Every Day


Love? Oh, yes.Don’t count the years.Count all the good things.Memories, flash like cometsFired from some ethereal cannon.No need to light a magic fuse.Just seeing my lady in her armchairLovely lips smiling ‘neath silvered bahis şirketleri hair,A smile, that draws me backA long-gone seventy-two yearsOur first youthful party kiss, warm and gentleHer head moved back to smile,I bahis firmaları caught that smileAnd kept it, hidden for a while.Love? Still a dream then,But kisses heat and search our skins,Those rich hot happy years kaçak bahis siteleri together.Hearts linked by moon, stars,And one special love song.But now, time may overtake us,All passion might be spentYet, each time we passIn some tight doorway,Our passport is stillThat sweet and forever kiss.Fresh flowers in a vase each weekA hug as the TV glows.LOVE?Ask my lady in her armchair,She’ll tell you.“Valentine’s day is every day,Not just once a year.” 

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