Everyone wants to fuck Pinky

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Everyone wants to fuck PinkyI had not seen much of Pinky (formerly Mort) around my college dorm for a couple days. I knew the bath house owner, Jerry had “put him to work,” mingling with guests and frankly, I was missing my fuck boi! When I got to work at the bath house early that day, changed in to my bath robe and headed for Jerry’s office to inquire of Pinky. I noticed the shades were drawn which meant that Jerry was having a private fuck session with his other boi toi but I knew I was privileged and knocked on his door and was granted immediate access.To my surprise, there were six other men, hanging out, who I had never seen before, seated on the two couches. Jerry poured a bourbon on the rocks for me and I took a seat in an overstuffed chair. Promptly Jerry turned on the tape player to the tune of the Supremes. The door to his private quarters opened and out comes Pinky, dressed only in a pair of black nylons, dancing to the music and to my pleasant surprise, he had some moves.Pinky danced canlı bahis easily around the office, gyrating his hips back and forth, causing his long, slim, uncut cock to flop against his balls and the flat belly. Then, he began moving his hips from side to side, causing his cock to twirl in a circular motion causing all of us to untie our robes and expose our rising cocks. He moved closer to rest of us, waving is cock from side to side, back and forth from each of our faces. One of the guests reached to feel Pinky’s cock but Pinky was having none of it. He easily slid backwards and continued to tease us as an audience. Everyone in the room began to caress their cocks. Pinky saw this and became aroused to the point of slowly stroking his now hard dick, slowly, pulling back the foreskin to expose his pink cockhead. Pinky came closer, enough to touch all of our lips with his exposed cock head until he got to Jerry who took Pinky’s cock in to his mouth and in to his throat, then he stood and tugged bahis siteleri Pinky toward the massage table where I was sure he was going to give Pinky an ass fucking for all of us to watch, but…….It was Jerry who leaned over the massage table and Pinky who began to slide his cock up and down between the cheeks of Jerry’s ass. I was SHOCKED. I knew from long experience that Jerry loved to suck cock as much as the rest of us but I had never known of him to take an ass fucking. As we watched Pinky rhythmically lubricating his stiff cock to the beat of the Supremes, Jerry smiled and let out a pleasurable groan as Pinky’s cock slid all the way in to his ass, to the hilt. Pinky was pumping to the rhythm and Jerry responded, squirming with appreciation.Jerry nudged Pinky backwards, rose to his feet and returned to the table laying on his back, his legs spread high and wide. Pinky d****d Jerry’s calves over his shoulders and began to hard fuck Jerry but I could not take my eyes off Jerry’s swollen, bahis şirketleri hard cock bouncing up and down on his stomach as Pinky began to pound his ass. I sooo wanted Jerry’s cock in my mouth and I could no longer resist. I got to the table, placed my head on Jerry’s ribs and tongued his cock head. Immediately I tasted his pre-cum and Jerry pressed both hands on my head until he filled my wanting mouth. Pinky pumped Jerry’s ass. Jerry pumped my face, matching Pinky’s rhythm. Pinky let out a loud groan of pleasure as he dumped his load in Jerry’s ass. Jerry pushed my head as far on to his cock as far as I could accept. He cried out and dumped his full warm, sweet load in to my mouth, filling it to capacity. I swallowed without savoring and Jerry continued to cum, filling my mouth again.Pinky got to the couch and collapsed, exhausted between two of the onlookers but he continued to stroke his cock. I walked over to Pinky, pressed my cock head to his willing lips and as soon as I was fully in his wet mouth, I dropped my load. I came, Pinky savored, the swallowed with a big, happy grin on his face.It was time for me to to get to the front desk for my shift, but what a way to start off the work day……

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