Entrapped in Her Panties Ch. 02


Entrapped in her panties 2 – a woman entraps a married man- follow up to “entrapped in her panties” (by sleepless 3)

Chantelle was just nestling her beautiful boobs into the black lacy bra as she looked up in a mirror to see Susan walking out of the bathroom into the bedroom in matching pink bra and panties. Both women were stunning looking ladies and looked at each other in their underwear with a knowing smile on their faces.

“Are those a pair of your special pink panties?” Chantelle asked.

“Yep, I’m really in the mood to take a pop at some gullible man tonight” Susan answered. “I’m going out feeling in the mood for some control!”

Chantelle and Susan shared an apartment near the town centre and were dressing for a night out. A scarlet red loose fitting top over a black leather skirt was the choice of Chantelle nestling over her curvaceous body – a small black dress selected by Susan. They were hot.

“Where are we meeting Joy?” asked Susan.

“Down at the Black Cat bar around 8.30” was the response.

Meanwhile Steve and Bob were just leaving their Hotel having spent the day on a marketing stand in the big exhibition centre and ready for a drink and a bit of fun in a strange town.

“Did you call Mary?” asked Bob

“Yep, she was just out of the shower and was teasing me a bit over the phone about missing my body – left me with a right hard-on” said Steve.

“You are the lucky one – Sarah was just stroppy about being left with the kids – but she knows it goes with the job – she is glad I am back tomorrow evening” responded Bob.

The two men walked down the street checking out the various bars and restaurants – they settled on a Chinese restaurant where they had some food and then moved down to a seedy looking bar with a large yellow cats eye back lit on a sign over the door – they entered the bar.

As they walked in they went directly to two stools at the island bar in the centre of the room and called for a couple of Bacardi and cokes. From their vantage position they started to look around at the people that were in there. A couple of older men were sat on the opposite side of the bar talking to the barman with the familiarity of regulars. The bar had a series of fixed tables around the edge each with booth seating. In the booth nearest to them two very pretty women were sat engrossed in conversation sipping at their drinks. Steve was facing them and, leaning over near to Bob’s ear, spoke quietly: “You know I’ve often wondered what a one night stand would be like and sure as hell could give the girls behind you a bit of sexual attention. My hard-on from earlier still hasn’t fully subsided!”

Just as Steve said this, the two girls rose picking up their handbags and moved toward the ladies toilet. As they walked by, Steve saw they were both very evocatively dressed – one in a red top over a short leather skirt, the other in a white tight skimpy top over a blue micro-skirt with very high white boots on her legs up to her knees. His dick stirred a bit reminding him he had been a few days without any sexual workout.

Bob was looking the other way and could just make out a man stood ordering drinks toward the back of the bar. He grabbed a look at the girls as they moved toward the toilet door- “I can see what it is that has been stimulating you so much” he said “and just catch an eyeful of the Blonde in the black dress walking to the ladies.”

As the woman in the black dress sauntered by, Steve caught a good eyeful and she looked into his eyes just enough to acknowledge her satisfaction he was looking at her. She gave a small smile and walked directly into the ladies toilet.

“God she is piece of work” – exclaimed Steve – “what do you feel like doing for the rest of the evening?”

“I must say those three are a joy to look at – not sure I want to get too involved though” – replied Bob.

“Oh come on” Steve added ” we are miles from home in a quiet bar – a bit of company over a few drinks won’t harm what do you say?”

Just as long as it is restricted to that alone I’m game for an hour or two” said Bob.

As he said that the two girls came out of the toilet and returned to their seat – as they moved by, the girl in red looked Steve directly in the eye and gave him a beaming smile. He couldn’t avert his stare in time and smiled back with another throb in his trouser region.

A few moments later the Blonde emerged and moved to the back of the bar and again she made eye contact with Steve and appeared to pout her lips – Steve was definitely feeling rather horny.

Steve looked over at Bob. “Let’s buy a bottle of Bacardi and a few cokes and see if the girls want to help us drink it – I’m in the mood for some company”

“Ok – you order up – I’m off for a pee!”

“I’m right behind you” said Steve and they moved toward the Gents toilet door together.

In the Gents they split between the one cubicle and one urinal, pushing past a chap washing his hands as they entered.

“The girl in the black dress in the booth at the back looks a bit tasty – wonder if illegal bahis she’s spoken for?” Bob shouted to Steve.

“Probably – the two girls in the front booth are a better bet” answered Steve ” but the blonde is the best fucking thing I’ve seen in many a moon” he continued.

They pushed back past the chap in the Gents who was pruning his hair and returned to the bar where they negotiated a price for a full bottle of Bacardi, an ice bucket full of sale or return cokes with ice and four glasses. The barman had to stir up his ice making machine as he compiled the order. At this moment Bob realised the bloke from the Gents was returning to the back of the bar and taking a seat next to the Blonde in the black-dress.

“Some lucky bugger is with the Blonde” said Bob. Steve quickly turned around to glance and saw the two cuddled up together. “Oh well – we need two anyway” he quickly responded. At this point Steve picked up the glasses and Bacardi and Bob grabbed the ice bucket full of cokes and a bottle opener offered to him by the barman.

“Have you seen the hot TV advert for the drink that makes you a natural at dancing the Samba – we seem to have some here and wandered if you fancied a lesson?” Steve opened up with the two girls. Bob waited in the shadows for a moment. The girl in red looked up, gave a slightly sullen look and asked “what makes you think I am not already the hottest Samba dancer in town?”

Steve looked down – he could not help himself noticing the hint of black lace holding up her tits and presenting a lovely bit of cleavage in the front cut of her blouse – his dick gave a small throb. “I sort of thought that” he added “with an outfit like that you clearly have the passion for Latin moves”.

With that he moved to sit down, placed the bottle and the glasses on the table and offered his right hand to shake “I was born a Steve and love to dance” – he added. “Chantelle” was the response as she accepted the handshake with a very weak hand gently place in his.

“This is Bob” – said Steve as Bob moved out of the shadows with the ice bucket. “My name is Joy” – said the girl in white and she offered up her hand to Bob. Bob quickly put down the ice bucket and the opener and sat down beside Joy drying his right hand from the ice bucket condensation on his trousers as he did so to receive Joys handshake.

Steve and Chantelle were a natural couple in moments – talking away as if they had been friends for years. The conversation between Joy and Bob was much more forced with Joy asking most of the early questions. The drink flowed, the men drinking a fair bit faster than the ladies and more cokes in a fresh ice bucket were called for. Just as Bob was collecting the cokes, the Blonde in the black dress approached Joy and leaned over to whisper in her ear. A big smile erupted on Joys face and before Bob returned he saw the Blonde move off toward the toilets again. He took his place alongside Joy – the talking was becoming much easier as the rum kicked in.

“Do you know that woman in the black dress?” Bob enquired.

“She is Chantelle’s housemate – we often come out for a drink together – Joy answered. “Why – do you fancy her?”

Bob was immediately on the back foot “I think all three of you are very beautiful looking women” he answered diplomatically “but I am a bit old in the tooth to have fanciful dreams these days.”

“You are the age when I bet you have some very fanciful dreams” retorted Joy “tell me you have never had a wet dream when you have been away from home?” she challenged.

“OK – at the end of the day I do occasionally have a dream like that but I’ve always been monogamous” responded Bob

“So what is your wildest fantasy that you wish your wife would deliver you on your next birthday?” Joy asked. As she did this she moved her whole body around to face Bob on his left side and brought her head close to allow him to speak quietly and be heard only by her. Her lips were only a few inches away from Bobs.

Bob was feeling a bit awkward, wanting to feel less guilty of not being with his wife. “If I was truthful it would be having sex totally on the terms of a woman in control – I have always dreamt along those sorts of lines when it comes to wet dreams” (Bob had no idea where this came from – must be the Bacardi talking he thought.)

Joy was very quick to react “so to be told what to do and to give yourself over to a sexually dominant woman turns you on does it” – with this she looked Bob directly in the eyes and moved an inch or two closer such that he could feel her breath on his face and smell her perfume close up – she smiled and did not avert her gaze for a moment. “I like to make love to men who like to be dominated – I know some tricks that would turn you on in a major way” With this she moved her left hand onto Bobs thigh just short of his dick. She detected a twitch as it started to come to life and again smiled.

It was at this point that Bob noticed Steve and Chantelle were kissing passionately and he saw that her hand was inside his trousers playing with his stiff member illegal bahis siteleri – he was already putty in her hands. A few moments later he became aware that Steve and Chantelle were getting up from the booth – Chantelle whispered something in Joy’s ear and they both moved off toward the ladies toilet. Joy returned her full attention to Bob and said “They are both so horny they have gone off to do something about it – we are meeting up with them at Chantelle’s flat round the corner – finish up your drink and we’ll walk round there – it’s only a few minutes walk.” By this time Joys hand had begun to play with Bob’s dick through the fabric of his trousers and underpants and he was beginning to strain with a raging hard on. He couldn’t resist letting her do it.

He looked hesitatingly around – Chantelle and Steve were no where to be seen – the only change in the bar was the Blonde in the black dress had sat down at the bar on her own sipping a glass of water. No sign of the chap she had been speaking to earlier.

“Errrrrr – I don’t know” mumbled Bob “I should really get back to the hotel and get some sleep – I am out of here tomorrow.”

At this point Joy became quite physical, placed her hand around his head and drew him to meet her lips. She French kissed him whilst rubbing that bit harder up and down on his stiff cock through the trousers still. After a few seconds Bob suddenly became aware Joy had slid down the zipper of his trousers and had adeptly moved in around the side of his underpants and was now playing with his dick slowly moving her encircled hand up and down its length.

“I am just like you – really in need of a bit of uncomplicated sex with no strings attached – my panties are really wet wanting your company – just an hour or so whilst your mate works out with Chantelle – what do you say?” Joy whispered. “I will fulfil your fantasy for you.”

Bob didn’t know what to do, he had never been unfaithful to his wife in 9 years of marriage and although he and Steve had occasionally visited a strip bar on business he had never strayed in the physical sense. But the movements up and down his cock were so soft and gentle he was now getting really horny and was as stiff as he could ever remember being. Joy continued to stroke – just occasionally playing with the head of his cock to stimulate him more – she had magic fingers and knew exactly what she was doing. Bob was enjoying it all too much.

“I have never done anything like this before – you say Steve has gone round the corner with Chantelle” said Bob a bit feebly.

Joy responded “she told me they were going to work out a bit in the loo but that we could let ourselves in and they will meet us back there in the not too distant – come on a bit of rampant company is clearly what this fella here wants” (she widened her hand along the whole length of Bobs now raging cock smoothing the trickle of pre-cum along it and teasing his balls through the pubic hair at it’s base – he was loving it).

Bob looked at Joy straight on – one last pang of guilt waved across his face – but her eyes pierced into him – “this will be a bit of harmless fun I assure you” she said.

With that Bob chose, he knocked back the dregs of his glass (the Bacardi was now long gone) and Joy removed her hand sweetly zipping Bob up on the way out. A quick rub to keep the cock erect and a kiss on the lips retained his interest totally.

They walked around a couple of blocks and came to what looked like a fire escape “In here” she said “it is quicker than going round the front.” They entered a dimly lit hall and Joy produced a key that let them into the second door on the right. It was a small apartment with a living area with small kitchenette and a couple of doors off (presumably two bedrooms Bob thought).

“Come!” she said and led Bob into one of the bedrooms – a double bed faced them with a brass frame, Joy walked up close again to Bob and started to give him a lingering kiss whilst at the some time she revived his erection with a fresh rub through his trousers. “Let me see what I have been playing with then” Joy suddenly said with a hint of an order in her tone. Bob was a bit worried. At this point Joy started to undo Bobs shirt and pulled it back down his arms and off behind him. She looked up and smiled at him – he had not resisted. She then undid his belt and trousers, taking an extra long stroke of his erection through his underpants and slid them down to his ankles. Bob was then pushed a bit backwards causing him to sit down on the bed behind him.

“I said I like to be a bit dominant” she said “your fantasy – remember?”

Bob didn’t quite know how to take this – matters were progressing very quickly but his raging cock was taking over his sensibility. In a few more movements Joy had the shoes socks and trousers removed and she lifted Bob’s legs and twisted him onto the bed. Bob assisted and settled himself in the centre of the bed. At this point Joy leant down to one of the bed side cabinets and extracted a ball of parcel string and a pair of scissors. She moved onto the bed – canlı bahis siteleri still fully clothed – and straddled Bob with her bum firmly on his stiff cock. A few small movements and Bob was throbbing away – she looked at him and smiled.

“So you like a woman on top” she said directly at him. Bob looked up and started to want the material between his erect cock and her fanny out of the way. With this she started to unravel the string and cut some lengths about three feet long – after placing four pieces on the bed she placed the scissors back on the side table and picked up Bobs left hand. Looking into his eyes with a smile as she did it, she smoothly double looped one end of a piece of string around the base of is small finger tying it quite tightly. She repeated this with his right hand. “Now” she said “If I am to control you, you need to submit to me” and with this she leant over – making a point of lowering her clad breasts onto Bob’s chest and again wriggling her bum just a little. She stretched out Bobs left arm so the hand was toward the corner of the bed.

Bob complied and she attached the other end of the string to the brass bed head. She quickly did the same with the right arm. “She sat up again and looked down at Bob – and in a re-assuring voice – “don’t worry it will only take a few seconds to cut you free with the scissors – just lie back and enjoy the fantasy”

Joy then slide evocatively down Bobs body rubbing his cock with her body and about his knees turned around so she was facing his feet – now sat on his knees. With a bit of a flurry Joy attached two more pieces of string to Bob’s small toes – again at the base below the knuckle. Dismounting the bed she then moved around the base of the bed and attached the string to the bottom brass up stand on the bed.

At this point Bob felt a bit worried and thought he would try one hand just to see how tight things were – he quickly realised that although the string was not much in diameter. It was a lot stronger than the joint in his finger and he would end up breaking something on him before the string would snap – he realised he was totally at her mercy.

Joy moved around the bed and leaned over Bob, “As I said – I can fulfil your fantasy of control by a woman – you are now all mine!” with this she placed her hand directly on Bobs throbbing cock and proceeded to tease it mercilessly through the material of his under pants. After a few minutes she smiled again at Bob and went back around the bed to the other side where the string and scissors were parked. She sat on the edge of the bed and proceeded to cut away the underpants to expose Bobs raging cock. She ended with a flurry – yanking out the chopped up underpants from under Bob with a sharp pull. She then moved to the dresser at the back of the room and delved into her handbag bringing out a small digital camera. “I like to have a photographic record of my conquests” she said starting up the little whining noise of the flash getting ready for action. Bob now felt very uncomfortable. He gave a few more tugs at his bonds but realised that the more he struggled the tighter the string around his fingers and toes became and they were now starting to hurt a lot.

“Actually I think I have had enough” Bob stated “please would you cut me free now” he said as forcibly as he could muster. “Click/Flash” went the camera as Joy stood at the end of the bed looking along Bobs spread eagled body with a raging erection before her and Bob trying to turn his head away from the camera.

“You know” she said “there are several reasons I like to incapacitate men like you with fine string – one of them is it does not notice on the photograph – just makes you look like a willing participant and that hard on shows you are enjoying yourself – another is its effectiveness is always underestimated. You are now totally under my control – so get used to it!”

Bob’s reaction was to try again to pull at his bonds but he realised he was stuck. This generated anger within him and again he tried aggressive negotiation. “I have absolutely had enough – please cut me free right now!” he iterated.

“Now that’s not very friendly” replied Joy “I am only fulfilling your fantasy” and with that she disappeared into the bathroom with her handbag. She returned with a towel and a few implements and set these out to the side of Bob adjacent to his groin area. His erection was beginning to fade a bit as this was now a worrying situation rather than a sexual one. Joy took his cock back into her hand and stroked it back to life – looking at Bob.

“This can be really enjoyable for you or not – it is your choice – relax and enjoy the situation and you will have a good time” she said softly.

With his cock throbbing again Joy took grip of a small battery operated hair trimmer and switched it on. She proceeded to work all around Bob’s pubic region cutting away all his hair. After a while she took a damp face cloth and rubbed him all around the area scattering the cuttings onto the towel she had positioned. Without saying a word Joy then picked up an aerosol can and loaded her right hand with creamy foam. This was then generously rubbed all around his balls, his cock and the groin region. With that she collected the towel and went back to the bathroom. As she moved toward the door she turned back and commented

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