Erotic Sociology Pt. 02

Big Dicks

It’s been a month since our first encounter. I have Sociology with Miss. Scott once a week and in this time frame we have gotten pretty close. At least twice a week after our classes, we wait until all the students leave and then Miss. Scott drives me home…more like drives me wild. Before we get to my house we usually make a pit stop at her place. She lives alone in the cutest little house. It is decorated so sophisticated, which makes it even hotter. I like going to her place because I live with my best friend so we can’t really get “alone” time. Since teachers being with their students is highly against the rules, I tell my best friend I have a boyfriend and that is where I am spending most of my time. If she only knew…

In honor of it being our “one month” anniversary of the first time we fucked, we have a special evening planned. I am currently in Sociology and she has been hinting at it the whole time in class. The sexual tension is crazy. I just want to have my way with her right now.

“Let’s go over Butler’s concepts of gender performativity” Miss. Scott announced. “For Butler, gender and the roles associated with one’s gender are scripted. People are the actors that make these scripts reality through their performance. Are there any examples of gender performativity that you guys can think of?” Miss. Scott asked.

The class was silent. I was completely lost and I guess so was the rest of the class.

“Okay” Miss. Scott giggled. “Let me give you an example that you might understand. Umm… Think of when you are being intimate with someone.” She winked at me. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I was sure thinking of being intimate with someone…her.

“Sexual intercourse is scripted and designed around male pleasure”, Miss. Scott continued as she walked around the room. “When you think about it, relations that are pleasurable for the woman are seen as “foreplay” while intercourse itself, where very little women orgasm, is seen as a “homerun”. This is because gender performativity reflects patriarchal ideals. Make sense…?” Miss. Scott asked.

The class nodded. Damn. She is a good teacher and listening to her heels clank on the ground as she walked around the class was so sexy. Her legs look so toned in her stockings. I just want to take them off and show her how sexy I think she is. She wore my favourite skirt on her just to tease me I know it. It was a black skirt that showed off her gorgeous ass. It was so skin tight. I knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The thought made me think of the first time we fucked, feeling her in all her wetness. Mmmm.

One o’clock hit and I knew class was nearing its end. “Okay class, just so you guys can understand Butler’s concepts further I am assigning a discussion question.” Miss. Scott shared with the class.

“Aww” The class moaned.

“Don’t worry guys, its short! istanbul escort Honest! Just give a one paragraph response due online by Friday”, Miss. Scott explained. “I don’t have the question formulated yet but it will be something to the effect of describing how Butler’s performativity has played a role in your life.” She added. “See you next week!”

We waited until the class left then I approached her at her desk. “Well that class was torture!” I noted. “Thanks for hinting at sex the whole time. I am soaked”.

“It was my pleasure Christina.” Miss. Scott teased. Her voice sounding so sexy. I gave her a peck on the lips. Man, she is so hot and in just a few hours she would be mine.

She gave me the keys to her car and I left class. “Stealth mode activated!” I joked as I walked out of class. I was going to sit in the car and wait for her so no one would see us leave together.

Miss. Scott waited a few minutes and then followed me to her car. We drove to her place which was about 15 minutes away from the university.

“I am so excited!” Miss. Scott announced. “I have something planned for us.”

Just then she reached her hand up my thigh and under my dress. I always wore dresses and no panties around her, easy access.

“Ou!” I gasped, not expecting what was happening. She began to feel me. By now I was drenched and so horny. “I can feel how turned on you are for me. Your clit is throbbing.” Miss. Scott declared.

“Oh Miss. Scott. While you are driving…You are so naughty.” I teased.

She moved her fingers and inserted them into my pussy. She thrusted her hand in and out.

“Oh yeah…Oh my…ahhh…That feels so good!” I moaned breathlessly.

She kept going. I could feel my wetness on her fingers. They were effortlessly sliding in and out of my pussy. “I…don’t…know…how…oh fuck…you are concentrating…on the road.” I cried.

“Christina, you are just lucky we are almost at my place. I want to throw you on the bed and fuck you!” Miss. Scott exclaimed.

She took her hand out of my slick pussy and began to rub my clit in circles.

“Ohh yeah…” I moaned.

She began to go faster and faster. I felt my body trembling and on the brink of orgasm.

She removed her hand off of my clit just as we pulled into the driveway.

“Oh come on!” I pleaded.

“Well, I can’t have you orgasm yet. That was just to get you hot and ready for me.” Miss. Scott teased and she turned off the car and licked my wetness off of her fingers. Mmmm. Now that was hot to watch.

We walked inside and I noticed that the table was set. It looked so romantic.

“I had dinner cooking in the crock pot while we were in class. I hope you are hungry” said Miss. Scott.

“I’m hungry all right I just had something else in mind if you know what I mean” I joked.

“Get your bahçeşehir escort mind out of the gutter Christina! We are having roasted chicken and potatoes for dinner.” She laughed.

“That sounds delicious… But I get to choose dessert.” I joked. “I mean you left me all hot and bothered. It is simply not fair.”

Miss. Scott served dinner and we sat down. She poured some pinot grigio into our wine glasses and we cheered to our “one month fuck” anniversary.

We began to eat and dinner was delicious. Miss. Scott is a great cook. It was hard to enjoy it fully though because all I could think about was my aching wet pussy that needed her touch. She had me on the brink of orgasm in the car and I intended to get my happy ending. After the longest sexually frustrated hour of my life we finished eating. I helped her clear our plates then we went upstairs to her bedroom. When we went upstairs I was completely shocked at what I saw. Miss. Scott had turned her bedroom into a sexual experience. A bedroom that was neat, tidy and sophisticated was turned into a sex pad. I loved it. There was a wall full of mirrors which I thought was hot because I love looking at her ass while we fuck. Beside the bed which usually occupied her alarm clock and lamp now occupied a vibrator, a strap on and whip cream.

“Okay! This was definitely worth the wait.” I said excitedly.

Miss. Scott moved towards me and began to kiss me. She put her lips on mine and inserted her tongue just enough.

“Mmmm…” I moaned.

As we continued kissing I got even more turned on and I could tell Miss. Scott was too. She began using more tongue and we started kissing rougher. She unzipped my dress and I slipped out of it. Just as I was standing there in just my bra she threw me on the bed. She took off my bra and pulled out the vibrator. I moved up further on the bed as she undressed herself and got on top of me.

“Your skin is so soft and warm.” I said breathless feeling her skin caressing mine.

She then put the vibrator on my clit and began moving it in circles.

“Damn…oh…my!” I moaned.

That “close to orgasm” feeling I felt in the car earlier was very much present. The vibration pulsed through my body. My pussy soaked and my clit very erect.

“Oh Christina! You are drenched…It’s so fucking sexy.” Miss. Scott announced in her sultry voice.

“Ohh… Ohhh…” I screamed. I can feel the tension building. This is going to be an amazing orgasm.

“Fuck…Miss. Scott…” I said breathlessly. The pressure was so intense I grabbed onto the sheets. I was squirming like crazy.

“”Ohhh…ahhh…” My hand moved towards my breasts. They were sticky from the sweat building up for an orgasm creates but I squeezed them while I climaxed.

“Oh yeah…oh yeah…fuck…fuck…ahhhh!!” I screamed bakırköy escort while my body was trembling. I arched my back and dug my feet into the bed as I had a very intense orgasm. All that build up was finally being released.

Miss. Scott removed the vibrator from my clit and began to kiss all the way up from my stomach to my breasts. She sucked on my nipples biting them every so often.

“Mmm…that feels so good!” I added excitedly.

I felt her tongue move fast across my nipples. “Oh yeah…” I moaned. At this point I was so horny my nipples were hard.

Miss. Scott got off me and I quickly pinned her down on the bed. My very wet pussy was now hovering over top of hers. I began to kiss her neck and moved down to her breasts. I grabbed the whip cream and poured it on her nipples.

“Ou!” Miss. Scott moaned. “That’s cold…ohhhh… ahhh…mmmm.” Miss. Scott’s concentration shifted as I began licking the whip cream off, sucking her hard nipples while I teased her with my tongue.

I got up to put the whip cream away and grabbed the harness for the strap on. I attached it to my waist and got back on top of Miss. Scott. I inserted it into her pussy which was easy since she was already so slick for me. Her pussy was so soaked it absorbed the dildo right away. Once it was inside her I began to thrust my body.

“Oh yeah…Oh Christina baby… fuck me!” Miss. Scott cried.

So I did. I kept thrusting getting faster and faster. It was so hot. Her breasts were moving with each thrust and her body was trembling.

“Faster baby…faster!” She screamed.

At this point I had a good rhythm going and Miss. Scott was loving it.

“Oh fuck Miss. Scott that is so hot.” I added.

I pulled out the dildo and moved my mouth towards her pussy. She was glistening from the work out of being fucked. Her pussy was drenched and I knew she was almost ready. I began to tease her clit and kissed it with my mouth.

“Mmmmm” She moaned. “I can’t take it Christina… make me orgasm.”

I moved my tongue over her clit and she gasped.

“Oh baby… I’m ready!” Miss. Scott screamed.

I moved my tongue inside her and moved it in and out.

“You taste so sweet…so warm…mmmm.” I teased.

“Make me come Christina…please…please…my body is aching.” She added.

So I did. I put my tongue to her clit and moved it around feeling her body tremble around me. She came almost instantly.

“Oh fuck…fuck…fuck…yeah baby… yeah…I’m coming!” Miss. Scott cried out as she climaxed.

After she was finished I laid beside her and we just cuddled. She was still out of breath. I am more of a giver than a receiver so watching her come was the highlight of my night. It was so hot watching her let completely loose around me.

This was only our “one month fuckaversary.” I can’t wait to see what is in store for “fuckaversaries” to come. All I knew was that what started out as just fucking the teacher has turned into something more…something better. And that something was worth sticking around for. I was starting to fall for this woman…my teacher Miss. Scott.

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