Escape Room for Jocks Pt. 05


The doors of both rooms opened and all 4 guys stepped into the new room. When they noticed the presence of each other, their eyes met immediately.

The first thing that they noticed, was that nothing stood in between them, no windows, no fences, no bars, they could come over to each other. The magnetism on their wristbands deactivated, allowing the guys to move their arms around again.

“Hey, guys!” Jake shouted as he ran towards Valentine and Cody, followed by Andy.

“Hey!” Valentine shouted back in response while Cody and he opened their arms.

Jake gave Cody a tight bro hug, Andy did the same with Valentine, being happy that they were all okay. When the excitement reduced the guys pulled back, blushed, and chuckled uncomfortably when they noticed they were still naked and very much aroused.

“Hah! We’re in the lead!” Cody said cockily when he saw the numbers ‘0253’ on Jake’s collar.

“Yeah, pfft, barley!” Jake said in defense while he saw the ‘0264’ on Cody’s collar.

“Hey, those points were hard-earned! We had to…suck on some weird strapons on mannequins to get out of the room!” Valentine said, standing tall and with his arms crossed, surprisingly proud of their achievement.

“We had to suck on some fake dicks to earn these points too you know!” Andy said back, defending their side.

The guys were catching up and argued with each other for a couple of moments longer. After a minute or so, everybody kept quiet and took their time to look around the room that they were in.

The room was very large, easily 10 by 12 meters and 6 meters high. The room was lit up by some lights high up in the ceiling, covering the room in a yellowish-red glow. There were 2 exits on the other side of the room, both strong-looking steel doors, like the ones they had encountered before. The room was empty, except for some heating pipes and cameras hanging in the corners.

The guys walked slowly across the room and looked around. There were some sideways in this room. 2 large cage doors were on the right side of the room and 2 similar doors on the left side. Both of the sideways seemed to lead to some narrow alleyway. There was not much light behind the doors, but the guys could see a fence in the middle of the alleyway, separating it in 2.

The guys looked up and saw a pathway above them, reaching from the right side of the room to the left side. Thick fences surrounded the pathway above them and one fence in the middle of the path was to be seen, cutting the pathway in two. The guys figured out that if they would go in one of these doors, they would come out on the other side, though it was unclear what the purpose of the sideways was.

In between the 2 exit doors hanged a large TV screen that was still turned off. Underneath the TV screen, there was a large white hospital curtain on a rail, covering an area of 2 meters in length and 3 in width.

The guys looked questioning to each other, no one seemed to have a clue of what the purpose of this room was. As expected, the sound of the microphone being activated was to be heard, and the distorted voice spoke.

“Congratulations on both teams for getting out of the first room! We trust it was to your liking!” the voice said. The 4 guys blushed and tried to avoid eye contact with each other, still a little ashamed, although they all went through a similar experience.

“Now before we begin, we want to show you something, please turn your attention to the TV screen.” the voice said.

The guys complied and watched at the screen that was being activated. There was some static for a few seconds, but after that, they could see a video from a film camera. Whoever made this video, was outside and seemed to walk next to some bushes and behind a fence somewhere. “This seems…familiar” Jake spoke when the video was rolling a couple of seconds.

The camera turned around a corner of a small building and the guys recognized the football fields of Bradford College, the home of the Blue Buffalo’s.

“That’s our School!” Andy said shocked and surprised while not getting his eyes off from the screen.

On the screen, 4 people came into view. 4 jocks hanging out and chatting together, all 4 of them wore a training suit. 2 seemed to be from the Blue Buffalo’s and 2 from the Red Tigers. The guys gasped when they realized it was THEM being filmed. This seemed to be a couple of days before the match between their teams.

“Okay, Cody your turn!” Andy said on the TV screen, leaning against a wall with his hands in his pockets, looking at Cody who sat on the grass. “Would you rather… kiss Allison on the lips…or inhale the musk of a skunk?” Andy asked.

The guys on the screen laughed and made disgusted noises. “How long am I supposed to kiss her?” Cody chuckled.

“30 seconds,” Andy replied.

“Well…I choose Allison…after cleaning her teeth with a steel brush.” Cody replied and the guys chuckled.

“You need more than just a steel brush!” Valentine laughed.

“Right, escort izmit Jake how about you?” Cody began, looking at Jake standing confident in front of him. “Would you rather…perform oral sex on Mrs. Smith we had in 6th grade…or take a dick up the ass?” Cody asked with a smirk on his face.

Jake laughed out loud, “That’s an easy one! Give Mrs. Smith the oral sex!” he said.

Everybody laughed and made an ‘eeeww!’ sound. “Really? you could smell her from a mile away!” Andy chuckled.

Jake nodded, “Still better than the alternative man, no way, no way in hell! Am I taking a dick up my ass!” Jake spoke loudly and the guys laughed.

At that moment the TV screen shut off and the guys in the room looked at each other. Their looks were both puzzled, frightened, and uncertain.

“Now then…let’s see how well you guys can keep to your principals.” the voice said in a darkly amused tone. At that moment, the curtain underneath the TV screen opened, revealing what was behind it.

The guys gasped and looked with open mouths and terrified eyes what the curtain had revealed. 2 identical devices stood in front of them: a large, metal cross frame, facing the ceiling, somebody could be strapped in a spread eagle on it. The legs of the frame were elevated a bit higher than the arms, exposing the butthole of the person who would be placed inside. A large metal wheel was attached vertically in the middle and ran over and under the frame. With two short and thin metal bars that held the wheel in place. It looked like some fucked up, monowheel motorcycle. But the scariest part was on the inside.

On the inside of the wheel were many different dildos attached, varying in size, shape, and color. In between the 2 machines stood a small table with some bottles of lube. It was pretty obvious that the one who was strapped on the frame would be figuratively and literally, fucked.

The guys closed in slowly and inspected the devices with frightened eyes. They looked terrified at the contraptions and were also impressed by the craftsmanship of these machines. The wheel seemed to be composed of 2 parts: 2 outer sealings with the metal bars attached from one side to the middle of the frame to keep the wheel in place. And the wheel itself, that would turn, probably by a cog chain inside the outer sealings. This way the wheel could freely spin around the frame, without the metal bars crashing into the arms and legs. The guys slowly slid their hands over the cold metal machines and felt their lips shake, willing to say something but no words came out.

“Impressive isn’t it? We made these ourselves.” the voice said.

In the control room, Mike and Tristan shared a kiss. Satisfied with their ingenious machines and the terrified reactions by the jocks.

“We call it: The nightmare wheel…Well, a nightmare if you are a straight guy…hehehe.” the voice chuckled.

“Oh my god.” Cody whispered terrified, looking at the devious machine.

“No, no no no,” Andy whispered and shook his head.

“You guys said that you would rather give oral sex to some stinking old lady, than the…alternative.” the voice spoke, “Now…you have to go with the alternative.”

Andy burst out in a rage. “FUCK YOU! I AM NOT DOING THIS!” he screamed and furiously looked at the cameras.

“I HAVE TAKEN YOUR BULLSHIT SO FAR! BUT THIS…THIS IS FUCKED UP!…YOU CAN’T JUST KEEP US HERE WITH SOME…SICK RAPE MACHINES!” Andy screamed and pointed his middle finger at the camera before he began to pull on his collar.

“How the fuck do I get this thing off!?” Andy shouted, pulling violently on his collar, but to no avail, it was mechanically locked. When Andy realized that there was no way to get his collar off he looked at the devices around his arms, ankles, and his cock. They all seemed to be locked firmly in place by the mechanical system and could only be removed by a push of a button.

Andy started to panic, he hyperventilated as he walked back and forth across the room. He walked towards the exit door and tried to push it open with all the strength he had, but he had just as much success as with his collar. Andy screamed and slammed his fists on the door.

“Shall I?” Tristan asked, showing Mike a remote in his hand.

Mike smiled and shook his head, while looking at the TV screen. “Nah, let him squirm for a moment longer.” he chuckled, watching at the panicking Andy.

“HELP! SOMEONE HELP US!” Andy screamed.

“Andy please, calm down!” Jake shouted to his friend who was stressing out, but Andy wasn’t listening.

“NO! I WON’T HAVE ANYMORE OF THIS!” he screamed and looked into the camera on the wall. “YOU HEAR ME? YOU SICK FUCKS! WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE I…”

Andy didn’t get to finish his sentence, because an amount of electricity raged through his body. The shocks seemed to come from the collar, Andy grabbed his collar with spasming hands and screamed out loudly. It wasn’t much volt, but still enough to cause quite some discomfort.

When izmit escort the electricity stopped Andy inhaled deeply and the other 3 guys closed in. “ANDY! Are you okay!?” Jake said, grabbing his friend’s shoulders. Andy was shaking and breathing heavily but he seemed to be fine.

“Oh, we forgot to mention…your collars have a shock button…in case you misbehave and need to be disciplined.” the voice on the intercom spoke.

“YOU CAN’T KEEP US HOSTAGE HERE!” Valentine screamed at the camera.

“But we are not keeping you hostage.” the voice said playfully, “This is an escape room, its purpose is ESCAPING. If we wanted to keep you hostage we would have locked you in a prison.”

“This doesn’t differ that much from a prison” Cody whispered as they helped Andy up.

“Now Andy, if you don’t want to be placed in the nightmare wheel, that’s fine. But remember, then the task is up to Jake.” The voice said. Andy and Jake looked at each other puzzled but realized it had to do something with the next game.

“See, there is a machine for each team, and one person of each team has to…take a joyride.” the voice continued. “I am sure you have seen the sideways in this room. In there are the keys you need to advance to the next room.”

The guys looked at the cage doors on the left and right side of the room that they saw earlier. Leading to those alleyways, separated by the large fences in the middle, now things became clear.

“Behind those doors, there is an obstacle course that one member from each team must complete, there is a door for each team.” the voice said. At that moment, lights were lit above the doors on the right. A blue light lit above the left door and a red one above the right, dictating which team would go in which door. “However, the doors to the course will only open if one of each team is strapped to the machines, and taking a dick up the ass.”

Also blue and red lights were lit on the nightmare wheels, blue on the left one and red on the right one. “The course that the other members have to take is identical, but a fence is placed in between the courses to prevent cheating, this is a game of speed and strength.” The voice explained.

“On the end of the obstacle course, you will both find a key, that will get your buddy out of the nightmare wheel, so you can go to the next room.” the voice said. The guys figured that the end of the obstacle course would be the other cage doors on the left. “You are free to determine which one of you will take the course and who will be strapped into the machine, make your choices!” the voice said, ending the message for now.

“I am not going into that machine, man!” Andy said to Jake while quickly shaking his head.

“Like it’s going to be easy for me!? I don’t like the idea of being fucked by that thing either!” Jake spoke loudly.

“Jake, I’ll do anything for you, I have your back during the matches, I always join for practice, no matter how hard or early. ” Andy said, obviously conflicted with all of this, “I covered you during that bar fight, and I drove you to the hospital when your grandpa was dying, but please, PLEASE! Don’t ask me to do this, not like this!” Andy pleaded, his voice shaking.

As much as Jake hated the idea of being fucked by some diabolical contraption, he didn’t want to force Andy into something like this. “Very well, I’ll do it,” Jake said, swallowing his pride. Andy smiled thankfully, and the two gave each other a bro hug. “But you better win that obstacle course for us!” Jake demanded.

Andy smirked and patted Jake on the shoulder, “I won’t let you down buddy.” he said.

Cody and Valentine looked at each other, not saying anything for a few seconds.

“Valentine, I don’t want to force you either, if you really feel that…”Cody began, but he was cut off.

“I’ll do it,” Valentine said determinedly.

“Wha…Are you sure?” Cody said, surprised by how easy Valentine submitted.

“Think about it Cody, it’s an obstacle course that one of us has to take.” Valentine said, “You are faster and more agile than me, I am more clumsy and way better in knocking someone on the ground.” he said.

Cody was thinking, Valentine had a point. Despite that Valentine wasn’t the brightest mind, he had a thing for seeing everybody’s physical strengths and weaknesses during a match.

“Besides…it are just a whole lot of fake dicks, right? If I can stand a charge from Dave Matthews, I think I can take a dick.” Valentine said chuckling, though with a little discomfort in his voice.

Cody nodded in agreement with Valentine and turned his face to one of the cameras. “We have decided!” he said.

The microphone was activated again, “Very well, the ones who are going into the machines, place yourself on the frames.” the voice said.

The guys walked to the Machines, Jake placed himself on the left machine and Valentine on the right one. The frames had a large, smooth plate for the back and a section for the izmit kendi evi olan escort head, so you would have some comfort.

When Jake and Valentine had their arms and legs placed on the frame and laid in spread eagle, the magnetism on their wristbands activated, locking the boys in place. Jake and Valentine tried to pull their arms up, but as expected, the magnetism was too strong. Their legs were elevated a little, so the virgin holes of the guys were exposed. The dildo in the wheel that was closest to the asses of the guys was just an inch away from their hole.

“To make all of this easier for you, there is some lube on that table in the middle.” the voice said, “Andy and Cody, you have 3 minutes to lube and loosen up your buddies before we begin.”

Andy took a bottle of lube and Cody did the same. Andy opened the bottle and squeezed some out, over his fingers. Jake and Andy made eye contact and Andy froze for a second. All of this seemed unreal, Jake laying tied up, Andy about to lube up his buddy’s hole. Though Andy had to admit, it was definitely not an unpleasant sight, seeing Jake in this position.

Cody gulped as his eyes traced over Valentine’s muscled, hairy sweaty body laying on the frame. Such a strong, handsome man, laying tied up and vulnerable in front of him. Cody poured some lube over his fingers and almost had the urge to jerk his own cock with it. But Cody broke out of his trance soon enough, he walked closer and placed his finger on Valentine’s entrance.

Andy pushed his finger slowly in Jake’s hole, he heard his buddy his from being deflowered by Andy’s index finger. “Don’t worry about any…accidents boys, we had you thoroughly cleaned before you woke up, hehe.” the voice spoke amused, over the intercom.

“They treat us like fucking lab rats here.” Jake hissed. Andy looked down, he couldn’t help but blush at Jake’s comment.

Slowly and steadily, Cody fingered Valentine, sliding his lubed index finger in and out of his tanned ass. Valentine hissed and moaned from Cody’s touch, but he didn’t seem to hate it, quite the opposite in fact.

“Add…add another finger.” Valentine panted, “I need to be looser if I want to do this.” he said.

Cody obeyed and added his lubed middle finger in Valentine’s ass. Valentine shut his eyes and made a sharp hiss from the extra stretch, but he was used to it soon enough.

Andy fingered Jake slowly, careful not to hurt him. He swirled his index and middle finger around in his ass to loosen him up. Jake had his eyes closed and moaned softly, “How thick are these dildos?” he asked.

Andy looked on the inside of the wheel, there were around 20 different dildo in different shapes and sizes. “It really differs,” he said.

“Add another finger.” Jake said, “I want to be as much prepared as possible.”

Andy did as he was told and stuck 3 lubed fingers inside Jake’s heated ass. Jake hissed somewhat at first, but when his ass became looser and used to the feeling he started to moan.

Andy couldn’t help but be mesmerized by Jake’s beautiful moaning. He wasn’t just lubing his buddy up, he was pleasuring him. Andy’s free hand went shakingly to his own hard cock, he began to jerk himself while fingering Jake’s sleek, supply hole.

Cody found it difficult not to touch himself as well, Valentine twitching and moaning under Cody’s touch was just too much to ignore. Cody’s free hand went down to touch his own cock and slowly started jerking off. Cody exhaled and got so caught up by all of this. He lowered his head onto Valentine’s body, until his cheek touched his friend’s rock hard cock, his hot breath scratching Valentine’s skin. Valentine didn’t even care anymore, he was brought in a pleasurable trance by Cody’s fingers.

Andy watched Cody and Valentine next to him. Seeing Cody finger Valentine, with his face on his manhood, while he pleasured his own, it was almost enough to drive Andy over the edge.

“Don’t cum.” Jake whispered, realizing that Andy was touching himself.

At that moment the intercom was activated, “The 3 minutes are over boys, take your positions.” the voice said.

Cody and Andy stood up, giving their tied up buddies one last look. The dildo’s that were in front of their holes sheaved closer and touched the entrance of the boys, ready to penetrate. Valentine and Jake increased in breathing, stressed out for what was about to come.

Cody and Andy took their positions near the doors on the right side of the room, waiting for them to open. Andy stood in front of the blue door and Cody in front of the red door. “You have 250 seconds to get the keys.” the voice said, while the number ‘250’ appeared on the screen. “The faster you have the keys, the more points you will earn.”

With that said, the dildo’s shoved inside the boys their asses simultaneously. With a loud noise, the doors opened at the same time. Cody and Andy ran into the alleyway, leaving their screaming and hissing buddies behind.

The alleyway was in a red glow and about 2 meters in width, separated by the fence, Andy and Cody had 1 meter each. The walls and floor were not made of stone or hard material. They looked and felt like those indoor playgrounds for kids, only a bit more dark and sinister.

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