Evolution Ch. 02


It was a 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk, black with tan interior. The golden Hawk had a supercharger. Basically a supercharger is a compressor that pressurizes the fuel system on the car. It made about as much difference between the Golden Hawk and most cars as there was between a kerosene lamp and a blowtorch. The cars styling was as sexy as you could get, a long sloping hood flowed back into a T-bird type of roof with the landau panels in the rear leading to a short trunk, flanked by a pair of tall turned out fins. Big, tall fins, like a 57 Chevy on Viagra. Good looks like that and a kick ass supercharged engine. Too good to be true, but that night, it was true, Phillip had made it a true thing. Jamie almost forgot his nakedness as ran out into the yard to circle the car. It was a real thing of beauty, no dents and it seemed to have a fresh paint job. Suddenly he realised how much Phillip wanted him to be with him and his eyes filled again as he rushed to hug the man who had made this possible. The feel of his rough clothing pressing against the boy’s naked skin reminded him of his condition. Naked out in the back yard with a man, while it was exciting, it was also a little frightening. The older man loved watching the hot youngster’s body as he moved around the car. The look on the boys face was something that he would always remember. Total joy, total happiness, Phillip beamed with pride at how happy the boy was over his gift. Damn that kid looked so nice running around naked, his dick semi-hard swinging with each step.

Jamie was overjoyed by the car, hell he would have been happy with a falcon. In the whole world there were only two cars that Jamie dreamed of owning. Number one would be the Studebaker Avanti; number two would be the Studebaker Golden Hawk. Phillip had made one of his dreams come true. He turned his head and caught the look in Phillip’s eyes as he watched. Jamie could feel the desire build within, as he stood there naked, watching Phillip get turned on. He felt his dick start to harden.

Phillip saw the boy’s dick as it started to rise, he let his eyes roam up the boys stomach across his chest with its two hard little nipples, until he was looking dead into the boys eyes. Without a word he motioned with his hand for the boy to come to him. Jamie never lost eye contact as he walked across the back yard, naked in the bright sunshine. Jamie stopped directly in front of Phillip almost like he knew what Phillip might want.

Phillip took the younger man in his arms and hugged him, he put his lips against the boys ear and started to whisper to the boy.

Jamie’s feet were off the ground, he hung from Phillips arms like a child’s doll. He felt the air of his breath when Phillip started to whisper into his ear.

“Jamie, I want you to give me my first blowjob, I want you to drop to your knees and take my cock from my pants and suck it until it cums in your mouth. You can use your hands to get my dick out but once you start to suck it, I want them to be behind your back. Don’t say a word Jamie, just do it and do it as nicely as you can. It means a lot to me, I’ve waited a long time for this. I love you, show me that you love me too.”

Phillip released him from the hug and stood before the boy tall and massive. A man who made his living with his hands, a blue collar man, with a naked young boy sinking to his knees before him. Phillip’s dick was throbbing in his pants as the boy reached out with his hands to take down his zipper. He flinched when the boy’s fingers found his hard cock and started to get it turned toward the opening in his shorts. Finally his cock burst out into the daylight only to be engulfed by the young mans lips. Placing his hands behind his back, Jamie let his body rock forward to take as much as he could of the fat cock into his mouth. He let his tongue run wild, circling and licking on this hot and heavy dick in his mouth. He started to bob his head as he sucked letting his lips squeeze the dick like they were fingers. Fucking his face up and down the shaft of the dick as it seemed to get bigger and harder every minute. He found that he could take all but about two inches into his lips. He determined that he would get it all inside his mouth, it was something that he wanted to do. A cock he found was a little like a balloon toy. You can squeeze the head of a dick and it will get smaller as long as you hold the pressure on it, once you let off with the pressure it gets as big if not bigger almost instantly.

Jamie let the big cock slide out of his mouth until only the head was in his mouth and then he clamped down on it with his tongue and lips. He pressed against it with his mouth until he felt it start to get smaller, he trapped the head against the back of his teeth and pushed up with his tongue, at the same time as he locked his lips as tightly as he could behind the head on Phillips cock. Jamie felt the head get even smaller, he swirled his tongue around the head lavishing it with slobber and spit. Jamie plunged down the shaft, feeling the cockhead slip into his throat, pushing his face into the mass of stiff bristles of hair that grew so bursa escort thick at the base of this wonderful cock. Jamie held his face there pushing into the bigger mans stomach with his nose and forehead. He felt the cockhead as it resumed it bigger size inside of his throat, blocking all hope of air. Still Jamie held his place with his face screwed down as far as it would go on Phillips cock. When he could hold out no longer he came up, slowly letting his face fuck and suck this fine cock as he raised his head high enough to get a breath of air sucked in around the cock in his mouth, and he went down to the bottom again, holding himself there letting his throat do the work as the muscles worked against the dick like they were trying to swallow it whole.

Phillip watched in disbelief as Jamie took all of his cock right into his face. He felt the muscles as they worked on his dick inside the boy’s throat. He marveled at how long the boy could hold him there and he marveled at how quickly the boy dove back down to let his throat continue to fuck this cock just like a pussy would. It was all just too much for Phillip, he felt the cum as it began to shoot out of his cock without warning. It was like suddenly he was just there and it was over. He felt Jamie as he pushed his face even deeper onto the cock that he was draining now. Phillip could see the boys neck move as he worked at swallowing all that hot cum. The boy came up for air and went back down twice before he was through shooting his cum. Jamie didn’t’ t miss a drop he got it all. Phillip had been leaning against the front fender of the car, he stood up and pulled Jamie to his feet. He pulled the boy to him and kissed him hard on the mouth, his tongue demanding access and getting it. The boy opened up and started to kiss back sucking on the tongue just as he had the cock that had just left his mouth. Phillip could taste his cum in the boys mouth but he didn’t care he wanted to make this boy love him and this would be the way it was done. The boy would change but only a little at a time, in his heart Phillip knew that this was going to work. He now knew that Jamie would be happy as a slut, this was going to be easier then he had thought. He let the boy go as he stopped the kiss, he held the boy out at arms length and looked him. The first thing that drew his eye was the boy’s hard dick, the second was that the boy still had his hands behind his back. Truth be known it excited the boy as much as it did the man. Jamie decided that if Phillip wanted his hands behind his back then he would keep them there until Phillip told him that he could move them. Phillip pulled the boys hands out to his sides and then he took them into his own hands he raised the hands to his lips and started to lovingly kiss on Jamie’s fingers.

“That was the best that I have ever had,” Phillip looked down into the younger mans eyes, ” I don’t see how it could ever get any better. I think that I am one lucky man. Thank you. Now go get dressed, you need to break in a new car, show it off to your friends, have fun.” Phillip slapped the naked boy on the ass and started to playfully chase him around the car. No telling what might have happened if the phone hadn’t started to ring. Phillip went inside to answer it.

Jamie left to get dressed, when he got back in the living room Phillip was on the phone. The boy could tell that the man was irritated when he hung up the receiver.

“I got to go, ” he said with no attempt to hide his disappointment, “to file some papers in Greenville before court opens tomorrow.”

“You want me to come with you, we could take my new car”. The boy didn’t want this great feeling between the two of them to end.

Phillip just smiled and shook his head, “No little one, I want you to get your ass out of here and have enough fun to last you through all those long days on the boat” His eyes twinkled as his hand shot out like a snake and slapped that sweet ass that he loved so much. “Get out there and chase down some fun. I am going to get packed and drive up to Greenville tonight, be there first thing in the morning and maybe get this shit over with before noon or so. I be back tomorrow in time to push off by nine P.M. don’t you let me down now. Have a good time but be here in time to push off with me.”

It was a bit of a mood breaker for the boy, it would have been nice to spend the evening showing this man how much he enjoyed his company and his touch. But then again he did have the car of his dreams and he was being turned loose for a night and a day with it.

“I’ll be here Phillip, and thanks again for being the great guy that you are to me.” He stuck out his small hand to shake with him but Phillip pulled him close for a back slapping hug.

“Get the fuck out of here you little slut before I want to suck your sweet dick again.”

The proud young man turned the key in his new car, the motor fired right up. It sounded strong and hungry like a predator. He put it in gear and let it slowly rumble it’s way out the driveway. He looked back to see Phillip as he waved good-bye. He turned onto the highway and headed for Vicksburg. bursa escort bayan He was loving life at the time and felt that he owed Phillip a great big thank-you-very-much kind of evening once they got into the trip upstream. He could hardly wait to show the car to Molly and Larry.

Jamie hit the highway the car purring beneath him the seats warm against his back. He had the windows down and the radio up. He felt like a kid on Christmas morning, proud and happy with his new toys. He had time to kill and it was a warm, sunny day he decided that he would take the ferry and drive up on the west side of the river. The east side of the river along here is a high rocky bluff standing thirty feet above the river and running for miles in both directions. The western side of the river is flat, level and low, perfect for farming with its rich black dirt. He took the ferry across the river and drove north on the Louisiana. side of the river. Long straight roads that were perfectly level ran through cotton fields as far as you could see on both sides of the road. There was no traffic; ‘ California dreaming’ was on the radio. He had come a long ways since Colorado Springs.

His thoughts went back to Phillip and what the man might want of him in return for this fine car. Phillip had spared no expense when he got this car. The car was much nicer then anything that Jamie had ever dreamed of owning. This was a top of the line car, a classic. What would be required of him to earn a car as nice as this? What did he have to offer? There were only two answers, nothing and everything.

Jamie knew what Phillip wanted from him. In a way it was every whores dream, a rich client falls in love and takes you for his wife. He took a certain pride in calling himself a ‘whore’, now Phillip had called his bluff and offered to buy him. This car was the down payment. No, when he climbed onto the boat tomorrow he would be bought and paid for, property belonging to another man. What exactly did that mean, Jamie knew that Phillip would take charge if he went on the boat. Phillip had told him in words that allowed for no miss understanding that he expected to always be obeyed while they were on the boat. He had a natural sense of command even here in the boat yard. Jamie found that he enjoyed following his orders, working for him. Now with the gift of the car and those fat checks Phillip had raised the stakes considerably. Jamie had known that the main reason for offering him a ride north on the boat was just to have the sex. Now Jamie felt that Phillip had the right to ask for almost anything. Jamie felt that he maybe had sold more of himself then he had realized.

Jamie was surprised when he felt his dick throb against his leg. He hadn’t been aware that he had a hard-on. Just thinking about being under his command had made his dick get hard. Jamie was really in over his head here. Jamie saw a wide clearing under some trees off to his left, he drove his new car through the high grass until it was enveloped in the dark shadows of the old oak trees. He scanned the horizon checking on all sides for traffic, nothing in sight. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his hard dick through the opening. As he continued to let his thoughts dwell on the new factors in his life he gently stroked and teased his cock.

There was a part of him that knew that Phillip wanted more from him then he had been willing to give. How much would he have to give to earn this car? What if Phillip wanted him to dress up as a girl, would he? What if Phillip wanted to take him in the ass? The thought had crossed his mind before but he always thought that he would never allow that to happen. Before this morning Jamie had always told himself that he would never suck a dick or kiss a guy. Yet so far today he had sucked a dick until it was dry and he had swallowed every drop of the cum, eagerly he had swallowed the cum. He had let a man kiss him and had sucked his tongue just as lovingly as he had sucked on his cock. There was no way that Jamie would have thought that he would have allowed these things to happen to him. He still didn’t understand why he had dropped his defenses and let Phillip cross so many of his boundaries. He found himself asking if there was anything that was still off limits to Phillip. Such weird things started to run through his head. Tattoo’s, collars, restraints, each item came with it’s own little question attached, ‘Would I’?

His mind took him back to this afternoon. He pictured himself standing naked before Phillip, his hands behind his back, his dick hard standing straight out from his body. This time he pictured his hands being in restraints, leather cuffs that locked together.

His dick jumped in his hand a shudder ran through his body, he took his hand away from his dick because he didn’t want to cum yet. In this dream like image he saw himself as he knelt before the chair that Phillip sat in. Jamie watched as Phillip pulled his large dark dick out of his pants; he held it out to Jamie. The cock was semi-erect, fat but still very bendable, it looked like it might be only six inches long but it was really escort bursa fat. Jamie watched as his hand reached out to take a gentle grip on the cock. The dream shifts to a different view, Jamie sees his hand as it brings the hardening cock to his face. It is hot and heavy in his hand as he guides it toward his opening lips. In it’s semi-hard state it fills the young mans mouth like expanding foam reaching every remote corner. The cock fills his head so completely that he can’t breathe.

Somehow, this doesn’t bother him at all. He starts to swirl his tongue around the hardening cock as he hears Phillip from above him say,

“That’s right, get that thing good and wet.”

Getting it wet has become much harder since it has grown too big to fit his mouth around. Jamie has to content himself with licking and sucking the head and about three inches inside his mouth.

Jamie opened his eyes with a jerk of his head. Holy shit! He had cum all over his pants leg, a long skinny string of cum reached down to the knee on his leg. Cum ran down the inside of the door panel, it dripped from the steering wheel. Jamie looked in vain for something to clean up the mess with. There was nothing, the cum was soaking into everything now, he took to running his fingers across his pants leg and scooping the cum up as best as he could. His hands were covered in cum and his pants leg was wet there was only one thing to do. Jamie smiled to himself as he imagined Phillip giving the command.

“Eat that cum, eat it all up little one.”

Jamie sucked his hands and fingers clean of his cum. He then bent his head over the steering wheel and started to give the entire wheel a tongue bath, licking and kissing until it gleamed bright and clean again. His fucking dick got hard again as soon as he started to lick the wheel. Jamie went one step further he imagined Phillip telling him to strip and suck the cum stains out of his jeans.

Jamie looked around again, nothing in sight in any direction. He stood in the grass and took his clothes off. Naked as a jaybird he stood in front of his new car and sucked the cum stains from his jeans. When he was sure they were clean he placed them along with the rest of his clothes in the trunk and slammed the lid shut. It was very exciting to be so exposed like this. He walked around the car to the drivers side opened the door and knelt in the tall grass to lick the cum from the door panel. His dick was hard as a rock. Jamie imagined Phillip telling him that he wanted him to cum two more times before he could put his clothes back on. Naturally Phillip wanted Jamie to eat the cum both times. In Jamie’s mind Phillip was riding in the car watching Jamie as he did this chore for him. Jamie drove slowly through some of the most conservative areas of the country naked and beating his meat for his imaginarily friend. It didn’t take long before Jamie felt his juices start to rise and he shot a stream of hot sperm into the palm of his hand. Without a second thought he tossed as much as he could into his mouth and started to lick up what was left. When his hand was clean he went back to stroking his meat. Phillip wanted another cum before he could get dressed. Jamie stroked himself and thought of doing whatever Phillip wanted him to do. The thought of Phillip fucking him in the ass was something that really worried Jamie. He now knew that he could give a good blowjob if he had to, and he knew that he could give a great hand-job. Jamie knew how to give the meat to a guy, he had fucked many willing assholes. But Jamie didn’t think that he could take a mans cock up his asshole. It would hurt too much. He could never enjoy it. A nagging voice asked him if it mattered if he enjoyed it. Maybe it only mattered if Phillip enjoyed it.

Jamie could enjoy the car.

Phillip could enjoy the fuck.

Jamie’s mind traveled down a new path now.

Jamie saw himself tied and bent across the foot of a large brass bed. His arms were locked in restraints behind his back a leather strap ran up Jamie’s back to connect with a ring on his collar, forcing his arms painfully high on his back The rail was high and Jamie had to stand on tiptoes to bend across the foot of the bedstead as he was .His legs were spread wide and tied to each corner of the bed frame. Phillip stood beside him stroking his back with his hand he was telling Jamie something. Phillip reached over to a table and picked up a box. He handled it like it was heavy; he set it on the bed beside Jamie. It was heavy, making the bed sag where it sat. Phillip opened the box and Jamie could see that it held three butt plugs. They seemed to be made of marble and there were different sizes. There was no small, the smallest was really a medium being about six inches long and the thickness of a sliver dollar at its thickest point it was colored a pale blue but like marble everywhere it had strands of color running through it. Something about this color was soothing to Jamie like sunlight on blue water. Phillip held the blue butt-plug in his hand. Phillip offered the butt-plug to Jamie’s lips. Jamie reached out with his lips to kiss the butt-plug. Jamie sucked the plug deep into his mouth wetting it with his mouth’s juices. Phillip smoothed a coating of Vaseline onto the marble surface and when he was finished placed the plug at the opening of Jamie’s asshole.

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