Episode 72: Allie’s Party

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Episode 72: Allie’s PartyAs soon as the beautiful black Allie was old enough to be legal, Dad said she could have a fuck-party, but first he wanted to complete her sex-practical.Allie wore her favourite bright yellow sun-dress and little else, clambering across his bare thighs as his mighty erection brushed against her already-wet pussy lips. Allie rocked her hips backwards and forwards as he entered her, luxuriating in the feel of rock-solid cock against her inner hot flesh.Generally Dad wore a condom or pulled out at the last moment to splatter her tummy in sticky cum, but today he was set on breeding. Allie was doing all the work for him, just needing to hold onto her hips as she lifted up and slammed down on his cock, causing his balls to bounce against her thighs.Allie was panting hard, holding on around his neck as she felt the first spurts erupting deep inside her womb.”Daddy – you’ve just cum in me – do you want me to have a baby”?Allie stroked both hands down over her shapely breasts then down over her perfectly flat tummy as his cock gradually shrank, dabbling her fingers in the sticky baby juice starting to leak out of her pussy: “If it’s a girl I’ll call her Lizzie.”Party Weeks later when her class mates all turned up for her 18th party, Allie was already rather dr•unk and beyond caring who fucked her and how. Most of the girls and boys arrived smartly dressed in designer jeans and tops – Allie wearing just a baby-doll nightie ordered them all to strip. The party started in the kitchen as ever, bras and matching briefs hanging from cupboard handles, smart black boxers covering the worktops. As the drink flowed and hands groped everywhere the party moved onto the tiny student flat bedroom floor.The ‘drinking’ games mostly involved a boy or girl on their elbows and knees, and a friend or lover pouring the highly alcoholic fruit punch between their butt cheeks. Girls laying underneath had to slurp as much as possible from cock or cunt before it hit the carpet. Someone discovered Allie’s tube of raspberry-flavoured lube and her stash of anal plugs. Inserting one of these helped reduce the flow rate, allowing more to be consumed and provided another contest – who could take the largest plug. Nobody could believe Allie regularly used the gigantic slippery black quivering toy until she demonstrated squatting down on it, while the only black guy looking around the room realised he was going to be on permanent arse duty when the DP started.Two girls slid sideways into a passionate 69 embrace – tongues locked into pussies, well-moistened fingers exploring each other’s butt. Each time a girl came up for air a hard cock was offered in place of pussy – they mostly batted them away, preferring the taste of slick pussy.After more drinks, the black guy replaced Allie’s butt plug by his erection pulling back on her ankles to offer the room an enticing view of her slick cunt. One by one the boys knelt between her legs to fuck, sliding past the bumps in her arse through the thin wall and adding to the pool of sperm building inside her. One lesbian with a strap-on even introduced her to the delights of girl-girl-boy sex, something she didn’t even realise existed. The next competition was to see how many naked bodies could touch and arouse Allie. She loved boys and girls equally, only becoming mostly lesbian years later when she met Spike.She lost count of the number of cocks ridden, but remembered that the only ones to cum inside her were white. Her two girlfriends at the time took great delight in sucking the cocks clean after she had coated them in sticky pussy juice. They called it Marinading the cock meat.The pregnancy scans certainly confirmed it was a girl, but no matter how much Allie begged, the clinic could not confirm the baby’s colour as black or white.So almost nine months later, Dad was delighted to see a beautiful black head emerging as Allie pushed. They both breathed a huge sigh of relief when the nurse announced that the perfect baby had exactly the right number of fingers and toes.Baby Lizzie smiled up at Grandpa from between Allie’s breasts as he tickled her toes.Six Years LaterAllie was now 25 and a confirmed lesbian: her lovely daughter Lizzie collected up the discarded underwear, and soon had an amazing collection of thongs from girlfriends that stopped the night. Lizzie would sometimes wear one at breakfast the wrong way round, partly covering her bottom, with the string just opening up her cute lips rather than proving any pussy coverage.Her Mum did still like the occasional fuck with Grandpa – obviously so that Lizzie could understand the difference between a plastic cock and real one.Shopping“Mummy, what’s a Camel Toe?”Lizzie and her twenty-something Mum Alison (known to all her girlfriends as Allie) were walking hand-in-hand up Castle Street on a blazing hot Saturday morning. There was a lot of black flesh on show – Lizzie was wearing her favourite shiny pink shorts and a matching crop top, displaying her long legs and perfect flat tummy.“Why do you ask, baby?” replied Allie, pulling her pretty daughter aside to see their reflections in the Lush shop window.“I thought I overheard that man talking to his mate that we had a perfect pair of camel toes, then he stared at my front bottom as he walked past”.Allie looked at the front of Lizzie’s shorts –what a disgusting man perving on the perfectly natural design of a young ch1ld: “Perhaps these shouldn’t be pulled up quite so high”. Allie gently eased her daughter’s shorts down a fraction to stop her pussy lips showing quite so prominently. Lizzie pulled them straight up hard again, making the fabric rub against her young pussy – she had learnt an exciting new game. Then Allie saw her the reflection of her own camel toe in the pale blue dungaree shorts – perhaps they were a bit tight – she slackened off the shoulder straps an inch or so to lower the waist and hence the crotch. This had the obvious effect of revealing more side-boob encased in a white half-cup, bra-top.“Mummy, I can see your nipples now”.Suddenly Spike was standing very close behind them: “so can I, lover” kissing Allie’s neck and sliding a cheeky hand down the inside of the dungarees.Lizzie lowered her shorts and pulled them up again, opening her lips “do you like my camel toe?” Most of the passers-by were too polite to stare at the grown-up lesbian lust – Spike’s hands were everywhere, examining her lover’s body, but the little girl still admiring her reflection in the Lush Sex shop window was another matter. Lizzie loved playing with her shorts – rolling the waistband down over her narrow illegal bahis hips, almost to the top of the pubic bone, then pulling up so the crotch separated her pussy lips, displaying that gorgeous camel toe again. A small crowd had formed outside the bank across the road, trying to catch a glimpse – Lizzie even mooned her pretty black bare arse at them – they s**ttered, muttering ‘disgusting’.LushRosie, the Lush Sex Shop Lesbian, dressed only in a black lacy cat suit, ushered the three girls in to the shop – paying particular attention to little Lizzie’s long black bare legs and her mum’s exposed side-boob.Spike and Allie kissed like long lost friends as Rosie lifted Lizzie up to sit on a high stool behind the counter, selecting a coral-pink clit stim. Rosie buzzed it against Lizzie’s cute nose; Lizzie giggled deliciously: “Nipples – buzz it on my nipples” she demanded lifting her tee-shirt. Lizzie squirmed on stool’s leather top –pressing her thighs together then opening her knees wide giving Rosie a good eyeful of succulent crotch: “Will you help take these shorts off – I know where this toy is supposed to go.”Naked below the waist, Lizzie held her purply-black outer lips apart, buzzing the stim against her hard little clit: “Look it’s just the same colour as my pussy – ‘coral-pink’ my grandpa calls it”.Rosie found herself peering into the ch1ld’s slick depths with no hint of an intact hymen: “Yes baby, it’s beautiful – you are a lucky girl”, then “my girlfriend says mine is ‘rose-pink’, that’s why I’m called Rosie”. She leant across the counter to the bank of light switches, flicking several off to darken the intimate corner, loving the sound of Lizzie panting ‘oh shit, oh shit’.Sliding both hands up Lizzie’s thighs, did she dare ask: “So how did you lose your virginity baby? A riding accident perhaps?”Rosie took the low grunt from Lizzie as agreement, as she inserted one finger just below the sex toy: “I know a few girls whose first time was on a bicycle saddle…”Lizzie just closed her eyes, moaning now as the vibrator brought her closer to the edge.“Perhaps riding a pony….”?Lizzie shook her head.“What about your Grandpa’s home-made fucking machine….”?Lizzie’s eyes flashed open “Oh, for fucks sake – are you my fuckin’ Social Worker or sumfink? It was in the back garden – mum was riding granddad and I was sittin’ on his face. He pretended to be asleep when Mum came back with some drinks, so we swapped places to see if he noticed”.Lizzie squirmed as Rosie’s second finger joined the first.“He was still rock hard and I just sorta dropped my cunt onto him, while he ate out Mum. It’s OK he didn’t cum in me or anyfink – just broke me in. Satisfied”?Rosie continued to bring the little girl off, rotating her fingers until she felt Lizzie’s thighs clamp her hand – the ripples extending to her own nipples.Just then Allie shouted across the shop: “Here Rosie, stop m*****ing my daughter and get yer arse over here. Spike’s got an idea for a new service for her mobile library – sex toys you can rent by the week”. PreviouslyLizzie was early leaving school that Wednesday – she had enjoyed the swimming lesson, but didn’t fancy anal sex with Ginger or his mates again, so avoided walking behind the sports hall. There was nobody at home when she rang the doorbell at the tiny starter home she shared with her Mum Allie, so Lizzie crossed the road to Grandpa’s house and pushed open the back garden gate.Lizzie had never been allowed in his shed and now the door was wide open. Strange moaning sounds were coming out and drifting across the garden – it sounded just like her Mum. Lizzie crept around the edge of the garden, keeping out of sight until she stood just outside the shed door, listening to the obvious sounds of an approaching orgasm.Her Mum kept repeating “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck….” above the whirring noise of the electric motor and gears powering the monster plastic dildo between her thighs. Lizzie was shocked to see her Mum naked below the waist, sitting astride a deeply padded black leather cushion containing the motor and one, no two, purple dildos curling up into her body. Her smartphone was docked on the handlebars, blasting music on her earphones – the deep bass notes transmitted straight into her vagina via the front dildo. Grandpa was sitting, holding an erection in one hand and the anal dildo speed-control in the other; he spotted Lizzie in the doorway, Allie hadn’t.He motioned for Lizzie to remove her school uniform and stroke herself between the legs. Lizzie didn’t need telling twice and was soon stripped down to just an open white school blouse and short red socks, pressing her damp pussy into Allie’s overheated bottom.“Hello baby – I’m, glad you found us – I hope you didn’t get fucked at school again – Grandpa is very keen to protect your virginity for at least another year, until your tits grow”.“It’s OK Mum, I’m still technically a virgin – that’s saved for Grandpa; Ginger and the boys have only licked me”.“Bring that pretty arse over here baby, Grandpa wants to kiss you down there”.Lizzie bent over in front of Grandpa’s face, keeping her distance from that gorgeous black cock. He held her hips, quickly rimming her butt-hole, before pressing his tongue deep inside. Lizzie’s legs and stomach quivered, especially when Grandpa’s fingers found her clit around the front. She was so wet her pussy juices dripped onto his erection, encouraging Grandpa to pull Lizzie down, so the tip of his cock pressed against her slick butt-hole.“Ready, baby girl”?“Be gentle with her” demanded her Mum “she’s only had small boys so far”.Allie plugged her earphones back in, to muffle the screams from her gorgeous daughter.Just then the phone rang – a video call from Spike, Allie answered, tilting the phone upwards to see the screen better and hopefully avoiding giving away too much to Spike that she was riding a fucking machine.“Hi, baby – where are you – is that a monster vibrator I can hear”? Spike was wearing her favourite pale blue dungarees, with nothing underneath. The shoulder straps were half undone, exposing most of her pretty breasts and dark nipples. Spike made no effort to cover herself, rather grabbing one nipple and twisting to tempt her best friend. “I’m just trying out Grandpa’s new sit-on vibrator – it’s really powerful – it keeps making me cum” Allie lowered the phone to give Spike a great view of the slick double dildos vibrating away inside her body.“Hey baby, I’ve got this great idea for a new service for the mobile library – we could loan out portable sex toys. That gigantic warehouse down the road offers illegal bahis siteleri new products free to local communities in return for written evaluations. Do you think the village ladies would sign-up? The only commitment is to return the toys undamaged after two weeks and fill in a questionnaire as honestly as possible”.Lizzie piped up, just as his erection penetrated her ring “and Grandpa could carry out Safety Tests on any electrical toys”.“Are you testing too, Lizzie? Perhaps I need to come over” Spike always felt protective towards her favourite future ch1ld porn star.Community SiteSpike arrived and explained that Amazon had set them up a special web-site, where they could find out all about the latest toys on offer and record their reviews. Spike demonstrated one she had created, complete with a video showing her climaxing over a massive triple-headed thrusting rabbit vibrator. Grandpa covered Lizzie’s eyes, still feeding his cock into her tightest arse.Gearstick (cat 1186)Remember those idyllic rides out into the countryside, top down on your boyfriend’s sports car, wind blowing in your long blonde hair. You can’t stop watching his left hand caressing the shiny steel gear-knob, you can only imagine how good it will feel holding your slick lips apart. You send him off to fetch an ice cream, knowing you have a couple of minutes to loosen up ready for the dogging session. You fling one leg over the central console and lower your expectant cunt onto the cool metal; it slips in easily. You are still riding it hard when useless boyfriend returns empty handed. You’ve only managed a single orgasm before he lifts you off and fucks you hard over the car bonnet, then demands you suck him clean. Now you can have your very own gearstick to use in the privacy of your car or office or bedroom.L’AmouroseBeautifully designed, the L’Amourose features a thermal regulation system to heat up your intimate moments. It’s made of FDA-Grade and phthalate-free silicone for a luxurious silky soft feel and is waterproof, so can be used in the bath or shower. What’s more, it comes with two motors, one in the shaft and one in the diamond base for internal and external stimulation.We-Vibe 4 PlusThe We-Vibe 4 Plus can be worn during sex or operated long distance via an app so you can enjoy enhanced pleasure with your partner whether you’re together or apart. The app lets you choose from ten modes, as well as customize the intensity-—so you can play even from the other side of the worldMedical Silicone Anal Plug SetPackage include: 4 Sizes Anal Plug + 90ml Enema Bulb*1 + 60g Lubricant. Features and benefits of our Anal Trainer Kit: Soft, flexible and smooth texture Four sizes for increased pleasure and training Hypoallergenic and nontoxic Suction cup for stability No Phthalate or Latex Discrete packaging.Gearstick with Camera (cat 1187)The Gearstick dildo is also available with an upward-facing camera and lights to explore your inner recesses. It automatically connects wirelessly to your reversing camera monitor whenever it detects moisture and heat. The full-colour video of your vagina can be saved for later viewing or uploaded in real-time to your xhamster account. The gearstick can be fitted to any flat surface and the internal batteries can be charged from a convenient USB socket.Restraint KitThis is the ideal starter kit for couples wanting to try a bit of BDSM in the privacy of their bedroom. The red leather wrist and ankle straps are softly padded for her comfort with colour-coordinated short silk ropes to hold her down. Longer ropes are included to practice your decorative tying around her bust and down between the thighs. Diagrams are included of the most popular knots for maximum comfort or discomfort (if you prefer). A blindfold completes the kit; whips and paddles are available separately for more advanced couples.Sue submitted the following review:Dave insisted I wore that really tarty leather dress and boots, but not much else. We drove out to our favourite dogging site and he tied me blind-folded to a tree, then walked off to watch from a safe distance. Apparently four different blokes – his mates from the pub – each had a grope, muttering filthy suggestions between my legs before taking me quite hard one at a time. He managed the different accents quite well, but the giveaway was that they all had the same size cock and fucked with the same furious intensity, banging my arse against the tree. Of course it was him when the blindfold slipped off and I came when the hot sperm flowed. Perhaps we will move to real dogging next – I can highly recommend this kit to all couples. Library VanSpike and Allie were chatting in the adult toy area while the village k1ds played – probably naked by now – behind the curtain. A young girl, looking a bit dishevelled rushed in to the van, out of breath: “You’ve got to help me – I need something to satisfy my boyfriend”.Spike sat her down, hand on bare knee, trying to calm her down: “OK babe, take it easy – tell us what happened”.”He invited this bloke round for a threesome – I thought they just wanted to take it in turn – you know have me one at a time. But his friend started fingering my bottom, like he wanted DP and I freaked. I’ve never done that and I’m sure that cock would never fit – he’s huge – so I need a toy to practice on”.”Poor baby, it’s OK we’re here to help”, replied Spike sliding the girl’s skirt up her thighs, revealing a lacy black thong.”Stand up – that is a very pretty bottom – I’m sure you must have had at least a finger up there”.Allie licked a finger and gently pressed against the puckered butt hole as Spike held her buttocks apart – the girl moaned as it slipped in easily. “This is a good starter” Spike inserted the smallest anal vibrator “use this for a few days and your bloke should easily fit”.Pussy PumpI knew from the moment the first guess at my husband’s password ‘PussyPower’ unlocked his laptop that this may reveal more then he wanted during our three years of marriage. Of the dozen or so open tabs in his browser of naked women one was still playing a video of how to use a pussy pump. The rather attractive saleswoman was demonstrating its use on her girlfriend’s bare cunt, wiping a fingerful of lubricant around the rim, then pumping her lips into a swollen circle of pussy flesh ready for sucking.All of the amateurs and named porn stars had pumped their pussies into strange and beautiful shapes, displaying their inner succulence. I could feel my pussy getting wetter – where could I get one? Then I remembered your sex toy library and booked one for collection canlı bahis siteleri the next day when it visited our village. Who says straight women don’t watch porn? The sales video ended, but was followed by the blonde girlfriend on her hands and knees, offering her pumped up wide open lips for fingering. The saleswoman lost no time inserting a thumb and tongue into the hot pussy desperate to cum, just as my lips opened up around my trusty vibrator. I came on the third video repeat, relaxing back in to his office chair, determined to put on a private show as thanks for this pleasure.I collected the beautifully packaged pussy pump from locker 15 with a handy bottle of lube and couldn’t wait to get it home and get my panties off. The vacuum feeling is really hard to describe – it feels a bit like settling your pussy into a bowl of warm water full of tongues trying to make you cum each time you pump it up. Husband was due home at 7PM, so he found me wide-legged on the sofa, pussy already fully pumped up wearing his favourite fantasy schoolgirls outfit of red micro skirt, knee-length socks and white blouse tied under the bust. He fell on my tits like he had never seen them before – sucking on the nipples, squeezing the soft flesh into absurd shapes – getting me quite aroused. I had to push his head down to waist level before he acknowledged the pussy pump handle protruding from under the skirt. He lifted the hem with his teeth, then going back down to kiss up the inside of each thigh from knee to crotch, carefully licking around the edge of the device. He ignored all the warnings about over-pressurising the pussy followed by rapid removal – my swollen clit seemed to fill more of his mouth each time he repeated the whole exercise. Finally I flinched as his cock entered my cunt – he felt so big – straight in – no finesse – just slamming it in and pulling back all the way out. He rode me hard, turning so his balls smashed repeatedly into my swollen lips – he was on the edge too – I grabbed his arse and he came too. He pulled out – long stringy red-hot cum splashing against my overworked clit – easily the best sex since our honeymoon. He insisted on photographing himself pumping up my cunt each day – I wasn’t sure about posting them to a porn site, but he picked the ones not showing our faces. I cannot recommend this device more highly – it’s made us both feel like teenagers again – daily sex has never felt so good.I could hardly wait for the toy library to return next Thursday; Spike was standing outside looking gorgeous as ever. As I approached – pussy pump carried in a discrete carrier bag – she met me with a full kiss on the lips and a hand on my hip: “Hello gorgeous – how did you enjoy the pussy pump?”Her hand slipped down to rest in my crotch: “Um, can we go inside?”Her hand moved around the back propelling me up the library van steps: “Sure baby” as she slapped my arse.I explained that Hubby and I had fucked like teenagers all weekend – Dave couldn’t get enough of my swollen lips and wide open pussy.I realised we were still standing very close, talking about cumming with Hubby when she kissed me again – her perfume quite intoxicating in the confined space: “Have you ever made love to a girl?” she asked casually. I pulled away slightly to remove the pussy pump from the carrier bag – Spike checked it over, congratulating me on how clean it was, then slipped both her hands into my jeans back pockets. This time I kissed back, breasts touching, melting into her embrace: “were there any other toys you wanted to borrow today”?“Um, hubby loved my lips so much he wants to inspect the inside…Er do you have one of those specu… thingies?”“Oh you mean a speculum” replied Spike, undoing the belt of my jeans and kissing my neck “we’ve got two models – perhaps I can demonstrate”. I kicked off my pumps and jeans, standing there in a bright red thong, now slightly damp – pressing it against her hip.“Nice panties” – she slipped one hand inside, stroking my moist lips already opening up to welcome her fingers. “We have this basic plastic model – it does a perfectly good job of holding you open for an examination by your gynaecologist ‘Dave’ – here have a feel”.I played with the screw device watching the curved ‘wings’ expanding and contracting, trying to imagine what it would feel like inside my cunt , exactly where Spikes fingers were playing.“And then we have the deluxe package – this stainless steel speculum looks fabulous in the photographs; Dave gets to wear this head-mounted camera and optional cock ring and I make up the threesome dressed as a nurse. I usually find that the husband likes to watch a passionate lesbian show first, then joins in to fuck anything he can get into. The nurse’s uniform is a white latex dress, and you of course need to be naked below the waist for the examination. What do you think”? My pussy was still trembling around her fingers as we kissed: “Put the dress on for me – I want to see how it fits – Dave loves to rub against a shapely arse”.Spike was naked in a flash – close-cropped bleach-blonde hair offset by a luxuriant dark brown pubic triangle. The white latex mini-dress clung in all the right places, lowering the full-length zip exposing her full breasts into my eager hands.“Naughty girl – you have fucked women before – do you want to try this new feeldoe strap-on, it only came in yesterday – we can review it together”.She pulled off my thong and settled the girl-end into my wet cunt, twisting it back and forth to get the cock end perfectly aligned against my tummy. Spike turned, bending over –legs apart, dress riding up over her butt: “Eat me, baby – get me wet – suck my cunt – then you can push that purple b**st up me for a hot fuck”.I loved her talking dirty, so dropped to my knees between her legs, licking all around her butt hole before my tongue entered her pussy: “Filthy slut” I muttered, tasting her slick juices “you’re going to cum for me, then I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll wish you never lent me this fuckin’ dildo”. I increased the pace until her thighs started trembling, opening her wider from behind and reaching up to massage her tits: “Give me the cock” she pleaded, holding her pussy lips apart. It went in right to the hilt on the first thrust, bringing me very close too. My thighs slapped against hers, causing a deep yearning for release in my guts – I guess this is how blokes feel when they are about to ejaculate. I could feel her cunt quivering through the plastic end buried in my cunt – she obviously didn’t need much more to push her over the edge. She was so wet – all I had to do was dip one finger in the pussy juice surrounding the feeldoe and push it into her arse. She came like a train, screaming “Bitch – no one does that to me – I’m so going to fuck your arse in front of Dave, he’ll have to carry you to bed”

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