Enjoying the beach in Cap d’Agde


Enjoying the beach in Cap d’AgdeCap D’Agde, in the south of France, is legendary amongst nudists, libertines and hedonists generally, so obviously I had to make a pilgrimage there. It was early in the summer, June, and as always happens (well, at least it does with me) there is a specially horny feeling in the air. On nude beaches in June people are eager to feel the sun kiss their bodies, to expose their skin to the air and to eyes of fellow beachgoers. And at Cap D’Agde, with its very own and very sexy reputation, that feeling is even stronger.Cap D’Agde is an entire resort dedicated to nudism and sexuality, so once I had installed myself I began to explore the opportunities. At the local shop I found that most people, like myself, were wearing shorts or beachwear, but there was a middle-aged English couple there quite happily shopping with full bondage gear, leather straps, black boots. It felt really funny – OK, it felt a bit strange really – to see this couple, him with his dick hanging out, her with a shaved pussy and several pussyrings catching my eye, as they looked at the shop shelves just as people do in your local supermarket.Getting used to the idea that in this context there was nothing strange about the scene, I bought myself some suntan lotion, a bottle of water, and a magazine with information about Cap d’Agde and then headed off to the beach just a couple of hundred metres away. As I reached the sand, to the left and to the right I could see a magnificent scenario: sandy beach as far as the eye can see, gentle waves, and on the sand hundreds of naked bodies, lazily catching the sun. I tossed a coin mentally to decide which way to go and headed left. After a minute or so of walking on the wet sand, I realized self-consciously that I was the only person wearing anything. OK, I had just arrived, but even so, maybe I should kaçak iddaa do like everybody else… Putting my small backpack on the ground, I felt a little shy at first, but soon I could feel the rush of pleasure as I stripped off, putting my Tshirt in my bag and pulling down my shorts to expose my cock to the full view of whoever cared to look. But of course nobody really cared to look, everybody was just enjoying their own nakedness… So off I continued, not quite sure what I was looking for. A little further on, I noticed that there were some sand dunes where occasional couples and groups were lying. It seemed a little less crowded, so I made my way there, and as I came close, I realised that my instinct had brought me to where I wanted to be: I had reached the exhibitionist and voyeur part of the beach.Various couples were hanging out, some fondling each other, and in a couple of cases women were clearly enjoying lying back with their legs falling apart so that voyeurs, just a metre or two away, could enjoy a royal view of their open pussies. The two were pretending to be entirely natural, as if the fact that various guys were gathering just in front of them had nothing to do with them at all.Unsure of myself I sat down somewhere in the middle of this area. Just above me, away from the sea, were two couples who were lying silently, though their occasional wandering hands signalled that sex was not at all far from their minds. To my left there was a couple that were enjoying a happy conversation, and I was happy to receive a friendly smile from the lady as I put my towel on the ground. Settling down, I just relaxed, feeling the heat of the summer sun on my body, gradually taking in and enjoying the surroundings. I lay on my back, and my cock lay happily against my balls, absorbing the warmth like a lizard on a rock.The couples above me kaçak bahis were Dutch, I could hear from their conversation. One of the women was obviously feeling sexy, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the way her hand was slowly moving up and down her body was suggesting that she was thinking of cocks, pussies and what they do when they come together. She was quite deliciously brown, all over, and if she lived in another time she would have been a great model for her compatriot Rubens. Her large and curvaceous body was very firm, and her breasts stood outwards proudly when she stood up, as did her beautiful round ass. Her pussy was shaved, and as brown as the rest of her. She was the only one of her group who was moving – the others were either sl**ping or listening to music on their headphones. My cock was meanwhile hardening at the view, and beginning to stand up, so I thought it would be best to turn over, onto my stomach, as I didn’t want to make a scene. But of course that only improved my view because by then I was looking right up between her legs, just a couple of metres away. She had tried two or three times to get the attention of her companion by stroking his back, but he didn’t seem interested. What a waste, I thought, such a pity! And then she had a gesture that I will never forget. Picking up her bottle of water, she splashed a few drops onto her tummy, gently spreading the water with her fingertips. And in the next moment, she opened her legs further, and carefully poured some water onto the mound above her slit. With her fingers she massaged the water all over her pussy, letting her finger slide between her pussylips. This went on for several minutes, and it was clearly an exclusive show for me because nobody had my angle of vision. Even now, as I remember that moment, my cock gets hard from the memories. illegal bahis Back then I felt that I was fucking the whole beach through my towel as my hard cock buried its way into the sand. But she was funny this Dutch girl, because when she got up to walk down to the sea for a swim, I smiled at her but she just looked straight ahead, ignoring me, even though she had just given me this amazing spectacle…A little later the French woman from the couple on my left, the one who had smiled at me, went down for a swim. I watched as she entered the water, and after diving in she happily turned around and waved to her partner, who waved back. I got up and headed down as well, diving in to the water near the French woman. It was quite a shock on my warm skin, and when I came up I smiled at the French woman and said “Wow, that feels like making love: when you go in you feel big and hard, and when you come out you feel small and shrunken!” She laughed at me, and I knew that we had established a good empathy. For several minutes, frollicking about in the sea, we chatted, and after a while she asked my advice about if there were any good clubs to visit. “Hot clubs” she added, as if I hadn’t understood. I said that I didn’t know but I had a magazine which I could show her. Maybe there was some advice there.Back on the sand, as her partner went down for a swim, I took over the magazine to her, showing her a page that had various indications of clubs. She thanked me, and we looked at the magazine together for a few moments, until I began to feel my cock stiffen again. She was sitting cross-legged and I could see her pussylips nicely exposed, so you can understand why I was getting hard. I tried to be discreet but she noticed and laughed. “So, this is what happens when you come out of the water” she joked. I was a bit embarrassed but she wasn’t at all. Her partner soon returned, and she introduced us: “This nice man has brought this magazine so we can see where to go later” she told him.[And what happened later will be explained at another moment!!!]

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