Episode 37 – Cuntal Butterflies


Episode 37 – Cuntal ButterfliesIntroduction’Episode 33 – Second Homes’ started ‘Hi my name is Stephanie, I’m quite petite – slim, high breasts, short-cropped blonde hair and deeply tanned all over. I’m nearly 16 now, but with the right make-up and choice of underwear, I can be any age you want. I keep my cunt shaved to within an inch of her life – I hate pubic hair – it always gets stuck in your teeth. I was born Stephanie in this tiny village on the south Cornish coast, but most of my friends call me Steph, except for the boys at school who just grunt ‘Bitch’ when I pull their hard cocks out of my mouth and they splatter spunk all over my nose and chin’.I suggest you read the episode, at least to the point where Kit sent the rail tickets for me to go up to London. You will learn why I live with my Grandpa and half-br0ther Tony in Honey Cottage (named for the flavour of young girls tied to the bed), how I lost my virginity and when I started nude modelling.Trip to LondonI nagged and nagged Grandpa to take us up to London; we had never been out of Cornwall into England in those days, and the journey seemed impossible to a nearly-twelve year old. My half-br0ther Tony flatly refused to come with me; it might have been something to do with the photo of Kit’s stretched bum-hole after her Dad had pulled out the Biggest Blackest Cock in the World. I kept the photo under my pillow, kissing her hurt and trying to lick off the dribbles of sperm.So Grandpa and I arrived at Paddington Station; the journey was fairly uneventful except for my regular trips to the train toilet – in the end I just took off the damp panties and left them for some pervert to find. Kit was there to meet us with Mandy, the Club’s driver. I could see the lust on Grandpa’s face as he took in her long red hair, gorgeous green eyes and acres of bare skin. She wore her usual chauffeur’s outfit of tiny, bright green leather shorts and matching boots and a floaty white see-through blouse that failed to disguise her sumptuous high bare breasts. She let Grandpa have one grope when they kissed, but after that held him at arm’s length, explaining that her boss Kurt would not approve, and anyway she much preferred girls.Kit and I had no such worries; we kissed open-mouthed on the platform– exploring each other’s tongues, for what seemed like ages. She tasted way better than I had dared imagine from the photographs. Somehow we managed to get down the platform to the station concourse with our clothes still on, but then Kit pushed me up against a pillar. Her hands were a blur – undoing the buttons down the front of my dress, pulling up her tee-shirt to mash her beautiful young breasts into mine. I was begging her to make me cum as she pushed several fingers into my dripping pussy – just like her Dad had years ago when he took my innocence. We kissed and kissed as she expertly found my most sensitive spot and rubbed it hard. Nobody else on the station mattered, some passengers gave us a funny look – two 12 year old girls – one black, one white – making love noisily outside a coffee shop. The feeling in my tummy was so intense I had to squeeze my thighs together, squashing her hand to relieve some of the pressure on my clit.“Open up Princess” she murmured in my ear, then pushed her knee up between mine allowing her fingers even deeper into my cunt. Suddenly all the pent-up worries about ‘will she like me’, ‘am I just a silly little country girl’, ‘she is so sophisticated and beautiful’, ‘can I kiss her neck’ were gone, she was making me cum. It started as a small dribble around her fingers; she looked shocked. Then a great flood rushed out, splashing the ground between our feet – the feeling was so intense, I just had to bite her neck to stop the screams. She had just wanked me through the most amazing climax of my life and was grinning like a Cheshire cat: “You beautiful girl, come home with me. We can make love all day, once I get out of these wet jeans”.Mandy had noticed that my knees had gone all wobbly after the squirt, so scooped me up in her arms and strode out of the station towards her waiting limo. Grandpa holding onto Kit with one hand and pulling the overnight suitcase in the other rushed to keep up. I did my best to hold on around her neck and trap the open front of my dress from displaying too much bare young flesh. When Mandy stopped abruptly before crossing the busy road, Grandpa bumped his erection into her taut leather-clad backside. The second time it happened she whipped around “I will kill you if you do that again” then we arrived at the car. Kit and I clambered into the back seat of the long white limo, hardly noticing the blacked out windows until Kit did a strip-tease for me, knowing the throng of pedestrians on the pavement couldn’t see a thing. Mandy put the suitcase in the boot (USA: trunk), fending off Grandpa’s offers of help and held open a middle door for him to get in. Grandpa imagined he would be sitting up front next to Mandy, providing the perfect opportunity to ogle her breasts and perhaps cop a crafty feel.In the Limo“Get in there you horrible man” said Mandy, removing one of his hands from her arse, and pushing him into the car. Then she jumped into the front and pulled out into the heavy London traffic. Grandpa sat down between two gorgeous very dark – almost black-skinned teenaged beauties. Both wore short skin-tight sheath dresses that did nothing to hide their curves and fabulous long legs. One dress was a shiny bright red, the other a modest pale blue clinging to their hot young bodies. ‘Red’ touched Grandpa’s thigh, I could see his erection pushing out the front of his trousers from the back seat.We had barely got out of the station concourse before Blue was jacking off Grandpa’s pink cock between her bare black feet, with Red leaning over to suck the tip. I thought I caught a flash of silver gleaming between her thighs under the strong down-lighters set into the limo’s ceiling.Kit was mildly annoyed that I was looking past her curvy just-ripening breasts at the two slappers seducing çayyolu escort Grandpa: “Stunning, aren’t they? They’re from Burkina Faso – lowest Age of Consent in the world. Most of them are married at 12 and having their first baby at 13″.”Don’t they do that barbaric mutilation thing? FGM isn’t it? Whip out their clitoris so they can’t enjoy sex? That is disgusting”.Kit: “These two are still intact; Dad rescued them. He goes out every year and picks up as many as he can smuggle back with him. They work at the club for a while; get an education, and then some go back to try and change the system. You can imagine how grateful they are, little slappers. Red get yer arse over here!”Grandpa had found the zipper down the side of her sheath dress and released Red’s gorgeous tits into his hands, while it was Blue’s turn to suck his cock.Red sauntered over, dropping her dress on the floor of the limo – dressed now in just a bright red thong that shimmered in the light, between her beautifully firm black buttocks. Holding onto the grab-handles she slowly spun around until her crotch was inches from my face. The scent of her sex was overwhelming, absolutely intoxicating – spicy and mouth-watering. I breathed her in, eyes closed, still wondering what an adult pussy looked like. Remember this was long before the days of free internet porn; how was a young girl to know? She leant forward – her warm skin touched against my nose; eyes now open – I was looking at the jewel-encrusted silver snake suspended between her legs. Its tail emerged from between her purple-black lips, snaking forwards, making no attempt to cover her pussy – rather to hold the lips apart. The snake emerged into her tight black curly pubic hair, the jewels gleaming, and then looped around to hold her prominent clitoris in its mouth. It was a celebration of femininity – a beautiful device to show off the beauty of this young girl; stunning. My tongue was drawn towards her – flicking across her hard bud – the sensation of cool dry metal and hot, wet skin – she tasted perfect. Now it was her turn to go limp – the car lurched to a stop and she was thrown into our laps – I had almost forgotten the naked Kit beside me. We took turns kissing Red under the nipples; and I’m sure Kit was exploring her pussy. I couldn’t understand a word she was saying; pointing towards her friend Blue lowering herself onto Grandpa’s rampant erection.“Is that alright?” I managed before Red kissed me again.Kit: “Yes they’re fine. Dad checks them all out; personally – if you know what I mean. But I think your Grandpa is ignoring her cuntal charms and going for an anal – poor baby, that’s going to hurt”.Sure enough, Blue screamed at first, until her natural lubrication began to flow; then seemed to rejoice in the new sensation – bouncing her tight young body up and down Grandpa’s front – jutting nipples crushed between her own fingers.Esc0rtsMandy delivered us to Kurt’s lap-dancing club; I wish I could remember more about it. Kit and I were both dog-tired; we just cuddled up, quietly watching the pole-dancers. They were just as beautiful as I remembered them from that video on the library PC all those years ago. And now here I was, with that gorgeous ch1ld (that the Librarian hoped was a boy) licking my breasts and watching the dancers’ long legs opening and closing, revealing succulent wet pussies. I had never realised that they would masturbate all the way to climax right in front of our faces – perhaps we were special guests – the sight and smell of fresh pussy and arse was overwhelming. Kit reached out to hold onto her favourite dancer’s quivering buttocks; while I took the opportunity to remove the last of Kit’s damp clothing and finger-fuck her until my arm ached.Suddenly two huge black hands were fondling my new breasts from behind: “You’ll never get the little bitch to cum like that – here shove this up her arse” handing me a short fat vibrator, already buzzing excitedly.“Daddy” cried Kit, throwing her arms around his waist, as I followed Kurt’s advice and pushed the anal vibe home into my best friend.“Steph, you little darling, you’ve grown. Come here and show Uncle Kurt your hot little body”. I stretched up to my full 135 cms and twirled around, only slightly embarrassed at my rock-hard nipples and neatly-trimmed blonde bush. We kissed, long and hard. I could feel his hands exploring my bottom and thighs. I thought I would die when he slipped a finger deep into my wetness.“Mandy told me about your first climax in London; will you cum for me my little Cornish lover?”How could I refuse? He held me tight, as my legs went to jelly and my pussy contracted violently around his finger – I was almost ashamed how easily he could make me orgasm. No squirt this time, but I did make his hand very wet – he pulled out and licked his fingers with a big grin, then kissed me again so I could taste my juice on his lips. “Come on beautiful, I’ve got one more surprise for you. I hope you’re not too tired”. He held my hand very properly as we all walked down the corridor. It didn’t seem to matter that Kit and I were both butt-naked; few of the girls we met wore more than gloves or a thong. He pushed open the door to a huge bright room full of butterflies. They were everywhere: flying, gorgeous bright blues and every colour, some feeding on peaches. There on a table was Blue from the limo; her hard breasts covered in butterflies sucking up the peach juice. Oh, and she had an open ripe fruit gripped between her thighs, so it looked like the insects were eating her out.Red was spread-eagled over Grandpa, bouncing her bottom over his erection, just like a real lap-dancer (see I was learning fast). She smiled and opened her legs, revealing the most perfect red plastic butterfly nestling in her pubic hair – its tail emerging from her cunt.”Would you like to wear it, little Steph?” she purred, offering me the sticky end to suck clean. The tail was long and smooth and curved – it slipped in really easy, holding my lips apart cebeci escort and pressing against my super-sensitive g-spot. This time Kit held me through my climax, crushing her breasts into mine, mouthing “I love you” as we sank to the floor.Kurt lay down next to us: “Do you like it, my little Cornish Princess? It’s only a plastic prototype to check your internal dimensions”. Kurt took a few close-up photos for his private collection. “Come back in tomorrow and we’ll have the silversmith make you a proper one, and the photographer show you how to become a real porn star”.Kit was the first to react: “Thank you Daddy, it’s beautiful and a perfect fit. How did you know her size?”Kurt cupped his hand suggestively, wiggling the two middle fingers, just like all those years ago (it seemed) in the holiday chalet when I stopped being a silly virgin. Kit rolled over onto her knees and straddled his face, rubbing her clit with both hands, dribbling peach juice and pussy juice into his open mouth.Blue came over, butterflies still attached to her breasts, and lowered me onto Kurt’s massive erection. I was so sexed-up I didn’t care anymore; the tip just slid effortlessly up my arse. Blue and Kit and I kissed as the enormity of what I was doing sunk in; he very gently held my cheeks apart and pushed the black monstrous snake into my still und*r-age gooey depths. I guess I was burbling incoherently at this point, all I can remember was “Thank You, Oh shit, thank you. I’ve been waiting years for this moment” or some rubbish like that. He held me very close, to stop the trembling; then powered me up and down his shaft, stopping every few seconds to check I was alright. My empty pussy was gushing juice onto his thighs; Blue lapped it up – the slut. When he came, an absolute torrent of sperm filled my arse and then dribbled out into Blue’s mouth.SundayI woke up curled around Kit in her huge bed; she was snoring gently. So trying not to wake her, I slipped out of bed for a quick pee in her on-suite bathroom. It was massive – the walk-in shower must have been large enough for 4 people at a time; what a lovely idea. I wondered if the two gorgeous girls from Burkina Faso were still here – probably ‘sleeping’ with Grandpa. He really was fast asleep in the guest bedroom, the girls already up and making breakfast.”Mornin’ babe” one of them called across “scrambled or fried?” They were both wearing tiny white see-through shorts and not much else – certainly no Red or Blue thongs visible to tell them apart. Then I noticed that one had corn-rowed hair and was slightly slimmer, she still had fantastic high breasts, but a little bit smaller than her friend’s. It was Red.”Scrambled please” then “Is it alright to call you Red? You’ll have to teach me how to say your proper names. You do have stunningly beautiful breasts. I hope mine grow that shape when I’m older”.Blue picked me up, rubbing her nipples across mine: “You’ll soon have beautiful breasts too Princess” she laughed “Keep eating your greens”.”Can we all have a shower together in Kit’s bathroom after breakfast? I’m sure Kit is up for it”.”Sure” said Red “I need to wash your Grandpa’s sperm out of my hair. He is great fun for an old man”.SightseeingSunday was Mandy’s day off, so for a treat we all caught the tube, as I’d never ridden it before. I couldn’t believe how crowded it was in the train – we all had to stand really squashed up together; perhaps that was just Kit’s idea. The game was: I had to close my eyes, promise not to peep and guess whose hand it was up my skirt. Grandpa was easy – he was really gentle – just stroking the outside of my lips. Kit gave herself away by kissing my neck as she pushed two fingers in, and Kurt was pretty obvious – nobody else could reach in that far while standing behind me. Red and Blue tried to confuse by double-finger-fucking me; but I guessed them mainly from the heat of their bodies pressed up against mine. Soon we arrived at Waterloo for another surprise – escalators going up – you can see right up very short skirts. After breakfast Red and Blue had changed into skirts with their coloured thongs, beautiful deep black bottoms all exposed to my gaze.Then after a confusing walk we ended up at the London Eye.TicketsAt the ticket office window Kurt just asked for a family ticket, the young man looked confused at the range of skin colours and accents: “Are you all really a family?”Kit grabbed Kurt’s hand and stuffed it down her tee-shirt: “This is my Dad – see how he likes little tits”.I could see Grandpa planning the same trick, but I got there first: “This is my Grandpa, and he prefers touching little girls between the legs”. He blushed and so did the young man.”And these two beauties?” he asked looking from Red to Blue at chest level.Quick as a flash, I responded “They’re exchange students; over here to learn English and Politics and stuff..”.”Yeah of course – Exchange Students, with special modules in lap-dancing and full-body massage” suggested Kurt.”Go on, show the nice young man your IDs” Red and Blue smiled, pulling down their tee-shirts to just above nipple level, and then suddenly right down below the bust to expose 4 exquisite soft black breasts. Even I was shocked – they looked stunning, framed by their rucksack straps. I had never noticed that Blue had pierced nipples; today she was wearing a pair of discrete silver studs joined by a thin chain. The chain bounced to a halt as her breasts settled down to point straight at the Ticket Office window.Grandpa cuddled them both, his hands gliding over their flat stomachs: “They learn very fast, I let them practice on me all night. Don’t even ask their ages. I’m assured they’re legal in their home country”, dipping his fingers below the skirt waistbands.”That’s one hundred and twenty six pounds, sir” tearing his eyes away, to address Kurt.Kurt handed over a Gold Card: “Thank you for being so understanding. Here’s a free entry ticket for you and a friend to Esc0rts to watch these two. If you’re lucky they might even demetevler escort put their phone numbers on the back”.SecurityTits carefully covered, we all joined the winding queue for Security. Red was first to stand in front of the officious Security Woman: “I’ll need to look in that rucksack – hand it over”. Red’s nipples visibly hardened as she opened the tiny pink rucksack for inspection.”What on earth is this?” demanded the woman, pulling out a bright blue dildo.”It’s just my strap-on” replied Red innocently.”I cannot possibly let you on the Eye with that thing; it probably comes under the heading of ‘Offensive Weapon’. Certainly looks offensive to me. I shall have to confis**te it. You can pick it up later after your ride from Lost Property”. She had been turning it around, stroking the engorged prick-head at one end “Hey which end is which, and where’s the straps?”Grandpa tried explaining: “That’s the end, in your hand, that goes up the bloke. The two bumps lock it in place up yours, so it just sticks out – so it looks like you’ve got a cock”?The Security Guard frowned: “You mean this bump goes up my vagina” (the girls sniggered) “and this fat one goes up my arse? That’s disgusting, I’ve never heard of such a thing”.Blue sought to calm things down: “It’s not only for boys, or old men”, sensing that perhaps the Guard preferred women, “You can use it on girls too – either hole. Perhaps you’d better have this too” handing over a jar of flavoured anal lubricant “It tastes of Cherry – my favourite”.Kurt said “Keep it as a gift – so long as you use on that nice boy at the Ticket Office. I think he’ll enjoy it”.Blue was next in the queue; Grandpa was standing very close behind her – probably feeling her arse: “Quick take it out” Blue hissed, waggling her rucksack against Grandpa’s chest.“Oh right, so you’ve got one too?” Grandpa carefully opened the rucksack and discreetly pulled out the massive blue Feeldoe and handed it to Kit standing behind him.Blue moved forward in the queue, presenting her open rucksack for inspection. The guard pulled out two slim vibrators and a fat round anal plug. “Just for personal use? OK on you go”.Meanwhile Kit was trying to find somewhere to hide the incriminating strapless strap-on, before it was her turn. She turned to me: “Open wide Princess”. I made an ‘O’ shape. “Not your mouth, open your legs, stupid”. I could feel two enormous hands pulling my buttocks apart; Kurt pressed himself up against my back. A thumb slipped up my bottom, and then Kit was holding my pussy lips apart – stroking the silky lubricant everywhere she could reach. “My butterfly!”“It’s OK, babe”. Kit eased it out of my hot, wet cunt, and then popped the sticky end in her mouth, gripping the shiny blue tail between her teeth. The cuntal probe slipped in fairly easily, but the anal took some effort by both Kit in front and her Dad behind.“Now what?” I demanded as the blue cock stuck straight out in front, lifting the hem of my short skirt. Actually, I quite liked being a boy, but was afraid the security guard was bound to see it. “Up. Pick me up, Daddy”.Kurt: “I love it when you talk dirty, my little Fuck-Princess”. Kit was just licking her sticky fingers and laughing: “Fuck-Princess; I like that” Kurt lifted me into the air and settled my new prick onto his hip, driving the bumps in deeper. I could feel his erection against my inner thigh: “Just remembered – we need to get some real Cornish Clotted Cream “. Kurt looked blank. “If you’ve never tried some, it’s amazing spread out on a real Cornish Princess’s size 32B’s. You can lick it all off, then I can clean out the pot with your cock and suck it all down. Do you fancy that, Daddy?” His erection was threatening to burst the front of his baggy shorts, so he had to pull me around onto his front, settling my latex cock directly above his. Unfortunately my skirt lifted up at the back revealing the blue Feeldoe to the Security Guard: “Another Offensive Sex Toy? You need to be careful with that one”.Kit couldn’t stop laughing: “An Offensive Sex Toy? Yes that’s exactly right. You should hear the bitch swear when she cums. But you’ll need to join the queue if you want some. She’s fucking me first, Darlin'”. Then Grandpa joined in: “And I’m next. I love a good bumming. And then I expect these two beauties will want a tit-fucking”.Kurt laughing: “And I’m on a promise with a pot of Clotted Cream, whatever that is. So you could have a long wait for a bit of this little Cornish Sex Toy”. I just cuddled him, and buried my face in his neck; looking forward to a sex-filled day.In the EyeKit stood against the hand rail and I stood pressed up against her back; the tip of the Feeldoe lifting the back of her tiny skirt and nestling between her buttocks. She opened her legs and pushed her damp arse backwards onto the dildo; it slid in easily. Now I held onto her hips and rocked it in deeper, just like I imagined a boy fucks. Kurt and Grandpa, Red and Blue stood close behind us, but the mostly-Japanese tourists soon spotted what we were doing and all swung their cameras around to photograph us rather than the amazing views of London. Grandpa lifted my skirt, so they could get a clearer view; one guy even laying on the floor to video the blue dildo sliding in and out of Kit’s beautiful backside.Red knelt between her legs and sucked pussy for ages, until at the highest point of the Eye ride Kit climaxed hard, screaming my name, almost pulling her own tits off. The crowd loved it; Kurt accepting donations for his Burkina Faso rescue fund.On the way down I spotted the Security Guard and Ticket Office boy in an upstairs window in the Old County Hall building behind us. She seemed to have figured out how to insert the confis**ted Feeldoe and was ramming it up the boy’s arse while milking his cock with a spare hand. We waved – they were a long way off, but most of the tourists had cameras with long lenses, so could photograph them quite easily. One of them posted a video clip of his spunk erupting onto the windowFinally Red and Blue did a sort of cat-walk show of their Cuntal Butterflies mostly on their backs, naked – the orders flowed in – more than enough to keep me busy for months.Several years later I was back on the train to London with my own collection of hand-made custom-designed cuntal jewellery for a very special client.

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