Enlightened Ex


Jack was Donald Cray’s new room mate, and he was a jackass. Constantly late for rent and a complete slob. On top of that dude was a complete pussy magnet. It was practically routine for Donald to come home to Jack’s latest conquest. Ladies loved him, douchebags wanted to be him.

Donald hated it, but he had to admit Jack was handsome. Jack was a bodybuilder, and it showed. He was shredded. But not in a way that was unappealing. Donald joked about Jack taking steroids, but he could tell they were natural. With his green eyes, brown hair, and ruggish charm he earned the title pussy slayer. Which he was always bragging about. Jack always wore pajama pants and tank tops in the house.

Donald was finally alone for the meantime. Jack was entertaining one of his clients at the local gym. Believe it or not Jack took his job seriously. Which Donald respected. Donald put on some random horror movie that he found on Netflix. Five minutes had passed and nothing really happened. He was about to change the movie when Jack walked in.

“I thought you worked tonight, bro. ” Donald said. He checked the time and it was 7:00 p.m. Jack usually gets back home around 9:30 p.m. It was monday, Jack works 2-9 p.m. on mondays.

“My usual client bailed on me, so they let me off early. What are you watching Ronnie?” Jack said as he plopped onto the couch. Sitting next to him with his legs sprawled. Ronnie was Jack’s nickname for him. Which sounded like a valley girl’s name.

“Nothing much, I was just about to turn something else on. When you came in like the Kool-Aid man. How about you pick something out.” Donald said as he passed the fire stick remote to Jack.

“Bro, i know exactly what we should watch.” Jack said with a shiteating grin.

“Well you hold that thought, while i go get some snacks. Do you want anything?” Donald asked.

“Yeah. Get me some jerky, Funyuns, and a protein drink. Got to have that protein to keep these babies maintained.” Jack said. He lifted up his shirt and Motioned towards his six pack abs .

“Got ya covered, bro.” Donald said.

Donald drove his red Camaro to the nearest convenience store. Listening to music as he drove. He parked in the parking lot. Then proceeded to go inside the store.

The door closed behind him as he went searching for snacks. He was distracted by a tall brunette chick. She had frizzy hair, and wore braces. But what had him in a trace, was that ass. Her ass was fatter than Fat Albert. Made him take a step back. She had an ass that would make a blind man have a heart attack.

” Daaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmn!!” Donald muttered. As he just stared for a couple of minutes. Finally snapping out of it. He remembered his objective. He headed towards the candy aisle and got some twizzlers. Then got a family sized bag of Doritos. And a bottle of Mountain Dew

He then got a bag of funyuns, and some jerky. He looked for a protein drink. It took him awhile before he found one. He headed up to the clerk, so the clerk could scan his items. He had to wait in line as a man put change on the counter. Once the clerk was finished counting the man’s change, and gave him the receipt it was finally Donald’s turn.

Donald put his items on the counter. The clerk scanned and bagged them. Once he got his receipt he was out of the door. He put the snacks on the floor. Put some Metallica on, and bahis şirketleri drove home.

Once he reached his destination he got out of the car. He took his key, and opened the door.

With the bag in his hands, he headed towards the living room. Brad was on the coach with some brunette chick. It wasn’t until he got closer that he saw who it was. And she was very familiar.

“You brought the snacks. Hey bro, you came just in time.” Jack said.

Donald set the junk on the table.

“Jack, you mind talking to me for a second in the kitchen. Like right now.” Donald said.

“Ok. I’ll be right back babe.” Jack said to the brunette.

Once they had moved into the kitchen Donald stared at Jack.

“What is she doing here?” Donald asked.

” She wanted to watch the movie with us. What’s the big deal bro.” Jack said.

“The big deal is that she’s my ex. And even if she wasn’t, you need to give me the heads up if you’re going to invite somebody over. You know this.” Donald said.

“My bad what do you want me to do. Kick her out. She’s already here. Plus she brought weed. Just be cool bro.” Jack said.

“Just be cool. Fuck it. What are we watching?” Donald asked.

” We’re watching Bimbo Slut Massacre Party III.” Jack said.

They went back into the living room and sat on the couch. The brunette Jack decided to bring over was Donald’s ex Kelly.

“So you’re the friend Jack was talking about. What a small world.” Kelly said. Her jade eyes staring into his.

“Yeah. Very small world.” Donald said.

The movie started with some big breasted blonde getting fucked by her boyfriend. Then just as the boyfriend is about to climax. A hatchet penetrated his skin. And the blond starts screaming.

While Donald was watching the movie he noticed Kelly’s hand on Jack’s thigh. He tried to focus on the movie. Two girls were taking a shower. They started rubbing their naked bodies against each other. Their hard nipples brushed against each other. Only for the obligatory jump scare to happen.

The movie was your typical slasher flick. Blood, gore, nudity, and profanity. Fun for the whole family. The actresses looked like pornstars. And had slightly better acting.

He reached into the dorito bag and felt a soft dainty hand touching his. Her hand was soft. He remembered the way her hand used to feel on his chest. He retracted his hand as she took a handful of chips.

She took a chip in her lips then pressed it to Jack’s mouth. Their lips touched as he took it between his lips. She then took another chip and pressed it towards Donald’s mouth.

“What are you doing? this is weird.” Donald said feeling uncomfortable with the situation. His ex just had some weird dorito chip kiss with his roommate. And she was trying to do the same with him.

“Just let it happen, bro.” Jack said. As Kelly continued to press the chip against his sealed mouth. She used her other hand to tickle his back. Which made him open his mouth.

With no fanfare the chip was against his lips. Her tongue wrestling with his as they devoured the chip. He could still taste the nacho cheese dorito. The residue was on his lips.

“What a pretty mouth you have, Ronnie. I missed your pretty little tongue on my pussy.” Kelly said, her jade eyes poised like a serpent. With that dangerous smile of hers.

bahis firmaları Alright, i’m going to head out. Away from whatever the fuck this is.” Donald said.

Donald got up from the couch and was headed towards the door. When Jack stopped him. Jack had a firm grip on his shoulder.

“Buddy, just relax and calm down. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Jack said. Forcing Donald back onto the couch.

“Ronnie, just inhale a little bit of this honey.” Kelly said as she smoked a blunt between her pretty pink lips. She inhaled the smoke and blew it into his face. The smoke invaded his nostrils. She did this two more times. And he could feel the weed coursing through his body.

Her pink nails caressed his face. Kelly then bit his ear lobe and whispered in his ear. “I know you missed me babe. You just need to lose control. Join the wild side.”

The horror movie was long forgotten. She stroked his hair sending shivers to his spine. She took off his t- shirt and touched his chest.

“Let’s take this party to the bedroom.” Jack said. Kelly took his hand as they followed Jack upstairs to his room.

“Lose the pants and the underwear, Honey.” Kelly said. As if under a trance Donald obeyed. Stripping himself until he was naked. His nine inch cock hanging proudly.

She dragged him onto the bed. He lay bare on his stomach. Her fingernails dragging along his ass.

“I missed this ass so bad, so big and juicy. Come feel his ass Jack.” Kelly said. Jack rested his hand on Donald’s ass. Then started rubbing both cheeks with his strong hands.

“His ass is so big and plump. I thought you were joking when you said Donald had a nice ass. It’s bigger than some of the chicks I have slept with.” Jack said. Giving Donald’s ass a slap. Which made it wiggle. The slap making Donald moan.

“I always wanted to eat your asspussy.” Kelly said. She brought her face close to his forbidden tunnel. She spit on his asshole. Her tongue began to slither deep inside him. Forcing its way through. He couldn’t resist the pleasure.

Her assault on his hole was relentless. She stroked his cock with her other hand. His cock was rock hard.

“You like that babe. Your beautiful pink hole is winking at me. It looks like it wants something nice and big inside of it. Your hard cock seems to agree with me.” Kelly said as she withdrew her tongue. She dragged her finger along his hole then pressed her digit inside.

“Relax babe. Let me inside your sweet pussy. Yeah… That’s it. Open that slutty ass of yours. I should let one of my dyke friends try this ass.” Kelly said. Her finger stroked something inside his brain. He almost lost breath when she added another finger. His ass began suck greedily on his fingers. Her third finger made his eyes roll in the back of head. This went on for five minutes. Five minutes of ecstacy.

“You’re finally ready babe. To feel how i used to feel when you fucked me. Get ready my sweet anal virgin.” Kelly said.

“I’m going to fuck you hard bro.” Jack said as he dropped his pajama pants. And took off his tank top. His eight inch beast was thick. It felt warm as it touched his ass. Donald inhaled as Jack thrusted inside him.

“He’s so tight.” Jack said as two inches of his cock went inside his ass. His rectum trying to push out the invader. It was a pain that Donald had never experienced. kaçak bahis siteleri Kelly kissed him deeply, her tongue dancing with his. As the pain began to recede. Jack slid in three more inches. They kissed harder each time he thrusted. Donald began to push his ass back onto the cock. His ass swallowing the cock greedily. His ass devoured six inches.

His cock exploded with semen as he took in the last three inches. He moaned into Kelly’s mouth lewdly. Jack began pounding his ass into oblivion giving him no mercy. Jack’s balls began to slap into his ass.

“I’m Cumming bro!! Going to give you a huge load.” Jack said. His thrusts increased as a bladsted inside of Donald’s greedy asshole. Spraying his insides like a hose. The gooey substance painted his insides he felt full. The load was so huge. It felt like Jack had cum gallons inside of him.

Donald and Kelly stopped kissing. The last string of spit connected them together.

“Don’t you feel amazing with his strong manly cum inside you babe. I knew you would enjoy this. You’re a slut just like me babe.” Kelly said.

“I liked it.” Donald admitted shyly blushing. He couldn’t believe that he pushed back on his roommate’s cock like some whore.

“Since i popped your anal cherry. How about I pop your oral cherry. I got a couple of loads left in me. You game.” Jack said.

“Might as well.” Donald said. He got off the bed and got on his knees. Kelly joined him. She stroked Jack’s cock to full hardness.

“Copy what i do.” Kelly said as she made an o shape with her mouth. She tongued Jack’s tennis shaped bowls. Kissing them in worship. Then she worked up to the foreskin. Her spit slathering it up. Finally she got to the sponge head. She licked it before covering it with her mouth. She gagged as Jack pushed her head down. Making her deep throat his cock.

She pulled away from Jack’s cock. “When they do that. You have to breathe through your nose. Now you try.” Kelly said.

Donald stuck out his tongue and licked Jack’s balls. They were salty. He took a ball in his mouth. Kelly took the other. He began to lose himself as he started getting into it. Giving the shaft a tongue bath. Kelly and Donald were face to face with Jack’s cock. Kelly took it inside her mouth. Blowing it like a popsicle. Then passed it to him.

It was surreal. Donald really had a dick in his mouth. The fat cock invaded his mouth using it like a pussy. Tears fell from his eyes as Jack forced him to deep throat.

“Mmm. Suck that fat cock babe. Deepthroat it like a whore. You’re doing so good for a virgin cocksucker.” Kelly said, stroking his hair.

All he could taste was cock. The big piece of meat giving him protein. He massaged the cockhead with his tongue. As he was used as a fucktoy. The fat cock went deep in his throat almost making him puke. Jack thrusted relentlessly in his mouth. Finally after five minutes of this. Which made Donald’s jaw sore. Jack began to spasm. Five loads shot inside his mouth. It was so huge. He couldn’t catch it all.

“Good sluts swallow. Show me his load.” Kelly said.

He opened up his mouth showing her Jack’s semen.

“That’s a huge load. Now swallow.” Kelly said. Donald closed his mouth and swallowed. Jack’s semen tasted sweet. He felt dirty as he swallowed the semen whole.

“How does it feel sucking your first cock.” Kelly said with a smile.

“It felt good.” Donald said.

Things changed after that. He and Kelly got back together. She moved in. And they occasionally played with his roommate. A part of him liked not being in control.

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