Enjoying My Mom…In Front Of Dad

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Enjoying My Mom…In Front Of DadMy mom Deborah is not like most moms. She’s 54 years old but she has a body like a 24-year-old. Big tits, slim waist, and no cellulite anywhere. At her age, most of her friends start cutting their hair short and start to focus on gardening. Not my mom. She’s got really pretty, long sandy blonde hair, and if you see her from behind, you’d be forgiven if you thought she looked like a young twenty-something girl. I know it’s weird to think of your mom in a sexual way but it’s hard not to with my mom. She and my dad are like total opposites. She looks like a model; he’s fat and ordinary-looking. She’s outgoing; he’s shy. She’s very flirty; he’s very passive.In fact, she’s so flirty, she wears outfits outside that show a ton of cleavage, often not wearing a bra. She wears thigh-high stockings underneath mini-dresses, like porn star sluts. She wears lingerie around the house when I’m around, as if teasing me with her big tits playing peek-a-boo with me.One night, she wore something super slutty and I couldn’t take it anymore.My dad and I were in the living room watching TV when she comes out wearing a black slingshot bikini and thigh-high heel boots. If you’ve not seen one before, it’s basically a swimsuit with the “V” part of the slingshot trying very poorly to cover her mammoth tits and the bottom part of the slingshot actually going in-between the lips of her pussy. It’s a “fuck-me” swimsuit, basically. And she stood in front of us, facing my dad, and asking him what he thought.Now my dad is not a horny guy, for whatever reason. If my mom were my wife, I’d fuck her every day. But I don’t think he fucks her more than once every month…and illegal bahis only then because she basically jumps him. So when my mom stood there and asked his opinion of the slutty swimsuit, he unsurprisingly shrugged his shoulders.But for me, I saw her supple, round tits in all its glory, except for the part where the slingshot barely covered her nipples and her areola. I immediately got a hard-on. I felt ashamed that I did. But I couldn’t help it. And I wanted her. Now.So I asked her to sit down next to me. “Sure,” she cheerfully replied, as she sat to my right on the couch, crossing her legs.”Can I see the bottom of your swimsuit?” I asked.Mom looked at me with a mischievous smile. Uncrossing her legs, she spread her legs wide open for me to see.There it was: her beautiful pussy, with the slingshot lodged in between her cameltoe lips. I had seen my girlfriend’s pussy before but for some reason, my mom’s pussy just seemed so much more succulent, so much more delicious, so much more desirable. Immediately, I reached in between her spread legs and slid my finger into her pussy. She gasped, her eyes shooting wide open, and she arched her back in continued short gasps of air.”Oh…(gasp) oh…(gasp),” she whispered. “What (gasp) are you…(gasp) doing?”I said nothing but continued to finger her incredibly soft pussy. I stared at her face and basked in her reluctantly enjoying the moment. My mom laid down on the couch and continued to arch her back, moaning. As she was writing on her back while I finger-fucked her, her tits popped free of the slingshot covering, and they were as majestic as I imagined them to be. Yes, she was horny, I surmised, because illegal bahis siteleri Dad hadn’t touched her recently. This was going to be perfect. After quickly taking off my shorts and boxers, I continued to finger-fuck her. But it was time for the real deal. I positioned my cock at the tip of her pussy opening…and I paused. I looked up at her, and she looked up at me with a look of disbelief at what I was about to do. Keeping my mom’s legs spread wide open so I could watch my cock penetrate her pussy, I slowly slid my cock inside.”No,” she said faintly. But it was too late. I finally fucked the pussy I coveted all these years.Pumping her eagerly and noticing the wedding ring on my mom’s hand, I looked down to watch as my dick went in and out of her treasured pussy. What a glorious sight. And after a few minutes, my mom actually started to enjoy it. She stopped resisting me and started to moan, “Oh, yes…”Now that she was a willing partner instead of a reluctant partner, I wanted to try fucking my mom in different positions.As I propped my mom in doggy position, my dad—amazingly—just watched. He never seemed shocked or appalled. He didn’t ask what the hell was I doing. He didn’t stop me. He just watched, as if it was a live porn video performed in front of him, even though the two participants were the two closest people in his life.Since my dad didn’t seem to care, it emboldened me even more. I admired my mom’s hourglass figure and her long blonde hair as I jacked her from behind. Occasionally, my mom glanced over at my dad to see what his expression was. But there was no expression on his face, and she continued to moan softly.Next, I propped my canlı bahis siteleri mom on top of me. First, I fucked her cowgirl style so I could admire her bouncing tits and also so I could admire my pasty pale cock going in and out of my tanned mom’s lovely loose pussy. Then I fucked her reverse-cowgirl style so my dad could see his wife’s tits bounce as I hungrily fucked her.I was about ready to explode by this time. My mom, apparently sensing this herself after years of experience fucking my dad, got off me and dutifully got down on her knees—right in front of my dad. I knew what this meant, so I got up off the couch and stood in front of her, inserting my cock in her mouth. She started to heartily suck. And the surreal feeling of my hot mom hungrily sucking my cock with her big bouncing tits in front of me made me cum right away, groaning fiercely loud. It was like an oral creampie as I shot my warm load inside her mouth. As I finished shooting, she smiled, causing some of my sperm to drip down her mouth and chin and onto her big tits. Again, this was all in front of my dad, and in fact, my mom looked over at my dad, with my sperm glazed across the bottom of her mouth.Again, he gave no expression as he sat on the couch and continued to simply watch.Mom looked up at me with a satisfied smile. Swallowing what was left in her mouth, she kissed the tip of my cock while gazing at me submissively from her knees. i knew from now on, things would be extremely different between me and my mom. I knew she would prefer me to fuck her than my dad. I knew I had access to my mom’s spectacular body anytime I wanted since we lived in the same house. I knew she was a swallower, something my girlfriend refused to do. And I knew my mom dressed like a slut, which was also something my girlfriend refused to do.I don’t know what the future holds between me and my mom. But whatever it is, it’s going to be spectacular.

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