Ex Girlfriend


DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this story is real or should be considered as such. This story is really, really weird and is based on a strange fantasy I concocted that brings together some unusual fetishes, and yes, features hardcore sex between consenting adults. I welcome any feedback and I’m always excited to discuss the story and characters, and chatting/bouncing around ideas for future stories. I hope you enjoy delving into my insane mind.

NOTE (AND WARNING): This story features fetishes that not everyone will be into. Like, extremely strange and unique fetishes. It’s probably one of the weirdest stories I’ve written so just wanted to give a warning up front. In spite of this, I hope there is someone out there that enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


“Are you sure you’re fine with this?” Kyle asked his girlfriend while she put the finishing touches on her makeup. He stood in the doorway to their bathroom, watching as she expertly traced the mascara under her eyes. “I can still text her and cancel, say that something came up.”

“I’m fine with it.” Done with her eyes, Ashley reached into the cabinet and pulled out the hairspray. She bent at the waist and flipped her head upside down, her brown hair cascading like a waterfall. She sprayed all over, Kyle turning away to avoid the blast, before popping back up in a flourish, tossing her hair with her hands before it set. “If anyone seems not fine with it, it’s you.”

Kyle sighed. He was most definitely not fine with it. Who could blame him? He was about to have dinner with both his current girlfriend and his ex. Nothing was fine with that. However, he and Amanda were always bizarrely competitive with one another, constantly fighting for dominance, with Amanda usually coming out the victor. Even now, years after they’d broken up, nearly as long as he’d been with Ashley, that rivalry apparently still festered inside of him. He knew that if he canceled, if he willfully chickened out of this dinner, Amanda could take it as a victory. And he was going to allow that.

When Amanda reached out to him out of the blue a few months ago, he nearly dropped his phone in surprise. It’d been almost two years since they last spoke, ever since their blowout a few months after he and Ashley started dating. They had already been broken up for nearly six months by the time of the big fight and were attempting to remain friends. And up until that point, things were going rather well, about as well as their relationship had been. Then again, considering the fact they had broken up, maybe that wasn’t saying much.

They had just gotten back from lunch together when Kyle finally told her that he’d been seeing someone—and Amanda proceed to lose her mind. If there was a word to describe Amanda and Kyle’s relationship, it was passionate. Passionate feelings. Passionate sex. And passionate fights. Many times those passionate fights came from passionate feelings and led to passionate sex. However, this time, they were broken up and Kyle was with someone else. So the passionate fight instead ended with passionate yelling, passionate arguing, and a passionate slam of the door.

They both apparently moved on, neither one wanting to reach out to the other, that embedded rivalry keeping either of them from making the first move. Then two years later, the message came. Kyle had told Ashley immediately, not wanting to keep anything a secret form her. Although Ashley never met Amanda, she knew of her, knew the stories, and knew she and Kyle had stopped talking, though Kyle never went into detail why. So, she actually wasn’t that overly concerned when he told her that Amanda had messaged him, more curious than anything else.

“Why’s she reaching out after so long?” she had asked.

“I don’t know. I haven’t responded back yet. If you’re cool with it…”

“Of course. I don’t care. You guys were well broken up by the time we got together and it’s been years. Unless you’re harboring some secret feelings for her still…”

“Absolutely not. Okay, I’ll respond back.”

Over the flowing months, Kyle and Amanda slowly started to talk more and more. It took a while for them to rebuild any sort of friendship but over time, it happened. It helped that not too long after they had reconnected, Amanda apologized for the fight they had, saying that she was immature and just felt slighted that even though they were so close, he was keeping a secret like that from her. He apologized as well, saying that he should have trusted her more and that he was worried that if she knew he was dating someone, she might have tried something, which was immature and mean of him to assume. Amanda laughed that bit off, jokingly asking him if he was worried she would try something with him or with Ashley. As if, he had responded, feeling himself slipping back into their casual way of speaking with one another.

If anything, they were even better friends than before. Then tension between them had evaporated internet casino over the years and since neither seemed too concerned with walking on eggshells around the other anymore, everything just felt naturally chill. They talked regularly, more than even Ashley probably assumed. It wasn’t that Kyle was keeping it a secret, but just that he didn’t feel it necessary to mention every time he was talking to her unless she asked.

It was a little over a week ago, when Kyle felt an old familiar feeling bubbling up: trepidation. They were messaging back and forth as usual when Amanda suddenly said, “Hey, let’s get dinner,” and Kyle’s stomach tied itself into a knot reading those words. It was one thing to be talking again, but getting dinner together? He wasn’t sure. He’d had to clear it with Ashley of course but even then, he just wasn’t sure. He couldn’t even voice why—or maybe more accurately, deep down he knew why but didn’t want to voice it.

“I don’t know, Amanda. Wouldn’t it be just a little weird the two of us getting dinner together? Maybe lunch?”

“What?” She responded back. “No. The three of us. You, me, and Ashley. We’ve never met, so could be fun.”

“Ohhhh! lol Yeah, maybe. We’ll figure something out.”

Kyle felt relieved although they didn’t end up making plans that night since he had to go soon afterward. It kind of fell out of his mind after that, but then three days later, while lounging on the couch, Ashley said, “Oh, hey. Amanda just friended me.”

“Huh? You don’t have to accept that,” Kyle said, eyebrow cocked. He pulled up his messenger app. “I can text her.”

“Don’t do that. It’s totally fine. I’ll accept it.”

Kyle was partway through typing up a message to Amanda when Ashley gasped, “Oh wow.”

“What?” Kyle said, nearly dropping his phone and darting up in concern. He made his way over to her and saw her scrolling through Amanda’s feed. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just… never really seen her before.” It occurred to Kyle how accurate that statement was. Neither had really seen each other previously. They never cross paths when Ashley and Kyle started dating, and both Amanda and Ashley had private profiles. Plus, Kyle and Amanda had both long since deleted their mutually tagged photos. “She’s really pretty.” Ashley instinctively double tapped, liking a recent photo of Amanda’s smiling face looking up at the camera.

Amanda was pretty. That much was true. But it wasn’t like her and Ashley were that far off from each other physically. Kyle did have a type after all. Both had pale skin, brown hair and brown eyes. Neither possessed very large breasts or big asses. However, there were some physical differences that separated the two. Amanda was considerably shorter and smaller, making her breasts and butt appear bigger by comparison. Ashley was tall and lanky, giving her a slimmer figure. Both had nice legs but again Amanda’s size made her’s seem thicker and shapelier. Ashley had a heart-shaped face and Disney princess-like features. Amanda’s face was a little longer, with a somewhat large nose and piercing eyes.

The biggest difference between the two girls though was the way they carried themselves. Ashley was a little reserved and awkward, sometimes uncomfortable in her body, but Amanda exuded a little of ease and confidence that increased her attractiveness from just pretty to downright hot. Kyle, of course would never say that to Ashley.

“Yeah, sure, but so are you.” Kyle leaned down and gave her a kiss and she smiled up at him before turning back to her phone. She continued to look through Amanda’s photos liking some and Kyle sat back down. He deleted the message he was going to send.

Unbeknownst to Kyle, after becoming friends, Amanda and Ashley had apparently started to chat with each other in the following days. He had seen them commenting on each other’s photos, and a few times he’d even seen Ashley scrolling through Amanda’s page again, but he had no idea they were also talking until two days ago, when Ashley told him, “We’re going to dinner with Amanda on Friday.”

“What now?” He asked. “When did that happen? How did that happen?”

“We were talking and she—”

“You were talking?”

“Yeah, we’ve been talking for, like, days now. She’s really fun.”

“Okay. I still—”

“Anyway, she said she had mentioned to you that we should all get dinner together but you never responded. So, we made plans for Friday if you’re fine with that.”

“I guess I am?” Kyle said, very obviously unsure. But Ashley took it as confirmation anyway, turning back to her phone to respond to Amanda. “Are you fine with it?”

“Yeah,” she said, grinning as her fingers flew across the screen. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Now, here they were, dressed and ready to head out to dinner with his ex-girlfriend.

Ashley walked over and draped her hands around his neck. She smelled wonderful and looked great. Her shoulder-length hair was styled into canlı poker oyna voluminous waves, her makeup highlighted her eyes, and her cotton dress hugged her tight in all the right places and flowed out wide in others, causing the hem to swish and expose more of her creamy thighs when she walked. She leaned in and their lips met, tongues quickly extending into each other’s mouths. Kyle reached down and cupped and squeeze her small butt in his hands. The cotton fabric did little to protect her cheeks and he felt her lace panties underneath.

“It’ll be fine,” she said breaking away. “So long as keep your eyes off her.”

“Well, considering how amazing you look,” Kyle said as they left, “it’ll be hard to even pay attention to her.”

Kyle was wrong. It was going to be extremely difficult not to pay attention to Amanda. Ashley looked great, yes. But Amanda was downright stunning. It had been a long time since Kyle had seen her and he’d forgotten just how good she could look. Even Ashley’s jaw dropped when she arrived to their table. Amanda’s hair flowed in heavy waves of thick curls, bright eyeshadow gave color to her dark eyes, and her lipstick drew their attention to her pouty bottom lip. As for her dress, Ashley’s did a good job showcasing what figure she had, but Amanda’s clung tightly to her body, emphasizing her breasts, butt, and legs, making her modest proportions literally pop.

“Hi!” Amanda said with a cheerful smile, flashing her bright white teeth. Kyle and Ashley scrambled to their feet to return her greeting. “Sorry I’m a little late.”

Kyle leaned in to give his ex an awkward hug, telling her that they only just got there themselves. Once he let her go, Amanda turned toward Ashley, and somehow, her smile grew wider. Wrapping her arms around the hips of the taller girl, she pulled her close. After a shocked pause, Ashley returned the hug, slipping her hands around Amanda’s shoulders to keep her balance.

“It’s so great to finally meet you,” Amanda said drawing back but leaving her arms around Ashley’s lower back. “I love your dress!”

“Thanks,” Ashley said, flattered by the compliment. “Yours looks just amazing on you.”

Amanda grinned and finally let Ashley go. Kyle drew in a deep breath, and then everyone took their seats.

Much to Kyle’s delight, dinner went by very smoothly. Ashley and Amanda got along exceptionally well, and despite his concerns over any strange behavior from Amanda or about her sharing any embarrassing stories, she came off really charming and friendly. She had them laughing on more than one occasions, Ashley especially. Naturally the bottle of wine they split between them helped lighten the mood. Both Kyle’s ex and current girlfriend were both lightweights and by the end of dinner, they were being very “girl positive” and complimentary to one another.

“I have to admit Kyle, you still look great,” Amanda said downing her last glass of red, “but your girlfriend is just so cute.”

“Thanks?” Kyle said with a grin and cocked eyebrow. “I think?”

Amanda playfully slapped with him one hand before reaching over and placing the other on top of Ashley’s. She leaned forward over the table and met Ashley’s eyes in that drunkenly serious way. “Seriously, I love your features.”

“Get out of here,” Ashley laughed, eye darting to where Amanda’s hand laid on hers. Kyle noticed her thumb subconsciously brush across the other girl’s. “Your makeup is out of this world. And that dress on you… Kyle was definitely checking you out.”

“Hey now!” Kyle exclaimed, trying to defend himself. “I was not.”

“It’s okay,” Ashley said, rolling her eyes before laughing again. “I could barely stop myself from doing it even.”

“Please. With you around that’s hard to believe.” Amanda picked up her glass before noticing it was empty and placing it back down with a frown. “Have you ever thought about cutting your hair short? Not, like, super short, but a little longer than a pixie, styling up the front.”

“No, why?” Ashley asked, raising her free hand to tousle her styled hair, the other one still occupied by Amanda’s.

“With your body, I think you’d have this really androgynous look. I think you’d look so sexy like that.”

Kyle felt his cock twitch in his pants. His ex-girlfriend calling her current girlfriend sexy sent his drunken mind into a fantasy spiral and he adjusted himself in his seat.

“Hey!” Amanda said, finally pulling her hand away from Ashley’s, much to the other girl’s clear dismay. “You guys want to come back to my place? I have more drinks and I’m not ready for the night to end.”

“Uh, sure,” Kyle said, turning to his girlfriend. “I’d be okay with that if you are?”

“Yeah,” Ashley said, signaling for the check. “Let’s do it!”

One Uber ride later, the three were back at Amanda’s place, sitting on the couch in her living room. They had turned the TV on, a sitcom running in the background, but no one was really paying poker oyna attention. Instead, they had continued talking, sipping another round of drinks, Amanda and Kyle sitting on the ends, Ashley between them. Everyone was feeling good and despite how late it was, no one wanted the night to end just yet. Kyle was surprised by this considering how worried he was before the dinner, but Amanda clearly still had that attractive pull she always did. You just wanted to be in her orbit, the size of her personality pulling you in like gravity.

“Another round?” Amanda said once they finished their third drink of the night, the first since arriving at her place. Everyone nodded. “Kyle, can you make it for us this time?” she asked sweetly. “I’m just soooo sleepy and you’re soooo good at making mixed drinks.”

At one point earlier, Amanda had leaned across Ashley to laugh at a joke Kyle said and playfully shoved a hand into his thigh before returning to her spot. While doing so, she had draped an arm around the back of the sofa where Ashley sat and when she got back into her spot, she had left it there. Now she used that positioning to fake a yawn and lean her head into Ashley’s shoulder. Kyle rolled his eyes. Typical Amanda. Kyle got to his feet, swaying from the rush of the alcohol hitting him as he stood up. He grabbed their empty glasses from the table and headed toward the kitchen, which was just around the corner from where they sat.

“Thank you!” Amanda said brightly, popping her head off Ashley’s shoulder, suddenly quite awake. Ashley laughed at the whole exchange, giving Amanda a playful push with her shoulder.

In the kitchen, Kyle grabbed a bottle of whiskey, some honey, and sour mix. Placing the items on Amanda’s marble kitchen countertop, he turned back to grab some ice from the freezer. It was on his way back that he noticed the mirror hanging to the left of Amanda’s dining room table in front of him. The mirror ended up reflecting directly into the living room, and from his spot at the counter, he saw Ashley and Amanda from the back sitting on the couch. They were facing each other, Amanda saying something in her usual animatedly intense way and Ashley listening with a slight blush. Kyle wondered if maybe Amanda’s overpowering attitude might be too much for his girlfriend, the intensity of her personality threatening to envelope the more shy of the two.

He quickly got to work on the drinks, hoping to get back in there to save Ashley from his ex. They were having a great time, but maybe Ashley still wasn’t ready to be left alone with Amanda. He was pouring the whiskey when he darted his eyes back up toward the mirror to check on his girlfriend… and saw her and Amanda, lips pressed together kissing. Kyle’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and his jaw almost shattered on the marble countertop. Amanda’s hand was on Ashley’s shoulder, while Ashley’s was on the back of Amanda’s head. Their lips parted and he saw a flash of pink when he felt whiskey pouring on his hand.

“Fuck.” He tugged the bottle away, thankfully only spilling a little of the liquid.

“Everything okay?” he heard Amanda call out as he grabbed paper towels from nearby.

“Yeah! Just spilled some stuff. All good.” He wiped up the mess and gazed back up toward the mirror, trying to be subtle in case they saw him looking. But Amanda and Ashley were back to talking, in the same way they were before, nothing appearing out of the ordinary. He must have been imagining things. It wouldn’t surprise him if he was. The alcohol hit him hard and ever since Amanda off-handedly called Ashley sexy, his mind had unwittingly wandered toward the erotic possibilities, the thought of a threesome between them making his dick twitch in his pants.

Bringing the drinks back into the living room, they clinked their glasses together and went straight back to talking.

The alcohol continued to loosen Kyle’s mind and he began to imagine moments between Ashley and Amanda. He swore when Amanda’s arm was back around Ashley’s shoulder, her fingers were stroking his girlfriend’s skin. When Ashley leaned forward to grab her glass from the table, she definitely placed her hand on Amanda’s bare thigh. And on his way to the bathroom, he certainly saw Amanda shift her body toward Ashley and lift her leg to climb on top of her, diving her lips toward his girlfriend’s. It took him a while to finally pee, having to forcefully coax his erection down from all the scenarios he had been imagining.

When he finally emerged from the restroom, Kyle thought he must have blacked out and was dreaming or that maybe his mind finally broke, his imagination fully taking over. Approaching the couch, he saw the back of Ashley’s tilted up head and Amanda’s arms hanging on either side of her neck. The smaller girl was straddling his girlfriend’s lap, face angled down toward Ashley’s, their lips pressed together as they kissed passionately, tongues dancing between each other’s mouths. The reality of the scene became more and more evident as he slowly made his way toward them. He heard their heavy breathing, the smacking of their hungry lips. He drew closer and saw that Amanda was gently bouncing up and down. He saw why when he came around the couch.

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