Erotic Interview

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Erotic Interviewdeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedthis is Pavi I am 25 years young housewife. I was searching a job desperately due to family problems. I saw a ad in local newspaper and then decided to go there. It was small office located in outskirts of town. Timing declared was 10 am to 5 pm. But it was very rush as many freshers were there in job hope. So when I reached there after finishing my house work around 2 pm, it was around 50 people awaiting the interview. I registered my name with the person there and waited for my turn. At around 4 pm they declared that candidates after 2 pm should come tomorrow. I was not sure whether to wait or come later. I asked their person and he said yours is last number in the list. I felt sighed as I didn’t want to come again next day. Around 6 pm last person left the office. Now there was nobody in office. Not even at reception also. I got call from cabin to come for interview. when I entered inside cabin, I saw 2 personnel sitting in luxury chairs. They were just chitchatting with each other for about 10 minutes without looking at me. But they must have glanced at me. Then finally they called me to sit. One of them was in 50s age and second was in 40s age. They asked me to show my documents. I handed over my file to them and they just went through it. Now they introduced themselves as Rajesh, younger and Mahesh, elder person. They were part of management. They asked me few questions and then Mahesh asked me straight question “Dear madam, why we should select you? What’s with you which can attract the job?” I was not prepared for the question. I was silent for few seconds. Rajesh also repeated the same question. I spoke “I am good in qualification, had some experience in similar field etc.” In confusion I told them I can meet their requirements. I actually wanted to say that I meet their job requirements. with my sentence, they were amazed, their eyes sparked, they looked each other and smiled. i also got my mistake. But it was late. I remained silent. Rajesh broke the silence “In which way you can meet our requirements?” By that time I noticed that Mahesh was opening his coat. He removed his coat and kept on table. I still remained silent. Now rajesh got up from chair and came closer to me. Now Mahesh said “Do you understand our requirements? Can you satisfy us?” He was silent but firm. It was my turn to be amazed. I started understanding what these men wanted to be satisfied. I was in dilemma. I wanted to see to what extent these people can go down and what exactly they want. I asked them “You tell me sir, what are your requirements which I can satisfy? I will be happy if it is possible to me.” Mahesh said “See there are many candidates for the post. You know its only single post. so we want to decide whom to select. Since its last candidate now, we are in selection process. So please tell us how we can select you as a candidate and what you can offer us in the return” He was straight. But what I can offer them? Whether they wanted money, kind or something else. I was again silent. Rajesh came near me, stood behind me and said “What’s your age, madam?” I told them that I am 28 yrs. He said “At this age, what we people can expect from you? How is your financial condition?” I told them that I wanted job just because the condition was not good. Then he again asked me “Do you have any reference who can say positive about you or knowing us / we know them? I knoded no by neck only. Then Mahesh asked me “What you can offer us? Pl tell us quick so that we can decide. Pl don’t waste the time.” I told “I just cant get what I can give you. If you have any idea or expectation, pl tell me openly. If it is possible, I will else no” Mahesh again asked me “When was your last monthly period?” I was shocked by the question. Why these people want my personal information which nobody asks me. In reluctance, I said it was in last week only. I was thinking why these people are interested in my biological / genital information? I felt Rajesh’s hand on my shoulder. He just kept it there and then in few seconds started caressing my shoulder. It was total silence there. I was looking at Mahesh. He also got up and came closer. He stood to the left of me and then leaned forward. He took a sigh, and then kissed my cheeks. Before I could resist him his lips met mine and we started kissing. He was passionate and bite my lips in heat. I felt rajesh hands coming from my shoulder and rested his palms on my boobs. He also started caressing them. I was rush sexually from both these men. bursa escort Slowly Mahesh came closer and then bent down and we started kissing more intimately and passionately. I closed my eyes and allowed them whatever they wanted to do. They got this signal and advanced further. Rajesh started playing with my clothes. For the interview, I had worn nice dress with Cotton pink color top with matcing odhani and salwar. It was nice dress with rich feel for both, who wears and who touches also. My odhani was already dropped by mahesh who was still busy kissing my lips. I was responding him and allowing him to suck my tounge also. Our tongues were darting with each other, saliva mixed and lips totally locked. Rajesh was busy with kissing my neckline. His hands freely roaming on my breasts over the dress and started crushing them over the top. He had parted my dress little bit on shoulder such that he can see my bra and kiss bare shoulders. I had worn nice red color bra with little bit lace & net on it. He simply put his hands inside my brassiere and his palms rested on my bare breasts. I shivered with his touch and got great sensation inside the stomach. I was there for the interview and these men were taking my INNER VIEW ! I was frenzy with his touch. I tried to remove my lips from Mahesh but in vain. I sighed silently. My breath started increasing. Meantime Rajesh had tugged my bra strip and moved it down the shoulder. It gave him further access to my boobs and simultaneously kissing my bare shoulder. Mahesh was still french kissing me and his hands were searching my top. He lifted the top from bottom line and then inserted his hands inside the dress gently. he started caressing my stomach and then gradually moved upwards. He reached finally upto my chest. Rajesh was busy pressing my boobs inside bra and now Mahesh had his hands cupping my boobs over bra from bottom. My both boobs were under immense treat from all four hands over and below the bra. I wanted to kiss the other fellow from behind and finally Mahesh separated his lips from mine. I turned my face and Rajesh without any delay bent down and we started kissing intimately. As Mahesh was separated by face, he got attention towards my bare stomach being exposed through lifting of my dress. He further raised my pink color dress and then started licking my bare stomach. Mine is not great but good homely figure and also little curves on stomach makes it sexy and attractive. He was licking my stomach curves very sexy way. It started licking the curve from outside to inside towards my belly, then some time on middle portion then again from other side of the stomach same way. It was making waves inside my stomach. I started pressing his head on my stomach and making him to lick further. He was also in the mood and licked all my stomach curve by curve and inch by inch. Rajesh still kissing me from behind and now rested his hands such way that he can crush my boobs one by one and also kiss comfortably. Mahesh hands were busy fondling the boobs as spared by Rajesh. Hence both boobs were busy ! I wanted Mahesh now to lick my belly. But they both were enjoying their way. One kissing my lips, sucking the tongue and pressing the breasts and the other licking the stomach and fondling the breasts over bra. Soon their hands started interrupting each other as both were playing the boobs in different directions and situations. Mahesh lifted the bra upwards and then his hands also touched my bare boobs. Dono kabutar ab free ho rahe the. As bra strap also removed from shoulder, bra was upward easily. Now they got nipples also to rub and crush. They both started playing the boobs once again. All of us mouth busy and hands also busy. My one hand was pressing Mahesh head on stomach and waist and other hand busy supporting Rajesh head for easy kissing. Rajesh just exchanged the side for kissing and I changed my hands for supporting them. Mahesh go clear access to my boobs from below and now he started advancing with licking and kissing. My dress very much disturbed by now. It was moved from shoulder, raised from bottom and almost like removed as my both breasts were uncovered from bra. All of us were feeling like my dress to be removed, but all of us were busy with hands and mouth. Hence we continued the same for some time. Mahesh started playing with tounge on my boobs one by one. I was feeling strong waves in my body. I was waiting his tounge on my nipple. After few seconds I fed him my nipple and he readily started licking and sucking it. But my dress was falling bursa escort bayan on the boob and he had to adjust it several times during sucking. He stopped sucking and waited Rajesh to stop. Then I adjusted my clothes and then Mahesh raised the top dress up and Rajesh from behind pulled it up. In few seconds it was removed ! Now Rajesh unhooked bra hook and Mahesh pulled my bra which was already loosened by them. Hence I was topless now. My INNERVIEW started now !!! They took me on nearby sofa where we sat comfortably. My both breasts were hanging like big but neatly shaped melons as big treat for them. Both sat side by side and I was sandwitched between them. Mahesh took my left nipple in mouth and started chewing, kneading, fondling it and sucking it gradually. My boob also getting treatment like pressing, crushing, fondling, kissing etc. Rajesh also took my right nipple in mouth and started darting with it. He also started caressing my bare stomach which he had not roamed so far.After some time, he untied my salwar string and then lowered it further so that he can reach my belly and started caressing it. he inserted his fingers in the belly and I sighed “OOOOhhhhh SSSHHHhhhSSSSShh” My hands were caressing their heads respectively and making them suck and lick my hot body. All of us were enjoying the session. Nobody was talking but every one was enjoying ! Soon Mahesh came down to my legs ad thighs. he was still pinching my nipples which I like very much. By other hand he started moving my salwar down. In heat of passion, I also adjusted myself so that he can pull down my salwar down further. Meantime Rajesh put his lips on mine and we started french kissing again. Mahesh pulled my salwar entirely down. But he didn’t removed it completely. he started kissing my legs, then licking my knees, then slowly licking my inner thighs and then upper part of thighs. He slid his fingers in between inner thighs ans slowly started caressing them. My inner thighs could not be much separated as still salwar was there and I was enjoying that. It was making pressure in thighs and feel of his hands immensely. Rajesh was pressing and crushing both my boobs with his both hands. His teeth also biting my lips gently and I was sighing in silence. These all acts had made my pussy wet and its juices started flowing inside my panty. Mahesh was feeling it perhaps as his hands were in my pubic area only. He must have smelled also pussy juices’ typical smell. Now he parted my legs and removed my salwar completely and therw it off on floor. Now the only garment on my body protecting my lajja was the panty. He smelled my panty and planted several kisses on it. I was feeling butterflies in stomach. My hand was pressing his head firmly to kiss and suck that area. He got the signal that I am enjoying and surrendered to them completely. He smiled and pulled my panty down to thighs, knee level and finally threw it off on floor with my salwar. Now they again adjusted their poses. They asked me to lay down on sofa such that my head will come close to one of its corner. Rajesh spread my legs and came in between them Mahesh came closer to my head and started kissing my fore head, eyes and then finally lips from upper behind side. After some kissing he stood up, lowered his pant and underwear and asked me to give him hand blow job. My left hand started caressing and stroking his lund slowly while his hands busy with my tits and aeroles and we started kissing again. Rajesh was meantime roaming his fingers near my pubic area and thighs. He also might have removed his tool but i couldnt see it as he was oppsite to me and Mahesh kissing me. Rajesh planted gentl kiss on my pussy and I felt butterflies again. In reaction I pressed his head on my pubic area. Now I wanted full fun with these two hot men. He parted my pussy lips and darted with his tounge. his tounge slowly started magic and my clitoris was getting royal treat. I started stroking Mahesh lund which was very hard now. He stopped kissing me and stood up giving his lund in my mouth and i readily accepted it. I was very much aroused and passionate that I was totally nude in front of two total strangers and giving blow job to each other ! He was still fondling my boobs with his lund getting treat with my tounge. His salty pre cum juices mixed with my saliva and made his lund rock hard and stiffened and started stroking my mouth. Meantime Rajesh has almost inserted his full tongue deep inside my chut and made it very wet and excited. He was also kneading one of my soft boob escort bursa and pressing my hard gaand with other hand. We all were enjoying pre sex fun. My body was highly charged and wanted quick action. But I had to wait. After some time, Mahesh went for stroking my pussy with fingers and Rajesh sat on my chest and pushed his lund in my mouth. He hurriedly started pushing it deeper. I signalled him to stop. He was surprised and might thought that I dont want to suck him after sucking Mahesh. I took his lund in one hand and strated stroking it up n down and with other hand started playing his balls. Then I started licking his balls with tounge and started sucking his balls with lips around it. He sighed “AAhhhhh”. In reply he pulled one of my tit hardly and I sighed “Ssssshhhhh’ Then I took his lund in mouth and started nibbling it. Meantime Mahesh inserted finger in my chut and started playing it. It was very wet and readily reached deep inside near G spot. I got deep orgasm with one stroking my cunt with finger and pressing the boobs alternatell and one stroking my mouth. Sounds from wet cunt stroking were coming. After some time both stopped. We all rested a while and then took different posture. Rajesh lied on bed and asked to sit on his lund and took inside my pussy. I was facing him such that he could play with my breasts easily. Mahesh stood up and inserted his lund in my mouth. Both the lunds started humping my both holes at a time. They were pressing my boobs and gaand vigorously. We all got rhythm to fuck. First came Mahesh in my mouth with jets after jets of hot salty cum spread in my mouth. He didnt took his lund out and still asked me to suck it so that the last drop out of it went in my throat. As I ahd no option i drunk all the cum. Rajesh now increased his speed and then he came in my juicy pussy. He burst deep inside the chut and fired his hot semen. I realized that in the heat of sex we forgot to take condom at all ! I collapsed down on him and he took me in his arms and kissed me gently. He signaled Mahesh that it was great fucking for him. Now after freshing we again resumed. Now Mahesh took me doggy style and Rajesh inserted his lund from front side. They interchanged their poses after some time. After some time they made me lie down and spread my legs apart. They alternately fucked me for at least half an hour. Mahesh inserted his lund deep inside the pussy and then took my legs on his shoulders and started pumping. It was quite paining but he continued fucking mercilessly. Rajesh inserted again his lund in mouth. He was crushing my soft boobs heavily. Mahesh was patting my butts and gaand while stroking deep inside pussy. It was deep penetration and giving me heavy orgasm. His long cock was totally inside my chut and his balls striking my pussy walls such that they will also enter my pussy. I was rubbing my clit in anticipation and excitement. After fe more strokes he increased the speed further and then finally he came. He once again fired his hot cum but this time in my arching chut. We both had good orgasm. Immediately Rajesh came in my thighs and inserted his tool in my wet chut. In single sroke it went inside completely. Now he started pumping me. We were making noise like AAaaaaa…hhhh…. sssss….hhhhhh Mahesh started pinching one of my nipple and chewing the other. After some time he also came in me and with great bang. He was firing his jets for around one minute one after one. My chut was overflowing their and mine juices. Now they sighed looking at me. Their lunds were dripping with droplets of cum and my juices. As they stood up and going to bathroom, I called them to stop. They were surprised and turned back. I sat on sofa and asked them to come closer. I took both lund in hands and then cleaned both lunds with my tounge, I sucked all the cum on their lunds and made them very clean, as if they have never fucked any pussy. They were very much pleased by the act and started caressing my hairs, bare back etc. After freshing they again came back. I was still nude sitting. They both laughed looking at me. Mahesh took pen and one paper and came on sofa. he asked me to sit on his lap. He told me to sign the paper without looking at it and then pressed his lips against mine. Rajesh started fondling both my boobs which were red by all the acts. I started feeling hot again. After 5 minutes or so they got up and adjuted their clothes and asked me to do so. Then he told me that this is your Appointment letter. You pleased so much that we are giving you more salary against prescribed in job ad. Also take this as bonus for today’s pleasure and he gave me few Rs. 500/- notes. I was very happy by money as well as job offer. They left me in their car near my house and thus i got the job.

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