**My very first erotic story, hope you all enjoy!**


“Time for your evaluation!” Still lost in thought from my various morning tasks, I had barely noticed my co-worker’s approach. These peer evaluations had been going on for several days, each one had been as tedious as the last. But the company was certain it was going to make a difference, and who I was I to argue? My opinion on the evaluation project improved greatly as I saw who my next evaluator was. Kelly, an athletic blonde that worked a couple cubicles down, walked gracefully up beside me. “Nah, that’s ok, I’ll stand.” She murmured, as I slid my chair over to make room for her chair in the narrow cubicle. Her eyes were locked on the evaluation clipboard.

“Alrighty.” I gave my usual replay. As she drew near I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander over her body. She wore nylons today. God I loved nylons. I had seen her plenty of times around the office, even had had the courage to strike up a conversation from time to time. But usually I would just sneak looks when she walked past or turned around, my cock instantly hard at the sight of her nylons stretching up to her perfect ass. But she was easily the hottest woman at work, shoulder length blonde hair, 5’11”, athletic but slim, with incredible legs, she was the wet dream of every guy who saw her. And I knew I had no chance. Didn’t stop me from looking though.

As my eyes followed the contours of her legs, I heard her clear her throat. I tore my eyes from the lovely sight, only to see she had caught me looking. I instantly turned red. I began to stumble an apology, but she cut me off.

“See something you like?” She smiled and laughed, her light tone easing my tension (although not my red face).

I returned the smile, my face burning. “Sorry, I… um, you look very nice today.” It was the only thing I could think of to say that could excuse my staring.

She nodded. “Mmhmm.” She replied, still smiling, and for a moment she gave me a look I couldn’t identify. It was almost… Appraising. But it was gone before I even could fully say it was there.

She looked down at her perfect legs, stretching them out before her in a way that seemed almost childlike, but at the same time made my heart miss a beat.

“It’s not really fair I guess.” She said, still examining her incredible legs. “If I really didn’t want stares I guess I should start wearing pants. But what fun would that be?” She giggled, from our few conversations she had struck me as a pretty serious person, and this was the first time I’d heard her make any sound that wasn’t just a casual laugh.

She looked back up at me, and bit her lip a little.”You know what? Maybe I will sit down.” She turned and grabbed a chair from a nearby bay, rolling it over so it was to my right and just a little behind me so she didn’t get in my way as I worked. She sat down, and after she had found a comfortable position in the large office chair, slowly crossed her nyloned legs, swinging one casually over the other. Her skirt rode up a little as she crossed those oh so gorgeous legs, and I could just make out the garter belt that held them up. I imagined running my hand up that beautiful let the right one in izle thigh, and suddenly my cock was pushing against the inside of my jeans so hard I thought I might hurt myself.

For the next few minutes it took all the concentration in the world to focus on my work. Part of the evaluation was to pretend the other person wasn’t there, and to just go about ones usual business, something that was a little difficult when a gorgeous woman is right beside you watching your every move.

The sex bomb next to me observed casually, from time to time making a quick note on the evaluation form. After awhile she began running her fingertips lightly over the side of her thigh, her eyes still locked on the clipboard.

Unable to suppress the urge to sneak a look any longer, I gave a sideways glance. The one hand kept at it, the fingers lightly running over the smooth nylon of her stocking. The other held her pen to her lips, where she was lightly chewing on the end.

Was she just sitting casually? Or was she teasing me? The thought of this blonde bombshell teasing me on purpose was stoking my fire even more.

I swallowed, and was about to force some small talk when she dropped her pen. “Dammit.” She muttered, then bent to pick it up, giving me a perfect view down the top of her blouse. She leaned over her still crossed legs, giving me a perfect view of all I had been lusting after in secret all these months.

This time I just couldn’t help it, I stared openly at the impressive cleavage pressing into her leg, and I felt my mouth go dry. In my mind’s eye I was tearing her blouse open on the spot.

Still leaning over, her eyes came up to meet mine. There was an aura of wicked fun in them, and now there was no question as to whether or not she was teasing me. The question that filled my mind now was whether or not she would stop at teasing.

“Got it.” She breathed, her voice a husky whisper. She leaned back, and instantly returned the pen to her mouth, nibbling it lightly, all the while her eyes still locked on mine.

Unable to break her gaze, I started as a little beep sounded from my desk, indicating it was time for lunch.

“Well, guess we should pick this up again in an hour.” Kelly’s voice had returned to its usual serious tone as she rose, and she pulled her skirt down as she moved to return her chair.

“Uh, yeah.” I managed, I could only imagine the color of my face right now, and the hard on in my pants pulsed, begging for some kind of relief.

Before I could say anything else she had turned away, her ass swaying gently as she departed. Again I stared openly, the events of the day leading up to that point playing in a steady rotation in my head.

“Fuck.” I whispered to myself. Had I missed my opportunity? The signals I had been getting were so clear even I couldn’t miss them. The image of her cleavage pressed against her thigh returned. Banishing it, I headed off to lunch.


I splashed water from the sink in my face, feeling the burning subside a little as I did so. Had I seriously screwed up the opportunity leyla ile mecnun izle of a lifetime? I had had many pipe dreams, and scoring with a ten was definitely one of them, but it was right up there with outer space travel when it came to likelihood of actually happening.

The water was still running. So I didn’t hear the door to the one stall bathroom open, nor hear the lock click into place. I was still rubbing my eyes, so I didn’t see Kelly walk up behind me. In fact, I had no idea she was there. Until she grabbed my hard on through my pants.

I started at the sudden, intimate touch, then quickly relaxed as Kelly’s soft hand began to rub my stiff cock through the material of my jeans.

“Mmm…” The sound was involuntary, a whole morning of pent up lust releasing in a single sound of desire.

I felt her hot tongue lick up my neck.

“Think you can leer at me all morning and get away with it?” She asked, whispering into my ear. “That’s bad manners. Gonna have to teach you a lesson.”

Her hands grasped at my zipper, moving slowly to free my dick.

My fly now open, her hand slid into my underwear to grasp my stiff cock.”Mmm, so you ARE hard. That all because of little old me?” Her voice turned pouty, and as she looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, she began running her fingertips up and down the length of my shaft. “You’d love for me to take care of that for you, wouldn’t you?”

“Fuck yes.” I managed, truly unable to comprehend this turn of events through the haze of lust that clouded my mind.

“Well you defiantly seem ready… but I don’t know, should I?” She smiled that wicked smile, obviously enjoying this.

“Fuck.” I grunted, feeling her fingertips work magic on my body. “You’ve been teasing me all morning, I don’t know if I can take much more…”

“I know.” Was the husky reply. “That’s what makes it so fucking hot.” She licked and bit my ear, her hand slowly beginning to work my shaft.

I groaned deeply, her soft hands driving me crazy with lust.

“Mmm.” She moaned in my ear. “I think you like how that feels, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, baby..” I gasp, her hands quickening.

“Well I WANT you to come in your pants, and then, I’m going to clean you up the only way I know how… with my mouth.” One long, perfect leg snaked up from her position behind me, and I grasped the nyloned thigh squeezing it, feeling her respond to the touch.

She was driving me to the edge, my hard on now rocking in her hand.

“Look at me.” She commanded. Our eyes met in the bathroom mirror, and as they did, her free hand groped at my balls through the thin material of my underwear.

“I want to watch your face when you cum. I want to watch you fucking cum in my hand, then my pussy. And we’re only done when I SAY we’re done, got that?”

“Ugh… UGH.” I couldn’t take it anymore, her dirty mouth had driven me over the edge, and I blew a load in my pants.

“Oh yeah… that’s hot.” She breathed, pulling her hands from my pants. She licked them slowly, sucking each finger with a loud smack.

She pulled my pants down to reveal little women izle my cock, her filthy mouth already making it stand on end again.

“So I think it’s my turn.” She looked at me coyly in the mirror.

I didn’t reposed, instead I turned around and seized her by the arms. In one swift motion I brought her up to a sitting position on the sink. She brought one leg up, and I grasped her calf. I slid my hand down its length, savoring the sensation, and it last I bent down to kiss the inside of her thigh.

“Mmm.” She was breathing heavily now, and she moaned as I worked my way further inwards. She helped me remove her black lace panties, and I pushed her gently back against the mirror, my one hand squeezing her right tit. I bent back down, licking and sucking slowly up her inner thigh, eventually I stopped at her clit, licking around it, but not actually making any contact. The fingers of my other hand gently slid up and down her very wet entrance.

“Fuck you.” She half laughed, half grunted. “Looks like I’m not the only one who knows how to tease.”

I continued to suck and tongue her sweet flesh, making only slight contact with her clit as I went about my work.

I could feel her passion mounting, the leg now draped over my shoulder urging me towards the sweet spot. I was in control now,and the feeling was incredible.

Kelly grunted with frustration as my sweet torture continued. She was now practically humping my head as she begged for release. Just as she seemed about ready to protest again, I pressed my lips against her clit and sucked hard, my fingers starting to lightly penetrate her slick hole.

“Oh, shiiiit…” She swore loudly,dragging out the word as my tongue washed over her clit. One hand was now propping her up on the counter, the other grasped the back of my head, pushing me forward into her wet cunt.

She was grunting loudly, and I thought about warning her to be quiet, that not everyone in the office left for lunch, but any protest was banished as she continued to grind her cunt against my face.

“That’s it, fucking eat me… mmm… oh my god… SHIT.” She cursed again as she came on my face, but my pace didn’t slacken. She thrashed a little, and I held her down with one arm, still massaging her incredible tits.

“Oh baby…” She grunted, sounding out of breath. “If you don’t… mmm fuck… if you don’t slow down… you’re gonna make me cum again dammit!” She giggled, a sound I was beginning to like quite a bit. “But this time I want to cum on your dick.” She grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me into a long, lingering kiss, oblivious to her own cum still on my lips.

Both legs now wrapped around me, and broke the kiss, looking down at her. She met my gaze, naked lust in her eyes.

“So baby, how would your big meat like to fuck my pussy?”

I started slowly, thrusting in and out of her as she lay back against the mirror, her body grinding down on my cock as I picked up the pace. Her legs still wrapped around me, she used them to urge me on, her hot pussy grasping at my dick with every new thrust.

Our grunts filled the small bathroom as we fucked, and at last we came together, any more worries about being heard dispelled by the intensity of the orgasm.

Our heavy breathing filling the bathroom, I slid out of Kelly and sat down hard,my back now against the counter, one perfect , nyloned leg dangling next to me.

“So…” I managed at last. “…how are you gonna score my evaluation?”

Her giggles filled the bathroom.

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