Every midnight with mom 2

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Every midnight with mom 2″Fine. I may have had a few inappropriate thoughts here and there,” I reluctantly admitted. “Oh really?” she smiled. “And how frequent were these inappropriate thoughts?” “Do we really have to do this?””No. I just wanted to show you how hard it was for me to talk about this. We lived in the same house for so many years, fantasies are inevitable. It’s shameful to talk about, but it’s normal I think. It’s part of being human.””So now what?” I asked.She thought for a moment. “Now, I better dry myself and get dressed.”We stood up at the same time, and I caught a perfect glimpse inside of her towel as her legs moved. Her vagina was nearly exposed and I saw strands of her pubic hair, along with the bottom end of her pussy. When she stood upright, she closed her towel and looked at me like I was busted.”Sorry about that,” I said after being caught.”Don’t be. It’s normal. Now do you mind turning around while I get dressed?” With that, I smiled back at her and left her room.***The rest of the day went by casually. We acted like nothing was out of the ordinary, but knowing each other’s secrets lingered over our heads. We knew each other better now. We became closer. I helped her cook dinner and things were more playful than usual between us. It was as if there were no more inhibitions, but of course, none of us brought up the fact that we had fantasized about each other. It was too weird to talk about over dinner, and instead we used the time to catch up with each other and our lives.***Later that night. I was watching tv in the living room when my mother came down the stairs. She looked serious and I turned off the tv when she sat down next to me. “I just got off the phone with the psychic,” she said.”What did he say?””He thinks he knows what the entity wants before it leaves,” she said reluctantly. “Were you, by any chance, aroused last night?””Does it matter?” I replied passively.”Answer truthfully. We’re past the point of embarrassment, remember?”This time, I was the one who was reluctant. “We were talking about some pretty serious stuff and it got me excited. Okay? Why do you ask?””Apparently that’s what the entity wants. There’s no other way to say this, but the woman who used to live in this house had a special relationship with her son. It was more than just maternal love. I’m sure you can figure out what that means.””They were…”She nodded. “Yes.””They were having sex together?” I replied. “It all makes sense. The entity had a romantic relationship with her son, they were in love. Everything happened in that bedroom, and she couldn’t move on once she passed away. She was too attached to everything that went on in this house.”My mother nodded again. “It had been going on for many many years according to the psychic. The woman and her son were secret lovers.””So what does that mean for us?” I asked. “Do you really need me to explain it to you?”I froze for a moment. If I didn’t know any better, my mom had just implied that we do something intimate with each other to appease whatever was in the home. The serious expression on her face showed that she was considering it.”What do you want to do?””I don’t know,” she replied. “I honestly don’t know. But what I do know is that the entity isn’t leaving this home unless it feels that passion once again. She knows that I’ve had feelings about you, and that you’ve had feelings for me. She wants us to do something about it. That’s probably why it took control of me in the shower this afternoon.””Do you think we should… you know… actually go through with it?” I asked hesitantly.A stunned expression came over her. “How could you even ask me something like that? I’m your mother! Of course I’m not going to sleep with you. It isn’t right.”I was taken aback. “Okay, sorry for even mentioning it. I thought that was what you were trying to tell me. This whole thing isn’t easy for me to deal with either.””I’m the one who should be sorry,” she replied after calming herself down. “You’re right. I was trying to canlı bahis tell you that, and that’s what the psychic suggested we do. It’s a frightening thought. We can never take it back.””I know. It’s a tough situation.””So how do you feel about it?” she asked.”How do I feel about what?””The suggestion,” she replied, looking me straight in the eyes. “How do you feel about the psychic’s suggestion? Is it something you would actually consider doing? I don’t like asking you about this, but there are no other options.”I could tell how conflicted my mother was. The look in her eyes and the tone in her voice said it all. She was absolutely torn. So was I, but a part of me was also becoming excited at the new possibility.”Do you promise not to be upset at my answer?” I asked.”At this point, I’m about ready to hear anything.””I would do it.”The look on her face showed how totally unprepared she was for my blunt answer. She looked scared, but also understanding.”I wasn’t expecting such a direct answer to that question,” she replied. “Has this always been a part of your fantasy? Have you thought about actually having sex with me before?””You’re the one who asked. I’m trying to help you.””I understand, but please, answer my question. I need to know before I make a final decision.”I thought for a moment. “I’ve thought about what it would be like to get inside your panties before.””Is that why you’re agreeing to do this? Do you just want to have sex with me? Or are you actually interested in helping to resolve the situation?””What kind of question is that?” I replied. “Of course I want to help you. The only reason I came here yesterday is became I want help you. I didn’t have ulterior motives if that’s what you were wondering about.””Sounds convincing enough.””What about you?” I asked. “You’ve admitted to fantasizing about me this afternoon. What were those fantasies like?”The tables were turned and my mother looked uncomfortable. “That’s not something you should ever know. I appreciate your honesty, but this is different.””No it isn’t. I admitted my feelings to you when you asked.”She sighed. “Fine. I thought of you the same way I’ve thought of your father. I imagined you going down on me, kissing my womanhood. I’ve also imaged myself on top of you, with us looking each other in the eyes. Each time was romantic, and I always felt guilty after. Now do you regret asking that question?”I started becoming sexually aroused hearing my mother’s personal confession, but I didn’t let it show.”I’m glad you told me.””I’ve made up my mind,” she said with authority. “Wait 10 minutes, then I want you to come upstairs to my bedroom. I need time to prepare for this.”Without another word, she stood up and walked to her bedroom. My mind was swirling with emotions: Was she serious? Was this actually about to happen? Were we going to make love?*** Time had never passed slower. It was almost torturous. When the 10 minutes passed, I headed up the stairs to see mom’s bedroom door halfway open. I gently pushed the door open and she stood up when she saw me.Her hair was down and it was neatly combed. She wore a long nightgown which showed her elegance & class. Simply put, she looked as beautiful as ever.”I think you have some idea about what’s going to happen,” she said nervously.”I do,” was all I could reply.”Are you sure you want this? There’s still time to change your mind. Things will never be the same between us if we cross this point. There’s no taking it back. Once it’s done, it would be in our minds forever.””Mom, you’ve invested a lot of money in this house and we have to get rid of whatever is haunting it.”She laughed. “Not a bad reason.”Within moments, her face turned expressionless as she lifted the bottom of her nightgown. Her feet were exposed first, then her calves, then her curvaceous white thighs. She lifted her nightgown until her crotch was completely exposed. It was covered by a small patch of pubic hairs. “Do you like my legs?” she asked. “Is this how you imagined they would look?””Even bahis siteleri better.”Once she got the confidence she needed, she pulled the gown over her head and stood completely nude. Her body had curves which reflected her age, and her average sized breasts were slightly sagging. Her nipples were large and brown. They quickly hardened, either from being exposed or aroused.She took a deep breath. “For the past two days, you’ve asked me a few times what I think we should do. Now I’m reversing the roles. You can do whatever you want to me. I’m yours tonight. Own me. If this is the only way to cleanse my home, then so be it. I’m ready. I want it.”Compulsion took control of me and I confidently walked over to my mother and dropped to my knees. I planted big kisses all over her midsection. I held her legs tight and kissed her crotch. Her dark pubic hairs were touching my face, and I liked it. She liked it also. She put her hands on my head as I kissed her hair and my lips touched her labia.”You’re a good kisser,” she said softly. “I just never thought you’d be kissing me there.””Do you like it?” I asked in between kisses.”Obviously.”I lifted her off her feet and put her on the bed. My mother knew exactly what I wanted to do, and she wanted me to do it, so she opened her legs wide for me. Underneath the pubic hair, I saw her brown labia with its pink vaginal canal behind it. Years of fantasizing was about to become a reality, and I urgently pressed my mouth against it.”Oh god…” she gasped. “That feels so good.”Her hands held firmly onto my head as I continued. My tongue swirled around her labia and clitoris. I could hear her moan, and feel her body begin to tremble. I held her curvaceous thighs tightly while I continued licking her pussy. Once I stuck my tongue inside of her, my mother’s body began to move. She squirmed when I tasted her pussy. Fluids were gushing out and her moans became louder. I’ve always loved performing oral sex on women, but to actually do it to my own mother was absolutely surreal. But of course, I wanted more…I stood up and pulled my tshirt off. My mother’s eyes were on me as I reached down to remove the rest of my clothes, standing completely naked in front of her.”You’ve grown,” she noted while looking at me. “You’re every bit the man your father was.””But I’m not my father. I’m your son. Isn’t that what you prefer?” I asked with a mischievous smile.She smiled back. “Oh stop that. You’re making this so much harder for me.””The wetness between your legs says you’re enjoying this.”She looked down. “And that major erection you have says the same about you. So what’s next, mister?””I want you on top of me. I want you in control now. That’s what you want, isn’t it? I want this to be as fulfilling for you as it for me.”The look on her face showed that she appreciated the gesture. I laid on my back and I watched my mother climb over me. Every second became slower. We were actually about to have sex, and I’m not sure that either of us were truly ready for it.My mother did all of the work while I watched. She spread her legs as she hovered over me, and she held my stiff erection upwards so she could lower her body down. Her pussy felt amazing against the head of my cock. I could tell that she had become even wetter, and that her vagina became hotter. She lowered herself even more and my cock slid all the way inside. I felt the full weight of her body on top of me. A gasp escaped her lips. Her body started moving, and we were actually making love.”You feel so good inside of me,” she moaned gently. “I can’t believe we’re doing this. It feels so wrong. Yet it feels so…so…””Right?”She nodded. “Yes.”Her hips started to thrust as she came to terms with what we were doing with our naked bodies and sexuality. Her hands rubbed my chest. She looked at me with a curious expression. My heart was beating uncontrollably as we shared an extremely intimate sexual moment. Her mouth opened as she breathed heavily as well.Having sex with my mother and bahis şirketleri seeing her naked on top of me was one thing. But what made the sight of my mom even more erotic was seeing her sagging breasts swaying back and forth as she rode me. Her large brown nipples were hard. Its swaying almost had a hypnotic effect on me. I reached up and grabbed both of them in the palms of my hands. Her breasts were soft and I squeezed them tightly. My mother reacted to it by riding me harder. “Looks like you’ve found something else you like,” she said lustfully. “You can squeeze my breasts harder. I don’t mind. I like having my nipples played with during sex.””You’re fucking amazing.”So I squeezed her breasts harder. I even pinched those stiff brown nipples of hers, which only made her hornier. She moaned some more. As she kept on riding my cock, her moans became screams.Both of us were reaching our sexual climax. My heart was pounding. My cock was absolutely throbbing inside of my mother’s pussy. All of my senses were on overdrive.My mother was feeling the same thing. Her pretty face was starting to form beads of sweat on her forehead. She moaned loudly and made different facial expressions, which showed all of her different wrinkles. “I’m almost there,” she whispered, while her pussy remained relentless.”Me too.”She clenched her pussy. “Your cum…””Where do you want me to do it? Do you want me to pull out?”She looked me straight in the eyes. “Cum all the way inside me. I want it there. It’s for the best.”Mom had an orgasm first. I could feel the warmth of her vagina and how much vaginal fluids she was gushing. Her hands squeezed my body and she rode me harder.She let out a loud scream and her back violently arched. An intense orgasm flowed through her body. Fluids rushed out from her vagina, making a big mess on me, and all over her bed. Every muscle in her body tightened. It was surreal to watch my prim & proper mother become overwhelmed with intense sexual pleasure.”Oh God,” she shivered. “God…”I couldn’t handle it either. I could barely breathe the way my heart was pounding. My aching cock suddenly erupted loads of cum deep inside of her vaginal canal, and up her womb. The moment was perfect. A smile formed on her lips as her pussy was flooded with her son’s cum. Had this been something she had long desired? My cum in her womb?***She laid on top of me. My flaccid penis was still inside of her, and our once dry bodies were covered in sweat. We could feel each other breath and the warmth of our bodies. Her breasts were mashed against my chest while her nipples were still hard.”As crazy as this is, I’m glad we did it,” my mother said after catching her breath. “That was unbelievable. Just incredible.””You have no idea how badly I needed that. I love you, mom.”She looked me in the eyes, and we were only centimeters apart. “I love you too.”We kissed each other on the lips. It was a soft kiss at first, then it became passionate. We kissed each other hard with our wet tongues wrestling in each others mouth.Suddenly there was a loud banging noise from downstairs. Both of us became terrified and we quickly stood up. I got dressed as fast as I could and ran down the stairs after turning on the lights.The front door was wide open and the living room was filled with a strong gust of wind.”What was that?!” my mother asked frantically.She was wearing a silk robe which she grasped tightly together because of the strong wind.I shut the door and locked it.”Whatever was in this house must have left,” I said.”Let’s hope so,” she replied.She let her hands down and her robe fell opened because of the lingering wind. The middle of her chest was exposed and her vagina and pubic hairs were showing. Nudity was no longer an issue between us, and I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked like that.”And what about us? Where do we go from here?”She smiled cautiously. “Anywhere we want. Now come back to bed.”Mom no longer needed the robe. She removed it and laid it down on the wooden handrail going up the stairs, which was meant to symbolize her newfound freedom. As she walked up the stairs, I watched her naked backside, with each of her luscious butt cheeks moving with each step towards the bedroom.The End

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