English Roses Ch. 03


The continuing adventures of an Aussie boy in England. He’d gone for an English summer to play sport and escape the complexities of Australian women. However, he’s beginning to find things are little different in England, in so far as the opposite sex are concerned.

June progressed nicely for me. The English summer got warmer and I even managed to get my shirt off a couple of times. My old girlfriend Emma continued to keep in touch. On my last night in Australia she had indicated that she still viewed her and me as a going concern and nothing she’d said since indicated any change in her thinking. This perplexed me as the previous two years we had merely been going through the motions. My general take on this was that she is over there and I am over here, so I won’t dwell on it.

The cricket continued to go well, both for me personally, and for the team. We were winning the majority of our games and figured high in the League. In addition, there was a Wednesday evening, limited overs league that involved lots of lusty hitting and close finishes. We were winning that competition and generally the club members were in good spirits.

I loved the long English evenings, whether at cricket practice, playing or in the garden bar at the pub. The weather was warm, the lager was cold, my team mates were generally good fun and the women were becoming increasingly attractive, some more so than others.

My boarding arrangement with Mike and Felicity Manning was now extremely pleasant, particularly while Felicity continued to provide regular sexual interludes. Initially these had been on a daily basis, on days Mike was at work. We were both at home during weekdays and the moment we saw each other on any given day, we would be hands and lips all over each other.

Felicity did place boundaries, such as no sex in her and Mike’s bed, no sex play if Mike was expected home and no extended sex sessions. Apart from that, she was always keen, initially anyway. I would often wait for her to rise and go into the shower, ambushing her on the way out.

Once I had my hands inside her robe, massaging her breasts and moving down to cup her lower lips, she was putty in my hands. The robe would come off we would move into my room, where she would use her hands and mouth to get me rock hard. She never wanted me to lick her intimately, merely wanting me inside her as quickly as possible. After I entered her she would participate actively, thrusting her hips up to meet mine. She always reached her orgasm.

However, after a couple of weeks these sessions began to taper off and by the end of June they’d become far more irregular. Some days we’d be home alone and she would make it clear that it wasn’t going to happen on that day.

This decline in sexual play with Felicity didn’t overly concern me, because our liaisons weren’t that fulfilling. They had started out with hiss and a roar, because it was new and naughty. However, it soon became apparent that Felicity liked a certain routine, which I began to tire of. When I pushed her to become a little more adventurous, she’d rebuff me.

Still, beggars couldn’t be chooses and I wasn’t too concerned.

My growing feelings for Terri concerned me far more. I had never experienced this with a girl before. When I first met Emma back in Australia, it was in a bar and we had slept together on the first night. From then on we were a couple and there was none of the slow, growing awareness of feelings I was now experiencing with Terri. She was looking more attractive every day, never seemed low in mood and I always looked forward to seeing her. When she walked into the pub, or when I spotted her at the Café, my heart would beat just a little faster. This made me feel more than a little uneasy.

Conversation came easily with Terri. She had a much brighter personality than Felicity and there was none of the game playing and innuendo that occurred with Ness. With Terri she was just…,’Nice’. At the Pub on a Saturday night she’d enquire how I’d done at cricket that day, celebrating success or commiserating a lack of it, all as if she had been a part of it.

Terri would tell me her latest news. If she’d seen her father she’d be all excited like a little girl, but if we discussed her getting organised for University, or the like, she would morph into a mature woman. The thing that puzzled me about these talks was that I was actually interested. I started to find many sides to Terri and I liked that she had a bit of depth about her. In addition, I felt she had a smouldering sexual side to her, which she was innocently unaware of.

Francis continued to barely acknowledge Terri at the pub, but she always had to leave with him. I couldn’t contain myself and began to enquire with her, as to the nature of their relationship. She slowly drip fed me the details, and I eventually got some of the picture. They’d been introduced by her brother and began going out 6 months earlier. She’d not had a boyfriend before Francis, he was handsome, older and she felt şişli rus escort she was very lucky to catch him.

Francis may not have noticed who was talking to Terri, but some of the other lads did. The younger ones were the first to say something to me. They gave me a bit of a ribbing over the fact that Terri would always head straight for me, when coming to the pub.

“You helping Francis out there Aus?” or “What have you and Terri got planned tonight?”

It was all good natured and out of earshot of Francis. However, Jack the Team Captain, who was now a good friend, was a bit more blunt. As was his nature, he spoke frankly.

“She’s keen on you, so watch yourself. I don’t want my team blown apart.”

I found this somewhat humorous, as he clearly had no inkling about what was going on between Mike’s wife and me.

“No problem Jacko, all very platonic and bound to remain that way,” I replied with nonchalance. Then I noted his girlfriend Wendy getting a little wobbly on her feet after about five wines.

“Catch her boy,” I said, nodding my head to indicate his girlfriend behind him.

Jack quickly spun and grabbed Wendy before she stumbled and then indicated it was time they left. This was often the way with the two of them. Wendy would have too much to drink and Jack had to take her home. Being drunk took nothing away from Wendy’s looks. Tall and willowy, with her long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, she really was a stunner.

“I wonder who would catch her if Jack wasn’t here?” I thought to myself.

Unfortunately for me, both Finn and Ness also noticed how much attention I gave to Terri. As usual both were blunt and crass about it. I could accept that from Ness more than I could from Finn. He was really starting to bug me most every time he opened his mouth. He’d announced that he’d be away holidaying in Greece with his work mates for nine days shortly and, while the cricket team would miss him for two Saturdays, I couldn’t wait for him to leave.

“You’re girlfriend’s left with her boyfriend,” he said to me one night at the Pub after Terri and Francis had departed. Given I was already unhappy at their departure, his utterance cut deep. However, I knew far better than to let him see any reaction, for fear of opening the door ten times as much.

“Couple of boyfriends together I reckon Finny,” I replied with a smile.

“Ah no, she might dress like a boy, but she’s a woman and don’t tell me you’re not interested.”

“Not at all mate. She’s my team mate’s girl and, as such, I would have no such interest. Here I’ll buy you a beer,” I said as I tried to divert the subject.

Finn would not be dissuaded. “You know I don’t reckon he’s fucked her yet.”

“You reckon?” It didn’t come out as disinterested as I would have liked and Finn smiled.

“I was talking to her friend Mandy in here one night, when Mandy had too much to drink. She told me that they were both still virgins. I don’t reckon she was bullshitting me, so there you go Aus, cream yourself over that little bit of gossip.”

Finn laughed aloud and turned away to talk to another group, leaving me to consider what he had said. I didn’t like the part about Mandy getting drunk and talking to Finn, because Mandy knew full well that I met with Terri away from the cricket circle. However, before I could even start to process it, I had the second half of the tag team in my ear.

“That’s got you a bit worked up hasn’t it Aussie boy,” she said in her broad northern accent. As she said it, Ness gently placed her hand on my balls and squeezed.

Quickly regrouping I playfully exclaimed, “Ooii, cut that out, only special girls get to touch the jewels.”

“And who’s the special girl right now Aus? Is it Terri, or Felicity, or who…?” She tailed off the sentence and looked directly up at me, her face close to mine.

“I’ll go, ‘or who’, if I’m allowed,” I said, drilling my gaze right back at her.

“Ooh you naughty boy,” she said laughing and pulled slightly away dropping her eyes. I liked that because I’d won that little round of banter. Fronted up with a straight bat and hadn’t backed away, plus I’d managed to divert her away from Terri and onto her and me.

I wasn’t the only one who tried to counter Ness with a, “return of serve”. The thing with Ness was that she always kept the advantage by not drinking very much. She had the car and was the unofficial, “safe driver”, for all those who could fit in her sporty little, white Audi. As a result her wit always remained razor sharp.

The little verbal exchange we’d had, plus my victory began to make me just a little hard. In addition to that, she looked hot. Black low cut boots, bare legs, a tight black mini an equally tight white T-shirt. As usual she wore no bra, the top accentuating her firm breasts, with just a little nipple poking through the material. She wasn’t the best looking girl in the pub, but reminded me a bit of Dakota Johnson, with short, neck length hair. şişli türbanlı escort My cock stirred further as I day dreamed.

Suddenly Ness looked up at me and then immediately down at my pants. Her eyes returned slowly to look at me with a knowing smile.

“Or who,” she said.


On Monday lunchtime I had gone to Meryl’s Café for a pre-arranged date with Terri. When I walked in I spotted her already seated with her friend Mandy. My heart sank a little upon spotting her friend. It wasn’t the first time she had brought Mandy along and they did spend a fair bit of time together. The problem was mine, in that, I liked to have Terri all to myself. The other problem was that I now knew Mandy had a loose tongue.

As though sensing my disappointment Terri pre-empted me, in her usual bright happy manner

“It’s OK if Mandy has lunch with us, isn’t it Aus?”

“Sure, no worries,” I lied with a broad smile for both of them.

To be truthful, Mandy wasn’t looking too bad on this particular day. She was similar in height to Ness at about 5 foot 4″, but considerably more buxom. Her breasts and hips were larger than Terri’s, which wasn’t hard because Terri was pencil slim. Today Mandy was showing a fair bit of bosom, with the top three buttons on her white blouse undone. Unlike Terri, Mandy was well aware of her impact on men.

“Is that for me?” I wondered to myself, glancing at her breasts.

Terri, as usual, made a real contrast with her friend. She had on a tight fitting, light red, sleeveless dress. With her lean figure and pretty face, she looked stunning. I knew she had worn it for me, because our relationship had now progressed to a point where I could compliment her on what she wore.

We ordered and chatted away, with Terri doing most of the talking as usual. I soon got lost in her talk and her looks, but was conscious of Mandy, both the fact that her breasts were on show and that she was looking at me. There could be no doubt that she liked me, but Terri seemed oblivious to this.

Suddenly Mandy excused herself and headed for the toilet. Terri then remembered something.

“Oh Aus, I’ve been meaning to say, my Dad’s found a place for me and Mandy to live when we go up to Manchester. It’s fantastic, I couldn’t be happier.”

As she was saying it she reached out and placed her hand on mine. She’d done this to emphasise her happiness, but for me it was much more. She’d touched my hand. Our first physical contact. I was like a teenager again, as an electric current went first to my heart and then to my groin.

I smiled broadly back at her and placed my hand over hers and pressed, while telling her how happy I was for her. In reality I wanted to reach up and place my hand on her small breast and my lips on her long slim neck. Possibly she picked up on some of this naked lust and withdrew her hand lowering her eyes. I quickly lightened the subject and by the time Mandy had returned, normal service was resumed.

“Is your Dad renting the place for you?”

“No he’s bought it. Rooms for me Mandy and two other girls. I need to go up there soon, have a look at it and sort a few things out. I’ll be away a week. Will you miss me?”

“You know I will,” I said genuinely.

“Good,” was all she said, holding eye contact with me and squeezing my hand again.

Usually with a girl, such talk would bore me stupid. However on this occasion it sent the surge to my chest. I had not experienced this before. I knew how to quell the feeling in my groin, but had no idea how to alleviate the flutter in my chest and throat. I took a big breath and Terri smiled. She might be innocent, but young women have inherent radar. She knew.


The following Saturday I made a duck in my turn at bat. Clean bowled second ball. I didn’t bowl, took no catches and the team lost. That evening in the pub I desperately needed Terri to lift my spirits. I carried on the normal banal conversations with my team mates, analysing what had gone wrong, what we could try at practice, all the while keeping an eye on the door.

By 10pm Terri hadn’t arrived and I needed to know where she was. Francis was talking to a group that included Mike, Ness and Wendy. Normally Ness and Wendy would never bother listening to Francis, but Finn was in Greece and Jack still back at the cricket clubrooms. They’d been talking with Mike, because he was funny and everyone loved Mike.

Francis had butted into their conversation. He was talking about cricket and Wendy was clearly bored and drunk, but the other two were feigning an interest.

“Where’s Terri tonight Francis?” I enquired.

It was immediately obvious that my asking Francis about Terri spiked the interest of the other three. Mike looked at me and raised an eyebrow, Wendy swayed closer and Ness smiled broadly. It was clear that this conversation interested her far more. The fact was while everyone şişli ucuz escort had seen me talking at length to Terri on previous nights; Francis was never once a part of those conversations. Nor had anyone ever heard me talk to Francis about Terri before. Now I had acknowledged what everyone knew. I had some interest in Terri.

“She’s gone up north to Manchester,” Francis answered and then began to talk cricket again.

Ness was having none of this.

“Aus wants to know what’s she gone up there for and how long she’ll be. He’s missing his little buddy, aren’t you Aus?”

“You bitch,” I thought.

“Her father came and got her and took her and Mandy up there to look at some house.” Francis delivered this in a matter of fact manner, which indicated he couldn’t care less about what Ness had just said.

I quickly turned away wondering why she hadn’t told me she was going up there early.

“What’s that all about,” I thought, as I tried to gather myself together. I felt deflated.

Just as quickly, I decided I needed to ask her. I must talk to her.

I walked to the door of the pub and stepped outside, took out my phone and pushed her number. Three rings and she answered.

“Hi Aus, what’s up.”

“Where are you?” I asked curtly.

“I had to come up to Manchester, I told you that. My Dad called to say he would take us up and we left quickly.”

“Oh, you didn’t let me know.”

There was a short hesitation, before Terri replied.

“No, I didn’t have time to let everyone know.”

“But you let Francis know”

“Well, he’s my boyfriend.”

Now I hesitated. I did not like hearing that. Terri was my girl. I was the one that talked to her, let her dress like a woman, and made her laugh. Not Francis.

“Well that’s good,” was all I could get out.

“Are you alright Aus?”

“Nah I’m fine, I’ll see you when you get back.”

She was starting to speak again when I cut her off. I was angry that she would let Francis know she was going away, but not me.

“Fuck her,” I thought. “Messing about with my mind. Women!”

Just then Jack pulled up in his car.

“Alright mate?” he asked.

“Yeah, just getting a bit of fresh air.”

“I saw you on your phone, who you talking too?”

“No one, c’mon, I’ll buy you a drink,” I said opening the door and walking back inside.

As soon as we got inside the Pub, Ness came up to us.

“Where you been Aus?” she asked

“Geeze, why all the questions.” I answered abruptly.

“He was calling someone. It’s secret,” Jack said laughing.

“He was calling Terri,” Ness replied bluntly, which immediately changed Jack’s demeanour.

“Christ mate, I talked to you about that,” he said, now clearly annoyed.

“Ok, Ok, I just wanted to check how she going up in Manchester. Let’s get a drink.”

I moved quickly away so neither of them could pursue it further. Jack went to talk to some of the boys and Francis and Mike remained deep in conversation, Wendy was now being propped up by the bar and Jack would need to take her home shortly.

Ness followed me to the bar.

“Don’t worry Aus she’ll only be gone a week. Tell you what; I’ll take you and the boys up to the clubs later on. We’ll try to cheer you up.”

She still had the little smirk on her face which pissed me off. “Right,” I decided to myself. “Finn’s away, Terri’s unappreciative, Felicity’s interest is waning, Emma’s 12,000 miles away; it’s time we got serious.”

“Yeah I’d like a slow dance with you,” I said putting an arm behind her back and pulling her hard into me, bending to bring our faces close.

“Ooh, that’ll be nice big boy. You sure you can handle a bit of slow dancing.”

“Don’t worry about me; I’ll get the boys rounded up. Let’s head off now.”

She laughed.


The younger boys were a bit reluctant to head off to the clubs, because of the early hour. However, the offer of a free ride was too convenient and we soon travelled into town with Darren, Ben and Andy on board.

When we arrived I went off to buy some drinks and returned to find Ness dancing with Andy. Not just any dancing, but their impression of ‘Dirty Dancing’, as they ground their bodies against each other. I got the impression that this was for my benefit, but not once did Ness look in my direction.

This set the tone for the rest of the night. Ness danced with every one of the lads we had come with and other’s beside, but had no time for me. As usual I was perplexed, especially after our conversation in the Pub. So I just chatted away to the dolly birds and danced with the odd one.

About 3am Ness announced she’d had enough, was off home and if anyone wanting a ride they needed to come now.

“Don’t I get my dance,” I said to her half feigned nonchalance. In actual fact I had been desperate to rub bodies with her.

“I didn’t know you wanted one Aus.”

“I always want one,” I said following her to the door.

“Well let’s drop the others off first and then we’ll see.”

Andy had scored a pretty girl, but Darren and Ben decided to come home with Ness. They rode in the back and chatted away freely about woman they could have taken home, but had decided not to. It was the usual beer fuelled bullshit and bravado.

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