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Subject: Enough Gay Adult-Youth Enough �MCVT2017 April 14, 2020 Life is good when everyone has enough. Make sure Nifty has enough. Donate: fty/donate.html 100% Fiction, Adult Content: MM, MMt, gay, whip, inc, rom, rural, slow. ============================================================================= “Get down here Dub!” My blood pressure hit max, steam shooting from my ears. Had enough. Wasn’t tolerating another moment of him mopin’ around and acting like he was too good to be family. Bein’ young is hard but no excuse for slackin’ off around the farm. We can’t afford it. Getting to the bottom of this before dinner. I was pissed, really pissed, don’t have time for this crap. I’ll be damned if he didn’t stay in his room, I stomped up the stairs, and jerked his headphones off him, grabbed the front of his sweatshirt and hauled his puny body up off his bed. “To the wood shed. Now!” Scared him, saw his knees wobble as I followed him down the stairs. He better not think he’s too big for a good, hard hiding. Just better not. My job to keep him in line. … He stopped on the porch, glanced at his mom. “Nope. Don’t try to weasel out of this. To the shed.” Grabbed his arm and pulled him along. Inside, I slammed the door shut and latched it. “Getting to the bottom of this right now. What the hell’s gotten into you? Skipping school three days. Where were you? Then, your mum has to remind you to do your chores. When you get around to doing them, you’ve done a piss-poor job. What the hell’s going on. Spill it, boy.” I unbuckled and pulled my belt off. “Out with it. I can afford to waste any more time with your goofin’ off.” He sat on a stack of split wood staring at the ground. Aw, shit. He started crying, running his forearm over his face, wiping his face on his sleeve. Chest heaving, body trembled. Faintly recalled standing in this same shed scared, facing my father’s anger. I remembered his anger wasn’t so much about me but his fear that I wouldn’t be enough. At thirteen, I was enough, just didn’t know it. Dub was only twelve, and he was more than enough. Beautiful, healthy, a little bony. Smart boy, but what’s come over him? Scaring him wouldn’t help him speak to me, I’d only shut him up, maybe forever. “Son, do you know I love you?” He barely nodded. Beside him, I put my arm around his back, feeling his sobs, his ribs. The smooth, clear skin on his neck, his dark, thick hair swirling toward a dark triangle at his hairline. Had to lean and kiss his neck and wonder why I hadn’t kissed him since he little. Pulled him against me. “Stop crying and tell me what’s going on. You feeling alright?” He sneaked his arm around my waist, pressed his cheek on my shoulder, “I love you.” “I know you do.” He was softenin’ me up for something, I could feel it. “Sorry I skipped school. I went down to the river. Had to think.” What the hell kind of serious thinking does a twelve-year-old need to do? “You have to go to school.” “I know.” He stopped, I squeezed him. “The kids tease me.” “Because you’re thin?” “No.” He stopped again, I squeezed again. “I’m not like the other boys, I’m different. I think I’m gay, well, I don’t think. I’m sure and I don’t know what to do. I’m ashamed, afraid and if you want to beat it out of me, you can try. Won’t work.” “Let’s start with you ditching your classes.” Doubling the belt, buckle in hand. “Dad, no.” “Yep.” I lifted his face, looked into his tear-filled eyes. “Get up. You know, our farm’s our food, you’ve slacked, and I had to double my workload with yours. Stand up and drop your jeans.” Took his sweet time while I watched him push his jeans, then briefs to his knees. “Pull up your shirt. Lean over,” popped the belt once. “Let’s get this over with.” Damn, I hated doing this. Shed’s kinda small, but I reared my arm back taking aim. “For skipping school.” Hard as I could. The air sung with the swing of leather. Thwap! That sound burned my heart. “Ahh!” White-knuckled fingers gripped rough, split logs. He dropped his head, and held on. “For slacking on your chores.” Glanced at his rounded, white rear, flinching, making hollows on his cheeks. Gritted my teeth, pulled my arm back again and let it fly. Thwap! Sobs. Just sobs, tears, snot, coughing and snuffling. “Got the message?” He nodded. I stared, eyes burning, really didn’t want to hit my boy again. I hoped that was enough. “C’mere.” I sat on a pile of wood. When he scrabbled over with his jeans around his ankles, I turned him and inspected my work, hand grazing along the thick, red stripes. Already raised and hot. “Let’s talk about this gay thing. Are you telling me you don’t like girls? Did one of them do something mean, throw something at you? I won’t hear of you hurting a girl, don’t fight with `em.” He was still sobbing, but leaned against my thigh, I drew him closer. When he stopped crying, he jerked out an answer. “I like girls for friends, but… But Dad, my dick’s hard all the time and it’s worse around the boys. Phys Ed class–well, I can’t keep it down. I’m always looking at the boys. I went to the counselor at school. She just said to wait and see, but it’s inside me, all the way through.” “You sure?” “Pretty much.” “No reason to skip school, and no reason you can’t work is it?” “No.” He put his arms around my neck, speaking into my collar. “You’re not mad, are you?” “Not anymore. Don’t say anything to your mother, we’ll go talk to Jack. He knows about these things.” … Friday night, I took the boy out to dinner, just the three of us. Dub and my brother Jack were always close. Big plates of meat, sweet-tart sauce and fries, cold beer and Charlie wailin’ on the juke box. Couldn’t have been better but barely able to afford it. We left before sunset to the cabin, just siirt escort a one-room shack we kept for deer hunting on the edge of our properties. “Why did we come to the cabin? Not deer season.” Dub didn’t like the rifles and the noise. “This is where we hold our serious confabs.” Jack lit the old lantern and wiped the table top with his hand, “Now, what’s going on?” The three of us sat on a lumpy sofa, “The boy told me he’s queer. Better have a talk.” I twisted a can of beer out of the six pack, then two more. “Oh, I got a gay nephew. How you feeling about that–getting’ razzed by your friends?” Nothing fazed Jack. “Yeah, I read online I’m supposed to be proud. Hard to hold my head up at school.” “Did you ever think there might be another gay kid at school, maybe a lesbian?” Jack was good at this kind of conversation. “Is there–are there?” Dub’s head tilted, he opened his beer and sipped. “Yep, at least one or two, and they probably feel just like you do now.” They were talking about some famous gay men, then got on their phones for more information. I turned on the radio and found a blanket, threw it over the old iron bedstead on a hard-packed cotton mattress and rested my bones, listening. They talked while I dozed. My brother went to college, brighter than me. Helped me out some hard situations. After graduation he moved back to the land my dad split between us. Raised our families side-by-side. Got up when I heard them laughing and went to pee. When I came back to bed, they were undressing, and climbed in alongside me. Jack leaned over to kiss me. “We got ourselves a gorgeous gay boy, he’s what they call a twink.” “Is there something I need to do?” “He’ll be fine, just keep loving him. He’s a good son.” My brother’s deep voice, reassuring words calmed me. “Dub, go sleep on the sofa. Not room enough for three. Go on.” I ordered. “Gonna be cold tonight, Dad.” “Put your clothes back on and find a blanket on the shelf. You’ll survive.” My brother brought blankets and under the scratchy old olive-green wool, he slipped his briefs off and turned to hold me, kiss me. “Should we tell him?” I had to think. “I don’t know.” “It might help.” He whispered and tugged the elastic at my waist. My dick was leaking, sticking my briefs to my pubes, I pushed them off. “Wait. I’m not ready.” “Not ready for me or not ready to tell him?” “Always ready for you.” Jack could kiss and wasn’t but a moment before he rolled me to my back, rubbing his chest, his dick against mine. Hard, full body. Slipped his forearms under my shoulders, cupping me against him and kissed my neck, biting softly. “Miss you.” His hips began hunching against me. Grabbed his face, “Me too,” in my kiss. Took his tongue, twirled it around mine. His smell, his dick and balls. Smelled like Dad, beer, barbeque and sweat; arousing smells, musky memories wrapped us as our legs entwined. Only kissing and rubbing in the dark, feeling each other’s steely muscles, damp skin, hardened nipples rubbing against another. I opened my legs, my knees. “C’mon.” He glanced over at the sofa, then back at me. “Shhh.” I lifted my knees and looked down at his shaft, long, hard, dripping in the pale light from the window, opened myself to him. Curled my spine, lifting my ass and saw him smiling down at me, tool in hand. Felt his wet cock kissing my ass, slicked my hole with his rigid cock, swabbing my cleft. Inside fast. Almost too quickly and stopped. Waited for me to gather my knees, bringing them to my shoulders. One long, smooth push I felt him shoving everything inside my torso move to take him. Few quick thrusts. Bit my lip to stay quiet. Two thrusts later the old bed started creaking. He stopped, “We’ll wake Dub.” I tightened my ass muscles around him, “Don’t stop….” Glancing to the side, there was Dub, wrapped in a blanket, gripped at his chest. “Go back to bed.” “What are you doing? Are you doing sex with Uncle Jack?” My brother stopped, popped his half-hard cock out and pushed me away, “I think it’s time you know how this works. Boy, you’re all right, and you’re a fine kid–going to make a fine man. I’ll make sure.” He pulled Dub on the bed with us, “Have you been experimenting with the other boys?” I was behind, looking over brother’s shoulder. Brother lay on his side, stroking Dub along his chest, then covering him, “It’s alright, all kids do it. Girls too. That’s what we were doing–experimenting.” Dub turned his head away, embarrassed, but Brother turned his face back toward him. “Willie and I have always been honest with each other, especially about personal things. How else can we help each other if we’re not close? Now tell me what’s keeping you awake?” “You were experimenting?” The boy sounded leery. “Sorta. Now, do you have any questions about sex, about your privates?” Jack re-aimed the conversation, good move. “I’m hard all the time, how am I supposed to keep it down? Got some duct tape….” “Don’t do that.” Brother thought for a moment. “How to get rid of a hard-on… Yeah. Run over your foot with the tractor. That’ll do it.” Chuckling. “Finding a rattler in the chicken coop.” “That’s not what I mean. Like at school….” “It gets easier when you get older. Let’s just say your little prick is practicing for the big event.” His hand was under the blanket, “Fine kit you got here.” Dub was quiet, then he leaned and kissed Jack’s cheek. They stayed that way, obvious that brother was giving the boy manual pleasure. Then, he leaned to Dub’s flat chest and began sucking a nipple. “Open your legs, I’m going to finger you.” “Dad– ” “It’s okay.” I climbed over both of them and lay on the other side of my son, kissing his hair, “Relax. There’s a place in your ass that needs rubbin’.” I held my son, sincan escort gently stroking along his short rod while Brother introduced the boy into the pleasures we’d found together as boys. Kissing Dub’s eyelids, his upturned nose, then, those sweet, small lips–tender skin like Jack’s when he was young. Dub began humming, hums became moans and his tender body bucked a few times; orgasmed and he went limp. Feeling his rapid orgasm shaking his body brought back a million memories. Proud, I was so proud of him. Gay or not, this was my son, my only son I held while he climaxed. Something special about that. … Woke before dawn, texted my wife and sister-in-law and went back to bed. Still warm, I cuddled next to Dub, “I love you.” His long black eyelashes slowly raised. “Enjoy yourself last night?” He smiled. Brother turned over, yawning and stretching. Hugged my boy, kissed his neck. They came back to the bed after visiting the back porch and snuggled next to me warming their skin on mine. “Your dick was in Dad’s butt last night. Why did you do that, isn’t it wrong?” Dub whispered to Jack. Aw, shit. Brother was going to spill the beans, I just knew it: “Well, there are rights and there are wrongs, lot of gray area between `em.” Brother began. He made his conversation into a story about two brothers who played like all boys do. “They grew up closer than most for all their fiddling around. When they were in high school, they found one of the boys was different. Had a little problem we solved with a lot of thinking, planning.” Described the problem as my being “shy.” I liked girls, got really aroused thinking about them, but just couldn’t even try sex I was so fearful of putting my dick into something funny-looking, dark, and possibly lethal. Don’t know where those thoughts came from. No way could I keep it up thinking that there was something that was going to grab my penis. The more I thought about it, the worse it got. Syphilis, cancer, some kind of strange birth control with a sharp metal wire in there, sheesh, my imagination went wild. Fucking anything made me blanch and sweat in fear. Now, a blow job from Jack was fine. Couldn’t butt-fuck him for love nor money. Jerking off was great, I knew my palms well, but when it came to my dick disappearing into a hole, no matter how juicy; cock balked. Only my brother knew about my terror. … Four long years while he was in college, we only got together during the summer and the holidays. Spent most of our time in the cabin when he was home. Hid out saying we were electrifying the fences. We fixed the fences but experimenting and making plans occupied us. We invented a scheme, but it all depended on one thing: Finding the right woman. Wasn’t easy, we had to advertise on the dating sites, screen the gals. Brother knew a lot of women on campus. He found the right one in the Art Department, started dating, became engaged. With his help, I began dating a friend of hers. After lots of dope and “free thinking” pushed by Jack we were on a roll. Wasn’t long before I was engaged to the friend. We both married at the same time. My parents were ecstatic–double wedding and double the joy for sure, and we four flew off to Hawaii for our honeymoon. With my phobia, you’da thought a honeymoon would be dicey. There are expectations. Didn’t happen. With the help of a quite a few Mai Tais and some heavy-duty weed we eased our arrangement into action. Foreplay was my forte, my brother did the deep dive. Yep, wore himself out servicing two women for two weeks. It was my job to remind the women how satisfied they were while Jack medicated his rod and ate raw oysters. Nine months later, my Dub was born. Jack’s little girl within the week. That made it hard for the women to complain and leave — they were busy with the babies and farm work. From the outside, our two families were close, happy and there was plenty of love to go around via Brother’s dick and my fingers. My wife understood, and had a natural inclination to Jack’s manly shaft and heavy balls as well as my sister-in-law’s tits. Wife went to visit them Sundays and soon, I had a daughter, then another several years later. By that time, I had two more nephews and still hadn’t wet my pole. … “I thought you were my real dad.” Dub asked, wide-eyed, staring at me. “I am your real dad. Jack gave me you as a, well, a kind of a favor.” I declared. “I couldn’t love you more.” He looked at his uncle, “What’s going on? Are you gay?” “Don’t think so. We love our wives. Willie, well, he’s not ready to step over the vagina threshold yet. I think he’s fine the way he is, same as I think you’re fine the way you are.” “Dad, women don’t have teeth or anything down there, do they?” I could only turn away, that was one of my goofy fears. “They’re all soft and wet inside. Feels good.” Jack told him. “If they had teeth, they’d scratch their babies when they birthed them.” “Oh, yeah.” Dub was a smart boy; I knew he was thinking. “You’re not gay, so what were you doing? You had your cock Dad’s rear end.” Big sigh from both my brother and me. “Still experimenting. We’re not homosexual.” He started, “But gay men can do that too. Like when I put my finger in you. A hard cock feels even better, I guess.” “Dad, what’s wrong with your penis?” These questions were irritating, but strangely arousing. “Nothing. Just doesn’t like secrets.” I took his hand and put it on my hard cock. “See, it works.” He looked at me, smiling, “I like your dick.” He kissed my chin, turned against me and rubbed his short, hard twig against my rod. Electric what happened inside my balls, and ingots of iron stacked up my spine. He liked my dick and my dick sure liked his. Jack watched us. He sat on the side of the sinop escort bed and pulled the boy on his lap, wrapped the boy’s legs at his waist, holding his hard rod against the boy, “I’m going to lay down, you’re going to stay on my chest and we’ll experiment.” Dub liked all this attention, especially the flood of affection overflowing to his lonely queer kit. “Show him what he has to look forward to….” Nothing more said as Brother lay, holding the boy on his chest. Then, he opened the boy’s cleft for me. I stood between my brother’s legs and looked down on those small, white mounds, still striped from my belt. Glanced at that tiny dark hole wondering if my rod could get in there. Decided to feel it out first. Applied my juice and worked one finger in while Dub hummed, Brother held him tightly open. Seemed okay, nothing sharp, only wet heat and–what was that small movement? His heartbeat! My own dick responded, tight, hard and ready. Took a deep breath. Had to stop myself from thinking too hard about pointed objects. Jack whispered to the boy; they were talking while I tried to remember how Jack got himself inside me. Oh, yeah. Wet it good, then push slowly, enter and stop. The burn of the stretch was something I was used to; it came before the waves of pleasure. Those first moments always made my heart pound in my ears; the best part yet it was uncomfortable the first time. They whispered together until Jack told me to get on with it, “Show him what you love to get from me.” “That’s the trick, I’ll just think like I’m rogerin’ myself till I get goin’.” Short little valley with that tiny pucker, my brother’s fingers holding him wide. I hesitated, my dick bobbed, drooling. “Show him…” Touched his cold asshole with my hot dick and painted my man-lube on him. Interesting, the very center of his pucker was warm; watching I leaned forward and pressed into him. Didn’t work; my dick slipped. “Ungh!” Grunted out the boy’s body. “Again.” Rough whisper from Jack. Aimed again, leaned and pressed. For a split second I could feel myself slip inside, then all I felt was heat and his tight, hot muscle gripping me. Never felt anything like this before. Dazed momentarily, forgetting to breathe. “Nnng. Nnng.” I knew what he was feeling, the burn, sting. Brother’s hands rubbed along my boy’s thin back. Whispering, calming as the narrow, white ribcage jumped. Grabbing my boy’s butt over the stripes I branded into his smooth skin, slowly I pressed further. Rushes of heat around my dick brought a strange curiosity to the skin on my cock. More had to feel better; pulled back and pushed again, not far. About half way in and he was still making soft noises as Jack held him firmly saying something about it getting better. That meant I had to get on with this and make it better. Slow thrusts, in, out, in, out and stepped closer, my balls touching Jack’s. Felt good. Familiar, warm. Shoved my pelvis forward and began in earnest, faster and afraid to go deeper. Leaned over my boy and brother, shifted my weight to my hands on the bed beside Brother’s hips and the bed squeaked out our old song. Dub was making softer sounds, still grunting and suddenly, he shifted his butt upward. He wanted more? No time for the asking, my hips were under the complete control of my needy dick, damn, I couldn’t get enough of that heat on my skin, couldn’t get far enough inside him. Felt my dick head slickering through the soft folds inside him. Every slippery, hot fold sucked me lightly as I pulled back, sucking, almost demanding cum. Every plunge I needed more of that incredible pull. Balls tingled. Not a moment to delay or wait, my balls shot hot pulses. I felt it smear around the head of my dick inside the tiny tunnel. Came so hard, again, again and kept shoving, just to feel that suck and tried to time my pulsing cum with it. Impossible. Mindlessly, I kept going with shorter and weaker thrusts. Already had too much but needing every sensation, every suck, every bit of this. Didn’t want to keep going and didn’t want to stop. Damn. … Fell on the bed beside them, Dub came between us. I felt half guilty and fully satisfied, “Did I hurt you?” “Uncle says it gets better every time.” “I know it does. Did I hurt you?” “Felt like you were everywhere inside me to my throat. Burns a little, my butthole feels weird. I’m all wet back there.” He snuggled next to me. “I thought your dick didn’t want to…” “I didn’t either.” Pulling him against me, “I can’t be afraid of my son, can I? Sorry I whipped you so hard. What say we experiment again when you stay in school and finish your chores instead of getting’ a hiding?” No answer, he jumped up and went to the porch, I heard a string of damp farts. Found a bottle of water in the kitchen, “Lean over, let’s rinse you.” I pressed the mouth of the bottle into his sweet hole, still red, still loose and squeezed. Got him cleaned out and went inside to find Jack grinning, holding the blankets up in welcome. Next to my brother, he kissed me, “I knew you had it in you, but sweetheart, I didn’t get mine.” Nipped my ear. “You get plenty enough.” … Lay in bed till the sun was up, just enjoying ourselves, and warming in the first rays, the bird’s songs. It occurred to me I was in love, second time but felt like the first again. Never felt so close to anyone before, not like this–close in heart, body and in my brother’s arms all the while. My son; can a father fall in love with his son? Wait, can a man fall in love with his nephew because he’s his brother’s boy? Too complicated to sort out; my skin tingled, my heart raced. How could I kiss them both at the same time? My hand went to Dub’s stiff little rod, and I rubbed lightly, touched his balls. So small, tight, still pale. Shoved my hand between his legs to rub his sweet hole. “I want to lick your joy stick and suck your nuts till you faint dead away.” Kissed his small, red lips, “Maybe Jack’ll finger me with his dick while I eat you for breakfast.” And that’s all I’ll admit to; enough for now. Fin.

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