything Viv said seemed to be laced with sexuality, hidden between the lines and nipping at my ears. My next class was coming in soon, so I had to get my head back into the game. For the rest of the day I found it hard to keep my mind on the class, and was thankful I was doing the same lecture over and over for different students as that helped me to sort of go into auto pilot while my mind wandered elsewhere.

Specifically I couldn’t stop thinking about Vanessa, or Vanny I should say. I imagined what it would be like to pin her down, fuck her from behind and watch her fat ass jiggle as I slapped it. She looked the type to beg for more, to want to be dominated while I savaged her teenage body. And those tits, oh my god, those tits were insane. I fantasized about doing all sorts of things to her chest, from the gentle worshiping to the feral manipulating. Those lips would fit great around my cock, I bet. So soft and wet, her tongue doing something other than talk in her ditzy tone.

Then I thought of Val, thought of wiping that smug look off her face as I fucked her raw, too. Definitely going for her ass, that’s for sure. Oh I was put it up on my mantle if I could. Maybe fuck her and Van together, lying on top of each other while I fucked my cock between their wet, naked, pussies. Lots of spanking for Van, that was for sure. Make it hard for her to sit down the next day.

And then Viv. Viv I wanted to…wanted to…god, what was I thinking? I never had these thoughts before, not even about women I could legally have! I was a romantic, I believed in foreplay and giving back twice as much as I got from the woman, and here I was thinking like some kind of drunk frat boy! I couldn’t bring myself to think of Viv that way. No, I shouldn’t be thinking about any girl that way! What was wrong with me? Shaking the thoughts from my head I looked out the window while my students worked on their papers, and I saw Viv in the distanced, standing under a tree and looking directly at me. What the hell was she doing there? Even if she had a free period, why would she spend it there, looking at me from across the quad? And her smile…god, it was like she knew what I was thinking, and was utterly delighted at what she saw.

After I looked away, trying to ignore her, I did my best to put those filthy thoughts out of my mind. But now instead of dominating the girls in my head, I was the one being dominated. Van sat on my lap, my cock buried deep inside of her, much to her moaning delight. Val was on my chest, grinding her wet Latin pussy into my abs while I could hear her make out with Van. Even in my fantasy I couldn’t see this because Val was sitting on my face, using it as a sex toy for her to grind and ride. It was so vivid, so real, it took me fifteen minutes of thinking of naked grandmas playing baseball before I could stand up and walk out of the building to my car with some shred of dignity.

Thankfully the rest of my day at home wasn’t uneventful. Lonesome, but uneventful. I turned to some internet porn, worked out whatever build up I must have had, and set a personal record that night. I was confident, though, that it was out of my system. I could go back to work and everything would be normal. That was my thought until I read the text I got the next morning.

Opening my phone as it buzzed, I checked the text from an unknown number. There was just one word, “soon”, but there was also an attached picture. I opened it to my shock and delight. It was a close up shot of someone’s breasts – who am I kidding? It was Van’s breasts, I knew it right away. One arm was holding them together, naked otherwise. Between them rested a blue dildo, the tip barely poking jungle izle out from beneath her huge jugs, and high enough that she could reach down with her tongue to lick it.

Who knows how long I stared at it, hard as a rock beneath my sheets but afraid to do anything about it. I was broken from the spell thanks only to my alarm going off, telling me it was time to get ready for work. I tossed the phone away and rushed to the shower, taking care of myself while thinking of Olivia Wilde enjoying a popsicle. Anything other than that enticing picture of my student. Once I was dried off and spent, I fearfully approached the phone, committed to deleting the picture lest it be found by some administrator or parent. But…I couldn’t. It was staring back at me, even though there were no eyes in the picture, begging me to let it live on. I couldn’t keep it on my phone, though, I wasn’t that crazed. So I put it on my computer, directly from the phone itself instead of just e-mailing it. The less of a trail, the better, and then deleted any trace of it from my phone. In that moment I knew this was wrong, this was a mistake, but I didn’t care. How could I destroy something of such beauty? It would be a greater crime to do that than to keep it.

My class went just about how I feared. My eyes couldn’t stay off the girls, who were dressed much in the way they were the day before. Van at least took some of my advice to heart and covered up more, but it didn’t help me forget what her tanned tits looked like. It took an amazing amount of willpower just to keep my eyes off of her, and away from her own glance. If I locked eyes with her, I…well I was afraid of what I would see, what would be confirmed. However, although the class was tough, it was the minutes after that were the most intense.

Once again the girls stayed after class. This time, however, instead of chatting me up, Val stood at the door keeping it closed and standing in the way while Val and Van approached me with confidence and vigor. Before I could question the situation, Val’s dick-sucking lips were crushed against mine. There was no tongue, just a very strong kiss, meant only to distract me while she pulled down her shorts to her knees. With a nip to my lip, she spun around and sat forcefully down onto my lap.

She was wearing underwear, at least, but it was a green g-string so she might as well not have been. Her shorts had left little to the imagination, but I wasn’t prepared for the real thing. That dark, toned, big ass was now grinding into my lap, working my erection between her cheeks even though it remained trapped in my pants.

When I finally gathered the wits to utter an objection, Van was quick to grab my head and thrust it between her breasts, where she had undone a button or two on her blouse so I was blessed with her full cleavage. What cries I had were muffled by her generous tit flesh. Amidst it all, I heard Viv speak up.

“We’ve chosen you, Mr. Harper,” she started, her voice dripping with more sexuality than what was currently happening on my lap and face. “It wasn’t an easy decision, but when it came down to it, it could only be you. You should be thankful,” she argued, “We’re going to make your every fantasy a reality. Every dream come true,” and then she paused to chuckle to herself. “Hell, even every one of your nightmares, too. But don’t worry, we’ll be there to hold your hand, every step of the way, Mr. Harper. Now, you better hurry, the next class will be here soon and you don’t want them to see you in this state.”

I couldn’t fight my way free of the girls, or I didn’t want to. I’m sure I could overpower them, and yet there was no willpower behind that goal. She was right though. It was clear they wanted me to cum and weren’t going to leave until I did. As innocent as I am in all of this, there was no way I would walk out a free man if I was caught. So, against my better judgment, and with my primal desires, I focused on what was happening. I nuzzled into those warm, supple tits, and I let Val move her practiced hips so she could grind her perfect ass into me. Quicker than usual, I came, sure enough I came. Unfortunately in my pants, but at least I came. Val stopped, and Van pulled away, letting me catch my breath and pant from the excitement and intensity of it all. I couldn’t say anything, I had a million things to say and do but all I could do was watch as Val pulled her shorts back up and Van buttoned up. They left mere seconds before my next class was to arrive, and I was thankful no student, ever, was early to class. The rest of the day was spent behind my desk, of course, as there was no way to explain away the stain on the crotch of my pants.

When the intensity of those five minutes faded, I thought about Viv’s words. About how they had “chosen” me. What was she talking about? What were these girls up to? Whatever it was, this was no mere school girl crush where I could sit each one down and tell them I was their teacher and it could never happen. They made it abundantly clear they were playing on another level than what I could imagine and I struggled to think of how I was going to make it out to the other side in one piece.

No matter what, though, this was going to be an eventful semester.

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