Every fling begins with Kaye


Every fling begins with Kayeby williacjThis morning I daydreamed I was in the backseat of a LYFT van with sexy Rachael Kaye of fox six news.“thanks for giving me a ride” I told her” I don’t get many rides home.” “actually I was thinking about giving you more than a ride since you bought me dinner tonight” she says.“well I’m flattered but I don’t think you have to-” “actually I had a great time tonight and you made me feel special” she interrupted. she leaned over to me”you help me now I’m going to help you.” she grabbed me by the collar and kissed me. I grabbed her and we started kissing in the backseat.I hoped that the driver wasn’t going to kick us out of this van.“It’s getting hot back here” she told the driver.”hey whatever you two need to do back there I’m cool with it!” he shouted. Rachael illegal bahis unbuttoned her shirt slightly”this cannot wait till we get where we’re going” she pleaded”I’m beyond horny right now!”I reached in my pocket”could you do me a favor?” I asked him. I handed the driver $280 in cash”no problem” he says as he got out of the van.Rachael started tugging on my shirt, camera cuts to a pair of panties and a bra go flying in the air. The backseat squeaks softly.”ohhhhhh” she gasps”ohhh the, I’ve never umpfffff!” I had her bent over in front of me in the backseat taking that brown dick doggy style Rachael’s lovely brown ass slapping loudly against my legs.the van begins to rock.”take that dick baby” I whispered”all of that shit” I was dickin her down in that backseat I sat down.“omi god.. never illegal bahis siteleri in the backseat of a van” she stammered. “wanna ride it?” I asked. she turned around and I sat down. She climbed on top of me and reached down and guided my dick into her”ohhhh uhh mmmhmmm” she grunted”yep yep don’t stop that’s it fuck i’m bouncing all over your dick aren’t I?”She asks.she looks up at the dashboard and sees a hidden camera mounted on the rear view mirror.”are you getting this on tape? She asked looking back at the camera” I hope you can show my ex boyfriend this tape he could really learn something from this” she bounced her lovely brown ass on my dick she reached down and scooped up a small glob of cream that oozed out of her pussy.“This is what good sex looks like” she says licking canlı bahis siteleri it off her fingers. “when I’m riding a dick and you see this you’re doing something right” she turned to look at me”wow you’re fucking me very good” she says.”your dick is definitely getting the goods” she pressed her lips against mine and the camera zooms in on me fucking her missionary style “umphhh Rachael Kaye!” I groaned I had her legs up in the air my nut sacks slapping against her shaved pussy.”weather calls for a chance of pussy” I grunted Rachael wrapped her long sexy legs around my waist as I pumped hard brown dick up in her.a few cars passed us along the way”this pussy feels so good I don’t even care care if we get caught!” I whispered.I saw a glimpse of a sheriff’s cruiser passing by. “i think we’d better finish it up” I whispered”he might get suspicious, i think he may have seen something” I pull out of Rachael and zip up my pants. she pulls her panties back on and i get dressed as well, we straighten up and pretend nothing happened back there.

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