Evelyn’s Ass

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Mass Gyrb

He pushed her closer to the wall, grabbed her breast from behind and squeezed them tightly. He inched closer to the nape of her neck and kissed her soft skin as he guided his lubed cock straight through her asshole with one hand, her moans turned to a quiet whimper…

Graham had always wanted anal sex, he would spend chunks of time fantasizing about sliding into the ass of every pornstar he liked, and thats a very long list. However, he never really had the opportunity to try out his fantasies, not until Evelyn.

She was a senior at his college, who he’d met by chance.

There was a golden sunset that evening, Graham watched the birds fly through the sky and disappear as they passed over the roof of a building across the street. He waited for a few minutes, listening to the guitar being played by the brunette sitting on a car bumper just beside him, until a taxi arrived and he boarded it.

A few minutes into the trip he looked to his side and noticed that a rather beautiful lady was sitting beside him, she was Evelyn.

She lost her purse in the taxi that day. Luckily Graham being the good boy that he was, saw the small purse, got her address and returned it.

After he gave her the purse she thanked him endlessly, apparently she had left a safety deposit box key in it.

As Graham turned to go she asked if she could walk him to the next Bus stop, and on the way they realised that they were in the same school. Graham kept sneaking peaks at her, he wondered if a girl this beautiful would even consider going out with him. He wasn’t too bad himself but she was a thousand miles away from his league. He eventually decided to take the chance and ask her out for lunch the next day, and from there they hit it off.

The sex was great, Evelyn had an ass of monumentus proportions compared to her slim frame, he always loved to rest his head on it and spank it hard when he fucked her from behind, she loved it.

She was into BDSM and Graham wasn’t any different, one time she made him tie her up and fuck her brains out after spiking his drink with some aphrodisiac and another time she tied him up while he was asleep; then when he woke up she jumped his bones and rode the hell out of his hard on, playing with her nipples and making utterances that made absolutely no sense, when he tried to speak she slapped him and grab his neck with both hands as she took his thick cock deeper into her wet slit, she held his neck harder when she was close until she came on his dick, spewing warm juices of satisfaction on his blood filled member and rode him until he came 7inches deep inside her wet cunt. She was a wild one.

Graham felt lucky to have even met her, and didnt want to push the anal sex thing after she rebuffed him the first time because she was scared, so he never even mentioned it to her again. It never left his mind though, every time she would turn around with her ass facing him, lay her head on the bed and raise her booty in the air waiting for his warm cock to fill her waiting cunt, his brain would imagine how it would feel to fuck that tight and sexy asshole.

After a while Graham started sticking fingers into her ass as he fucked her, she loved it and always orgasmed intensely when she came with his hand in her ass. Other times after they had had a bath, he would flip her back to the ceiling and eat the fuck out of her ass as he ploughed her pussy with his middle and index fingers, her moans were always loud and hysterical, from “Oh God,” to “Suck it like your mamas milk,” the things she said sometimes made no sense.

Graham was so into her, not only was she a freak in the sheets but she was so damn funny, a sarcastic asshole when she wanted to be, but Graham liked her just as she was, he had been planning again to ask her if he could take her anal virginity and her his, then something unexpected happened…

It was a warm afternoon, the kind you get before a cold night.

Evelyn had called Graham earlier in the day to ask if he could come help her with some heavy lifting, she had decided to get rid of some unimportant things and needed someone to help her with the heavy stuff, as always pendik escort Graham was there to save the day, he took a bath, goofed around a bit, then got dressed and went over to her apartment.

As he entered the house he noticed that there weren’t any boxes lying around like she’d said, he wondered if she’d gotten help. “Hey, Eve! You there?”

“Coming!” she said as she hurried from the room to greet him with nothing but a silk robe and a smile draped across her face. She jumped on him and he caught her, holding tightly to her ass, she kissed him hungrily and they were this way for a while and then she broke the kiss “I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Yeah, I noticed all the boxes are gone already, sorry I was a little late.” Graham said, his arms were beginning to feel heavy.

“It’s okay, I lied.” Evelyn said casually and flashed a smile, she noticed he was getting tired and motioned for him to let her down.

“So why did you lie,” he asked after letting her down.

“I can’t tell you, not yet,” she replied, tracing her index finger on his chest.

Graham’s nose tingled as it perceived the lavender smell she wore. “You smell yummy.”

“I know baby, wanna have a taste?” she replied with a sultry smile on her face. She knew just how to push his buttons.

He grinned widely and ran his hands down the small on her back to her tush, then squeezed hard while his mouth found her ear lobe. She bit her lip and coed as her hands reached for his crotch.

“Alright stop it baby, you know I’m too sensitive there,” she said pushing him away.

There was this mischievous smile on his face after he stopped. He immediately went back to her lobes, she yelped and pushed him away, running toward the room, he chased after her.

He caught up to her, held her from behind and turned her around, despite her struggling, to be fair she wasnt even trying. He looked into her eyes and said, “What do you think?” responding to her question earlier.

She laughed lightly, her face flush with color and her arms around his waist, she let herself melt into his arms.

“So why am I here?” he asked after a while.

“Cause I want you here,” she replied, her face still resting on his chest. “I missed you baby.”

“I missed you too. But that doesn’t answer the question.” He pulled away from her embrace, then stared inquisitively, “Are we having a baby?” he joked.

Evelyn smiled, “Maybe.”

His eyes widened, she was supposed to be on the pill. “How!” he thought.

Then suddenly she burst into laughter, she saw the look on his face and she couldn’t hold it in any longer. “I’m joking baby, dont worry,” she held his face and looked him in the eye as she spoke.

Graham let out a sigh of relief, he wasn’t ready for a child, not now. “The fuck?” his response made her laugh again.

“I’ve been thinking of doing something new.” she finally said.

“New how?” he asked.

She held his hand and pulled him to her bedroom, “Come here. I’ve got a surprise for you,” she said as she opened the door.

Graham was confused but excited to know what this surprise was, the room was so well organized, the lights dimly lit, he noticed a new bottle of lube which wasn’t here the last time he came, this was like his second home so he knew everything that was in this room.

“Wow, what…,” she didn’t let him finish, she grabbed his lips with her own and his hands crept down to her glorious ass as their lips smacked against one another, she guided him to the bed and he sat down, she straddled him and ground her crotch into his while they kissed.

Then she broke from the kiss, kissed his neck tracing a line up to his earlobes and then she whispered, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Grahams cock strained inside his jeans when he heard those words, he’d imagined this happening before but never really thought it would, he couldn’t believe his ears, he just sat there with his eyes wide open and his mouth half shut.

Evelyn step down to the ground and without waiting for an answer she went for his pants, “Yes, fuck yes,” Graham finally said as her fingers tugged at his belt buckle, she escort pendik laughed at how long it took him to answer.

She grabbed his dick after setting it free, coated the tip with her saliva and looked him in the eye as she took it in, she gagged on his cock and stroked his shaft with both hands as her mouth receded to the first 2inches of his cock, she jerked and sucked him off expertly, “Holy shit, yess.” Graham said as he reached for her robe to help her out of it, he took it off one of her shoulders and exposed her hot body, her boobs were not so big, small, perky C’s but her ass was big enough for two; soft as jelly, they would jiggle at the slightest touch; his greatest nightmare would be a world without an ass like this to worship.

She continued to suck his cock intently but suddenly stopped, she needed him hard so he could penetrate her tight virgin ass, she’d experimented with some toys but none as big as this huge cock. She stood up with her shaved mound staring Graham straight in the face, the musk of her arousal filled his nostrils, she took of the robe and let it fall to the ground, straddled Graham, this time she pushed his back to the bed and sat on his face.

Graham’s face was completely covered by pussy, his tongue went to work. He first nibbled on her clit-hood softly, making sure not to bite her clit, then began to give soft licks to the clit, she moaned just as soft. He began to suck on it, increasing his intensity with each suck, “Oh my fuck,” she gasped. She began fucking his face, he grabbed her ass and continued to orally pleasure her clit.

“Oh yes, that is so good.” she said riding his face. He grabbed as much of her ass as he could, squeezed hard and sucked with much gusto.

“Yes, suck it harder. Just like that… Yes, like your Mama’s milk baby, fucking suck it.” Then he stuck his tongue into her pussy and lapped on her thick juices as he tongue fucked her cunt, he spanked her ass loudly, she gasped then coed.

He raised her up and made her keep herself up so he could play with more than her cunt, he went for it, playing around her tight pucker then drilling into her ass as she continued to moan in ecstasy.

Graham’s hard-on was beginning to feel painful, he was so turned on by this, he didn’t think he could wait any longer. He pushed Evelyn to the bed and took the lube from the table, she knelt down then put her head and hands on the bed, causing her back to arch with her ass in the air, and he poured it all over her crack and his dick, using his hands to stick the lube deep into her ass eliciting silent moans from her. When she was sufficiently lubed he grabbed an ass cheek and his dick and slowly penetrated her.

“Ohhhh Goddddd,” Evelyn moaned deeply as his rod poked deeper into her lubed ass, her eyes barely open.

Graham had never felt this way before, he’d never fucked a virgin so this was the tightest thing he’d ever been inside before, the way the walls of her ass held his dick was amazing, porn did not do it justice, “I could die right now,” he thought.

He held the other cheek and slowly went deeper, each time taking a break for her ass to get used to his invading length. When he was half way in he stopped going in and poured some more lube on his dick and started fucking her slowly.

Evelyn continued to moan, she was unusually quiet, he grabbed her cheeks tighter trying to keep them open as he explored her asshole with his rod.

“Yes baby that feels so gooood, do you like my ass?” She asked in a quiet voice. “My tight virgin ass?”

Her eyes rolled as if to the back of her skull as he ploughed her asshole, “You fucking love my ass dont you? you fucking love it” she said grabbed the sheets as though holding onto her sanity, this dick fucking was intense.

He spanked her ass, increasing his pace slightly, “Hell yes, fucking love it.”

Graham continued to fuck her, the walls of her asshole milking him with every thrust. Every second in her was amazing.

After a while Evelyn got used to the pain, she’d been practicing so this wasn’t as painful as you’d think. Now she wanted more, “Fuck me harder, make me your anal slut baby, pendik escort bayan cum in my ass, cum in my fucking ass” she said, this time sounding a bit more louder.

Graham poured more lube and picked up the pace slowly; trying not to hurt his baby, in a minute he was spanking her ass at intervals as he held her hair with the other hand, “Spank my ass baby, you like that ass don’t you? Spank it hard!”

Graham could feel his orgasm inching closer already, he tried to hold on, he didn’t want to end this so quickly. “Oh shit,” he said grabbing her ass cheek tight.

“Cum for me Graham. Yesss. Oh Fucccckkk, just like that baby.

Oh God, this is so good, Fuck me.” she moaned loudly and pulled on the sheets, the entire bed in front of her was undone.

Graham pulled out and stuck his fingers in her mouth, she sucked them hungrily. He took her to the edge of the bed and made her stand on all fours before he put his cock in her crack, toying with her sphincter.

“You wanna fuck me like this baby, you wanna fuck me like a whore, like your anal whore, I love it when you fuck me like your slut, please put that dick back in my ass,” she pleaded.

She raised her back up, now kneeling down and held his hair as she kissed him from behind, he rubbed her nipples with his fingers, she moaned in his mouth.

He held her to the wall, grabbed her breast from behind and squeezed them tightly. He inched closer to the nape of her neck and kissed her soft skin as he guided his lubed cock straight through her asshole with one hand, her moans turned to a quiet whimper. She shuddered as a small wave of satisfaction hit her, “Ahhhh, oh shit, fucking spank my ass baby.”

He spanked her hard, “Your ass is heaven baby, I fucking love it, now fuck that dick with your sweet booty,” he whispered in her ear.

She didn’t waste a second, she pushed his dick in and out of her ass, moaning with every thrust, “Oh yes,” she moaned “You like that?”

Graham kissed her neck and bit her hard as she slid his cock into her ass, “You know I do, I fucking love that ass. Fuck me harder, take that cock like a whore.” He slapped her ass with such force that she yelled.

“Spank me like a slut baby, I love your big cock in my ass, I want your cum in my ass, all of it. Fucking cum for me, you know I love it when you cum.”

“Oh shit, you’re gonna make me cum.” Graham said as he moved to match her pace, he grabbed her tits as he sodomized her.

“You love my ass don’t you baby, you wanna cum all over that ass, you love this whore’s ass don’t you?” She palmed the wall with her sweaty hands as Graham drove his engorged rod into her asshole. “Cum for me Graham.” She began to jerk herself off as he fucked her tight ass.

Graham’s cock pulsed deep inside her asshole, he jerked as his cock began to spew seeds deep inside her de-virgined ass. “Oh fuck!” he came like a torrent.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me. Holy shit, that feels so good, right there right there.” Evelyn said still grinding her ass into his dick, she could feel her orgasm so close. “Fuck me baby!” the feeling of Graham emptying his ball sack in her, pushed her over the edge, she felt the waves of a small orgasm ripple through her body and her clit.

“Fuck yes baby, I fucking love your ass,” Graham muttered as he rested on her back while his dick poured seemingly endlessly into her ass, even after being emptied, it continued to pulse inside her tight ass.

They both stayed this way for a minute then Graham pulled out of her ass, there was a silent pop and his seed leaked out of her cute pucker, he pulled her to the bed with him and they kissed passionately.

“I fucking love you baby, that was out of this world, Honestly, I never really believed this would ever happen.”

“Love you too baby,” she said, kissing him. “I started getting interested when I saw your search history a while back, watched all of the videos, all 21 of them,” She said wide eyed and poking his chest, this made him laugh.

“Wow, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me baby,” he said and he kissed her again.

“Wanna go again in a bit?” he asked.

“Fuck no! my ass is sore,” she complained, hitting him playfully on the chest again.

“… Maybe I’ll let you fuck my pussy later though.” she smiled, “I still wanna cum hard.”

“Sure thing babe,” he said with a smile.

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