Esther and Star Ch. 04


That night, after I got home from work and showered, Esther knocked on my door and thanked me for the date. I asked if she’d like to go out again. I proposed a nice Italian dinner in the North End on Saturday night.

She smiled, nodding enthusiastically. “That would be nice.”

When she left, I opened my laptop and typed a note of apology to Esther’s Mom, explaining that I’d been angry and that I had lied about Esther’s drinking alcohol and having a sexual relationship with and my sister. I told Astrid I was a jerk and apologized for getting her involved with my stupid email. I tried to make the note sound sincere, but my original email had been so bluntly honest that I had no idea whether this new one would succeed.

Esther and I didn’t see much of each other the rest of the week, other than in passing at the apartment. Star got back Thursday night, way later than she’d expected.

I did some research in preparation for Star’s next lesson, assuming there was one.

When Saturday rolled around, Star asked me about the Monday lunch date with Esther.

“We had fun,” I said.

“Are you putting some lessons learned into practice?”

“Yep,” I said, smiling.

“You’re not trying to steal my girlfriend, are you, brother mine?”

I rubbed my hands together. “I’ve got big plans, Star.”

“Oh, that reminds me. I want you to see something.” She pulled her phone out of her back pocket, opened up something and handed it to me.

I took it. It was a video on pause. Just a dark screen.

“Press play.”

I did.

“Do you see it?” she asked.

“What am I supposed to see?”

“Dumbass! You don’t see that? Look closer!”

I drew the phone up close to my face, and then, suddenly, some fat dude’s hairy ass appeared and farted.

It surprised me, and I jumped a little.

Star giggled.

I chuckled and said, “You’re a fucking idiot, Star.”

She laughed me off, making a stack of dishes from the dirties on the kitchen table. “Here, give it back,” she said.

I held it out for her.

She lifted her hands—full of dirty dishes—and turned around. “Slip it in my pocket for me, brother mine, but don’t cop any feels while you’re back there.”

I opened her pocket with one finger and slid the phone in.

And then, of course, Star farted on my hands.

“Fuck!” I yelled.

“You’re the most gullible dumbass on the planet!” She was almost screaming with laughter.

I spanked her, hard.

“Ow! Shit!” Star yelled, and she almost spilled all of the dishes. When she had them balanced again, she grumbled, “Look what you almost made me do, Hatrick Farthands!”

I laughed. “Is that my full name?”

She giggled, taking her load to the sink.

Man, her ass! I thought. That fucking thing is incredible!

I’m no big spanker—never really been into kinky stuff—but that was an ass that I would smack around with pleasure, if asked. Packed to the brim with feminine strength, Star’s booty took my strike like it was nothing at all. Didn’t squish. Didn’t jiggle. It resisted, more like. Hell, the thing fought back! My hand probably stung as much as her ass.

I went to the couch. “What’s today’s lesson, Star?”

She walked over. She was in a black tank top and tiny khaki shorts. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but two thin locks of hair bowed out from her forehead, framing her face. As she approached the couch, she reached behind and under her shirt. Then her arms reappeared. She slid the straps off each arm, and then reached under the front of her tank top, pulled her bra down, and dropped on the floor.

“Advanced touching,” she announced. “Let’s go back to your room.”

I followed her.

She sat on my bed, crossed her legs and motioned me over. “Today I’m going to teach you how to touch a woman’s breasts.”

I nodded calmly, but my heart raced with excitement. “Can I just try, and we’ll see what I already know, like always?”

“Okay,” she said.

I stripped off my shirt. “Take off yours, Stella.”


“Well, then it’s not really fair, is it? You want to see if I know what I’m doing, but touching through a shirt isn’t the same.”

“You can reach under.”

“Still isn’t fair. If I can’t see them, I won’t be as inspired.”

She thought about this for a second and then shook her head. “Plenty of times you’re going to feel tits without seeing them, so no.”

“Look, Stella, do you want my best effort?”


“Then take off the shirt.”

She seemed to be debating my proposal, but after a few seconds, she did. When her breasts came into sight, I decided that they looked inhumanly firm. Star’s tits—just over a handful, each—did the opposite of sag. They jutted out. No, they almost rose up. They didn’t behave as if they were filled with fatty tissues. It was more like they were filled with flexed muscle. It was like they had filled out so quickly, that the skin hadn’t had time to adjust. They were overfilled. Something about the skin—how it shined—made them seem ready to burst. Star’s tits etiler escort were flushed and teeming.

“Lay down,” I said, moving toward the bed.

She did. As I saw at Centerfolds weeks before, laying down had no visual impact on the shape of her tits. My cock was halfway to hard.

Her nipples were stiff, and the nipples, themselves—the tips—were wide, each like a stack of five dimes, but I couldn’t tell where her normal skin ended and her nipples began until I was very close. The color difference was so subtle. They were definitely circular, and the tips were brown, but it was a gradual shift, not stark, like Esther’s.

I fucking loved Star’s tits.

I laid on my side next to her, propping up my head. I reached across her body and touched her left breast as gently as possible. I made wide circles around it. I ran the back of my fingers over the side closest to me, and pads on the side furthest. I softly rubbed the sides, the bottom area, and the top, applying just a little more pressure—like I was sliding the grain of suede leather, back and forth, changing its hue.

“What the hell are you doing?” Star asked, annoyed.

I would not be deterred. I had a plan.

I placed the pad of my hand under her tit and drew my thumb from the bottom—where it rejoined her chest—up toward the nipple, but I never actually touched her nipple. I massaged the sides and the top in the same way, almost drawing my thumb from the outermost part upward, like I was gathering fallen flower petals into a pile on her nipple.

“You’re…that’s not how you…okay, whatever,” she muttered.

I must have looked like a man possessed. Or, maybe I looked like a kid with a toy that he had finally, finally got the chance to play with. I was fixated on Star’s breasts, and I was going to enjoy them exactly the way I wanted to.

Next, I held my hand over the same breast, fingers flexed and fully extended. I lowered all of my fingers at the same time and lightly grasped the flesh. I drew my fingertips together until they closed upon the outer edge of her nipple, and then I released without ever touching it. I rotated my hand a little bit each time, trying not to leave any area untouched. I imagined that her breasts were full of milk and that I was coaxing it up to her nipple.

Star sighed and said, “Okay, that feels really really…”

“Shut the fuck up, Stella.”

Her left breast was there, in my face. The skin around it shined. The hard nipple poked upward, never trembling. I had to feel that fullness with my lips. I leaned toward it, and Star tilted it, almost imperceptibly, toward my mouth. I began planting soft, little kisses around its perimeter. How, I wondered, could something so firm be so soft?

I finally took the far breast into my hand more forcefully, and I massaged it deeply, still avoiding the nipple.

Star moaned.

I climbed over the top of her body, spreading her legs with my knees. I supported myself with my left hand, still gently kissing one breast and kneading the other.

I quit kissing the one, and I started very slowly licking it. I dragged my tongue across the warm skin like I was cleaning ice cream off it. I licked every part of it, except the nipple.

Star began drawing in long pulls of air and blowing them out. She moaned, “Oh, shit. Oh, shit.”

I let go of her other breast with my hand, and I unbuttoned her shorts. I pulled down the zipper and gently tugged at each side until they slid down over her hips, and down to her knees. I felt her slip them the rest of the way off. I put my hand in that hot space between her legs, but I didn’t touch her pussy.

I felt Star scoot and grind her hips toward my hand, so I put my palm against her, and she stopped, waiting for me.

I opened my mouth over her nipple and held there. Star whined.

With the tip of my tongue, I finally touched her nipple. I drew light circles around it.

Star moaned.

I didn’t move my hand, yet. It remained flat in her crotch, but I could still feel her wetness on the flat of my palm. She began to grind against it, humming in satisfaction.

I kissed her nipple, and Star gasped. I kissed it again, sucking on it briefly, and she moaned with real force.

I pinched her nipple with my lips, again and again, and Star whispered, “Oh, shit. This never…I’ve never…oh, fuck.”

Now was the time. I curled my middle finger in, and it slid into the tight crease of Star’s ass until it came to rest against her little asshole. I massaged it with a fingertip.

Star, still panting, huffed, “That’s not…that’s my…oh, shit.”

I clamped down on her nipple with my lips and sucked. She hollered with ecstasy.

Her hips continued to gyrate, grinding her wet pussy into the palm of my hand. I pressed the tip of my middle finger firmly against her little hole, and it gradually allowed entry. She hollered again.

I released her nipple, opened wide, and sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as I could take.

My middle finger crept further inside her, and soon, I eve gelen escort had enough in there to move it. I pushed the pad of my finger up, inside her, against the upper wall, and I slid it firmly back and forth. I was trying to create some sensation through the wall of flesh into her pussy.

It worked. Star gasped and moaned deeply.

My lips held the flesh of her breast firmly, and I used the back of my tongue to suck her nipple in short pulls. Her hand gripped the back of my head and pulled me tightly against her body.

Then, Star fucking exploded on me. She screamed. She squirmed. I felt her core flex and contract rapidly, and the palm of my hand was suddenly coated with hot, slick fluid. I looked up from my work on her breast to see her face, flushed red and veins on her forehead bulged out. She wailed and shrieked, and she went on and on.

I had no idea a woman’s orgasm could last so long.

I had no idea how strong Star was. Her legs clenched my body with the power of a fucking locomotive engine. Her arm squeezed my mouth into her breast like an iron bench vise. I don’t know what the hell was happening in her pussy. The fucking thing was like someone tased it. It convulsed and spilled fluid. I thought Star was pissing on me.

I held on as long as I could, but her feet eventually shoved me away. I sat between her legs and watched her.

She panted, “Don’t…don’t fucking touch me right now. Just stay…stay where you are.” Her outstretched finger shook, warding me off.

I looked at my soaked hand and smelled it. It wasn’t piss. She squirted on me. She came on my hand. I looked at her pussy, and the fucking thing was just sopping and shiny, all around it and on the insides of her thighs, too. My bed had a little spot of wetness just beneath her crotch.

Holy shit, it worked.

My newfound appreciation for reading and research—for learning, really—had just paid off. I expected Star’s lesson to probably involve her tits. So, I spent about an hour online reading about what I should do. There was some horse shit out there, but I found this outside-in breast technique, and I kept on finding it in other places. It seemed like the real deal. I also found this pussy-massage-from-the-ass technique, and I wondered what would happen if I combined the two.

Now, I knew. You basically killed the subject. Star laid there like she’d been electrocuted and was gasping her final breaths.

I smiled. I was fucking fired up. At that moment, the teeth of the beast had finally released me. I wanted to be good at giving pleasure. I had been a miserable failure for my wife. But now, it seemed like Star had just enjoyed the hell out of what I’d done to her.

Maybe I could do this, I thought. Maybe redemption was possible. Fuck, yeah.

Star unleashed a huge sigh, and she started laughing. At first, it came out low, sounding more like coughing than laughter. Then, it built up. Soon, she was chuckling pretty hard. She went for a bit, and when it died out, she sat up in bed.

“There’s no way—no fucking way—you ever did that to Esther, brother mine. That was new. You learned that somewhere, and recently. Tell me you did.”

“I did. Learning is cool.”

She laughed at me, and sighed, “Oh, fuck, that was fun.” She wiped her eyes and looked between her legs. “That has never happened to me before—well, I shouldn’t say that. I’ve squirted before, but never that much. Not even close. When I have a good orgasm, I may squirt a teaspoon or so, but this is like a quarter of a fucking cup. This is crazy. Look at this!” She giggled in disbelief.

“It was that good?”

She looked at me and flopped on her back, “Oh, fuck, yes. Fuck, yes! I was going to come from what you were doing just on my nipples, and then…then when I was grinding on your hand, that made it even better. And then, then!” She shot back up, eyeing me intensely. “Then, when you did that with your finger in my ass? I can’t even…it was like the orgasm was connected from my nipples to my pussy to my ass. It was…my entire body just…I’ve never felt anything like it. That could have been my best ever. I’m serious.”

I smiled and pumped my fist. “Yeah, baby.”

She laughed at me. “You’re such a dumbass,” she muttered. “But, I’m glad you looked that up.”

“Me, too.”

“I have to try that on Esther,” she said.

“Hey!” I yelled. “No way, Star. That’s my move. Don’t you fucking dare.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. Find your own fucking move.”

“Okay,” she said, waving her palms at me, “Okay, Hatrick Farthands, the tit-pussy-ass move is yours until you tell me I can borrow it.”

“Good. Thank you.”

She smirked at me, and then she looked at the pole in my shorts. “I suppose you want me to give you a little ‘down boy’? You certainly deserve it.”

Something about the way she offered it didn’t work for me. I was shocked to find myself saying, “No, thanks.”

“What? Why not?”

“You don’t owe me anything. I wanted to do it.”

“Come here,” she said, gesturing to the bed.

I fatih escort gave her a look.

“I just want to snuggle with you and talk. Please come here?”

I crawled up beside her and laid on my back with my arms behind my head. Star put her head against my chest and threw her leg over my stomach. Her shin hit my boner.

“Shit!” I roared.

“Sorry! I’m sorry!”


“I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry!”

I grunted, frowning and staring up at the ceiling. I could feel her looking at me. She had a smile. She mockingly said, “Oh, he’s such an angry boy!”

I laughed. “Shut the fuck up.”

She giggled and then snuggled against me. I felt her nipples on my side. I loved that she was completely naked.

“We never talked about what we’re doing, and I wanted to.”

“What? Do you feel wrong or guilty or something?” I asked.

“Do you?”

“You’re teaching me. That makes it different. Plus, it’s not like I’m going to marry you or something.”

“What if I told you,” she said, “that I like it, that I look forward to it.”

“I’d be glad. I’d think it was cool. I’d tell you: ‘me, too.'”

Star rubbed her naked leg over my cock. “Why doesn’t Hatrick Farthands want a ‘down boy’ from me?”

I shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong. I love the hell out of them. I just don’t want you thinking you owe me or something.” I paused for a moment, and then added, “Stella doesn’t owe Hatrick a blowjob for the tits-pussy-ass maneuver.”

She cooed, “What if Stella needs to please her man? What if making Hatrick cum gives Stella a kind of special satisfaction she doesn’t get from anything else?”

I turned my face to hers.

Slowly, her fingers began to work my shorts over my cock. She used her foot to shove them down my legs to the floor.

She finished, asking, “What if Stella needs to soothe and tame the wild beast?” Her fingertips alighted softly on my balls. She stroked them tenderly for a moment before her index finger traced the length of my cock as delicately as a raindrop slides along the spine of a leaf.

I closed my eyes, groaning. When I opened them, Star had vanished.

Climbing between my legs, she began to tug me toward the foot of the mattress. I helped her. When my feet landed on the carpet, she let go and went to her knees.

I propped my body up to a sitting position to watch.

Then, Star’s hand cupped my balls, lifting them. Her head descended, mouth open, tongue glistening. Her lips closed around one of my balls, and she sucked upon it.

There was a strange weakness in her actions. She seemed to me like an ailing person, languid and weary. Her head slowly gyrated in a small arc, like a pendulum at the end of its energy. The suction relented, and my nut fell from her lips. With the same listlessness, she drew the other one to her mouth, and there it was again.

It was as if my balls were some desperately needed medicine and Star, the enfeebled patient, was drawing it out with what little strength in her remained.

She looked at me and her hand swung up to grab my cock.

The contrast was exciting—Star’s little feminine hand gripping my shaft and stroking it with sensual strength on the one hand and Star’s soft, wet mouth delicately nursing on my balls on the other.

I was on fire, but she suddenly quit, and my cock toppled to my belly.

With a mischievous grin, she rose high on her knees and nestled her body snugly between my legs. I watched her draw my cock to vertical, place it against her left tit, and then secure it in the cleavage with the other one.

When her tits slid up and down, I growled, “Fuck.”

Yeah, titfucking didn’t have the sloppy-wet heat of blowjobs, but it made up for that deficit in the views. When I wasn’t watching Star’s perfect tits squeeze and ride and fuck my cock, I watched her eyes, and they watched mine.

My sister, as I mentioned, is hot—meaning she has the kind of face that makes guys think instantly of sex. But, when sex is actually taking place? And it is with her? The effect skyrockets.

Fuck me, those eyes!

Lust welled inside me. I wanted to have her look at me that way every day and every night. I wanted to lock her in my bedroom forever, just mine.

Jealousy surged, too. I suddenly hated anyone she had ever looked at in the same way as she was looking at me at that moment.

Intense pleasure began to mount. I told her I was going to cum.

Star smiled and watched my cock, still gyrating. She saw my cum first spill and then leap out. It gushed recklessly, coating her neck, dashing across the smooth flesh of one tit, streaming down my shaft, and wildly spitting beads and cables of the white fluid.

Then, it ended, and I fell backward on the mattress chuffing air.

Star kissed my leg and told me she loved me.

I struggled to respond, still overwhelmed. What came out of me were several animal-like utterances, one of which may have been intelligible as “amazing.”

She laughed and walked out of my room to go shower.

I continued to recover.


Esther was getting ready for our second date in Star’s bedroom. I had purchased tickets to a musical I knew she would like in the South end for that night. I was ready to go, just waiting for Esther. Checking my email, I saw the response from Astrid, Esther’s Mom. Oh, damn.

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