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EVOCATIONSome time ago I looked through the posts of a xhamster user, to whom I came by suggestion of this site in another post. I lost his track later and I did not know how to find him again. He was an US black man who claimed to be heterosexual. However, he also claimed to be attracted to reciprocal oral sex with men. Now, since he considered himself straight, he preferred to practice it in booths, in order to make it as impersonal as possible. Although he did not declare to have racial preferences all the adventures that he told occurred with whites. There was a detail of his descriptions that caught my attention: that he never talked about kissing other men, though he did not say that he would refuse to do so. This was extremely bizarre: someone who calls himself straight, but willing to have oral sex with other men, and showing no interest in kissing gaziemir escort them, as if he felt more ashamed of kissing his lips than of kissing his genitals… This case evoked to me a personal case several years ago: a past adventure with a Hispanic boy. This adventure was most curious. I had met him and treated him a few years before: he was a thin, melancholic boy. At that time there was no mutual interest. I moved from town and we lost track of each other. Years later I found him by chance in my new city: he too had moved to it and was already married. He had gained weight. But what made the encounter memorable was that just as he greeted me he looked at me in a penetrating way; I also felt something new in me for him: it was like a mysterious and sudden attraction between the two. We passed to each other our telephone gaziemir escort bayan numbers. He did not take long to call me and invite me to visit him at his house, where he was alone. I accepted. When I got there, he was in bed watching erotic movies on television. I got the message and approached him little by little, but soon I found myself in an uncomfortable situation: he was willing to do everything with me except kissing me, but precisely I was not willing to do whatsoever with him without kissing … I started to kiss him all over, but I was stopped by the fact that he did not let me kiss his lips and finally I just helped him reach the climax with my hands. I left disappointed. Later he called me again and invited me back to his house. I told him I would not go if he did not accept to kiss me. He answered escort gaziemir me only: “Come and see what happens.” I went. The encounter is difficult to qualify: it was fiery, but regarding kisses on the one hand he enjoyed them and on the other hand they embarrassed him. Even so we both reached a joyful climax. What happened later? He never called me again and I never again crossed paths with him. I think he was really attracted to me, but he felt ashamed to kiss me at the same time; I even think he felt ashamed that he liked to kiss me in the mouth, though he was not afraid to kiss the rest of my body… Is not that funny? It is difficult to understand the psychology of a straight guy who feels some kind of attraction for the same sex: many are interested only in the carnal aspect with other men, but they judge that the romantic aspect of the relationship with other men undermines their manhood… On the opposite side I am unable to find any pleasure in a relationship without kisses, without the romantic aspect, which for me are precisely the strongest point of the relationship. I find another thing incomprehensible and even pathologic…

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