Executive Stress Ch. 01


“See you later hun, bye. Oh, Jodie, could you throw my other dark suit in for dry cleaning? Thanks, byeeee!!”

A routine start to a routine day that would change our lives for ever.

I normally do the dry cleaning run on the third Wednesday of the month. It was circled on the calendar in the kitchen with the note “dry cleaning” underneath it. A reminder pops up on the PC just in case I get to the PC before the kitchen. So, there I was gathering together all the clothing for the monthly spruce-up.

As usual I carried out a trawl of Dan’s pockets, just to make sure that nothing important was dissolved in solvents. Dan’s pockets never did hold anything of importance, but it was part of the routine. I was fishing out the usual collection of used train tickets and chewing gum wrappers when a glossy white card, embossed with gold lettering, caught my eye. The card announced; “Executive Stress Relief.” I turned the card over and an icy cold hand gripped my heart as I read the words “Kelly and Samantha” and a phone number in Dan’s hand writing. The icy hand released its grip, scalded by the rising heat of anger.

“BASTARD” I screamed. “The lying, cheating, scheming, deceitful, sleazy bastard.”

I slumped down on the bed with my head in my hands and slowly forced myself to calm down. It may not be what it seems. It may be a counselling service for those suffering from work related stress. Counsellors tend to be female. Don’t they? But if Dan was under so much stress at work, why hadn’t he confided in me?

I decided to phone the number and ask them who they were and exactly what kind of relief they offered.

Never before has an answer phone so completely justified its description. My questions were immediately answered by the answer phone message. A very sultry, sexy voice told me that Kelly and Samantha were unavailable at that moment, that their business hours were two p.m. until midnight, and that if I would like to leave a message one of them would discreetly contact me to arrange an appointment. The voice signed off by assuring me that their special treatments would ease all of my stress. I slammed the phone down and paced up and down the bedroom biting my lip and fighting back the tears.

“Dirty bitches, slags, sluts, whores.” What have they got that I haven’t? Youth probably. But I’m only 28 years old. And what would they know about stress? They don’t have to hold down a job, run a home, entertain bosses and clients, work out, dress nicely and try to look good 24/7. And I do look good. I dress nicely and the workouts have kept me in good shape.

I looked at my reflection in the full-length mirror. I was wearing a smart, two piece business suit, dark with a very thin pinstripe. The skirt stopped about two inches above my knee and it was tailored to fit tightly around my bottom. The jacket was cut in such a way that there was no need to wear a blouse. My legs looked okay. My calf muscles, slightly extended by the trendy mid to high heels that I was wearing, looked good, sheathed in shiny, nearly black, hold up stockings. I slipped off my skirt, shrugged off my jacket and began to examine myself more closely. I unclipped my black bra, which had been holding my 36DD breasts snugly in place, and threw it on the bed. Even though I say it myself, my breasts have always been good, very good. And there they were again proud, firm, with large dark nipples that even now were beginning to respond to my own examination. The familiar tingle between my legs caused me to shift my gaze lower down my body. My black lycra thong was pulled tightly across my pussy so that it was easy to trace the outline of my slit, a slightly plump, protruding mound. Dan always said that I had a neat, pretty pussy. I removed my thong and inspected my pussy more closely. Normally it was completely shaven but this morning it was slightly bristly. I knew I was moist but resisted the temptation to pull my labia apart and let my juices flow out. Instead I took a half turn to inspect my butt. Not bad, could be better, but then my butt could always be better. Still it was firm enough to bounce coins off according to Dan.

Yes, I thought what the hell do they have that I haven’t. There was only one way to find out.

I was on autopilot now. Almost totally without emotion, I called work and booked a days leave. Then I went to the walk in wardrobe. If I was going to confront these sluts I needed to look better than good. I needed to look drop dead gorgeous.

I selected my black silk underwear, black silk stockings and patent leather stiletto’s. I fussed over a dress but finally settled on my favourite LBD that would stretch tightly over my breasts, butt and thighs. It was cut low enough to show off ample cleavage and high enough to give istanbul escort a glimpse of stocking top when I sat down. I’d cover myself with an overcoat until I got there then I’d show those bitches that my husband doesn’t need stress relief from them.

I ran the bath added a few oils and then lay back for a soak. I shaved my pussy until it was as smooth as silk. I had to feel good to look good. I towelled off and waited for two o’clock. Then I made the call.

“Hi, this is Kelly. How may I help you?”

“Hello Kelly this is…” (Shit, who am I?) “Errrm…Jane” (Oh for God’s sake).

“Hello……… erm Jane. Have you got the right number?” There was definitely amusement in her voice. Patronising bitch.

“Is this Executive Stress Relief?”

“Yes it is Jane. How may we help you?”

“Do you offer your services to women”

“Oh yes, Jane. Would you like to make an appointment?”

“Yes please. This afternoon if possible.”

Bloody hell! I’d done it. I had ninety minutes to get ready and get there. They probably are drop dead gorgeous. Why not stay here and just have it out with Dan later? No! Knowledge is power. If I know exactly what he’s been up to, describe the women and the place, he’ll have nowhere to hide, no stories, no lies.

What seemed like a few minutes later I was knocking on the door of “Executive Stress Relief.” I was about to storm in, tell the two money grabbing whores to keep their filthy hands of my husband, maybe slap a face or two and storm out again.

“Hi. You must be Jane. I’m Kelly. We spoke on the phone. Come in. Gosh you are absolutely beautiful.”

A small, timid, nervous, mouse that was hiding behind my left shoe squeaked.

“Erm yes. Hello. Oh! Oh! Thanks, thank you, yes okay, thank you.”

This wasn’t what I’d imagined at all. Kelly led me into a spacious, art deco apartment, directed me to a chair and offered me a drink.

Kelly placed a glass of chilled Chardonnay beside me and asked what I’d like her or Samantha or both of them to do for me.

The pressures of the day welled up inside me and finally burst their banks.

I could hear myself babbling and sobbing, sometimes shouting, sometimes whispering, sometimes wailing. I needed to know who my husband had been fucking behind my back, and how many times he had been with them, and how much money he had spent, and why he needed to, and why wasn’t I enough for him, and what was wrong with me, and why didn’t he love me anymore?

My rambling was brought to an abrupt halt when Kelly calmly said,

“Jane, Jane. Calm down please. You’ve made a mistake. You see we don’t “do” men.”

“But I found your card in his pocket,” I mumbled.

“Let me show you what I mean. Sam come here will you.”

Sam glided into the room like a panther with purposeful yet graceful strides. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Apart from the fact that she was wearing PVC thighboots, a PVC basque and a strap on dildo, she could have been my twin sister albeit ten years younger. My jaw dropped and I stared open mouthed as Sam came and stood next to the seated Kelly who immediately began to stroke the latex cock.

“You see,” said Kelly “Samantha and I are lovers and we put on horny little girl/girl shows so that people can fulfil their fantasies.”

“You mean Dan fantasises about lesbians?” I blurted.

“Ah Dan. Lovely man. So you must be Jodie. No Jodie, Dan fantasises about you having full on sex with another woman. You must have noticed the likeness between you and Samantha. God you could be sisters. Looks, tits, ass, thighs, the lot. A guy he works with told him about Sam and how much she looked like you. That’s when he first called us. He’s not allowed to touch nor has he ever tried to. He sits in the chair, has a shot of whiskey and watches.”

I was profoundly confused. This was too much to take in. Why hadn’t he told me? I’m not a prude. We’ve done a lot of stuff together. In the park, in the car, in a lift, on the beach, on a train, toys, oils, anal – lot’s of stuff. Why couldn’t he talk to me about it? Kelly seemed to read my thoughts,

“He didn’t want you to think that he was some kind of pervert or that you weren’t enough for him,” she said. “It’s a fantasy and he’d rather leave it at that than risk upsetting you.” Then she got up and walked towards me.

“You poor thing. Let me take your coat and get you another drink.”

As I shrugged off my coat Sam made her first sound as she growled “Wow.”

“As you’re here, would you like to watch us. No charge of course,” asked Kelly.

Incredibly I could hear myself mumble in a distracted but polite way,

“Yes thank you. That would be lovely.”

With that Kelly kissed me on the forehead and turned beşiktaş escort towards Sam. They immediately began to caress each other very sensually all over, their tongues momentarily darting out from between their painted lips to make contact. Sam reached behind and unzipped Kelly’s strapless dress and let it fall to the floor revealing her strapless balconette bra, thong and stockings. Sam then spun Kelly round to face me. Kelly threw her head back fully exposing her neck to Sam’s kisses and nibbles. As Sam removed her hands from her lover’s breasts I noticed, for the first time, Kelly’s enormously erect nipples protruding through little v-shaped cut outs in her bra. Sam’s manicured finger’s soon returned and began to tease and roll and twist and stretch them, quite vigorously, bringing involuntary gasps and squeals from Kelly.

Sam, although the younger of the two, was obviously in charge. She stepped out from behind Kelly, her huge replica cock swaying gently in front of her. She led Kelly by the hand towards me and stopped within touching distance of where I sat. My shock had subsided and all my senses were now on a tingling high alert. I could smell their subtle but obviously expensive perfumes and I could thrillingly detect the unmistakable heady aroma of pussy juice. These girls were seriously and gloriously turned on. As if to confirm what my senses where telling me Sam suddenly thrust her hand between Kelly’s legs which almost buckled at the touch. Groaning softly, she reached out and steadied herself by putting her hand on my shoulder. This startled me for a second and my eyes switched from the close up action to Kelly’s face. She simply smiled and closed her eyes. Sam regained my attention by removing her hand from her partner’s pussy, raising it to her little up-turned nose to savour the smell. Sam then turned to me and offered up her cream covered fingers.

By now I was sitting shamelessly with my legs apart, my LBD had risen up above my stocking tops, my tits were heaving up and down and my smooth, hairless cunt was positively streaming. I leaned forward, holding Sam’s gaze with my own and eagerly licked and sucked Kelly’s juices from her fingers. Kelly had dropped to her knees and was running her tongue along the length of the strap on dick with long, slow strokes. I returned my eyes to Sam’s, staring dreamily as if hypnotised. Suddenly Sam stooped and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue probing urgently for mine. That broke the spell. I returned her kiss with equal urgency and my arms which had been dangling limply at my sides reached up towards her and cupped her magnificent, PVC covered, young, firm, double d tits.

Almost immediately she broke away from me and I thought I’d offended her. She must have sensed this because she eased my worries with a slow, smouldering smile. She took Kelly by the hand and pulled her to her feet. She took my hands and pulled me out of the chair. Sam then turned to Kelly and spoke her first words when she said, “Undress her darling.”

Kelly ran her hands over my boobs and gripping the top of my dress began to roll it down over my body making sure she had a good feel of my tits, ass and thighs as she did so. Kelly and I were now almost identically dressed. Sam’s next order was to both of us, telling us to remove each others bra and thong. The stockings and heels were to be left on. Kelly’s breasts were only slightly smaller than Sam’s and her nipples were absolutely rock hard. I sighed and bent to suck on them but this brought me a sharp slap on my right buttock from Sam who simply said, “Ah, ah. Naughty.” I knelt down to remove Kelly’s thong. Her fanny was totally smooth, like mine, and glistening with juices. When I slowly pulled the thin gusset from between her pussy lips her cunt cream dribbled out down the inside of her satin thighs. It was then Kelly’s turn to remove my bra and knickers. As she did each in turn, Sam and Kelly harmonised with sighs of appreciation. As my soaking wet thong was peeled away Kelly exclaimed. ” God what a beautiful pussy.” Sam simply groaned, pushed Kelly aside, got down on her knees, raised my left leg onto her shoulder and ran her tongue along the full length of my sopping slit. She withdrew her tongue and inhaled deeply. This seemed to be Kelly’s cue to move as she took up a position behind me, reached around under my armpits and clasped her hands to my tits, kneading and squeezing them. A split second later Sam thrust her tongue deep into my cunt and began to wriggle it around fantastically. She sucked my labia completely into her mouth and stretched them as far as they would go and finally began to rhythmically lap at my erect throbbing clit occasionally applying direct and forceful pressure. At this point beylikdüzü escort my legs gave way as I let out a shout of pure ecstasy.

Kelly and Samantha half led and half carried me to the bedroom and laid me down on satin sheets in the middle of a huge bed. Sam removed her basque, revealing her massive tits for the first time, tanned and shimmering with a sheen of sweat. She climbed onto the bed as Kelly leaned over me and eased my legs wide apart. She then grabbed the strap-on and helped Sam to ease it into my eager cunt. Sam started to move the head of the dildo slowly in and out while Kelly positioned herself above me and lowered her dripping quim onto my face. My mind as well as my heart was racing.

I’d never even kissed a girl until thirty minutes ago and now here I was being fucked by two young, beautiful lesbians. And I didn’t want it to stop.

I was totally gone by now and began licking, chewing and sucking as much of Kelly’s pussy as I could, trying to fit her whole sex into my mouth. I began letting out animalistic grunts and gasps that I did not recognise as Sam increased her rhythm and began to pound my swollen, gaping cunt. The air was thick with the smell of sex and my entire face was coated with Kelly’s pussy cream.

Sam suddenly withdrew her cock and Kelly raised herself off my face. Sam began to kiss me all over my face and as she did so she asked me in a hoarse whisper, “Do you take a cock in your ass.” I didn’t recognise my own voice as I demanded “Yes. Fuck me anywhere with anything. Fill me up. I want you to fuck me in both holes.”

Kelly slid off the bed and went to a wardrobe. She took out another strap-on and put it on. Sam pulled her cock to one side, plunged three fingers into her own pussy and churned them around. She pulled her fingers out and began to smear my tight anus with a mixture of our juices, gently probing my puckered hole with her finger.

Kelly returned to the bed and lay down beside me. I rolled over and on top of her. Immediately she guided her rubber cock into my open pussy and I started to move backwards and forwards taking it deep inside me. Kelly started to pull and twist my nipples. “Bite them” I growled, “Use your teeth on them.” She was an expert, keeping me on that line between pain and pleasure. Then I felt Sam move behind me so I stopped rocking and leaned as far forward as I could to let her force her cock into my ass. I could feel her increasing the pressure until my hole gradually opened up and the head of the dildo pushed it’s way in. We all stayed motionless for a moment until I gasped “Come on Sam. Fuck my ass.”

With one thrust Sam pushed all the way in and I nearly exploded. I was now completely filled up, both holes stretched to the limit. In unison the girls began to fuck me alternately with perfect rhythm. I was in sexual heaven. My clit felt like it was as big as the dildo that was fucking my ass and I knew I wasn’t far off a huge orgasm.

“I think I’m coming” I sobbed. Kelly immediately withdrew her cock from my pussy, slid out from underneath and then crawled back into the sixty-nine position. Sam now picked up the rhythm and began to fuck my ass with deep, hard strokes. Kelly was tonguing my pussy for all she was worth and in between gasps I managed to suck on her clit. The orgasm when it came was nerve shatteringly explosive, my cum juice flowing into Kelly’s mouth. Then Kelly herself came and I couldn’t believe it as she ejaculated like a man, pussy juice squirting out of her open cunt and soaking the sheets.

Sam eased her cock out of my ass and I immediately collapsed forward onto Kelly, still twitching and shivering as little, post orgasmic shock waves washed over me.

Sam rolled me over onto my back and Kelly sat on my tits with her back to me. “Oh my God,” I thought. “There can’t be more.” Sam showed me a bottle of oil, kissed me and whispered, “You’ll love this. This will blow your mind.”

Kelly placed her hands on my pussy and pulled my lips as far apart as they would go fully exposing my engorged fully distended clit. Then I felt the drops of oil and my pussy exploded into a sensation of intense arousal. I felt like it was on fire. It was as if I could feel my clit physically grow, expanding until it seemed it would burst. Then Sam began to spank my pussy. The last thing I remember was my stomach muscles tightening, my buttocks clenching and my back arching as I began to thrust my pussy upwards to meet each slap.

When I came round Kelly was cradling my head and stroking my hair.

“Wow,” I croaked. “What the hell was that? What’s in that oil?”

“Aah!” Kelly replied, “That’s a secret known only to us stress counsellors. Now you know what Dan comes to see. But he wishes he were watching you. His next visit is on Friday. Sam and I think we should make his dreams come true. How would you like to become an honorary stress counsellor and maybe discover the secret of our mystery oils?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea girls…is it?”

To be continued…

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