Episode 4 of the Adventures of John and Holly


Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 37: Light My Fire

A few months passed before we broke our pledge of monogamy. Seriously, In this house, with Stephanie and Sandy just a few feet away, that’s quite an accomplishment. I bet if you put Stephanie in a convent, in a month you would have a whole bunch of bi-curious nuns. Of course it was Stephanie that ended our monogamous relationship. It didn’t matter though; Holly and I had gotten back the confidence in our relationship that had seemingly vanished. The two and half months we spent together strengthened our relationship beyond where it was before it all happened. You didn’t really expect us to keep to ourselves did you?

Stephanie snuck into our bedroom and jumped into the mix while we were having sex one night. We all had quite a laugh afterwards, including Sandy, who had watched from the doorway. Now Holly and I were sitting in bed on a Saturday morning. The incident with Stephanie occurred Thursday night, and we now fully realized that our relationship was healthy again.

“I guess we can start having adventures again huh?” Holly said to me, she had bra and panties on, with covers pulled up to her chest as we sat up in bed. “You sure you’re ready to jump back into things?” I asked her. She smiled devilishly at me. “Oh Baby. Light my fire” Holly said. “That was hot” I told her. “Well…What should we do?” I asked her. “I guess we should go back to the sex club” Holly said. “That’s just good clean fun” Holly said. “How many times have you been?” I asked her. “Just three” Holly said. “I went twice without you…its pretty fun stuff” I confessed. “Oh and what about that internet dating thing, I want to try that!” Holly said. “You want to meet Elizabeth?” I asked her. “hmm…Yeah” Holly said. “She e-mailed me the other day…she’s totally lesbian now” I said. “So you found a straight girl on the internet and turned her gay” Holly said, accusingly. “Well…I think she was gay before I met her, she just didn’t know it yet. Ask Stephanie about that” I said. “Maybe we should make some more porn!” Holly said, suddenly thinking of it. “Maybe we should find a straight couple and have foursomes” Holly said. “Oh and we could bring other girls to bed with us!” Holly kept thinking of new things. God, what a lucky guy I am! “You been thinking about this a lot?” I asked. “Kind of” Holly admitted. “Don’t worry it’s not a reflection of your performance in bed” Holly said. “I know, I can tell when I please you…it usually involves screaming, moaning, things like that” I said. “You do know how to push my buttons” Holly said. “Speaking of pushing buttons…you want to push a few right now?” I said. “That was a terrible transition” Holly said, accusingly. “Sorry. I guess I can find any excuse to make love to you.” I said. “Or Fuck me” Holly said, making a point.

I rolled over on top of Holly. I kissed her neck lovingly, playing with her breasts. I slowly kissed down. Holly pulled the covers up past my head. I moved farther south, pulling her panties off as I traveled. I rubbed my hands down her thighs, caressing her smooth skin. She was getting wet already from the conversation. I dove in, kissing, licking, sucking, tonguing her pussy quickly. She immediately squirmed underneath me. She was moaning quite loudly. I flicked my tongue over her clit energetically, driving her closer and closer. She came, screaming out my name, thrusting her hips upward against me as I continued to pleasure her.

I crawled back up on top of her, rising from under the covers as we were now face to face. She had a serene look on her face. “God, you know how to push my buttons” Holly said, still breathing rapidly. “Don’t give me all the credit for that. You helped” I said. I kissed her gently on the lips. “Want me to push your buttons?” Holly asked. “Oh you don’t have to” I said, smiling at her. She somewhat forcefully rolled us over so she was on top. “But I want to” Holly said, giving me that provocative smile that she has. Holly slowly descended down, the covers now covering her. She kissed and caressed her way down to my crotch, pulling my cock out through my boxers, not bothering to take them off. Holly immediately deepthroated my cock, bringing me intense pleasure. She played with my balls with one hand, stroked my shaft with the other, sucked up and down on my cock. She wasn’t messing around, bringing me to orgasm as fast as she could. I moaned loudly as I came in her mouth. Holly swallowed every drop that I gave her without hesitation. She continued to play with my extremely sensitive head for while before rising back up beside me.

We laid back, catching our breath. “So what do you want to do today?” I asked her. “Come on baby…Light my fire” Holly said, making a joking reference. “Yes but more specific than that” I said. Right then Stephanie walked into our bedroom. She had on black lace panties and no bra, her small perky tits bouncing slightly with her step. Stephanie sat at the foot of our bed. “What’s up?” She asked us. “Like you don’t know” Holly said, having been screaming a few minutes ago. “Don’t let me interrupt” Stephanie said, smiling. “We were just finishing up” Holly said. “What do you guys want to do today?” Steph asked. I looked over at Holly, and she gave me that devilish smile. “I don’t even have to ask do I?” Stephanie said, assuming we would be going at it. “Is there anything you’ve been wanting to do?” Holly asked Stephanie. Stephanie sat back, thinking this was a trick. “Why you guys back to ‘normal’ now?” Steph said. “I think you could say that” I said. “Thank god” Stephanie said, loudly. “What?” Holly and I asked. “I’m getting tired of strapons and tongues, I need a dick” Stephanie said. “Like you can’t get any anywhere else?” I said, confused. “Well, I could…but I know you will please me, and you’re not a jerk. The internet is pretty hit-or-miss about these things.” Steph said. “And then they always think it could be serious, but I just want sex” Steph said. “I hear that” Holly said. “So you two want to fuck tonight?” Holly asked, looking at me. “That’s fine with me” I said, somewhat asking for approval from Holly. “You want to mess around with Sandy?” Steph asked Holly. “Sure…I kind of miss licking pussy” Holly said. “That was hot” I said. “What?” Stephanie asked me. These girls simply don’t understand how sexy they are, and can be from the things they say. We coordinated schedules for the night.

Holly and I went out and had dinner together. It’s not really dating anymore, we have been together so long, we are practically married. When we got back Steph and Sandy were sitting on the couch waiting for us. Stephanie eagerly stood and walked over to me and Holly. Holly and I kissed sweetly. “Have fun” I told her. “Same to you” She replied. Stephanie stood beside us impatiently. “Let’s go” Steph said, grabbing my arm, pulling me to her bedroom. As I walked in her bedroom I looked behind me and saw Sandy and Holly walking into our bedroom. I had kind of taken for granted the relationship we had before, all the crazy sex. I guess I didn’t fully appreciate it since we started doing it right away. But now I realize how special it is. There is something amazing about knowing that the woman I love is having fun with another woman.

Stephanie didn’t seem to care what else was going on in the apartment, she just wanted some fuckin. She had taken barely five steps into the room before she started throwing her clothes off. I walked over to her dresser, grabbing a condom. Stephanie used to be on the pill, same as Holly. But since she went almost exclusively lesbian, she stopped taking it. Stephanie grabbed me from behind, pulling my pants down. She was busily undressing me as I put on the condom. “What are you horny or something?” I asked her, jokingly. She didn’t respond, she turned me around, throwing herself on me. She wrapped her naked body around mine, making out with me. She pushed me back onto her bed. “Fuck me now” She said in a deep voice. I was sideways on the bed, my feet on the ground. Steph was humping me, her crotch against my stomach.

I grabbed my erect cock and held it up to her ass, as she stopped humping I pushed it against her tight lips. She really needed to get fucked, her pussy was the tightest I had ever known it to be. She immediately started pounding me into the bed, her pussy clenching around my cock. I laid back in pleasure, barely able to control any of my muscles. I was able to grope her wildly moving tits as she continued to hump me. The position was kind of hurting my back, so when I had some strength I picked her up. She took my cue and started to change positions. She stood up, facing away from me. She extended her right leg way out to the side, putting her foot on the bed. She stood on one foot, her pussy exposed to the air. I stepped up behind her, pushing my cock inside her tight wet slit. I wrapped my arms around her tight, and started humping her hard.

Stephanie screamed and moaned as I pounded her tight slit. She came, drowning my cock in her sex juices. She nearly fell down from the awkward position, but I still had my arms wrapped around her and stopped her from falling. My cock came out of her as I caught her. We had stepped a few feet away from the bed as I caught her. “Don’t stop” she said aggressively. In that brief silence I could hear moaning from outside the door. She couldn’t stand very well, as I tried to penetrate her from behind. “Let me lean on something” She said. I helped her walk a few feet. She put her hands on the wall, leaning forward. She braced herself against the wall, the door to the living room was just a foot to her right. Her ass stuck out behind her as she bend over. I stood up straight, grabbing her hips and thrusting into her. “Oh fuck” She said immediately. The previous orgasm had made her much more sensitive. I pounded her as she tried to push back against the wall. This resulted in a loud banging noise from her hands repeatedly smacking against the wall.

“Hold on” Steph stopped me. She dropped to all fours, in the doorway. Her round ass stuck out nicely. I got down on my knees behind her, and started pounding away on her dripping slit. She was approaching orgasm again. Stephanie screamed loudly as I fucked her harder and harder. “Fuck Me” She yelled, her voice skipping as I crashed into her repeatedly. Her tight pussy was very stimulating, but the frequent breaks had kept me from coming. I stopped thrusting into her, resting myself. We were both glistening with sweat. “Christ are you going to cum or what?” Steph said incredulously. “You want to go jump in with them?” I asked her, offering her a break. “No…go get the lube off my dresser.” Steph said. I climbed off of her, turning around and going back into her room. I had to search for a minute but found her lube. I turned around and walked back into the living room.

Stephanie had crawled a few feet to the couch. As I walked to her, she lunged herself up, laying over the side of the couch. Her ass was at the edge of the couch, as she laid face first on the couch. “You sure about this?” I asked her. “Fuck my ass already” She said, impatiently. I squeezed some lubricant on my cock, and put some on my finger, which I worked into her tight asshole. I worked my finger inside her tight ass, pumping in and out slowly. Then I put my cock against her tight hole. Stephanie moaned loudly as I pushed against her, my cock opening her ass. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I slowly pumped my cock inside her. I reached below my cock, fingering her dripping pussy. Holly and Sandy walked out of the bedroom. “What, you guys too wild to stay in the bedroom?” Holly asked as I looked up at her. Holly sat on the couch right beside a face down Stephanie. Sandy stood beside me, helping me finger Stephanie. Everyone was completely naked. Stephanie was nearing another orgasm, but I beat her to the punch. I came deep in her ass, in the condom. I pulled out, and walked over to Holly. Sandy got down on her knees, licking Steph’s exposed pussy. I stood in front of Holly. Stephanie turned her head, still laying on the couch, to look at me. “Ohhh I needed that” Steph said. Holly reached out grabbing my still semi-erect cock. “You’ve got more work to do” Holly said, stroking my lubed up shaft.

Holly stood up, still holding my cock, and turned around, facing towards Steph and Sandy. Holly bent over, grabbing her ankles. She looked up at me from between her legs. “Come on baby” Holly said, smiling upside-down. I grabbed her hips, and thrusted forward, pushing my hardening cock inside her dripping slit. I fucked her for several minutes. We were both just working up to another round of orgasms. Holly had to change positions, all the blood rushing to her head the way she was. “Why don’t you two just get a room” Stephanie said, barely believing that we were still going at it. Holly pulled me by the cock back to the bedroom.

We proceeded to fuck in various positions on the bed. Finally Holly came as I fucked her doggystyle on the bed. “Come here” Holly said. I moved around to in front of her. I was on my knees, and Holly was laying on her chest, with her head up. She pulled off the soaking, slippery condom and started to suck me off. My cock was coated in cum from my first orgasm. Holly slurped and sucked until I came again, squirting jizz in her mouth, to her moaning reception. She continued to suck on the tip of my cock. “Well…Did I light your fire?” I asked her. “Boy we couldn’t get much higher” Holly said, taking my cock out of her mouth.

Part 38: Dream Theatre

Holly and I were just getting back into the ‘swing’ of things, when I got an e-mail from our old friend in the porn industry Jerry Spencer. I don’t know if you have heard about this, but there was an AIDS scare in the porn industry. It seems someone tested positive and so the whole industry is shut down so that everyone can get tested. This is a terrible situation that has many worried people awaiting important life threatening test results. But it also means that there is no new porn coming out for some time. Porn is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. This means that everyone and there uncle is scrambling to find new material, so what was simply amateur porn, is now the only game in town. This is a huge economic opportunity if there ever was one. “Hey Holly” I shouted, sitting at the computer, realizing all the implications. We don’t need to go anywhere to do this…We couldn’t leave its fall of our junior year. But I have editing software that I am somewhat proficient at. We have two pretty good cameras that I bought way back when we first made porn. We have many many friends that could help…and not to mention a leading lady that anyone would like to see in a porn. “Yeah?” Holly asked, walking into the room. “Look at this” I instructed, pointing at the screen.

Holly took a minute to read the e-mail. Then she turned and looked at me, eyes wide. She had already made the leap that I had. “We should have been filming everything for years now” Holly said. “We would be billionaires” I said, jokingly. “We could be now” She said seriously. “So we make more videos, send ‘em to Jerry and we’re in the money” Holly asked me. “Yeah” I said. “What are we waiting for?” Holly asked. “umm…Well we need stories don’t we?” I asked her. “Like plots and stuff…no I don’t think we really need to.” Holly said. “Okay, but what about porn star names” I asked. “We could just present it as what it is, but I don’t know about names” Holly said. “It’s…I think it’s the name of your first pet, and the first street you lived on makes your porn name” I said. “Is that true” Holly asked. “I don’t know, I’ve heard that somewhere though” I said. “Then I would be Brittany Jefferson” Holly said. “I would be… Ted Oak” I said. Holly laughed. “You would be wood” Holly said, laughing still. “So should we get Stephanie and Sandy in on this?” I asked Holly. “Yeah”

Steph and Sandy were out shopping, but when they came back we told them all about it. “I would be …Brandy…Brandy Garfield” Stephanie said. Holly laughed again. We all looked at her, not getting it. Holly explained it to us “Garfield the cat…pussy”. The three of us let out a resounding “oh!”. Sandy didn’t want to be in porno, at least not distributed porno, but she agreed to do camerawork for us. We were now living in a film studio. Holly and I ran to a local electronics store to buy a bunch of tapes for the cameras. We were very excited about these prospects.

We set up one camera on a tripod at the foot of our bed. Stephanie was behind this one. Sandy held the other camera and was free to move around. We started filming. Holly and I were sitting on the edge of the bed in bathrobes. “Hi, I am Brittany Jefferson” holly said. “And, I am Ted Oak” I said, and I started laughing. “I’m sorry its just weird to say my name is Ted Oak” I explained to the rest. “Hi I am Brittany Jefferson” Holly started over. “And I am Ted Oak. Welcome to the Adventures of Brittany and Ted.” I said. “We have been together for a while, and now we welcome you to take a peek into our sexual adventures.” Holly said. “We will be taping all the stuff we do around the house. This is not a set, we are not actors, this is all real.” I said. “When the cameras aren’t here, we behave the same way.” Holly said. “We also have a roommate that likes to drop in, she is behind the camera right now, but rest assured you will see her sometime soon.” I said. “Well Brittany, you want to get started?” I asked Holly. “Oh whatever should we do Ted?’ Holly asked the camera innocently.

We stood up, disrobing, and tossing the bathrobes aside. Holly quickly started stroking my soft cock. I reached out and squeezed her round tits. Holly dropped to her knees, taking my cock into her wet mouth. She sucked me slowly for a short time, before standing back up. I kneeled down, and Holly put one knee on the bed, and stood on one leg, exposing her slit. The tripod camera was just in front of the bed, and Sandy was over my shoulder shooting. I ate Holly, getting her excited. “ohhh” Holly moaned. “Oh and by the way folks, all real means all real, no fake orgasms here” Holly said. I continued to eat her, as she was getting more and more excited. “Enough of this, fuck me” Holly said, pulling me up. She hopped on the bed, getting on all fours. I got up on the bed behind her, on my knees. I pushed in, fucking her from behind as Sandy moved to get a better view. We switched to Holly riding me, while I played with her tits, and she came while we were fucking in that position. Just after she came, I was about to come. I got up standing next to the bed. Holly got quickly off the bed, and down on her knees in front of me. Sandy was standing just to my side. Holly stroked my ready to burst cock as I came, shooting large streaks of jizz all over her face, in her hair, and some landing on her waiting tongue, which she swallowed.

With our first scene finished, we stood in front of the camera, Holly’s face covered in Jizz. “How was that Brittany?” I asked her. “My knees are still a bit weak, how was it for you Ted?” Holly asked me. “I think the answer is written all over your face.” I said. Sandy followed us with the camera into the bathroom. Stephanie picked up the camera on the tripod as we all moved into the bathroom. “I think Brittany here needs to ‘freshen up’” I said into Sandy’s camera, as Stephanie set up hers. “I’ll be taking over a camera while miss Garfield makes her debut in Brittany and Ted’s bedroom.”

Steph stood with Holly in front of the shower. “I am Brandy Garfield” Steph said. Holly undressed her in front of the cameras. With the water hot, they stepped into the shower. The tripod was set up just across the bathroom, with a good wide angle of the whole shower. Sandy stood right beside the shower, looking in. Stephanie lapped at some of the cum still on Holly as the water started to cover them. They both played with each other’s tits, and soaped up. They took turns washing each other. The washing turned into Holly fingering Stephanie. With them excited they had to do more. This wasn’t scripted or anything, they were just making it up as they went. They ended up in a sixty nine on the shower floor, Stephanie on top. We continued to film as they came, and then got out of the shower, toweling off. We planned to stop it there, but my cock was ready to go again, so I made a slight change. Steph and Holly stood in front of the cameras. I stepped out from behind the camera. “Well I am Ted, This is Brittany, and this is Brandy. We had planned to stop here, but my cock has something to say about that. What do you say girls, you want to have some more fun.” I said. Without hesitation Holly, a white towel wrapped around her, dropped to her knees, sucking me off again. Stephanie stood in front of me, beside Holly. I reached out and played with Steph’s small perky tits as Holly blew me.

Stephanie reached down, playing with my balls as Holly sucked me off. “Oh I’m close” I said. We forgot the porn rule; always show the cumshot. Holly kept blowing me as I came in her mouth. To anyone watching it would be obvious that I had cum, or at least I faked it, but there was no ‘proof’. “Mmm, Thanks babe” Holly said, coming back to her feet. “Well now we are signing off.” I said. “This was an Adventure of Brittany and Ted” Holly said. “Oh that was hot” I said, the shooting done.

I couldn’t go again for a while, and Holly and Steph weren’t exactly ready to go again. We loaded the two tapes into the computer, and I ran the editing software. The three girls stood over my shoulder as we picked the shots. Its pretty simple, we have two angles on everything, and the way to do it is to not show the same instant from more than one angle, but to make it all happen in real time. So we had to choose which angle to show the parts from, and we made an intro and credits etc. We had a finished product. It weighed in at just under thirty minutes.

“The Adventures of Brittany and Ted” Stephanie said. “How come it isn’t Brittany, Brandy and Ted” Steph asked, feigning jealousy. “Because we are the main characters” Holly said. “But I am pretty important too” Stephanie said, smiling. “Maybe we don’t want your name on it” I said, playing with her. “How many of these can we really make?” Holly asked. “Well. We can do girl on girl with you two. We can do anal, just blowjobs, cumswallowing, strapons with you two, all the various sexual postions, tons of possibilities with the three of us, sex in the shower, in the kitchen, in the living room. We could get other people, like the sex club, or from the internet to join in in various ways.” I rambled on. “Okay we get it” Steph said. “Oh and masturbation” I persisted. “We get it” They all three said.

Holly and I set up the two cameras in our bedroom. They have remote controls, so if we wake up in the night and want to have sex, we don’t even have to get up to turn on the cameras. We have a light switch beside our bed, so no Paris Hilton night vision porn here. All we have to do is flip on the lights, and hit two record buttons and we are rolling. We went to bed with intentions of filming sometime in the night. It made us kind of nervous. But soon enough we fell asleep.

I awoke to Holly nudging me. “John” She whispered. Once I was awake I hit the two record buttons. Then I hit the light switch. Holly rolled over on top of me, under the covers. We fucked slowly for a while, the covers covering the action. I took of her bra, and played with her tits in view of the cameras. When Holly came, loudly I might add, she descended beneath the covers to finish me off. With that done we laid back down to sleep. I turned off the lights and let the cameras run for a short while before turning them off.

In the morning I retrieved the tapes and cut together a 8 minute video of our night. It wasn’t too exciting, not being very revealing, but we could add it to a video to make it longer. I see it as a video that will help convince the audience that this is authentic and not fake sex or a fake couple. I sent these two videos off to Jerry as we thought of our next video.

Part 39: Back Door Man

We filmed another standard sex scene on our bed, pretty much like the first one. We sent that to Jerry, and those three separate clips were combined into “The Adventures of Brittany and Ted: Volume 1”. We were eagerly awaiting the sales figures on that tape. Jerry told us that the big thing now is anal sex. Since almost all of new porn now is amateur, there is a large lacking of anal sex, and cum swallowing. Of course we had the latter covered, so if we could hit both of those, we could really have a hot product. So Holly immediately agreed to do an anal scene, there wasn’t much convincing, she just agreed. But then Stephanie asked to join in. So we would have our first real threesome, and it would be anal. To prepare we took a day off of sex.

We collectively decided to do this scene in the living room. So we set up the tripod, which would be unmanned since three of us were involved in the scene, but Sandy would be free to roam and do whatever she wanted with the camera.

“Hi, I am Brittany Jefferson back again with my man and our roommate” Holly said. We were all in our regular clothes, sitting on the couch. “I am Brandy Garfield, the roommate” Steph said. “And I am Ted Oak. And I have to confess, I am a back door man” I said. “Yeah, he likes anal sex, don’t all guys?” Steph said to the camera. “But we both like getting fucked in the ass” Holly said. “Who wants it first” I asked them, they were sitting on either side of me. “Me!” They both said. “Tell you what, whoever gives better head, gets it first” I said. With that the girls immediately started taking their clothes off.

Holly was naked first, getting down on her knees between my legs. Stephanie sat beside me still. I pulled my shirt off as Holly and Stephanie collectively took off my pants and boxers. Holly took my cock into her wet mouth first, sucking and slurping loudly. “My turn” Stephanie persisted. She leaned forward, impaling her mouth on my cock. I caressed her bare back beside me. Stephanie came back up, my cock covered in saliva. “ummm…I’m going to have to say Brittany was better” I said, truthfully.

I stood up, my cock erect and glistening with spit. I helped Holly up, and bent her over the couch. She was on her knees, with her face against the couch cushion. “Lube me up Brandy” I said. Stephanie was free, so she grabbed the tube of lube. Steph squirted some in her hand, which she rubbed into my cock, and then she fingered Holly’s tight asshole. ‘Brittany’ moaned as the lube was worked into her ass. I stepped up. I had to bend my knees some to get my cock down to her asshole. Stephanie held my cock and guided me in. It took some force to push inside her, but my cock slipped inside her tight ass, throbbing inside. Stephanie picked up a dildo. It was a regular sized dildo, flesh colored. Stephanie sucked it off briefly, making a show for the camera, before putting it against Holly’s unoccupied lips, just below her now getting fucked ass. Stephanie was stroking the dildo in and out of Holly from between my legs as I was bent down fucking her ass.

Sandy moved about, getting various shots. Holly was moaning very loudly, and in a deep voice. “Fuck my tight ass” She said a few times. “Fuck her harder” Stephanie egged me on. Holly was getting close to orgasm from the double action, but I wasn’t close yet. I increased the pace, slamming my hips into hers. Stephanie picked up the pace with the dildo. Holly came, screaming loudly. I pulled my cock out of her ass, and pushed it in Stephanie’s face. Stephanie sucked my cock quickly.

Holly and Stephanie switched places. In the process, Stephanie pushed the dildo in Holly’s face, making her suck on her own juices. Stephanie was now face down against the couch, with Holly beside her. Holly gave Stephanie’s asshole the same treatment she had received. “Tell me where you want it Brandy” I said. “In my fucking ass” Steph said. Holly pushed my cock into Stephanie’s asshole. I pounded her at her instruction to go harder and harder. Holly initially fingered, and played with Steph, but went to using the dildo.

Soon the double action was getting Steph close to cumming. I was pretty close myself from fucking her tight ass. Stephanie screeched in a high pitched voice as she came. Holly pulled the now juice dildo from Steph and sucked on it, feigning fellatio. I pulled out of Steph’s ass just in time. I blasted my huge load of cum all over Stephanie’s back and lovely round ass. Holly rooted me on as I kept coming and coming. “Don’t move Brandy” Holly instructed, as she started to playfully lap up the cum from her backside. I stood up and went out of picture. I returned with a double sided dildo. Holly was basically on all fours behind Stephanie, playing with the jizz. I handed Holly the dildo. Holly pushed the dildo into Stephanie, and then took the other side into her pussy. Holly started pounding Stephanie’s pussy and her own as well. Holly kept rubbing her hands all over Steph’s back in the still remaining jizz, smearing it all over. I sat beside Steph as she was face down in the couch, watching the scene. My cock was coming to life from the visual. Holly came first, making loud pleasure noises.

The break in the action allowed Stephanie to lean back a bit. I moved over in the couch. Now when Holly started pounding Stephanie again, Stephanie’s face was pushed into my cock. She took my cock deep in her mouth, trying to deepthroat. She pumped her mouth as her whole body rocked back and forth with the humps she received form Holly. Holly played with Steph’s clit with her hand as she fucked her. Finally Stephanie came, moaning loudly into my cock. Holly sat beside me, allowing Stephanie to finally sit back, her mouth off my cock. Steph tried to catch her breath. Holly leaned over, siting beside me, putting her mouth down on my cock. Holly deepthroated me as I caressed her bare back, and the back of her head. I helped her hold her hair away from my cock so she could suck without interference. We weren’t about to make the same cumshot mistake. When I was about to cum, I informed Holly. Holly got down on her knees between my legs, stroking my cock. I came again, shooting a small load of spunk in her open mouth. Holly took all my cum into her mouth, and then moved over to Stephanie. They made out in the open, their tongues in the open air with white cum being spread all over their faces and mouths. They both moaned as they made out. “Well that was another adventure with Brittany, Ted, and of course Brandy” I said, as their mouths were still occupied with each other.

With that finished, we were exhausted, minus Sandy, who was extremely horny. Without any cameras for a change, we sat Sandy down on the couch, and the three of us lavished her with attention. Stephanie used her small vibrator on her, Holly was on her knees, eating her. And I was on tit detail, making sure to play with her nipples. She came fairly quickly since she had gotten quite worked up from watching us. But the ‘work’ wasn’t done yet. We set up the cameras to film showering. Holly and I took a shower, cleaning each other off. Minus some kissing and petting, we didn’t engage in anything too intimate. Stephanie took a shower by herself, washing and cleaning herself while Holly and I dried off, watching her and making comments and joking around.

The next day we all went back to normal routines, going to school. I got home a few minutes before Holly. Sandy and Steph were still on campus. I set up the tripod camera and held the other camera. I knew Holly would be home in a matter of minutes so I looked out the window, waiting for her. When I saw her pull up, I turned both cameras on and performed the introduction. “This is Ted oak with Brittany and Ted’s adventures. Brittany is about to walk in the door, coming home from her busy day, let’s see if I can get a little action” I said into the tripod camera. I was fully clothed.

“Hey” Holly said walking in the door, setting her backpack down. I trained the camera on her, and she stopped realizing I was filming. “Hey Brittany” I said. “Ted, you want to have some fun do ya?” Holly asked me. She was wearing tight jeans and a blue blouse that had some cleavage to it. I walked over to her, standing before her. Holly smiled devilishly, and slowly dropped to her knees. “You want me to suck your cock?” Holly sexily asked the camera. She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out through my boxers, not bothering to take my pants or boxers off.

I moaned as Holly licked my cock from base to tip, stiffening as she went. She stroked me quickly, and then sucked and played with the tip of my cock. Holly went into near deepthroat mouth fucking as I stood in front of her. I placed my hands on the back of her head, helping her out. Holly kept sucking me till I was about to cum. “ohhh, I’m cuming” I said in a near grunt. Holly took her mouth off my cock, but held her lips wide open just a few inches from my cock. She stroked my cock, waiting for me to cum. “I want your cum baby” She said. I blasted jizz all over her face, some white cum splashing onto her blouse and into her hair. “mmm” Holly moaned, playing with the cum with her hands, licking sum off her lips. “Thanks Ted” Holly said. “Anytime”

And so it went, the occasional blowjob in different settings filmed and put into videos. We filmed nearly everytime we had şişli bayan escort sex, which was quite a lot. Stephanie and Holly had intimate one on one sessions as well. All in all in about a month we had over 60 separate scenes. Some as short as a quickie, some as long as the fuck sessions. At the end of the first month of porn madness, Holly and I went down to the local adult video store.

We walked into the somewhat familiar store where all the toys we have were bought. We traversed a few aisles before finding it. There were three Volumes of Brittany and Ted’s Adventures. Oddly enough they didn’t have volumes 1,2, and 3, but they had 1,3, and 5. I guess those have had better reviews or something. It was strange, we picked up the boxes and examined the cover art and the synopsis on the back. We were fledgling pornstars. “I wonder if someone would recognize us” Holly asked me. “Like who?” I asked. “Like a teacher or something” She said. “I think you could use that to your advantage.” I said. “I got an idea” Holly said, grabbing one of the Volumes of our work. She walked up to the counter, and I followed her. “Have you heard anything about this?” Holly asked the clerk. “Let me see that…umm actually I have heard good things” The clerk said. “Have you seen it?” Holly asked him. “No I haven’t, but I have heard good things” He reiterated. “Ok” Holly said, and I followed her back to the shelves. “See he didn’t recognize me, and he looked at my picture on the box” Holly said, smiling. “Let’s get some porn” She said. Holly selected two videos featuring prominent female pornstars and we paid for them and went on our way.

Part 40: Homework

Well, we watched the videos that we bought at the store. The famous female pornstars seemed to take on several guys a lot. That was the one thing our videos were really lacking. So far I had been the only guy involved, and Holly and Steph the only girls. So the next logical step would be bringing in more people. We collectively decided that the sex club is an ideal way to do this. It had been a few months since we had gone, so we attended another meeting, to pitch our idea first. Understandably, some of the members didn’t want to participate to protect their identities. But many agreed. We set a date those participating to be at our apartment. We continued shooting other scenes while we waited for that day to come.

“Are you sure we are ready to do this with the sex club?” Holly asked me. “What’d you mean?” I asked her. “Well we haven’t even shot a foursome, but this is going to be a bunch more people.” “So you want to have a foursome then?” I asked her. “I think it would help.” Holly said. “Let’s do that then”

Holly had a good point, we, well Sandy and Stephanie hadn’t shot a scene with more then 3 people yet. We could have had a disaster in filming. This could help us figure it all out first. I got online and e-mailed Peter telling him of our change in plans. Peter and his wife Kristen would be joining Holly and I in the foursome.

We took a break from sex for a day and a half, that’s a long time for us, to prepare for the scene. We are such professionals I know…Peter and Kristen arrived thirty minutes before we planned to start shooting. Let me refresh your memory here for a minute, if you have just recently joined us, or have forgotten. I am John, I am around 5 foot 9, and I’m not buff, but I am far from being the least bit chubby. I have short brown hair, brown eyes. Holly is barely shorter than I am. She usually has her straight brown hair to her shoulders, but she changes it up. Holly has c-cup breasts that are nicely round. Her ass is wonderfully round and smooth. Stephanie was a few inches shorter than Holly. Stephanie was quite small, petite I think is the word. She has large a, small b breasts, I refer to them as perky. She has usually shorter, straight sandy blonde hair. Sandy is taller than me by about an inch I think. She is a little on the fuller, voluptuous side of things. She has huge D-cup breasts. She is half-Mexican half-Spanish, so she had darker skin, and dark brown hair, straight and usually past her shoulders. Now the ones I don’t expect you to remember to well. Peter is the leader of the sex club, in his late thirties, and he has the biggest cock of the sex club, including me. He is a few inches taller than me, I wouldn’t say he was buff either, but you can tell he works out a bit. His wife Kristen is one fine specimen. She is also in her mid to late thirties. Kristen is about two inches taller than me, she has long curly red hair. She has a lovely smile that complements her cute face. She has small b-cup tits that are still perky for her age. Oh and she usually sports a completely shaved pussy. I should have said what the three girls near me have between their legs, but they never stay the same anyway, it usually changes from month to month or week to week.

Back to the story, Peter and Kristen arrived at our apartment. “So how does this work?” Peter asked me. “Well, Stephanie and Sandy here will film as we go at it…” I said, thinking it to be self-explanatory. We made the introductions between those four, Steph, Sandy and Kristen, Peter had never met before. “Well I understand that aspect, but like what about money” Peter asked. “Oh right” I said. I had Jerry send me some release forms that allow us to put people in videos. “Well sign this first off” I handed one to Peter and Kristen. “And money wise, we could either pick a set amount up front, or you can take a percentage of the return. See Holly and I just get a part of the return on each one, they don’t pay us unless they sell” I said. Peter still seemed unsure. “Well of the percentage of profit that is sent to us, we usually split it evenly. So in every film, all four of us have gotten an even cut.” I said. “So, we would split it 6 ways then?” Peter said. “Right, but for when we have a bunch of members of the sex club, I think they will get a certain amount up front, cause if we split it 12 ways or so it wouldn’t be much money, and when Holly and I are organizing, supplying the cameras and the access to the porn industry I don’t think that would be fair” I explained. “That’s true” Kristen said. “So in about a month when it hits the street, we will start to get money from it” Holly explained. “Ok” Peter said.

“So is there a plot or something?” Peter asked. “Nope” Holly said. “We started shooting a line of videos called ‘The Adventures of Brittany and Ted’, and the story is that we film when we have sex, that’s it. We find that people don’t like stupid storylines, and that we present it as what it is.” I said. “Why Brittany and Ted?” Kristen asked. “Well we don’t want our real names on it” I said. “You guys should come up with porn names for us to call you during the video so we don’t use your real names. Or we could just use your real names if you don’t care.” I explained. “What are we doing in the scene?” Peter persisted. “Just forget that it’s a scene, just pretend there aren’t cameras and that we are just having a foursome, do what you normally do” I said. “Oh and we are using condoms.” Holly said. “We’ll get started in about twenty minutes” I told them. Holly and I discussed with Steph and Sandy the things they needed to know, and we prepared to shoot.

The four of us sat on the edge of our bed. We all had our regular clothes on. “Hi, I’m Brittany Jefferson, with Ted Oak” Holly said. “And this is another Adventure of Brittany and Ted, with us today our some friends of ours” I said. “I’m Peter” “I am Kristen” They said, they didn’t care if people saw their real names; they put their names on the sex club site anyway. “We are going to have a little fun today aren’t we guys?” Holly asked. “Well, let’s get started.” I said. With that we all four stood up in front of the bed, and undressed normally. Now all of us naked, we stood looking at each other. “Want to swap partners?” I asked Peter. “Let’s do it” He said. Holly stood with Peter and Kristen with me. Holly led the group, dropping to her knees. Peter and I stood leaning against the bed. Kristen got on her knees in front of me. The girls ‘applied’ condoms to our cocks, using their mouths.

Holly and Kristen proceeded to suck our cocks. Kristen had a nice warm wet touch, sucking my cock. When I was getting a little too excited, I pulled Kristen up from her knees. I helped her up onto the bed. She had her legs hanging off the edge, and I got down on my knees beside the bed, putting my face in front of her slit. I held her thighs apart slightly with my hands. I leaned into her pussy, licking and lapping at her. Stephanie was right beside me looking down at the scene with the camera. I saw Peter and Holly change into the exact same position. Kristen was getting excited and very wet from my touch. I could hear Holly moaning through Kristen’s higher paced moans, her chest starting to move faster. I could feel her legs tensing up, and getting slightly wet from sweating. I stood up, still holding her thighs.

Kristen’s feet were over each of my shoulders, her ass right at the edge of the bed. I stepped forward, putting my erect cock at her lips. To my left I saw Holly pull Peter up on top of her. Kristen’s lips parted easily as I pushed my cock inside her. I slowly penetrated her, as she moaned louder and louder. I looked over to see Peter on top of Holly fucking her in something close to missionary position. They were really going at it, and I knew she was going to cum soon. So I picked up the pace too, fucking Kristen harder and faster. Her ass repeatedly slapped against my hips, making fleshy sounds of pleasure. Kristen was about to cum, her pussy contracting around my cock. She came very loudly, nearly screaming, moaning loudly. Just a few seconds later Holly came, doing the same that Kristen had.

I stood back, catching my breath, and keeping my excitement from taking over. Peter got off the bed, doing the same as me. Holly and Kristen laid side by side, catching their breath. They looked at each other, smiling. After a minute, we were all ready to go again. “What do you want to do now?” Holly asked us all. “Either of you want a double penetration?” I asked them. “Oh I do” Holly said.

I laid on my back on the bed, Holly laid on top of me, face up. Peter stood at the edge of the bed, in the same position I had been with Kristen. Kristen was on her knees, with her pussy poised above Holly’s face, and just above mine as well. I slipped my lubed cock inside of Holly’s asshole, just holding it in there, not moving. Peter stepped up, penetrating her pussy. Kristen, moved forward, her pussy right in Holly’s face. Holly reached up behind her, grabbing Kristen’s hips, bringing her face up slightly to start to eat her. Just in front of my face was Holly eating Kristen. My hands were wrapped around Holly, playing with her tits. Peter was going at it now, fucking Holly somewhat quickly. I could feel Peter’s cock through Holly, his in her pussy, mine in her ass. Holly moaned loudly, her whole body moving back and forth on top of mine. I pinched and rubbed her nipples with my fingers, looking up at Holly eating Kristen, the juices flowing from her pussy.

Holly came, very loudly; burying her face in Kristen’s slit, pulling on her hips hard. After she came she laid there breathing hard. “You want a go?” I asked Kristen, looking up at her. “I don’t think I want to do that just yet” She said.

The next position had Kristen bent over. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, Kristen bent over blowing me while Peter fucked her from behind. Holly sat on the bed beside me, watching Kristen suck me. Peter was pounding her pretty hard, her whole body rhythmically moving with the fucking she was receiving. “Oh fuck I am close” Peter said. Right away Holly hopped off the bed, and on her knees in front of Peter. Kristen continued to suck me off, and Peter kept fingering her as Holly sucked him. Holly stripped the condom off of Peter’s cock, and sucked him furiously. “I’m close” I told Kristen. She pulled her mouth away from my cock, and stripped the condom off me. My cock was about to blow, and she stroked me hard and fast, her open mouth just above my cock. I could hear Peter coming, and Holly moaning. I blew my load, a massive amount, shot after shot, shooting up to Kristen’s awaiting face. She took it like a pro, rubbing it in her face.

With that done, Peter sat on the bed next to me, and Holly and Kristen started making out, and then rolling around on the floor, licking and sucking on the cum on each other’s face, their tongues playing with each other. They stayed on the floor making out, playing with each other for some time. Eventually they stopped and got up. Holly sat on my lap, Kristen on Peter’s. They had cum smeared all over their faces and going down their necks. “That was another Adventure of Brittany and Ted” Holly said to the camera. “Let’s go shower up” I said. The cameras followed us into the bathroom. The shower completely open, Holly and I sat on the edge of the tub, opposite the shower, watching Kristen and Peter clean up. Sandy was filming into the shower, and Stephanie turned around looking at us. “You guys have fun?” Steph asked. “What’s it look like Brandy” Holly said. “Looks like you got jizz all over your face” Steph said. “Can I shower with you?” Steph asked. “With me too, or just Holly?” I asked her. “I don’t care” Steph said, still behind a rolling camera. “Sure” Holly said.

When Kristen and Peter finished up, we handed them towels, and they switched positions with us. Stephanie stood in he far back of the shower, she stripped her clothes off before entering. Holly and I stood under the running water, cleaning each other with soap. Sandy went and interviewed Peter and Kristen. “You guys have fun?” Sandy asked. “Oh yeah” Peter said. “Oh you like her do ya?” Kristen asked Peter playfully. “Oh, like you didn’t have fun with him!” Peter said, playing back at her. “Some” Kristen said. “You guys do this often?” Sandy asked them. “We don’t film it often, but we have our share of swinging you could say” Peter said. “Do you still satisfy each other, when you aren’t with other people?” Sandy persisted. “Oh yeah, she definitely gets me going” Peter said. “He knows how to push my buttons” Kristen allowed, smiling. “Do you always swap with couples, or do you ever do threesomes” Sandy asked. “Well, we usually deal with just couples, but we have occasionally brought a girl to bed with us” Peter said. “What about two girls?” Sandy asked. Kristen looked at Peter. “We never have, but I don’t have a problem with it.” Kristen said. “Can my girlfriend and I jump in bed with you?” Sandy asked them. “Who’s your girlfriend?” Peter asked her. Sandy panned the camera over to Stephanie, and returned to the couple. Kristen and Peter both smiled.

Part 41: Session

Peter and Kristen stayed over for the rest of the afternoon, lounging around with the four of us. We had a kind of elation from making something together. With the group sitting in the living room, I sat on the computer just a few feet away, downloading the tapes and starting to edit. I had tough choices of which angle to use and at what times. Holly stood over my shoulder and gave me her input for different shots. All in all, it took about an hour to get the tape edited out and ready to go. I hit the eject button and placed a blank DVD-R in the tray. I started burning our little video.

Holly and I sat back down on the reclining chair together. “Well, John, I have to say that was really fun” Peter said. “Don’t thank me…thank Holly, she was the one doing things to you” I said. “We should do this again” Kristen said. “Well the next group meeting we are” I said. The meeting was just a few days from now. When the DVD was done burning I switched it out with another blank disc. I handed the DVD to Peter. “You guys can watch that and tell us what you think, and feel free to show it to the others in the group to let them know what we are up to” I told him. Kristen and Peter rose, and the four of us happily said our goodbyes as they left. “Ready now?” I asked Holly. “I think we can make a gangbang” Holly said. “Let’s make it happen”

The days went quickly. We tried to limit our sex as much as possible, so as to be ready for multiple rounds. The ‘crew’ slowly arrived over half an hour. Peter and Kristen arrived first. We welcomed them and we waited in the living room for the others. Jake and Mary were the next to arrive. They are nearest in age to Holly and I in the group. None of these people had met Steph or Sandy, so introductions were made as they arrived, and everyone was offered some wine. Mary had short dirty blonde hair, she was pretty short herself and very skinny. She had small round tits, big b cup probably. Dan arrived a few minutes later, without Susan, she didn’t want to participate in the video. Trent and Amy were the last couple to arrive. They were the oldest, in their forties. Amy was medium height, with very long blonde hair, and large somewhat sagging breasts. She was older but she still had the curves of a twenty five year old.

Everyone that was coming was here. That made four couples, and one guy alone. Nine people in all, of course Steph and Sandy were also there, but with so much action going on it would be impossible to film it all, so they would be busy behind the cameras. We quickly got the proper releases filled out. We handed every other participant a check for $350, a number that Jerry had handed down to us. With the busy work out of the way we were ready to get started. Quickly we ran through the basics. It seems Holly and I are the only ones particularly interested in anonymity. Of course, we are the ‘recurring characters’ with names on the box, so I guess we are entitled. So it made things much simpler to not have character names for everyone. We just had to remember to go by Brittany and Ted, which we were getting pretty used to now. The other just had to remember our names. We were going to shoot in the living room, as no bedroom was big enough for nine people. There was a large pile of condoms on the coffee table that sat in the middle of two large couches and the reclining chair.

We stressed the idea that this was just another meeting, and not to think about the cameras. We decided to film this part, we weren’t sure if we would include it but we had them film it anyway. So we had on film the whole group sitting around discussing what we were about to do. Also on the coffee table was a tube of lubricant, a dildo, and a certain little pink toy.

“Who’s ready to get started?” I asked the whole group. The room resounded with ‘I am’ and ‘me’ from just about everyone. Everyone stood up and started undressing all at once. We had that ‘now what’ moment, wondering how to get started. Once everyone was naked, we still stood around. “I have an idea” Peter said.

All five guys were standing shoulder to shoulder in a line. Kristen, Amy, and Mary tied a cloth around Holly’s eyes, blindfolding her. Each girl would be blindfolded, and then would try to determine which man was hers by only touching his genitals with only her tongue. The first woman to correctly identify her man would be in charge of the first round of fun. Holly was first up. The other three girls helped her to in front of the line of men, semi-limp cocks hanging down. I was second in the line of five. Trent was to my right, and first up. With the girls help she found his cock with her tongue. Holly inquisitively licked all around his cock and balls. She sat back on her knees, and the girls helped her over to my genitals. My cock was getting hard from seeing all the naked girls and from seeing holly lick his cock. Holly again started licking and prodding with her tongue, trying to decide. The girls helped her over to Jake. Holly licked and lapped. Finally she finished the line, having licked every cock.

“Okay…It’s hard, but I think it was number three” Holly said, still blindfolded. The girls took the cloth off, and Holly saw that she had been wrong. “I’m disappointed Brittany” I said, keeping in character. “I’m sorry” She said, we joked with each other. The girls retreated away, rock-paper-scissors to determine who was next. With the winner chosen, Mary donned the blindfold. The five guys all switched around. Again the girls helped, and she found each guy’s cock with her tongue, lapping and prodding. Mary made her decision and was wrong as well. The whole group repeated the proceedings, this time with Kristen being blindfolded. True to their group leaderlike abilities, Kristen accurately picked her husband’s cock.

When the blindfold was revealed she jumped up excited, her small tits bouncing. “Okay Kristen…what are we doing?” I asked her. Kristen and Peter whispered to each other for a minute, devilishly smiling. At Kristen’s instructions, the men all put on their condoms to get ready. Kristen and the other three girls got down on all fours on the floor. They were next to each other, lined up, bent over. Kristen chose a guy at random to get behind each girl. For her husband, he was on his knees on the other side of the women. All four women would share in sucking him off as they got banged from behind. I was positioned behind Mary, and Matt was behind Holly, right next to me. “Go” Kristen said, and the fun began. Each guy, on his knees behind his assigned woman, started pounding away at their pussy. Mary was extremely tight, and my cock had trouble pumping in and out of her. I saw that Matt had no trouble with Holly as she was already very wet.

I pulled against Mary’s hips as I thrusted forward into her ass, my cock throbbing inside of her slit. Peter moved back and forth on the line, getting blown literally left and right. I watched Holly sucking him off while she was being pounded from behind. I guess some guys would be jealous and not be able to handle that sight, but for me it was just hot to watch, it made me get even more excited. The moans of the women filled the room, as well as the ass slapping fucking that was going on.

We all knew the fun wouldn’t stay this organized. First to cum was Mary, her amazingly tight pussy getting even tighter than before. Her orgasm just having subsided, she turned around and on all fours thrusted her mouth around my cock that was soaked in her juices. I saw Kristen coming and she rolled onto her back, pulling Trent down to her. Trent continued to pound her missionary. Mary sucked me off very quickly. I was close to coming and I warned her, even though I had a condom on. Holly was now turned around, and on her back. Peter was fucking her and she was sucking off Matt, who had been fucking her. Holly, upside down to Matt and I, stripped off Matt’s condom and stroked him off as he came, blasting jizz over her mouth and on her chest.

Holly heard my warning of impending orgasm and was looking up at me smiling as I was about to cum. “Give it to me” ‘Brittany’ Said to both me and Mary. Mary engulfed her warm mouth around my now naked cock and kept it there as I came. I filled her mouth with jizz, and she milked my cock with her lips. My full load in her mouth, Mary moved over to Holly. Holly was getting fucked still by Peter, laying on her back. Mary leaned over her and opened her mouth, dripping saliva and my load of jizz down to Holly’s awaiting mouth. Holly reached up and pulled Mary’s face down to hers. The tongues were licking wildly all over each other.

I sat on the couch, looking at the scene before me, took a second to rest and get ready for more. Kristen quickly came over and joined me. “Mind if I sit here?” Kristen asked me. “Go ahead” I said. Kristen sat on my lap, her naked ass on top of my thighs. She leaned back, her back against my chest. Kristen reached down and took my hands into hers, and brought them up to her hard nipples. Kristen moaned and moved her hips around slightly. “Ready to go?” Kristen asked me. She reached one hand down between her legs, grabbing my now hardening cock, stroking me a few times. We both realized I was condomless, and the coffee table was feet away. I asked Steph, she was filming both Kristen and I and Matt and Amy fucking on the floor beside us, to toss me a condom. She obliged and Kristen applied a fresh condom. Kristen raised her body slightly, and guided my now hard cock to her lips. Her legs were right on top of mine, our bodies in the exact same position.

I put my hands on her hips, helping her up and down, as she thrusted her body up and down slowly, with an ever increasing pace. Her pussy was dripping juices down my cock. The sounds of sex were now just a dull roar of various moans and fleshy impacts from fucking. I could feel Kristen moaning deeply as we fucked on the couch. Kristen was near coming. I reached around to her undulating pussy and played with her. She was driven to orgasm, screeching loudly. She collapsed on to me, my cock still inside her leaking slit. We sat there, breathing heavily. Suddenly Amy crawled over on the floor. Amy was on all fours, her face right in front of both our crotches. Amy lapped up and down on my throbbing cock to Kristen’s filled lips. Kristen had enough strength to raise herself up enough to allow Amy to pull my cock from Kristen’s pussy.

Kristen sat back down on top of me, Amy between our split legs, sucked away on my cock. Amy stripped off my condom as I warned her. She sucked and stroked me as Kristen encouraged her. When I was about to cum, Amy sat back, closing her eyes and mouth. Kristen reached down stroking my cock and aiming me at Amy’s face. I blasted cum again, showering Amy in my semen.

The orgy came to a lull as everyone just laid back recuperating. It seemed to take a while and everything stopped. We all came back to the couches and chair. Every single girl had taken a blast of jizz in the face, they still wore the smeared cum. We again had a conscious moment of indecision. “Let’s make sure these women all have fun” I said, breaking the silence. With that all the men got down on their knees before the seated women, parting their legs and eating away. But there were four women and five men. Stephanie sat down as well, still filming, looking down between her legs as Trent ate her out. All five women being eaten, licked, sucked, prodded, lapped, and played with. The feminine aroma filled the air as they all moaned and breathed heavily. I was in front of Kristen, licking and sucking on her slit, playing with her clit. She had a cleanly shaven pussy.

One by one the women each came, screaming out in ecstasy. With that done, it seemed we were all but done. Each guy had probably cum twice, but the girls all wanted to return the favor, including Stephanie. The women got on their knees, switching places with the guys, sucking off their guy. I didn’t think anyone was going to cum for a third time, but the women tried anyway. After about ten minutes of the women sucking and sucking away, they collectively gave up. “Shower time” I announced. The couples all showered together, waiting their turns.

Everyone crowded into the bathroom watching the couple in the shower. Holly and I got in the shower, and washed the juices away. Holly was determined to get me off again. To everyone’s surprise Holly dropped to her knees, pushing me against the shower wall, sucking me off. Holly pulled out every trick she knew. She deepthroated me repeatedly, she used her hands to stroke me in various ways, she even put a soaped up finger in my ass. Amazingly, I did cum, though there wasn’t much to show for it, I did cum to everyone’s cheers.

As everyone finished showering, drying off, and redressing, they said their goodbyes and left. Soon enough it was just Holly, Steph, Sandy, and I. “Remind me why I can’t participate?” Stephanie said. “You are the cameraman” I said. “Camerawoman” Holly said. “What’s to stop me from just dropping the camera and jumping in next time?” Steph said, almost threatened jokingly. “We could credit you as our Sexy Awesome Amazing CameraWoman….that rules” I said, spouting off superlatives.

We were absolutely exhausted. The four of us stayed in and ate dinner together. The next day Holly and I got to work editing. Holly really had an eye for things, she took to the editing process better than I did. Soon we had a finished cut which we burned to DVD and put in the mail to Jerry Spencer. We started planning the next one.

Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 42: End of the Beginning

Looking back on it all now, Holly and I agree that this really marks the end of the beginning of our story. When you have heard the whole story I would think you would agree, but maybe not. You have seen our relationship up to this point. Part 41 leaves us at the end of the fall semester of junior year. Part 43 is going to pick up on graduation day. So we are going to fill in the gaps here.

You know the sex life we have. We continued making porn pretty strongly for the rest of Junior Year, but the porn industry came back to work in April and that took nearly all of our business. We continued to make porn but much less frequently, sending those in. The money was pouring in, and we were very happy to share it with our close friends. We didn’t squander it, but kept putting nearly all of it away into savings, and then Holly’s business major convinced us both to put most of it in the stock market. We continued to have the love life that you know, and the sex life you know. We continued having meetings with the sex club, and definitely having fun with Steph and Sandy.

Sandy had been a fifth year senior our junior year. She had finished at the end of Fall semester. Sandy and Stephanie didn’t really break up, they just mutually split. They had lots of fun with each other, but they didn’t love each other. She continued to live with us though, and the three rooms came in handy. Once they were officially not together anymore, it wasn’t a nightmare, with both of them dating, it actually was great. They both brought home girls, and we had lots of late nights that ended up in basically an orgy in the living room, spilling over into all three bedrooms.

We know you would like to see those stories, but we have covered our sex life up to here pretty well, and we both think you could imagine it as well as we could describe it after the fact. Sandy met a girl named Alyson during our senior year. They thought about moving in together, but instead, at our request, Alyson moved in with Sandy near the end of our senior year. They were pretty serious. Alyson was a couple of years older. Stephanie even jumped in bed with them occasionally. Alyson wasn’t sexually open that much. She allowed Stephanie to jump in because kept hearing stories from Sandy about what she could do. But she never really did anything with Holly or me. She only moved in with a few weeks until we graduated, so it wasn’t a long time.

Let me back up now. With the AIDS stricken porn industry, they still carried on with the Adult Video News awards. They call the award the “woody” and it is a gold looking dildo essentially. Well, after that three months or so of making porn, they made the nominations. It is kind of like a strike year, with replacement players, but they had the awards anyway. Holly and I didn’t expect any awards, but she was nominated for ‘Hottest New Star’ and we were nominated for ‘Best Blowjob Scene’ and ‘Best Amateur Scene’ and ‘Most Innovative’. They say that innovative is for pornos that push the technology, using new techniques with cameras and effects and such. But our nomination stemmed from the way we made porn, realistic, without any cuts, it was all continuously made, with no breaks in the action. In the Porn industry this is almost unheard of, they cut all the time, but it’s cut to try and avoid you seeing that. We didn’t want to go to the awards, because it didn’t seem right to get an award when none of the pros were working. They did have several months before the scare to make porn, but they say that they have the best stuff at the end of the year, just like movies come out in December so that they can win Oscars.

So we chose not to attend. To our shock we actually won ‘Best Blowjob Scene’. Jerry accepted it on our behalf. The next year we made porn from January to April, pretty solidly. But when the business kicked back into gear in April, it shut us down pretty well. So we were shocked when at the end of that year, end of junior start of senior year, we received nominations again. ‘Best Amateur Scene’ wasn’t a surprise, but Holly received a nomination for ‘Best Masturbation Scene’. That usually goes to pornstars, and the other five girls in the running were all pornstars. So we decided to actually attend that year’s AVN awards.

We were shocked when we won ‘Best Amateur Scene’. Holly and I ran up on stage to accept our award, thanking Steph and Sandy our camerawomen. We sat down, a woody in hand. Then ‘Best Masturbation Scene’ came up, and Holly won. I didn’t even think about it, but I ran up on stage with her. “I can’t believe it…I am the best masturbator in the world this year” Holly said, laughing, I laughed too. It was surreal that we actually won.

All in All, by the end of senior year, we had released 19 volumes of the Adventures of Brittany and Ted. By the time we graduated, we had nearly $300,000 of combined assets. That’s a lot for two college kids that have never held real jobs. We had to figure out what we were going to do for careers. Holly would have a Business Degree, and I would have şişli escort a General Engineering Degree. But from our experience, it seems that we could become full-time porn actors, and move to LA to do it. But, we decided against it. We didn’t want to be pornstars. Maybe the occasional film that we make, but not professionally. We did go to school for a reason.

So we agreed that once we graduated, we would move wherever the best jobs took us. We decided that whoever got the first really good job offer, we would move there, and the other would find work. With our monetary reserves we could easily afford to move on a whim.

We both also agreed that at some point we wanted to have kids. Problem with that is the dent in our sex lives that would create. And having kids in the house would have to make a serious dent as well. We would have to sneak around, and send the kids off. It seemed like it would be a major problem, so we agreed to wait a few years before kids. I am amazed that as many people have kids nowadays, they could just keep having lots of fun sex but they give it up anyway. I guess we all have more things to thank our parents for than we originally thought.

If we didn’t have to worry about what our parents thought, we would have gotten married freshman year. Essentially we had been married since then. But to please the parents Holly and I agreed that we would get married once we were out of college. So with graduation coming up I was hoping that holly wouldn’t propose to me before I could propose to her. It wasn’t a big deal though, since marriage was a foregone conclusion.

It seemed strange to us to see these kids on campus. Freshman looked so young. When you are a freshman, the seniors don’t seem old to you. Not like in high school when the freshman know that the seniors are cooler than they are. But it was hard for us to look at these freshman and think that we were that old when we met. It’s weird that these kids don’t know much about sex, just as we hadn’t when we came to school. Now look at us.

After the Paris fiasco, we never held anything from each other. It would have been hard to lie to each other though, since we did everything together. We weren’t just lovers, we were best friends. I basically lost all my ties with the guy friends I had. I did everything with Holly. I know the saying ‘bros before hoes’. But we all know that’s BS. Come on, if you were in my situation, with this woman, you would have done the same thing.

I guess the real important thing here is that Holly and I were in love, and we both knew it would never end. And we knew we would get married, have kids and on and on. We also had a very lighthearted approach to everything. If we were graduating college with loans to pay off and now we had to go get jobs and support ourselves and pay back loans, that’s a lot of pressure. We had no loans to pay off, lots of money in the bank to support us, and if our jobs were too much for us, we could quit and find jobs that were less stressful. So we didn’t have pressure on us.

We had met each other’s parents a long time ago. It was a no touching time when we were around each other’s parents. They didn’t know we had done porn, but they had to know we got money from somewhere. They didn’t know how much money, they just knew we never asked for it. While we are talking about families, I guess we should tell you about siblings. I have a brother that’s several years older. And Holly has two brothers that are several years younger than her. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they never make any kind of appearance other than this.

So I guess that makes the connection pretty well. Part 43 picks up on graduation day…enjoy the Start of the Middle.

Part 43: The Day is Here

It seems so strange that this day is here. It’s one of those days that always seem to be so far in the future that you don’t want to even think about it. Now that it is actually here, it seems like no big deal at all. It was the same in high school. The anticipation leads up to it, then it happens, and you wonder what all the fuss is about. College graduation day is today. Here I stood looking in the mirror at the person looking back at me, wearing the blue cap and gown, with the golden tassel. Holly walked into the bedroom, from the bathroom. I watched her in the mirror, her gown flowing in the way it was meant to. “I can’t believe this” I said. “What” Holly asked. “It’s all over” I said “think about all the stuff we did these four years”. “Well, we met here, we fell in love here” I said, until Holly interjected “We fucked a lot, we had threesomes, foursomes, we made pornos, went to Hollywood, lived with two lesbians for three years, and had too many adventures to count involving many people”. “That too” I said. Holly started giggling. “What?” I asked her. “Remember Rachel” She said. I laughed and just nodded my head.

“What?!?” I heard Holly say in disbelief into the phone. “How?” she asked. “Wh…but…how do we…okay” Holly said, I only heard her half of the conversation. Holly came back and sat down on the couch next to me. We had been watching TV before the phone rang. “Who was it?” I asked her. “Rachel” She said. “Rachel the quasi porn star Rachel?” I said, referring to her short stint as a character in one of our original movies. “The same Rachel” Holly said. “Well” I said, trying to get the information out of her, just as she wanted me to. “She has a little problem with her new roommate” Holly said. “What kind” I asked, “Well they just don’t really get along” Holly said. “She wants us to help her get rid of her” Holly said. “I must have missed a memo, We’re hitmen now?” I asked jokingly. “No…but we are awfully good at making loud noises” Holly said.

The smirk on her face, accompanied by the content of her remarks was amazingly sexy. “If I recall correctly, its you that makes most of the noises.” I said. “Yes but it would be hard for me to be at the top of my game without you” she said. “Ohh I’m sure you could fake it” I said sarcastically. “You know…I’ve never tried” Holly said, seriously. “Really?” I said, that caught my attention. “Never?” I said. She shook her head, “You’ve never faked it?” I said still trying to believe her. “You should have more confidence in your skills” Holly said. “Well, I am the master,… but never?!” I asked. “Yes never” Holly said, shaking her head exaggeratedly. After a short pause, “What good does it do for a girl to fake an orgasm? I mean, if you ain’t getting it done, then she isn’t happy. Then by faking it the guy thinks whatever he was doing was good. It teaches bad skills. It doesn’t make any sense” Holly explained. Wow, what a woman I have. “Well I can tell you one thing that I do know…I have never faked an orgasm” I said. “That would be pretty impressive if you could” Holly said. “True, might be hard to fake the jizz splattering” I said. “So what did Rachel have in mind?” I asked.

Holly drove over to what was her home less than a year ago. Rachel met us out front. The three of us walked into the dorm and up to the third floor. “Oh and act drunk” Rachel said to both of us as she got her key out. It was only three a.m. on a Saturday night. Rachel unlocked the door, and we walked into the small dorm room in darkness. Her roommate, Leslie, was prone to going to bed quite early, and was in bed when we walked in. Act drunk, Act drunk, I kept thinking “Hey! This isn’t where I parked my car!” I said loudly, stealing a line. Rachel turned on the lights to the awakening Leslie. The three of us walked over Rachel’s bed, on the opposite side from Leslie’s. I saw Leslie sit up in bed. I sat down, Holly practically jumped on me, and Rachel was standing right next to us, shedding clothes. Holly wrapped her legs around me and we made out. Rachel, red hair draped in front of her c cup tits, now topless with only a black thong on, hopped on the bed next to us. We all made sure to exaggerate our moans and groans. Holly pulled her t-shirt over her head, tossing it blindly behind her. Her aim was good, landing just in front of Leslie. Now Leslie, according to Rachel, is a prude, and the conflict between the two was too much for Rachel. This was an attempt to drive her roommate over the edge to get her to leave. Underhanded, I know. We were expecting Leslie to loudly interrupt us and tell us what time it was etc. But she didn’t. We had to continue the charade until she did.

Holly and I stood up, allowing us to both take off our pants and underwear. Following our lead Rachel took off her thong, tossing it aside. Rachel sat at the head of the bed, propped against the wall. Holly dove onto the bed, her head into Rachel’s crotch. Holly went to town, licking sucking and eating out Rachel’s pussy. Holly’s pussy was now beckoning me, all wet and exposed. I got on the bed, laying on top of Holly’s back, positioning my cock at the entrance to her wet hole. I penetrated her pussy with my throbbing cock, and thrusted into her quickly. Holly played the part well, she wasn’t faking it, but she wasn’t getting THAT much pleasure. I continued grinding our hips together, her round firm ass pushing back against me. Rachel was having her fun too, she had her eyes closed, and her arms were reaching out into the air above her. Holly’s pussy was dripping wet, and she must have been very excited.

I leaned back, and stepped onto the floor, trying to initiate a position change. Rachel followed my lead, and she helped Holly turn over, facing up now. Then Rachel nearly fell forward, planting her mouth on Holly’s pussy. They were both pleasing each other, and quite loudly at that. I suddenly felt unnecessary. I stood there pondering my choices, when I was suddenly grabbed from behind. I nearly fell backward, stumbling back to the bed. The lights went out, and before I had processed what was happening Lindsey jumped on top of me, pushing me down onto her bed. She was on top of me, and we were face to face. There was no conversation, I was taken by surprise and had no words. I felt a small hand grab my cock, and move it to her pussy. Lindsey dropped her hips down onto my cock, penetrating deep inside her. Her hands found my shoulders, and she started very fast deep thrusts on my cock. The bed was shaking, banging against the wall loudly. “uh uh uh uh” Lindsey moaned with her incredibly quick strokes. My hands instinctively found her tits, which were quite small, but her nipples were at full attention. Leslie was pumping her tight pussy on me so vigorously, I could barely believe it. I suddenly realized that there was a lack of noises coming from across the room.

The lights clicked on, Leslie just keep humping away. I could sense two girls with their jaws around their ankles. Leslie’s wet pussy started contracting and quivering on and around my cock, as her strokes suddenly became erratic. “OHHHHHH YESSS” Leslie screamed in a high pitched breathy voice. Leslie collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily, her chest heaving on top of mine. “You said she was a prude” Holly said. “I think I am going to have to disagree with that” I said. Leslie laid on top of me, oblivious to the conversation. It took a few moments for her to come to her senses. Finally she semi-rolled off of me, and I stood up next to the bed and the two girls. “I thought you were going to yell at us for what time it is” Rachel said to Leslie. “Well…I was horny…and I was masturbating when you came in” Leslie said. “You masturbate, I haven’t heard or seen you do it once?!” Rachel said. “Well I don’t do it when you are here…I’m embarrassed.” Leslie said. “Of what?? I masturbate all the time” Rachel said. “I know, I watch you when you do it at night” Leslie said. “This just got more interesting” I said.

“You find me attractive?” Rachel asked. Leslie had long blonde hair, and like I felt, small tits, but her figure was very nice and curvy. This was getting me too hot, considering I had just fucked the shit out of Leslie, or the other way around. “This is hot, why don’t we all just have some fun” I said, playing the horny guy role. “Well then I am next” Rachel said, patting her ass with her hand. I walked over behind her, as she leaned forward, putting her hands on the edge of Leslie’s bed. I held her hips in my hands, and thrusted my wet cock into her wet pussy. Holly got on the bed, and started making out with Leslie. I fucked Rachel’s tight pussy rapidly, hands wandering to her nipples. Rachel was rocking the bed with her arms, bracing her against my thrusts. Rachel’s tight pussy got suddenly tighter, gripping my cock as her legs weakened and she nearly fell. Her pussy squirted juices all over my cock, dripping down my thighs. Rachel released away from my cock, and semi-fell to the floor, leaning against the bed. “Who’s next?” I asked, holding my cock in my hand.

Holly and Leslie were rolling around on the bed making out. At the moment Holly was on top, she motioned for me to come over. Holly grabbed my slippery cock in one hand, and brought it to their mouths. Holly put my cock directly between their mouths, and they both kissed and licked my cock, as well as each other. Holly turned her head, and took my cock into her mouth, sucking deeply. Holly released my cock from her mouth, and it slapped right against Leslie’s wet lips. Leslie licked on the tip of my cock before taking the head into her mouth and sucking. “We want your cum” Holly said in a deep voice. Holly grabbed my cock out of Leslie’s mouth, and deepthroated me all the way down. She took my whole cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. “We want your cum” Leslie repeated. Holly had one hand on my balls, and felt when I was about to cum. She pulled away from my cock, and laid her cheek on Leslie’s, both faces facing my cock. Holly continued stroking as I came, shooting stream after stream of jizz into their combined faces, open mouths and lapping tongues. They were both giggling. I nearly fell backward with weak knees. I managed to control myself enough to walk over to Rachel’s bed and sit down.

I sat on her bed, back against the wall, breathing heavy. Rachel was still on the floor against Leslie’s bed, looking at me, her chest still heaving rapidly. Holly was still on top of Leslie, making out with her. Their tits rubbing together, Holly’s beautiful ass in Leslie’s hands. It was still very early in the morning, and most girls on the floor were sleeping, or they were until all the screaming. I guess that cum splattering had gotten to Lindsey and Holly, “We’re going to go take a shower” Holly said to Rachel and I. The jizz faced pair rose from the bed. “I’m going to have to change my sheets too.” Leslie said. “Sorry” I said, laughing. Leslie and Holly walked out of the room, going to the showers, grabbing towels on their way out, still naked. Once they were gone “Prude huh?” I said to Rachel. Still resting against the bed, “I’m surprised too” she said. I slowly got up and found my boxers on the floor. “What are you doing?” Rachel asked me. I looked at her puzzled. “We aren’t done” Rachel said.

Walking down the hallway on a women’s floor, naked, at three in the morning, I found myself in an unusual position, that seemed oh so familiar. “I can’t believe no one woke up” I said. “They’re all too busy playing with themselves to come out of their rooms” Rachel said. We reached the bathroom. Rachel opened the door and peeked inside. “All clear jizz boy” Rachel said. “Jizz man” I corrected. We walked into the bathroom and down to the familiar showers. The sound of water running was echoing through the room. It wasn’t just Holly and Lindsey cleaning off in their. There was two girls that I didn’t recognize, both brunettes around five foot four, both with small tits. One of the brunettes had a nicer ass than the other, rounder. The two brunettes were standing in very close proximity to Holly and Lindsey. Hot water was showering the four of them from two different heads. Rachel and I walked past the four of them, and down to the very end of the showers. The room was pretty steamy, especially down at this end, where there was no ventilation.

Rachel pushed me against the tile wall. Rachel sucked on the side of my neck. She slowly kissed and sucked down my neck, chest, stomach, and down to my cock, growing by the second. I closed my eyes and leaned back as she teased me with her tongue. Rachel licked my shaft up and down, with her hands on my ass. I felt her stop, and I opened my eyes. Rachel handed me the tube of lube she had brought. I opened the top, squeezing some out and rubbing it on my cock. Then I put some on the end of my finger. Rachel turned around and bent all the way over and grabbed her ankles. I fingered her exposed ass, lubing her. I looked up from her butt and noticed that we had an audience. I stared straight at the four girls watching us, and without looking away from them, I grabbed my cock and guided it to her ass. I grabbed her hips and pulled on her while thrusting with my hips. My cock opened her ass and pushed inside of her, not the first time I had ass fucked Rachel. I slowly alternated pushing and pulling her hips against mine.

Her tight ass was hugging my cock. I was afraid I was hurting her, since I wasn’t sure if she had had anal sex in a while. So I was proceeding with caution. “Fuck me harder John” Rachel said, sounding annoyed at my slow pace. “How hard?” I asked her. “All the way” Rachel said. I pulled my cock as far back as I could without it coming out, the head just inside of her. I grabbed her hips, and as fast as I could I shoved my cock all the way into her ass, slamming my hips into her ass cheeks. She showed no signs of serious discomfort, so I let loose. I fucked her ass as hard and fast as I could. Pumping my cock in and out of her lubed ass. It was not long before she was grunting deeply. At one point I thought she sounded to be in some pain, so I slowed down a little, hesitating. “Don’t stop” she screamed at me. I continued pounding her ass. I moved one hand down and fingered her pussy vigorously. The four girls watching had all migrated down to this end of the shower. I made the mistake of fingering her with my left hand, and gripping her hips with my right hand. My right hand I had used to lube her ass with. After a minute of fingering her, I lost my grip and slapped into her ass, shoving her forward. She fell on her face, catching herself somewhat with her hands. Her ass popped on the way down, from my cock pulling out.

She hit the floor, smacking flesh to tile. All four girls gasped at the accident. Leslie immediately bent down. “Are you okay?” Leslie asked. “Keep fucking” Rachel responded. I looked over, and saw Holly laughing. “She wants you to fuck her ass some more” Leslie said standing up. I didn’t hesitate to drop to the floor, putting my knees either side of hers. I laid myself down on her back, guiding my slippery cock to her slippery ass. I let my weight drop down on her, shoving my cock into her ass. “Fuck that ass!” Leslie said, next to me. I resumed pumping my cock in and out of Rachel’s tight ass. It wasn’t long before her moans turned to screams. Rachel’s body shook and spasmed. Her ass contracted and squeezed my cock. I shot my load deep inside her ass, filling her up. I laid down on top of her, both of us breathing heavily. I rolled myself off of her, and onto my back. Looking up at the ceiling, Holly leaned over looking down at me. “Had enough?” Holly asked. I didn’t respond, breathing heavily I stared at the ceiling.

Part 44: Queen of the Highway

“I can hardly believe this” I said. “I know it’s so weird.” Holly said. We both stood in the living room, blue gowns hanging down to the floor. “How did all this time pass” I said “It seems like high school was a year ago.” I stared at Holly in her gown. I was amazed at how she looked. I was just amazed at her, what she was, what she meant to me, and I to her, and how she would feel in a few hours. I imagined her face when I did it, the glow she would exude. “You know what else seems like only yesterday?” Holly asked me. “What?” I asked. “The trip to Texas” She said. “Oh yeah” I said “that was what…a year… no two years ago…jeez time flys.” “Jizz time?” Holly said teasing me.

I heard the honking from outside. They were here. “You ready?” I asked Holly. “Yea” she said as she came out of our bedroom with her bag over her shoulder. I stood from the couch and walked to the front door where my bag was laying. Holly went out the door, and I stopped to lock the door. Brad and Sarah were in the front seats of Brad’s van. Holly opened the sliding door of the van, tossing her bag in back and sitting in the captain’s seat behind the driver’s seat occupied by Brad. I tossed my bag in back and sat next to Holly. “You guys ready” Brad asked. “Yeah let’s go” I said. We were all going to see a concert in Texas, this particular band wasn’t coming anywhere near us, and we decided to take matters into our own hands. Brad and Sarah arranged the whole thing and invited us. “Where are you going?” I asked Brad. “Oh we have another person to pick up” Brad explained. This puzzled me a bit, Brad and Sarah were a couple, and Me and Holly, another person would kind of feel left out… “Who is it?” Holly asked. “Jenny” Sarah said. Sarah was about five eight, with short curly brown hair. She was wearing a gray sweatshirt that covered her smallish tits. “Jenny from our floor?” Holly asked. Technically it was Holly’s former floor. “Yeah” Sarah said. Holly slapped my shoulder, and looked at me with wide eyes. “What?” I asked her. Holly was wearing black sweat pants and a loose white t-shirt. “You don’t remember?” Holly said. “What?” I said. “The girl who you blasted in the face” Holly said. “Oh yeah” I said laughing “Why is it you keep bringing these things up?”

Once we picked up Jenny we got on the highway, with a ten hour drive ahead of us, followed by a cheap motel for the night. After a half an hour we got into a discussion about movies. “I think Gladiator is one of the best movies of all time” I said. “Oh it wasn’t that good” Brad said. All three girls chimed in backing me up. “Oh you girls just like Russel Crowe” Brad said. “Oh come on, his role as Maximus, he’ll never top that, it’s a great movie” I said. “You know what else is a great movie” Holly said. “What?” Brad asked. “John and Holly’s Fun Times” She said. “Never heard of it” Brad said. “That has to be in the top ten” I said sarcastically. “Speaking of Jizz splattering, how you doing back there Jenny” I said turning in my seat to look back at her. “I’m fine thanks” she said, glaring at me. “Oh come on, admit it, you liked it” I said. “Yeah you did” Holly said. “I’ll never hear the end of it” Jenny said. “What are you guys talking about?” Brad asked. “Maybe we should recreate it” I said. “I like that idea” Holly said. “No, no, no” Jenny said.

Jenny had straight blonde hair, small tits constrained in her black t-shirt. “Oh you know you want to” Holly said. Holly got up and moved to the back seat with Jenny. Holly took off her shirt, tossing it to me. She didn’t have a bra on underneath. Her round tits were exposed to the air. Holly started kissing Jenny’s neck. Holly ran one hand under Jenny’s shirt feeling her tits. Jenny resisted at first, but gave into Holly’s touch. Holly ran her mouth up to Jenny’s, licking her cheek over to her lips. Jenny allowed her tongue to slip out of her mouth, meeting Holly’s. Holly wrapped both her arms around Jenny, and the two of them slid onto their sides making out in the back seat. Sarah got out of her seat and sat down where Holly had been. “I’m missing out” Brad said. Holly was on bottom now, Jenny on top. Jenny sat up, and Holly helped her bring her t-shirt up over her head. Jenny’s tits now hung out in the air, with her blonde hair falling to them. Holly’s hands were all over Jenny’s tits. “Well I guess I should join the club” Sarah said. Sarah pulled her sweater up over her arms tossing it into the front seat. A car beside us honked its horn. We all looked to the right side of the van, to see a black truck with a guy looking over into the van. “Uhhh he can see us!” Jenny said. Sarah moved over to my side, pressing her tits against the window, and leaning over me to do it. Holly was laughing. The car honked a few more time, before speeding off ahead of us.

Sarah was bent over, her nice round ass right by my face. Sarah took her opportunity and swung one leg around, sitting on my lap, face to face. Sarah had her legs on either side of me, and she was facing the back of the van, watching Holly and Jenny make out some more. I reached my hands up and squeezed Sarah’s breasts. My growing cock was poking Sarah’s ass through my jeans. “Someone decided to join the party” Sarah said provocatively.

Sarah slipped down to her knees, unzipping my jeans in the process. I semi stood up and shoved my jeans and boxers down past my knees. My cock now free reached out into the air. Sarah took my cock into her hand, and gave it a few quick strokes. She licked me from balls to tip. Sarah took the very tip of my cock and held it in her lips, kissing it, and licking it at the end. I closed my eyes, and put my hands in her hair. Sarah started a series of quick shallow thrusts with her neck down on my cock. Her wet mouth was watering on my cock. I moaned in pleasure. Sarah stood up, and turned around, provocatively pulling her pants down, leaving a red thong that hugged her hips. She slowly pulled her thong down, revealing her glistening pussy and round ass. Sarah sat on my lap, my cock pinned between her ass and my stomach. She raised herself a little bit. I reached down, holding my cock steady under her pussy. Sarah lowered herself slowly down on my cock.

Her warm wet pussy took hold, pulling me in. I reached my hands around, holding her tits. Sarah slowly moved up and down, and rotating her hips at the bottom, grinding into me. Sarah kept a slow steady pace as I heard increased sounds of pleasure coming from the back seat. I glanced back and saw that Holly and Jenny were in a sixty nine. “Man I am getting screwed here” Brad said. Sarah started to thrust faster and harder on top of me. Jenny was screaming in the back seat. Sarah was saying “yes oh yes” repeatedly in her heavy breathing. I felt her tensing up as her pussy convulsed and drowned my cock in juices, before constricting around my throbbing member. Sarah screamed out in pleasure. I helped Sarah to stand enough for me to get up, and allowing her to sit in my place. I stood next to Holly, she was sitting in my chair now, with Jenny laid out on her back in the back seat, catching her breath. Holly took my cock deep in her mouth, sucking and licking. She reached around grabbing my ass, anchoring herself to me to help her stroke her mouth back and forth. I felt I was close to cumming, so I pulled back from Holly, and she pulled away sitting back in the chair. Holly kept stroking my wet cock. I turned, facing Jenny, I stepped forward. Jenny had her eyes closed as she regained her composure. I stood with my cock less than a foot above her. I stroked my cock, aimed at her face. My cock exploded forth stream after stream of thick white jizz, landing on her cheek neck and the top of her chest. Jenny didn’t even bother opening her eyes. I turned around, and bent over kissing Holly deeply, tasting Jenny’s juices.

Brad stopped at a rest stop to let us stretch, once we put our clothes on, and to switch places with me. He didn’t want to miss out on the ‘festivities’ and who could blame him. So I took over driving. I was in the driver’s seat, and Brad was in the seat behind me as we waited for the girls to return from the restroom. All three girls were laughing as they entered the van. “You wouldn’t believe the looks we got” Holly said in her laughter. “What? Hasn’t everyone seen a person cleaning jizz of their face at a highway rest stop” I said. Holly sat in the front passenger’s seat, Sarah behind her, and Jenny in the back. All of us in the van I took us back onto the highway. “Are we there yet?” Holly asked after two minutes on the highway. “I’ll turn this car around” I feigned anger. I heard moans of pleasure from the backseat. Holly turned to look behind us. “That didn’t take long” Holly said to me. Soon enough the van was filled with orgasmic screams. “I’m going to have to go and see what’s going on back there” Holly said, getting up and walking back. I drove on, whilst listening to the sounds of sex behind me. I wasn’t sure who was doing what. I did however know when Holly came, from what I don’t know.

After several minutes and a lull in the action, Holly returned to her seat in the front, completely naked, juices dripping down her thighs. “When are they gonna invent autopilot for cars?” I said. “Feeling left out?” Holly said empathically “I’ll make it up to you”. Holly, nude, her round tits hanging off her chest, hard nipples poking out, got out of her chair, kneeling down in between the chairs, putting her face in my crotch. My cock immediately began to grow, as she reached for my zipper. I tried to keep my eyes up on the road, but it was hard. Holly pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees, freeing my cock as it leapt into the air. Holly grabbed my cock with her right hand, gripping me as she bobbed her head on the end of my cock. Her hot wet mouth slurping on my cock. I placed my right hand on the top of her head as it maintained a constant undulation. I slowly ran my right hand down her back to her ass, caressing her round mound of flesh lovingly.

Brad came to the front, sitting down in the passenger’s seat. Holly knelt between us, she sat upright, her right hand still on my cock, as she faced the back of the van. “Those two are wearing each other out” Brad said. “Feeling left out?” Holly said to Brad. Brad was naked, his cock erect. If you girls don’t know, guys pretend not to, but do compare themselves to other guys, it’s hard to get us to admit it though. Brad did, unfortunately for me, have a bigger dick than I did. His cock was probably less than eight inches, but bigger than my just over six inches. Holly reached her left hand over gripping Brad’s cock at the base. She was now holding both of us by the shaft. Holly leaned over sucking on the tip of Brad’s cock, purposely drooling all over his cock. She sat back, and stroked both of us in unison, with her saliva as a lubricant.

Her tits vibrated with her arm motions, her nipples moving up and down. Holly leaned over sucking deeply on my cock, while she maintained the stroking of Brad’s cock. Holly repeatedly alternated blowing cocks, while stroking the other. She really seemed to enjoy this. It was clear she wasn’t just giving us head, she knew how far along we both were, and was keeping us both highly aroused, but not letting us cum. We stayed in the elevated state as she worked her magic, giving us both pleasure, and I know she was enjoying this. Again screams of orgasmic pleasure reverberated through the van. Holly was sucking my cock at the time. She seemed to take the cue of the girls, their orgasm lead her to suck me harder and faster, leading to my orgasm. Holly pulled away, keeping her mouth open a few inches from the head of my cock, as I shot my cum on her face, in her mouth, and on her neck. She stroked my as I came. Once I was finished, she finished Brad off, taking most of his cock down her throat, before she pulled back, taking his load on her face just as she took mine. Holly now had cum dripping down her neck to her tits, and on her face. “Thanks guys” Holly said. She stood and went back in the van. “Holy fuck” Brad said. “I agree” I said.

Once we got to the motel in Texas we all got into the room. Since we were only staying overnight, we just got a single room, with two beds. We all got inside, with our luggage, situating ourselves. We were all inside, watching tv and preparing to sleep. Sarah forgot to bring contact solution, so she had to run to the store, Holly and Jenny decided to go with her. So it was just me and brad left in the motel as the girls left. We were both just watching Sportscenter. “I’m going to take a shower” I said to Brad. I got up from the bed and grabbed my bag and headed for the bathroom. The motel had a relatively small shower, with just a cheap white shower curtain. I turned on the water, waiting for it to heat up before stepping into the shower. I washed myself with the little soap and tiny shampoo bottle. I thought I heard the door open, but after a second I brushed the notion aside, resuming the cleaning process. Then the shower curtain pushed up and someone jumped in the shower behind me as I faced the shower head. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist, hugging my back.

I could feel very hard nipples poking my back. “Holly?” I asked, trying to turn around to see the culprit. Then small hands reached up, covering my eyes. The girl didn’t want me to know which of the three she was, so I played along. She kept her hands over my eyes, turning me around. She kept her hands over my eyes as she knelt down, with her arms extended up. She took my limp cock into her mouth, making sure to lick all around my shaft. She kissed the head, and sucked on the tip. My cock came to full attention as she tried to take the whole length down her throat, unsuccessfully. That ruled out Holly as the culprit. The hot water still cascading down my back, this girl continued sucking my cock, giving me sweet head. Suddenly I heard the shower curtain pull back. “Bitch” Holly said, in a falsely angry playful voice. I moved the hands away from my eyes, with no resistance. I looked down to mecidiyeköy escort see Jenny with half of my cock in her mouth. She stopped her sucking, “What?” she barely managed to say, muffled by my cock in her mouth. “Okay you can suck his cock, but you have to give me head later” Holly said. “Deal” another muffled cockfilled response from Jenny.

Holly turned around and walked out of the bathroom, winking at me as she turned. Jenny resumed the blowjob, jamming my cock deeper down her throat, and stopping every once in a while to suck on my balls. Jenny started to swirl her tongue all around my head, as she stroked my cock with both hands. Then she put her hands down to my balls, and resumed her efforts to shove my cock down her throat. Her sloppy wet blowjob threw me over the edge. I decided to warn her. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, but kept stroking my cock in front of her face, as she closed her eyes. I sprayed cum in her already wet blonde hair, and some on her face. She continued to stroke my cock, looking up at me, and giggling. I stepped out of the shower and toweled off. Jenny stayed in the shower, to clean up I presume.

I walked out of the bathroom naked. Turning the corner into the room, I was surprised at what I saw. Brad and Sarah were locked in a sixty nine on their bed and Holly was sitting on the edge of our bed masturbating. I sat down next to Holly, her hand buried in her pussy. “Having fun” I asked, to no response. Holly turned, laying on her back on the bed. I leaned down, to lick her pussy. “No” Holly stopped me. “Jenny is going to eat me out” Holly said. “Oh right” I said, sitting back. After a few minutes of watching Brad and Sarah in a sixty nine, Jenny walked into the room, still wet from the shower. Jenny immediately hopped onto our bed, diving right into Holly’s pussy. Jenny was lapping up and down on Holly’s wet slit. I was laying down next to Holly. I leaned over and kissed Holly, but she was a bit preoccupied. I played with her nipples for a little bit. I got up and went to the end of the bed. Jenny was face down on the bed, her legs split just slightly. I got behind her, and nudged her legs, and she split her legs out wide. I put my face between behind her ass, reaching with my tongue to her slit. Sarah was in the middle of an orgasm, and it seemed contagious as it wasn’t long before Holly was screaming out nearing her own. I took the opportunity to try and drive Jenny into her orgasm. The juices were flowing in the room, and I sucked and licked Jenny’s clit as fast and furious as I could. As Holly reached her orgasm, screaming out, Jenny’s body exploded in pleasure, her whole body gyrating, and her pussy squirting juices. It was late, and had been a long day. It didn’t take long before we all fell into sleep, Holly in my arms, Jenny in Holly’s arms. Needless to say the trip home was much more subdued.

Part 45: Return to LA

Going out the front door on our way to graduation, “This is so weird” Holly said. “It’s strange to think we won’t ever be in school again” I said “we went through a lot in our time here”. “Remember when we went on spring break sophomore year” I said. I turned around locking the door behind us. “That was a fun trip” Holly said. “Your telling me?”

Spring break of sophomore year had not been planned the way it turned out. Holly wanted to go back to LA and visit Lindsey, whom she had shared a great few weeks with a year before. We were going to get a hotel room, stay in LA and just relax, and reunite with some of the people we had met there. We called up Lindsey and told her when our flight was getting in. She was busy that day, so we planned to just relax for the night in our hotel.

Spring Break finally came, and we flew out to LA. Once we got to the airport, Holly decided to call Lindsey to make sure there hadn’t been a change in plans. “Lindsey” Holly said on her cell phone, I only heard what she said. “Are you still…Oh really?…Well…We might want to see, where is it?…Okay”. I looked at Holly as she hung up her phone. “Change of plans.” Holly said.

The taxi took us to the complex. Holly and I walked into the area, smelling of hot dogs, and found the right field. Lindsey, a high school senior soon to graduate, played softball and had a tournament today. She told us she was busy today but she didn’t say what she was doing. We decided it might be fun to see her in action. We found some seats high up in the bleachers. The place was fairly empty, just some parents strewn about in the stands. Holly and I looked for Lindsey, turns out her team is called the Mongrels, which we had a laugh at. It didn’t seem right for a team of athletic teenage girls to be called dogs. Lindsey played right field, her team dressed in red and white. We caught the last four innings of their second game of the day. Afterwards Holly and I made our way down to the field, not knowing that they had another game to go. We stood along the fence in right field. “Hi” Lindsey said excitedly as she came out to warm-up before the game started. “How are you guys doing?” Holly asked. “If we win this we win the tournament” Lindsey said. “Good Luck” I said.

Holly and I stayed at the fence for most of the game, watching two teams of seventeen and eighteen year old girls duke it out for the championship. I noticed Holly checking out several of the girls. “It’s weird that you check out girls too” I said. “Why?” Holly asked. “I guess you can’t get mad at me for checking out a hot chick then can you” I said. “Guess not” Holly said. “Which one?” I asked her. “Which one what?” Holly asked. “If you had to chose one girl to fuck, which one?” I clarified. “I’ll get back to you on that” Holly said. Too many to chose from. Eventually she did pick one. “Her…number twenty eight.” Holly said. Number twenty eight was a short girl, with very blonde hair, and she had small tits. “Why her?” I asked. “Look at her ass, it’s like perfect” Holly said. “What about number six” I said. Holly searched the field for her, she didn’t understand when I said shortstop. This girl was tall, probably five eight or so, she had dark blondish brown hair, and very large tits, that were struggle to fight the constraints of her sports bra. “Well you like tits, I like ass” Holly said. “Okay then…forty two.” I said. “Oooh” Holly said. Forty two was medium about five five, she had long black hair, and decent sized tits, around the size of Holly’s. “She is nice too” Holly said “too many to choose from.” “What about twelve” I said. “On the red team?” Holly asked. “Yeah” I responded. “That’s Lindsey” Holly said. “I know” I said. “I wanted to make sure we fantasized about the girl we are going fuck” I said. “What makes you think she’s the only one” Holly said.

The Mongrels emerged victorious after only four innings when it started pouring rain. Since the game was far enough along they declared the Mongrels the winners, ending the tournament early. The team immediately retreated to the locker room to shower, and Holly and I had to go inside to get out of the rain. We got inside the high school and wandered the halls waiting for Lindsey to finish. Then Holly’s cell phone rang. Lindsey told Holly that we could go ahead and come into the girl’s locker room.

Holly and I walked into the girl’s locker room. There were three girls sitting around, dressed in regular clothes. “Hi Holly, John” Lindsey said excitedly “This is Shannon and Ashley” Lindsey said, pointing to the corresponding girl. Shannon was number forty two, and Ashley was number twenty eight. It seemed like incredible luck that we had talked about these very girls. We exchanged ‘Hi’s. “They have been in pornos” Lindsey said still excited. “No way” Shannon said, “You guys are what like eighteen?”. “Twenty actually, but we made them when we were nineteen.” I said. The girls were all sitting on a narrow wooden bench that was between banks of lockers. “So do you have a huge cock!” Ashley, the blonde, said. “Sorry to disappoint you” I said. “He’s modest” Holly said. Holly and I sat down on another bench, the girls interested in us. Then a completely nude and wet girl walked in from the showers. It was number six, with her very large breasts, now we could see them outside the confines of a sports bra. She had large round nipples. “Hey Cloey” Lindsey said. I thought Cloey would be embarrassed, not knowing that I was in here. “This is John and Holly” Lindsey said. “Hi” Cloey said, opening a locker. She stood there confident in herself. “So do you guys like fuck all the time?” Ashley asked. “Well yeah” Holly said. I just smiled. “So do you guys like have sex in here all the time?” I asked, trying to mimic the way they were quizzing us. “Sometimes” Lindsey said. My jaw dropped. “Really” I asked. “Yeah” Lindsey said. “Like all of you, or just two or three?” I asked. All four girls looked at me deviously but offered no response.

In no time at all a wet Cloey was on her back on the wooden bench, with Shannon laying down on the bench, her face buried in Cloey’s pussy. Lindsey started making out with Ashley right in front of Holly and I. Lindsey started taking clothes off. Shedding her bra and shirt, exposing her small tits, and removing Ashley’s shirt as well, her bright blonde hair vainly trying to cover her tits. I stood up, with Holly, allowing Lindsey to sit down on the bench, with Ashley on top of her, still making out. Holly took their lead, and started to take off my shirt. I could tell the other girls were all trying to look at me. Holly dropped to her knees, and unzipped my pants. She dropped my pants around my ankles, leaving my boxers on. Ashley and Lindsey now sat on the bench, facing us, watching Holly work. My cock was growing, and showing through my boxers. “Let me see it” Ashley said, getting on her knees nearly pushing Holly out of the way. Ashley, with trembling hands, reached for the waistband. She put her fingers under my waistband, and suddenly pulled my boxers all the way down. My cock leapt up from its prison, the sudden freedom resulted in my cock slapping Ashley square in the chin.

Just then the door to the locker room, which was on the other side of two banks of locker from us, swung open, making a creaking noise. “Oh shit” Lindsey whispered. Lindsey, and Ashley instinctively grabbed my arms, and half running shoved me along, my pants still around my ankles, to the shower room. “Who is it?” I whispered, once we were in the shower room, which had thin plastic stalls. “It could be a mom.” Lindsey said. I was sitting against a moist tile wall, Lindsey and Ashley nervously sitting on me, Holly had tagged along, sitting beside us. Cloey and Shannon had not come, as they simply sat up and didn’t appear to be doing anything out of the ordinary. All we could hear was muffled speaking, but not enough to tell who it was or if they were catching on to what had been going on. After a few minutes, Cloey, still naked, and Shannon walked into the shower room. “They’re gone” I think Shannon said it. The two of them kept walking in, looking for us in one of the stalls. They found us, “Who was it?” Lindsey asked. “Your mom” Cloey said. “Shit…What did she want” Lindsey asked. “She said that she was leaving, and to tell you that she expects you to celebrate with us, and she doesn’t expect you home for a while…but to call if you’ll be too late” Shannon said, doing her good girl duty of relaying a message. “My parents told me to go celebrate with my friends” Cloey said. “I guess we will just have to celebrate” Lindsey said.

I had taken my clothes off completely, hanging them over one of the walls of a stall, Holly had done the same. We got in one stall together, turning on the hot water. Lindsey and Ashley got in the next stall. They were arranged so that there was about a foot opening at the bottom of each stall, and they only went up about five feet on you. So we could all easily see each other’s faces. Shannon and Cloey were in the stall on the other side of Lindsey and Ashley. All three groups showering in hot water and kisses. Soon enough, Holly dropped to her knees, intending to do what she was trying to do earlier. I was leaning against the tile wall, Ashley and Lindsey immediately stopped what they were doing and leaned against the stall wall, looking over the side down on us. I think Holly wanted to impress the teenagers. She didn’t mess around, starting by taking my entire cock down her throat, and licking my balls. “Oh my god” Ashley said “What do you try to swallow it whole?” Holly pulled away, sitting back. “You want to try” Holly asked her. Ashley immediately pushed Lindsey out of the way, going out of the stall and coming around into ours. While she was in transit between the stalls, I looked down at Holly, and I mouthed the words ‘I love you’. Holly was clearly manipulating the teenage girl to make my, well any man’s, dream come true, what a girlfriend to have.

Ashley got on her knees right next to Holly. “What do I do?” Ashley asked. “Have you ever given a blowjob before?” Holly asked her. “No” She said. “Okay well do you know the pertinent facts about the penis” Holly said, sounding like a teacher. “I think so” Ashley said. “What’s the most sensitive” Holly asked her. “The tip” Ashley said. “Well what are you waiting for?” Holly asked her. Ashley looked at my erect cock. She unsurely reached out a hand, grabbing the shaft. She slowly leaned forward, putting her lips together like an exaggerated kiss. Ashley kissed the tip of my cock, slowly taking the very tip inside her lips, and licking the tip with her tongue. “Okay, now use your hand to stroke the shaft, and lick and suck on the tip, try moving your neck back and forth like this” Holly demonstrated, using her hands in the air to mimic. Ashley followed her instructions. Lindsey, watching from the next stall, asked “Can I be next?” Holly stood up and walked into the next stall, watching over the side, switching places with Lindsey. Shannon and Cloey came over to the stall on the other side, and watched as well.

Now Lindsey and Ashley were on their knees before me. Ashley, on my left, had her right hand around the base of my cock, and she was lightly sucking on the tip of my cock. Lindsey put her cheek on my thigh, facing my cock from the side, occasionally looking up at Holly for instructions. “Switch off” Holly said. Ashley pulled her mouth off, and Lindsey’s immediately took her place, both girls were slobbering on my cock, their warm wet mouths trying to please me. Lindsey had the head of my cock in her mouth, her hand around my shaft, in a gentle stroke. Lindsey, her cheek now on my left thigh, lowered her head, sucking on my balls. I glanced over at Holly, and noticed she was masturbating while watching this. Lindsey took my cock, and pushed it up, so it was flush against my stomach, pointing skyward. Ashley and Lindsey licked my cock slowly from base to tip in unison. Then they both kissed the sides of the head, licking around, trying to make out with my cock in the middle. “We want to try” Cloey said.

At Holly’s instructions, Cloey and Shannon swapped places with Lindsey and Ashley. I still had five sets of eyes trained on my cock. I watched Cloey’s massive tits as she moved around, kneeling down. Shannon took charge immediately, trying to stick my cock down her throat. She didn’t make it too far. Shannon pulled off gagging right away. All the other girls laughed. Cloey grabbed my cock, and shoved it in her mouth, banging it up against her cheek, making it protrude out. Shannon kept a steady stroke of my cock as Cloey sucked on the end. “How did you take all of it in like that?” Ashley asked Holly. “You have to relax your throat, like this.” Holly demonstrated. Cloey decided to try it. Cloey got most of my cock down her throat, but not quite all of it. She held my cock in her throat for a few seconds before pulling back. “There you go” Holly encouraged. Shannon started sucking on my balls. “Does that feel good?” Ashley asked me. “What?” I asked. “Like your balls?” she clarified. “No it doesn’t really do anything, it is visually pleasing” I said. “I don’t get it” Ashley said. “Does it really fell good to have someone grope your tits?” I asked her. “Well my nipples yes, but otherwise no” She said. “Same kind of thing” I said. “Who is the best so far?” Lindsey asked me, these girls were the competitive type. “Holly” I said. “No, of us” Lindsey said. I was still getting tag team head from Shannon and Cloey. “Well it’s hard to say, your all new, besides two of you have my cock in their mouths, and I wouldn’t want to offend either of them” I said.

At the instructions of Holly, Cloey started to thrust her mouth back and forth on the end of my cock rapidly, swirling her tongue, while Shannon stroked the rest of my cock. Soon I was close to coming. “I’m close” I said. “Pull off” Holly warned Cloey. Cloey and Shannon sat back, Shannon still had my cock in her hand. These two in front of me had no idea what they were in for. Holly and I hadn’t had sex in three days, and I had been sexually excited for probably half an hour at least now. Any guy would shoot a load, but as Holly liked to take advantage of, I was going to shoot a massive load. Neither Cloey nor Shannon had ever given head before, and presumably had no idea what to expect. Cloey had massive tits, and Shannon wasn’t too far behind. So I picked my targets. I grabbed my cock, stroking quickly, until I blasted my first thick shot onto Cloey’s left breast, splattering up into her neck, running down her tit. The second shot hit Shannon in the face, shocking her pretty good, then I went back hitting Cloey with another thick stream right into her cheek. I stepped forward, allowing my remaining cum to drip onto their lips. Holly was laughing, and the other four girls were in shock. My cum splattered and dripping all over them, they sat in stunned silence for a few seconds. “Holy shit” Cloey said. Cloey and Shannon looked at each other. “Does it taste good?” Shannon asked Holly. “Some girls like it, personally I like it” Holly said. Shannon slowly leaned forward, grabbing Cloey’s large breast, and licking the cum off her nipple. Cloey started giggling. “Not bad” Shannon said, then she lapped her tongue up Cloey’s jizz splattered tit, going straight to Cloey’s mouth, thrusting her tongue in. They fell back, making out deeply. “I want to try it” Ashley said, running around the stall to the floor where Cloey and Shannon now laid. Ashley jumped on top of them, licking at their tits, trying to taste my jizz.

Shannon, Ashley, and Cloey were rolling around on the floor, making out, rubbing their tits together, and hands wandering south. Holly and Lindsey were now in one of the stalls. Holly leaning against the wall, Lindsey on her knees. I got on my knees, and went over to the trio rolling around on the floor. I had six legs and three wet pussies in front of me. Cloey was on the bottom, Ashley was straddling her, and Shannon was on the side. They didn’t know I was down there. I crawled up, leading with my outstretched tongue, I dove into Ashley’s exposed pussy. I spread her apart with my hands, lapping quickly. Ashley immediately started moaning her approval. I sucked on her clit, fingering her pussy. Ashley was sucking on Cloey’s nipples, alternating every minute or so. Shannon moved so her pussy was right over Cloey’s face, her knees on either side of Cloey’s head, her ass facing back towards Ashley.

Ashley’s beautifully round ass, and exposed pussy in front of my face, Cloey’s wet pussy just below it, I am licking and sucking on Ashley’s clit. I reach a hand forward, and I begin fingering Cloey’s dripping pussy. I switch pussys going down to Cloey, while now fingering Ashley. The two slits acting as floodgates, releasing their juices. My cock is ready to go again, pushing down into the tile floor. The three girls in front of me all making various grunts groans and moans of pleasure. I start lapping from the bottom of Cloey’s slit up to the top of Ashley’s, the pussys grinding together as Ashley seemingly tries to fuck Cloey. I hear Holly climaxing, yelling out her pleasure in the stall behind us. I move up to Ashley’s pussy, and focus on her clit, using two fingers to vigorously pump her slit. “Awww YESSS” Ashley screams out, arching her back, and squirting juices out of her pussy. I sit up, contemplating the next move. Shannon started screaming out her orgasm, throwing her body around, before falling to rest on the floor.

Ashley nearly fell off of Cloey, landing on her side, laying face up, panting. Holly and Lindsey came over and stood over the four of us on the ground, recuperating. My cock was clearly ready to go again. Holly, her knees still a little weak, looked down at my erect cock, “Your certainly ready to go” she said. “I want to see you two go at it” Ashley said. “Yeah, show us how to do it properly” Lindsey said, kind of playing along. “Okay” Holly said, jokingly faking reluctance. I stood up, moving in to Holly. The four girls were all sitting on the floor around us. Holly hugged me, we whispered in each other’s ears, figuring out how we should ‘wow’ our audience.

Holly turned around, holding her arms out to the side. I grabbed each hand and held them out to the side, behind her. Holly leaned forward, somewhat supported by her arms outstretched to each side behind her. Her ass was establishing its presence in the air behind her. I had to no-handed guide my cock into her pussy, hitting her thigh first, then getting it right. I pulled on her arms, and pushed forward, thrusting into her. Her pussy was tight hot and very wet from its workout beforehand. Her ass slapped against my thighs. Her pussy impaled on my cock, she leaned forward, pulling away, and then I pulled back, thrusting forward, and our bodies met in the middle with a slap of flesh. We repeated our motion, shifting weight, pushing and pulling, that resulted in a full on pounding of bodies and flesh and dripping juices. Holly was breathing very heavily, her still wet hair swinging around messed up, semi covering her face, her tits swinging and shaking to and fro about her chest. As I felt myself getting closer, and from the noises holly was closing in as well, I decided to make the position change, to lengthen our demonstration. I dropped to the floor, laying on my back, and Holly dropped down on top of me just as quickly. Holly, her tits in front of my face, guided my juiced up cock into her dripping pussy. I groped and massaged her tits, and Holly started raising and lowering her torso on my cock. Her tits bouncing at an ever increasing in fervor as Holly increased her thrusting. Holly immediately returned to her near orgasmic state, breathing heavier and heavier.

“Fuck fuck fuck” Holly kept repeating, in a tone that went from a deep grunt straight up to the piercing highest octaves. Her pussy grinding and grabbing my cock, she flooded my crotch with her sweet juices. Holly finally collapsed down on my chest, my cock still throbbing inside her throbbing pussy. I could feel her heart pounding on my chest. I wasn’t finished yet, and she was unable to continue the thrusting. I helped her roll over onto her back, she split her legs out wide and into the air. I put my hands down beside her, bracing myself. Her legs up against my shoulders feet off in the air. I went into what Holly occasionally called ‘hyperfuck’. I pounded Holly deep, trying to drive my cock straight through her, hammering her body into the tile floor. Her screams of pleasure were not distinguishable from screams of pain. I fucked her as hard and deep as I could. Her body orgasmed again, in the middle of her screaming, her pleasure uncontrollable she threw her head and arms around. Her pussy again milking my cock, this time successfully as I came blasting deep in her pussy. I could not hold myself up, and we both collapsed into an awkward position.

After the little demonstration, we all followed the parents orders and ‘celebrated’. We took the girls back to the hotel. It wasn’t the orgy you would expect, but quite the contrary. We stayed up all night talking about everything. The girls all had questions about sex, they had very little experience between them. We talked about school, what college is really like, what to expect etc. The girls discussed boyfriends and crushes. We also discussed their attraction to girls. It was clear that these girls had some things that they knew, but many things that they were clueless about. Holly turns out to be quite a teacher it seems. Is I hadn’t know better, I would have thought Holly was ten years older than these girls, but only held a two year difference over them. Lindsey seemed to be quite the lesbian in the making. She actually reminded me of Holly. Honestly I think that if I hadn’t come along when I did, Holly would have been lost to the pink mafia. Holly obviously has attraction to both men and women, but she is more straight than gay. I think Lindsey is the opposite of Holly in that sense. In the end, these two would end up having much more in common than you might think.

Part 46: A Walk In The Park

It was an unusually cool may afternoon. Holly and I had decided to walk to the ceremonies. We had almost two hours before it would start, giving us plenty of time. The long walk down memory lane, to the auditorium where we and thousands of others would graduate, we weren’t the only ones walking down there; many others in gowns were also making the trek. The walk down the quiet neighborhood streets was ominous. We entered the edge of the campus. There are large open areas dispersed through the campus, like small parks. “This place seems familiar” Holly said, knowing exactly what we had done there, and knowing that I knew it too. That would be a hard night to forget.

It was junior year. The Fall semester midterms were over two days ago. The campus was dead, almost everyone had gone home. Holly and I had to study hard and had been quite stressed out over the past few days. To make matters we had both come down with something, making the studying that much harder. But today it was behind us, we were recovered from whatever bug we had caught, and had the stress behind us. I think we some couples want to relieve stress they just pound away and release the tension that way, but not us. We like to just relax and have some fun. Since the campus was dead we decided to go have a late picnic.

Walking off the path down into the grass, it was pretty dark, a full moon over us, and a bunch of trees offering shade. I laid down the blanket, and holly set down the basket. Holly had made some sandwiches before we left. “It’s so weird to be here, and there is no one else here.” I said. There is something quite peculiar about a place that you only know as bustling, to be completely empty. “Ya, it sure is quiet” Holly said. “We wouldn’t want to ruin that would we?” Holly said provocatively. Holly handed me the sandwich wrapped in foil. We ate in the moonlight. “God it’s such a relief to be done with this stuff for a while” Holly said. “I know, but I’m not god” I said, eliciting a giggle. “But you are my goddess” I said to Holly. I stared into her brown eyes, amazed at her beauty. From that comment she seemed to glow. She just smiled looking back at me. I was simply fascinated. I was looking at an angel, shimmering in white.

Eating finished, we laid on our backs, Holly on top of me, her head just below mine. I had my arms wrapped around her, and she had her arms around mine. We just looked up at the stars. We stayed like that for a long time, both wishing we could stay like this forever. In each other’s arms, completely content, under the milky way.

Holly turned over, now face down, she laid her head down on my chest. “Want to relieve some tension” She said into my chest. “Good idea” I said. Holly immediately turned around, face over my crotch, her crotch over my face. We both went to work pulling pants down. We didn’t go at it hard and fast. I maintained a slow steady licking of her pussy, and she held up a steady licking on my cock. We were merely enjoying the pleasure of each other. I held Holly’s ass in my hands, licking and sucking her pussy steadily. Her pussy oozed feminine juices and aroma. Holly gave me sweet slow head, with her warm wet smooth mouth. After a while of ever increasing sexual energy, Holly moved around, sending her pussy down to my cock, and her face to mine. She laid on top of me, as we kissed deeply, her juices mingling in our mouths. After minutes of deep kissing, Holly reached a hand down, grabbing the base of my cock, guiding it to her slit. Holly rotated her hips putting pressure on her lips until my cock penetrated her pussy, slowly pushing its way inside her. Holly rotated her hips around my cock, driving her ass up and down. Her tongue locked together with mine in our mouths. It was a different sensation to feel the cool night air on our skin, creating Goosebumps all over. Holly’s nipples were extra hard, as they poked at my chest. Warm juices ran down my cock between my legs. Holly writhed about, trembling. Her body pulsing, her pussy contracting. Holly’s panting in my neck, warm breath in the cold air on my skin. She slowly relaxed her entire body on top of me.

Eventually she came down from her orgasm. Holly slowly kissed her way down my neck to my chest and down to me dripping wet cock. Holly gave me a slow wet blowjob for several minutes, her mouth making love to my cock. Holly rapidly moved her hands, feeling my entire body passionately. I warned her of my impending orgasm. Holly moved up, holding my cock on her chest stroking me. I blasted forth spurt afer spurt of cum all over her beautiful tits. Holly used my cock to spread the jizz around her nipples and around her breasts. She then laid down next to me, and we both stared up at the stars. We did come back down to normal. Holly had the great idea of walking naked back to our apartment. It was well past midnight and it wasn’t a very well lit area. So we walked hand in hand, completely nude, Holly still with jizz all over her tits, juices drying on her thighs.

“That was a fun night” I said. “Sure was” Holly said. “Maybe we should do that again tonite” Holly said provocatively. “Maybe” I said. We continued the historic walk down to the auditorium, thousands of others along with us. The ceremonies took quite some time, reading so many names. Soon enough though, we were walking to get our diplomas, throwing our caps into the air, and celebrating our graduation. It was now time to go off to the real world and get jobs. Both of our families were there, and we both stuck around, taking pictures and seeing our families. Once the event was over, we all slowly left, leaving as graduates.

Holly and I were walking back down the path through the park that we had taken to get here. The park was now getting darker, the sun setting in the sky, leaving red streaks on the horizon. I led Holly off the beaten path, down under the trees, in the same are we had been reminiscing about. “What a wonderful day” Holly said, still in her gown. “Yeah” I said. “What do you want to do?” Holly asked me, slightly provocatively. I decided that would be the best time to do it. I dropped to one knee, and pulled the ring out of my pocket underneath the gown. “Let’s get married” I said. I didn’t even have a moment of fear, I didn’t have any doubts in my mind, I knew her answer before I asked her. She knew that I knew the answer. A smile came across her face, she didn’t say a word. Her face was red with excitement. “You didn’t wait very long” She said. “Well we said, when we graduated, so were graduated lets do it” I said, standing. She instantly hugged me. “What do you think, Holly Morrison” I said, giving her my last name. “I like it better than Holly Jolly” She said, giggling. I guess I should explain. A while back we had talked about names and such, and a certain movie came up wherein a woman is getting married and her name would be Julia Gulia. So this turned into a bit of an inside joke.

We started walking back home, hand in hand. “I guess the next step is naming the kids” I said. “I think the next step is the wedding” Holly said. “I’m thinking kids” I said. “How many?” Holly asked. “I’m not greedy…I want twelve, no…make it a baker’s dozen” I said seriously. She immediately hit me. “What do I look like, your baby machine?” She asked, faking anger. “More or less” I said. “Okay then, maybe you have thirteen names to go with your ego” She said. “I do. Let’s see Tyler, Oliver, Gertrude, Donald, Lucifer, Damien, Jesus, Cain, Able, Peter, and Val.” I spouted off as quickly as I could think of em. “Interesting choices…but I only count eleven, and only one is a girl” Holly said. “Guess I should have some girl names…how about…Slutty and Skanky” I said, laughing a bit. “Ya I bet they will grow up just fine with those names” Holly said. “I think I am going to revoke your naming privileges from here on” Holly said. “Does that include pets?” I asked. “Yes, I don’t think I want a dog named Stalin running around” She said. “That gives me an idea…”I said, contemplatively.

We arrived back at our apartment. No one else was there. They were out partying and celebrating. We had some celebrating of our own to do, but it didn’t involve partying. “So what’s the first thing you want to do as the future Mrs. Morrison?” I asked my fiancé. “I could think of a few things” She said. We went into the bedroom and spent the next several hours being together. You might think this involved crazy sex, but not us. We are crazy sex people, but when it comes to times like these, we are the emotional kind. We cuddled and talked, and yes made love. But this wasn’t about sex, this was about love. In the morning we would call our parents announcing the news.

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