Entirely My Fault, I’m Sorry


It was June and the weather was warm and sunny. Jill loved this time of year. She was a second-grade elementary school teacher and there was nothing she loved more than summer vacation and the improved weather after a long winter. This year, like most, Jill would spend a couple of weeks at her parent’s house. It was a three day drive from where she lived on the east coast to their house in the Midwest. This year, however, she spent some of her tax refund and bought a plane ticket. Jill’s ex husband used to make the drive with her and she didn’t miss his company a bit. This year was more exciting because at the last minute Henry, her only son and youngest child, decided he would come with her. Fortunately, they were able to secure another plane ticket at the last minute. Henry had been living with his father for more than a year so it was nice for Jill to be able to spend this time with him.

Jill’s parents were in their 70’s. They were still independent, they had their own house, and they could still drive; but, their age was catching up with them. Jill called them when the plane landed and they were already at the airport waiting. Jill walked off the plane in front of Henry, who was carrying both of their carry-ons. Jill scanned the room and let out a squeal.

“Mom, Dad! It’s so good to see you guys!” She ran towards them as soon as she spotted them in the crowd and they exchanged hugs.

“Jill, you look fabulous!” Her mother cooed reaching to feel her bobbed blond cut. “Your hair is shorter…have you lost weight?” she asked and her father stood beaming.

Jill was wearing jeans that hugged her figure tight and flared out at the bottom with a small red blouse that flattered her full bust. She had lost almost ten pounds and wanted to lose a few more. She had always been curvaceous but a year ago she was bordering on plump. “Thanks, mom,” Jill flashed the girlish dimpled smile she still had at 47.

“And what have we here?” Jill’s mother looked at her grandson. “My what a handsome young boy. You must be six feet tall. How old are you now Henry?”

“He’s eighteen,” Jill cut in with a wink at her son.

Henry smiled at them, happy to see them but not too crazy about the attention, “Hi Grandma, Grandpa, it’s great to see you guys.

They found their checked bags while grandpa brought the car to the pickup area. They loaded their suitcases in the trunk of the big Buick. Jill and Henry piled into the backseat and no one stopped talking for the next twenty minutes it took to arrive at the little old farm house.

“You each have your own room upstairs and your bathroom is down the hall,” grandma led them inside and beckoned up the stairs. “We don’t go up the stairs very often anymore, I would hate to break a hip, so things might be a little dusty,” she warned.

“Don’t worry mom, we’ll be just fine.” Jill led the way up the stairs with Henry right behind her carrying two of their suitcases.”

They had a fabulous home-cooked ham dinner and were very tired so Jill and her son didn’t waste much time getting ready for bed. It didn’t take long for Jill to fall into a deep sleep.

The next thing Jill was aware of was that she had to pee, very bad! She opened her eyes and heard a gushing sound. She wasn’t sure what the sound was until there was a flash of lighting in the window and crack of thunder shook the house rattling the old single-paned glass windows. Jill had forgotten what a good mid-western rain storm sounded like. She got up and tip-toed beşiktaş escort to the bathroom, her thin creamy silk nightgown that went to mid thigh swished against her legs with each step.

On the way back to her room Jill stopped in front of Henry’s door that was ajar. ~I wonder if Henry can sleep through all this,~ she thought and pushed the door open. “Henry?” Jill whispered in a course low voice.

“Mom, you can’t sleep either?” Henry lifted his head.

Jill stepped in the room and lighting flashed through the window illuminating her for an instant like a photograph. The image burned into Henry’s mind. Her blond hair looked silvery in the light, her pouty lips looked ashen. The lighting penetrated his mother’s thin gown rendering it virtually transparent. Her braless bare breasts under it were full and hanged a little lower than he guessed they might have twenty years ago. Her areolas were high and both nipples silhouetted by the flash. Her figure narrowed at the waist and widened generously at her hips. Henry could see her little pooch of belly with navel. He couldn’t tell if she was wearing anything lower.

“I used to be scared of the thunder,” Jill sat down on the side of the bed stared out the window. “Mind if I stay in here for a little bit?”

“Uh…sure mom that’s ok.”

Jill threw back the thin blanket that was over Henry and lay down beside him. Henry was on his back wearing just a dark pair of boxer shorts. Jill kicked the blanket to the foot of the bed. The air was thick with the heavy smell of summer rain and they lay there silently on their backs a few inches apart. Each flash of lighting spotlighted Jill’s breasts through her gown that covered them like a second skin. Henry turned on his side toward his mother, soaking in the display. He reached his hand and set it on her stomach. The silk was no barrier and he could feel her electric warmth. Henry’s finger gently ran circles around and inside her navel. With his finger in her navel he worked his pinky down a few inches, then a few more, until he felt a tiny scratch of her short feminine hair. Jill squirmed and Henry knew she was wearing nothing under the gown. He felt his penis stiffen inches from his mother. Her eyes were closed and hi slid his hand upward until it rested against the lower edge of her far breast. He lifted his knee across her waist and rested it on her. He could feel her pelvic bone press his leg. His erect penis rested against her hip and they both slept.

The next day was beautiful and sunny. Grandma made a big breakfast for everyone and Jill and Henry decided they would do some work around the property. It was difficult for Grandpa to do a lot of things considering his age and health and the house was starting to show it. They began with stripping and painting the front fence. They had hoped to get more done, but it took them longer than they thought and didn’t finish the fence until about five p.m.

“Why don’t you go get showered while I clean up these brushes,” Jill told Henry while tapping the lid shut on a 5 gallon paint can and splattering her shorts in the process.

“Ok, are you sure Mom? I can help.”

“Go ahead Henry.”

Henry went upstairs and stripped off his clothes. He turned the shower on and picked white paint off the backs of his fingers while he waited for the water to get warm. The steam started to roll out and he jumped in. He was soaping up and enjoying the hot water when he heard, BANG, beşyol escort BANG, BANG. Startled, Henry jumped. “What is it?” he shouted. BANG, BANG, BANG. “What!? Come in!” he yelled again. There wasn’t a lock on the old door to keep anyone out.

The door flew open and Jill ran in. “I spilled paint thinner on me, let me have the shower, its burning my skin!” Jill shrieked and opened the shower door.

“Mom! I’m in here!” Henry shot back.

“I have to wash this off, it’s burning me,” Jill tore off her blouse and bra with a quick motion and wiggled her hips unzipping her shorts and letting them fall to the floor. She jumped in the shower stall behind Henry and closed the door.

“Gimme me some water, gimme me some water, gimme me some water, MOVE!” she leaned under the stream pushing Henry forward with her arm on his shoulder.

Henry cupped his hand over his penis and turned around to face her. “Mom, your chest is all red,” Henry looked at her delicate skin trying not to stare down at her exposed breasts and body.

“Oh, the water feels good, my god that burns,” Jill relaxed and a flood of embarrassment washed over her. “I’m sorry Henry, this is embarrassing. I’m sorry you had to see me like this, I didn’t mean it. I’ll get out now,” she looked flustered.

“It’s ok mom. Don’t feel bad.”

“Thanks Henry,” Jill folded her arms over her bare dripping breasts and turned to step out.

“Mom…you’re already here… you might as well finish your shower.”

Jill looked at her son puzzled, “No, I can’t…well…I guess…I am here already. You can’t see much more than this,” she chuckled nervously and spread her arms out. The water rolled down the irritated skin on her chest to her breasts and off her projecting large nipples. “Henry,” Jill said in a scolding voice, “only this one time and if anyone ever finds out about this you are dead, understand? This never happened.”

“Ok mom.”

Jill leaned into her son to reach for the soap on the wall behind him. Her warm wet breasts pressed against his chest and the water streamed down between them. Henry was suddenly aware he had an erection and it was poking his mother’s leg. Jill felt something against her leg and reached down with her soapy hand.

“OH! I thought I felt something,” she giggled like a school girl. “That might need some extra washing.”

Henry couldn’t believe what was happening and that his mother was acting like this. This was all completely out of her character. He felt dizzy and a wave of pleasure ran up his body when her soapy hand brushed him. “Sorry Mom.”

“Sorry for what, Henry?” Jill cupped his testicles and rubbed them delicately, “this really never happened, remember?”

“Ok…ok,” Henry stuttered and stared down at his mother. Her head only came to his shoulder. Her soaked blond hair formed around her face and her breasts smashed into him. She had one leg around the side of his and he could feel her pubic hair scratch his hip. Her wide feminine hips and figure contrasted his skinny boyish body. She soapily massaged his scrotum and slid her hand a little higher up his shaft with each stroke. Henry’s eyes rolled back in his head at the enjoyment.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I used to wipe this butt,” Jill reached around with the bar of soap in her other hand and slid it up and down lathering his rear crack. She set the soap in its holder and with her left hand still working his testicles she put her sudsy right beykent escort indexed finger on his puckered back hole and softly penetrated.

“OOH! Mom, we…we… can’t,” Henry grabbed her hand.

“Honey, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…” a wave of guilt washed over her.

“Let’s get out,” Henry opened the shower door and stepped out. He reached his arm around his mother’s waist and pulled her soapy dripping naked body up. With a yelp she slipped and caught herself with her heel hitting the tile hard and Henry turned her, shifting his grip. She was bent over with arms and legs dangling to the floor and his hands around her waist.

“Henry, what are you…” Jill shrieked.

“Mom….” Henry carried her out and down the hall. They entered her room and Henry threw his mother onto her bed and she bounced like a rag doll.

“Henry!” Jill screamed.

Henry looked down at her glistening, satiny skin. She stared up at him with panicky eyes. Gravity made her breasts look smaller and drew them back slightly to the sides. Henry’s eyes traced downward past her navel to her tiny blond ruff of pubic hair, and lower yet to the grand lips of her labia that were splayed open asymmetrically like a forbidden fruit. Henry’s cock was throbbing desperate for relief and he climbed over his mother straddling her stomach. He held her arms above her head but she writhed like a slippery eel under him. His smooth cock pressed against her belly below her breasts.

“Henry!” Jill bucked under him and his stiff rod and loose scrotum slapped her cleavage.

Henry put one knee then the other down between her legs forcing them wider, “its ok, this never happened, remember mother? I won’t tell. No one will ever know.”

Henry hiked her legs up in the air and positioned his steady cock. He thrust his hips forward forcing himself into her opening and he felt his swollen tip at the entrance.

“Oh my GOOOOD!! Henry, NO that HURTS!” Jill screamed at the top of her lungs. “That’s the wrong hole honey, wrong hole, please no…please no…please no…”

The head of Henry’s soapy penis had penetrated her tight asshole just an inch. He pulled out and looked down to guide himself. He slid himself with ease into her wet tunnel burying himself to the hilt and drove his body down onto her roughly.

“That’s the hole, Oh god, oh god, oh god!” Jill’s eyes rolled back and her mouth hung open wide.

“No one will ever know,” Henry whispered driving her up and down into the bed until she whimpered with each motion. Henry filled his mouth with her right breast and sucked while pumping his skinny hips between her spread legs.

After Jill’s screams of protest her body gave away and melted into his. Their soapy naked bodies smeared together. Jill grabbed Henry’s waist and spun him over with his cock still filling her. She was on top now and she rode him up and down, up and down, throwing herself on his shaft again and again. Her breasts hung over him swinging like twin pendulums. She leaned forward smashing herself softness against his fine chest hair and held his arms above his head while she gave him an open mouth kiss with tongue.

Henry reached and grabbed his mother’s bubbly ass cheeks on top of him with both hands when he felt himself about to cum. He made a wailing sound and his thick juices shot deep into the belly of his mother.

Jill felt Henry cum inside her and her body convulsed. She was in the middle of her second long orgasm. Tears streamed down her face and she laid her wet head on his chest. Her ass was still bobbing up and down with a fucking motion.

A smile came to Jill’s tear streaked face and she whispered, “This was entirely my fault, Henry. I’m so sorry, no one will ever know – I promise. No one has ever fucked me like that….thank you….” She kissed him.

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