Erik’s Transformation Ch. 06

Big Tits

Many thanks to Tristansparrow and Gora for editing and improving this.


Kate obediently turned her back to them and bent over the edge of the sofa, her legs spread and feet and knees firmly on the ground. Her rounded ass was raised high and her heavy tits swayed. Erik moved Kate’s skirt up above her ass and around her waist, revealing her nakedness and her sexy panties underneath. Kate wore a skimpy pair of almost transparent red panties, cut so low that nearly a third of the crack of her shapely ass was exposed.

“Wow!” Dr. Wood said standing for some moments gazing at Kate, admiring her beautiful back, her rounded hips, her curvy ass and shapely legs. Then she walked over and stroked Kate’s bare thighs, then her lower back and tits to check her position.

“I assumed that you would choose this position,” Dr. Wood added with a smile, referring to Erik. “This is one of the most comfortable positions of all for rear entry. A large proportion of women find the rather basic and primal nature of sex from behind very appealing. For women, the psychology is of being taken, being totally possessed, and in that possession, expressing the feminine values of generation, acceptance and nurturing. It’s the best sex position for deep penetration. In this position your mommy can lean forward as far as she likes; if this lowers her pelvis, you can simply widen your stance so that you can still enter her comfortably.”

Kate only moaned and nodded. The doctor was right: she loved this position for all those reasons. In addition, it excited to her because it would feel so primal, producing a sense of being helplessly ‘taken’ by her lovely son, and it could certainly give a great deal of pleasure to her G-spot. While she thought about it, she was instinctively shaking her ass, seductively teasing Erik. He slapped her on that big, bubbly butt and began squeezing and kneading the sides of her ass.

“I love your beautiful ass, mom,” he said softly, “?nd I love when you smell like a bitch in heat!”

Kate blushed and continued shaking her ass. She loved it when her son talked dirty.

“You are right, Erik,” added Dr. Wood, “I can smell the sweet aroma of your mommy’s pussy, too. She smells like a bitch in heat, because she is really aroused. I see her panties are soaked through!”

Erik nodded. With two fingers he started slowly stroking his mother’s meaty pussy lips through her wet panties. Then his fingers wrapped around the rim of her panties and peeled them away. Kate gasped and leaned forward giving her son the perfect view of her swollen labial meat and her puckered butt-hole. Erik inhaled the rich aroma of his mother’s agitated twat, taking it deep into his lungs. He could not resist more. He had to taste her! He knelt down and eagerly shoved his tongue up inside her. His tongue felt the heat of her pussy and his mouth instantly filled with her juices.

“Oh honey,” Kate purred in delight, “that feels sooo nice! Don’t stop baby! I love it when you do that!”

Erik just licked and swallowed, breathing deep.

“You like the taste of your mom’s pussy, don’t you?” Dr. Wood asked huskily.

“Yes, her taste is amazing! And I like her warmth, her smell…” Erik mumbled and continued to lick her slowly, parting her pussy lips, working from the bottom to the top. Then he greedily buried his face in his mom’s cunt, stuck out his tongue and licked down her lips, sliding it slowly across her clitoris. He used his fingers to part her lips and looked at her clit. It was prominent and obvious, sticking out just waiting to be licked. Kate groaned loudly while he ran his tongue back over it. He went faster with his licking, closing his mouth around her pussy and burying his nose in her pussy lips.

“Oooohhh, my God!” Kate moaned, “Oh… yes, honey! Eat my pussy! Make mummy cum! Mmmm please!”

Erik licked as fast as he could. And then with one almighty groan of pleasure Kate came on his face. She bucked heavily, grinding her clit against his tongue and Erik felt a little bit of her juices squirt into his mouth. It wasn’t very much, but it was noticeable. He hungrily swallowed her sweet tasting cum, and licked his lips savoring the aftertaste.

Dr. Wood watched eagerly as Erik gazed at his mom with pleasure filled eyes.

“Oh,” she said “He is sooo good at that! Right Kate?”

“Yes… yes, he was great,” Kate moaned in ecstasy, looking at her son with a lustful, wanton smile of debauchery.

Dr. Wood came over to Erik and licked his chin and lips.

“Mmmm… very nice,” she cooed. “You are right, Erik. Your mom’s juices tasted so good!”

“Yes, it’s the best I’ve ever tasted,” Erik confirmed.

Dr. Wood nodded with a smile and slid Kate’s wet panties down her long legs. She whispered bluntly, “Erik, rub your cock across your mom’s swollen pussy lips, but don’t penetrate her, not yet!”

Erik stood up and drove his cock between his mom’s ass cheeks, guiding his length along her hot, swollen, leaking pussy. Holding it there with his thumb and forefinger, he used his hips to work it back and forth without entering, teasing bostancı escort her further.

“Is this what you want, mom?” Erik asked teasingly.

“Ohhh God, yessssss!” Kate responded. “Fuck your horny mommy, please!”

She grunted as she bucked back against him, trying to get his cock to penetrate her. But, Erik just gently pushed her forward and then lodged his cock head against the slit of her pussy. It was almost as if he had penetrated her. Her pussy was getting even wetter in anticipation: her clit swollen, her lips inflamed. Her pussy juices was all over his cock now.

“Oh mom!” he exclaimed “You are so incredibly wet!”

“Yes honey,” she replied. “I am ready for your big cock… My pussy is so tender and it needs you cock so much! Pleeease, honey, I need you inside of me! Pleeeaaase!” Kate besought her son, unsuccessfully humping her body back at him, hoping he would penetrate her.

But Dr. Wood was waiting for just this moment.

“I see that you are more than ready for him, Kate,” she said. “But before I let him fuck you, I have a few questions for you.”

“Ahhhh…yes, all right,” Kate responded impatiently.

“Did Erik satisfy your desires?”

“Ohhhh, yes, of course! I am fully satisfied!” Kate answered honestly. “I got fucked by my son like I’ve never been fucked before!”

“It means he has learned a lot, hasn’t he?”

“Yes… He has learned a lot… and quickly!”

“But he has to learn more.”

“Yes… ahhh… And I like to teach him!”

“You are a great teacher, Kate. But Erik has to learn more … he must practice with other women, too. Are you OK with this, Kate?”

“What? ” Kate said sharply. “You mean… ahhh… I think…” Kate was confused. She realized that the doctor was proposing that Erik fucks other women. She felt suddenly jealous and excited at the same time.

“It would help his self-confidence to increase.”

“I know… but… what about my needs?” Kate asked timidly.

“Do not worry, darling,” Dr. Wood said. “You will be still fucked regularly! And you will be completely satisfied, I promise you.”

“Ahhh… then OK” Kate was unable to talk while her son’s large cock-head was at the entrance to her hungry pussy. She could not wait anymore. She needed his big cock so much.

“You agree that Erik can fuck other women?” Dr. Wood asked her for confirmation again.

“Yes… I agree. Please, let him fuck me now! Pleee-ase!” Her eyes were wide open and dilated, open but not focused on anything.

“Thanks, sweetie,” Dr. Wood said.

Then she took three oversized towels out of the closet and placed them folded and stacked on top of each other on a fleece throw rug in front of Kate.

“You know,” she said, smiling, “to protect the rug! And you’ll be more comfortable down here.”

More importantly, it gave Kate a sense that it’s OK to let go and squirt or ejaculate when she had an orgasm. She hurriedly knelt on the floor on her hands and knees. She was sopping wet from pussy juice and sweat. Her pussy lips were puffy and red.

“Fuck my pussy, pleaaasssse! Oh God, Erik, I need your cock!” Kate moaned as she licked her lips and spread her legs wider, exposing her pussy to her son.

However, Dr. Wood had a surprise for her.

“As a reward for your approval for Erik to fuck other women, I intend to let him fuck you in your beautiful ass instead of your greedy pussy,” Dr. Wood said.

“What?” Kate exclaimed.

“I will let him fuck you in your beautiful ass, Kate,” Dr. Wood repeated.

“In my ass!? No! I don’t want that!” Kate shouted, was still too shocked.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Kate?”

“Yes … a couple of times. But… but…”

“Great, Kate. I’m glad you’re experienced in it. Do you like anal sex, Kate?”

“Yes, yes, I like it. But Erik is so huge! Those guys, with whom I had anal sex, had cocks about half the size of Erik’s!” Kate said worried.

“Don’t worry, darling. Your ass muscles are very elastic, so they are capable of a great deal of stretching. The more good experiences and feelings you have with it, the easier it becomes. The more thrusting you can take from your big son, the more you look forward to it. With good experience your anal nerve endings would be developed to make it more pleasurable for you. So just relax!” Dr. Wood said while she gently stroked Kate’s wet pussy and all around her asshole, getting it good and slippery. “Wow, you are so wet, darling, so you don’t need any lube!” Dr. Wood added. She could tell by the way Kate’s ass was swaying back and forth that she was ready to feel a cock inside her.

“Do you want to fuck your mom in her sweet ass, Erik?” Dr. Wood asked him.

“I don’t know… Mom, can I?”

“Yes babe, you can have any hole you want,” Kate confirmed.

Erik could not believe it. His mom had been fucked in the ass! And he, too, would soon fuck his horny mom in her sweet ass. Very, very soon!

Dr. Wood gave approval, finally. “Then fuck her, Erik! Fuck your slutty mommy in büyükçekmece escort her tight ass. She needs your big cock, so much!”

Erik placed just the head of his cock at the entrance of his mom’s puckered little rosebud and pushed.

“Ahhhhh,” Kate yelped and she winced as the first couple of inches disappeared inside her long unused asshole.

“Slowly, Erik. Let her sphincter muscles adapt to your big cock-head,” Dr. Wood gave him advice.

Erik stopped. Then he continued slowly, moving back and forth, each forward thrust going a little deeper inside his mom’s ass.

“Is she tight?” Dr. Wood asked Erik.

“Yes, mom’s asshole is so tight. It’s tighter than her pussy!”

“Be careful, Erik,” Dr. Wood said and asked Kate “You like that, don’t you, Kate?”

“Yes… yes, I love it,” Kate admitted, feeling the pleasure began to build with each of her son’s thrust inside her. “Oh, God, fuck my ass harder! Fill me with your big fucking cock,” she begged her son and her moans increased as Erik’s penetration inside her ass continued to reach new depths. Suddenly, Kate was determined to take all of him. At the same time Erik felt all the length of his cock get buried in mom’s tight ass.

“Ahhh, yes! Yes! Yes!” Kate kept repeating.

Erik was thrusting fast and hard and Kate suddenly had a huge orgasm that took her by surprise.

Dr. Wood noticed that and said, “Don’t stop Erik! Your slutty mom just orgasmed! Fuck her, fuck her ass hard and deep!”

Erik did what Dr. Wood said and kept fucking his mom like a jackhammer. Dr. Wood looked down at Kate’s pussy and saw it was swollen, with some of her juices leaking out. With one hand she started rubbing her clit and pussy lips, and grabbed her heavy breasts with her other hand. When she did that, Kate had another orgasm! But this time she started squirting like a fountain and her juices flooded all over Erik.

It was too much for him. He wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. “Fuck mom, I’m going to cum!” he screamed out and he came right then and there.

“Ahhh… yes honey! Fill my ass! Ahhh… mommy likes it!” Kate moaned contently. As soon as she felt his cum in her asshole, she had another orgasm. Erik felt her ass tighten as she came, and some of her juices got on his crotch again. That was the hardest she had come. She lost her voice, her mouth was open, but she made no sounds. Erik collapsed on top of her. After several minutes, he reluctantly pulled out of her perfect ass and fell back on the sofa.

Kate didn’t move at first, as she was still recovering from such intense pleasure. Erik and Dr. Wood got a perfect view of her gaping, just fucked ass. Erik’s cum leaking out in a slow thin drip.

“Fuck, that was good,” Dr. Wood said enthusiastically.

“Yes, that was amazing,” Erik said while panting. “You’re my bitch, mom. And I love you!” he added.

“I love you, too, honey! That was soooo… good! Those orgasms were very deep inside my belly… it spread all over my inner thighs and up to my chest. Ah, they sent thick waves splashing against all my insides!” Kate was struggling through her panting to describe the pleasure of the climaxes her son had given her. She was exhausted from the intense orgasms she had just experienced. She lay cuddled on the floor and looked absolutely beautiful. Her face was radiant, and her hot body was covered in sweat.

“Wow, Kate! You were marvelous! I’m glad you so enjoyed getting fucked in the ass. What a hot, nasty girl you are! There is nothing sexier than a woman who is sexual and knows it and isn’t afraid to be sexual. Both of you impressed me with your performance,” Dr. Wood couldn’t hide her delight.

There was silence for the next few minutes. Then Dr. Wood stood up and spoke in an official voice: “Congratulations! Based on what I heard and especially what I saw, I can say that you two have made a great progress in your relationships. You had sex very often, in various poses, in various places. I can see that your hard work and the teaching of your son are both productive, and Erik has learned a lot. Kate, once again, I am very glad that you agreed to help Erik to increase his self-confidence!”

Kate lay still on the floor and wet towels, blinking happily, loath to move. She nodded and blushed a little, “I’m very happy for the great progress that my son is making. I spent all this time teaching him everything I know… “

“I know,” Dr. Wood smiled, “Erik is a lucky boy because he got to learn a lot from his horny mother. Erik, you have to be grateful that your mom has been so helpful to you.”

“Of course, I am grateful to my mom for a lot. I strive to be the best possible… And I did my best,” Erik said.

“Yes, that you did.” Dr. Wood confirmed. “Kate, you have to admit that Erik was very good and afforded you many, many beautiful and powerful orgasms.”

“Yes, I admit,” Kate said, blushing, “I have to be honest… The sex with Erik was so amazing! Ever since he fucked me the first time my libido has suddenly been in overdrive. The çekmeköy escort more sex I have, the more sex I wanted.”

“I see, you are addicted to his big cock! Our young stud sparked the big flame of lust in you. And since then, you’ve been constantly in a state of arousal. But, I think he has only revealed your true nature, darling. And… obviously, both of you are insatiable!” Dr. Wood whispered and continued, “However, we need to talk about the next phase, about Erik fucking other women.”

Dr. Wood paused and glanced at Erik and his mom. Erik was waiting for it eagerly. The thought of fucking another woman besides his mom made him very excited. But Kate was not sure if she was comfortable with Erik fucking other women. Dr. Wood noticed this, too.

“Do you agree with it, Kate?” Dr. Wood asked her softly.

“Yes, but I am slightly disturbed… I’m not sure… these women…I don’t want Erik to catch anything.”

“Ooohhh darling, don’t worry!” Dr. Wood said, relieved when she realized that Kate was not truly jealous. “The good thing is that they’ve all got medical checks and have got no STD’s.”

Kate nodded and Dr. Wood continued.

“I have a number of women a little younger or older than you, who also come to see me with their sexual problems. Would you like to help me in selecting the women for your son?”

“Yes, of course!” Kate said. Now it was clear that it excited her.

“I have a question, Kate. Err… how do I say this… The selection of the right woman for Erik would be easier for me… if I checked him… You understand?” Dr. Wood tried to explain. Her voice became official sounding again, but Kate could see a sparkle in the good doctor’s eyes.

“You want Erik to fuck you first,” Kate asked bluntly. She was instantly turned on by the thought of watching her son fuck the doctor.

“Yes…if you agree. I need to know how quickly he adjusts to another woman… so I know what kind of woman he needs… older, younger, more experienced, voluptuous… “

“Sure! I understand it, Dr. Wood,” Kate said brightly. “In this way you’ll be able to choose a woman for him more easily.

She now turned to her son and softly asked: “Erik, would you like to fuck Dr. Wood?” Kate asked softly.

Erik couldn’t quite believe his ears. His mom had jus offered him to fuck their doctor, right now. He accepted enthusiastically. “Yes, yes, of course!”

“OK, I’m glad that we both agree,” Dr. Wood said happily, meeting his eyes. Then she continued in her official voice. “Please Erik, go to the bathroom and wash your beautiful cock.”

Shortly after Erik returned, Dr. Wood said. “I want you to show me everything you’ve learned. At first, be gentle, do it slowly, and then fuck me harder and harder.”

Erik nodded. He was scared, excited, and nervous as hell, all at the same time. Then Dr. Wood started to undress slowly. Although she tried to look serious and professional, Kate noticed that the doctor’s body was twitching in anticipation. Eric’s cock jumped as he watched Dr. Wood’s clothing fall to the floor, piece by piece. The doctor unhooked her bra and slowly peeled it off, revealing her bare rounded breasts. Her breasts were also fairly large, but compared to his mom they were somewhat smaller and saggier. Her stomach had a little weight. Then Dr. Wood took off her panties. Her ass was very big. When she turned around Erik could see the most attractive and amazing part of her body: the big, thick, dark area between her legs. Unlike his mom, Dr. Wood’s pussy was covered in thick, curly, black hair that reached about 2/3rd of the way to her hips on both sides.

Dr. Wood noticed that he was staring at her pussy with great attention. “Erik, you must know, each pussy is different with every single female based on thickness, colour, curly or straight haired, length, size, smell and covered area.”

“Yes honey, each pussy is different. Dr. Wood has got a really nice thick bush of pussy hair! Enjoy it,” Kate confirmed and added, “And don’t forget to check if Dr. Wood’s pussy is ready.”

Erik nodded as his hand was going down to the doctor’s vagina. He slowly massaged her hairy cunt preparing her. He had never felt a hairy pussy before, so he was surprised at how soft, warm and wet it felt. By now, her pussy was completely soaked and he could smell the musky scent of her pussy juice. He loved to fuck his mom, but the smell of Dr. Wood’s moist pussy unleashed Erik’s animal instinct. It awakened in him something new. It was a strong desire for other women. He gently pushed Dr. Wood down and she obediently lay back on the towels and peered up at him. Erik got on the floor between Dr. Wood’s legs and Kate watched as Erik kissed and licked the doctor’s neck, breasts and tummy. He was attentive and patient with the doctor and his mom was so proud of him. Then he began licking Dr. Wood’s pussy and her nice hard clit.

“Ohhh mmmm I’ve waited a long time for this. Please Erik, suck me and eat me the way you want to and show me how good you are!” Dr. Wood moaned appreciatively.

Erik licked her slowly and firmly. He plunged his tongue into her wet pussy and then thrust in and out like it’s a cock. Dr. Wood moaned in ecstasy, thrusting her crotch toward his mouth. Then he slid two fingers in and started massaging her G-spot, and slowly started to lick her clit up and down, then side to side, then round and round. It was incredible and made her so damned horny.

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